Monogamy is not for me – PART 3

I was not planning to write part 3, but I have had so many requests wanting to read about John and me. John seemed to be a special guy and in certain ways he is. I am still married with Bob, Bella my daughter had discovered she is a lesbian and in-spite of my and Bob’s reservations had moved in with Dr. Julie. I have found new lovers Rob and Matt, affair with John was very short. Long story short, here is how things turned one fateful weekend. What follows is based on some real life events and my imagination. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to feedback. Everyone in the story is over 18.

After, my call with John ended, I felt a bit sad. I had preferred my daughter’s girlfriend over him and lied to him, did I played with him? he felt pretty much disappointed. Realtor business can be very demanding and soon my high-heels clicked noisily on the office floor as I communicated with other agents. Close to noon, Ashley the brunette gal called and asked if I could join her at a showing nearby, I agreed to see her in about 30 minutes. I had a feeling she was upto something and in a way I was hoping my hunch is true.

Ashley was alone at the showing, she offered wine which I accepted then she showed me the house and asked me if one particular client of mine will be interested. By now were on our second galss, and started discussing the financial issues. I told her I will do my best to persuade my client when suddenly John walked inside. Wearing faded bluejeans and a checkered shirt, I could see his big wide chest and muscular body. He smiled at me giving me his boyish good looks. OMG… he is here, butterflies filled my stomach. He came close and checked me out from my head to my heels. I was feeling tipsy and his closeness was making things hard. Even with my 5″ high-heels, he stoold taller then me as I looked into his bright blue eyes.

John put his one arm around my waist, soon his hand was moving on my back, we were watching into each other’s eyes. Then as if in slow motion John slightly bent his head and touched my lips with his lips, immediately I felt a sensation rising in my lions and I responded back with a kiss. He hugged me very close and his hand slipped over my delicious ass cheeks. I didn’t cared then and my arms went over his shoulders eliminating any distance between our aroused bodies and soon we were french kissing each other pssionately. We heard Ashley moan OMG… but who cares.

Then John said, Nina, this weekend there is a sand castle exhibition at Harrison lake, I’d like to take you there. By now my mind had become frozen with the reaction of my vagina. How could I say no, knowing that all sexy realtor ladies practically swoon over him. I nodded my head then watched him, he said you have something to say, I said I am a little apprehensive about your health, you have experienced many women. He smiled and said I will visit the doctor tomorrow for a checkup, it takes only a day to get the results. I smiled and thanked him for his understanding.

John walked away and I couldn’t keep my eyes from his butt. The snug fitting bluejeans fit him like a glove, showing off his cute and strong butt. “Hmmm. Bet his butt’s as hard as a rock and knows how to use it.” I thought, grinning to myself. I smiled to Ashley, “Thank you”. She giggled, “You both have strong sexual attraction, nice show you guys put on”. I giggled, “I hope he is as good as you girls say he is in the bedroom”. She said, “I don’t think you will make it to the bedroom”. I said byeand walked out, walking out to my car, I felt my heart beating much faster than normal. The idea of John taking me to Harrison lake had my mind whirring. Two days later, John send me the original copy of his medical report, he was clean. I felt a little embarassed but then picked up the strength to phone and thank him.

That night, Bob told me he will be going for fishing with his buddies. I smiled and said, “I think I will take upon the request of John to accompany him to the Harison lake”, his eyes popped out, “So finally he will be getting between your legs”, I giggled, “John has already waited for over 3 weeks now”, my husband chuckled, “Dr Julie has done a really good job”, I smiled at him, “It was your idea, remember”. Bob winked, “I might be back late, its Sandy I am taking for fishing”, I laughed “Knowing that Bimbo, you won’t be back untill next day, will you?”, Bob said, “That’s the plan”. I winked at him, “Have fun with her”.

I texted John to confirm Saturday plans, he asked from where he can pick me. I texted, hubby will be leaving for fishing, pick me from my house. He replied, pick you at 10 am, wear a mini skirt and sexy sandels. “Sure, my naughty man”, I wrote with a smile as my mind imagined our lips meshed together and his hands working on the zipper at the back of my skirt.

I told Bob, you mind if John picks me up from our house?. He thought for a minute, “you mean neighbors will be watching you getting into his car?”, then said, “I bet he has asked you to dress sexily”. I nodded my head hopefully and looking into his eyes. “He will drop you later in the same dress but in a worn out state”. I kept quite. After some thinking Bob shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t think its our neighboreres business. I don’t mind if he picks you up from here.”. Saturday, Bob left early. Black skirt was the shortest I had, it just about covered my rump and skimmed my stocking tops. I decided to wear a pushup bra and a thong panty, decided against the stockings and selected an off white tight button blouse. I am very comfortable wearing 5″ heels and found a pair of matching sandels. I tied my hair in a bum and texted John my picture. Immediately, he respoonded very nice, would you also wear garter and stockings?. “Sure” I replied and wore a garter and sexy stockings. I checked myself in the mirror, I looked decent and slutty in that outfit, I texted him another selfie. “Love it” was his response. John has a taste, I said to myself and took off my wedding band… I won’t be needing it, I smile to myself.

At 10 I saw a topless sports car stopped on the street in front of our house. I could see John sitting in it, he did not drove up the driveway, I put a condifent smile on my face and picking my handbag, locked the door and walked out. Left and front neigbors were working on their front lawn, I waved at them and with a smile sat in his car. He drove away as heads turned to wach me going away with a stranger. “You’d be a popular girl” John chuckled, “Thanks to you”, I smiled back.

John put his non-driving hand over my shoulders, I slightly moved ahead his hand slipped on my back and he started to rub my back “Mmm… it feels so good, and the air flowing this topless car”, I said with a smile. John smiled, “You are so sexy Nina, why don’t you remove your bra and open up your hair”. I watched him and with some effort removed my bra, I was going to put it in my handbag when John said just throw to the back seat. I giggled and threw it to the back seat floor. I opened my hair and slightly brushed them with my fingers and sat back against his hand. For some reason I did not feel my blouse was lewdly displaying my boobs. I felt erotically feminine. John smiled and said, “Nina, you have a body almost all teenage girls would envy.”. I giggled a thank you and felt his hand under my blouse rubbing my naked back. “Mmm… John you are a naughty man”.
John chuckled, “Oh I haven’t even started yet”.

Soon we arrived at the lake, his hand around my waist we walked to watch the Sand castles. Theese were beautiful as we merged into the crowd and walked around. Some people were smoking and I smelled a different smell, “John are they smoking cannibus”, John chuckled, “Yes they are, have ever tried it before”, I giggled, “I have tried that girl guide cookie one”. Later, as we were walking on the street, John stopped at a shop and got a GGC joint for me. Then he orderd six more but they were different. We walked to the lake and in a secluded corner lit the joint, I smoked about half and saved the rest. John suggested we eat something so we went to an Italian restaurant. He ordered white wine and soon, I felt euphoric and energetic as my body began to relax mood uplifting. I had a radiant smile and it was glowing. Suddenly, I was feeling very social and chatted with server, then looked at John, he smiled and asked, “Nina when is Bob going to be back?” I gave him that knowing look and replied, “Not before tomorrow”. John had a huge grin on his face. Wine was definately good but food was equally good.

We walked out to te lake again, then we stood. My fingers gently stroked his face. John moved in close, feeling my lips part, my breathing quickened, as I felt his tongue run along my lips. I did not move, just allowed him to kiss my lips gently, then he gently sucked on myr lower lip. I stood their wathcing him. Slowly he broke the kiss, “We can book a room here or would you like to come to my place?” I gave him a seductive look, “I don’t think you should drive me home tomorrow from this far away place”. John chuckled, and I lit back the remaining joint, this time I inhaled deeply. John watched me with a smile. As I finihed he took my face into his hands, I stood still, and John kissed again, running his tongue along my lips, slowly forcing my lips apart. “Oh gawd”, I moaned softly. We kissed like ths for a while and then his hands brushed my breasts, my nipples had become hard and were straining against my blouse. His hands dropped down, I put my arms around his neck and kissed him back softly. John put his both hands over my butt, I stepped up on my toes not realizing my skirt hiked up displaying the garter locks. We kissed like two lovers kiss. I heard giggles of girls behind us, John looked into my eyes I smiled back and his hands squeezed my buttocks then he raised the skirt and cupped my nearly naked ass cheeks. I moaned in his mouth as we kissed with passion. We we stood away we saw few girls giggling, I smiled at them and fixed my skirt.

We walked back and as I sat in his convertable car, John said, “Nina, why don’t you throw your panties to the back also. I was feeling so sroused and bold that right there, I slid my panties and threw them to the back seat. I was giggling as he drove away. Then he asked, “Nina are you into role play?”, I giggled, “Sure, I am game tell me the role”. John smiled and said, “I want you to be my doggy bitch and I will be the dog we will have sex like dogs”, I giggled for some time and agreed to his idea. John stopped on the way and we walked out towards the river, he gave me one joint and lit one for himself. “This is jillybean, will inspire us to try new performances like roleplay and dirty talk.” I giggled and inhaled the new joint. When we drove away I started to feel more energized and bold.

John stopped at an adult shop, “Nina get a tail plug for yourslelf”. I went inside, sales girl came to me, “What kind of tail are you looking for?” I said “My lover wants me to be his dog bitch”, she giggled and showed me a dog tail plug, “Nice but the plug is a bit small” I said. She picked up tail with a medium plug, I swing my head, a look of surorise came on her face as she picked tail with a large plug. “I like to wear it here,” I said to her, she gave me a tube of lube and took me to the washroom. It took me some time before I was able to insert the plug in my ass. It hurt but I wanted to make John happy. The tail was showing under my skirt and looked very sexy. I paid her and walked back proudly. John was in awe as I turned around and swayed my ass. Soon we were at his place. We walked inside and exchanged some kisses.

I was starting to feel the thrill, having sex with a man I had fallen for. John said you really look like a dog bitch Nina, I gave him a knowing smile, he quickly hugged me from behind. I stood enjoying his closeness, his grip tightened his groin touching my behind and lips kissing the back of my neck. I felt the heat rising in my lions, I sighed slightly and pushed back to his groin. After a while, we separated.

After glasses of wine and cannibus I was ready for anything, The joints had hit me, I was feeling llight and relaxed, even the air in the room was arousing me, giggling and full of smiles. I looked at him. He told me to sit on the stool. He walked behind me and gently rubbed my shoulders, then he released my top and it fell on my breasts. He asked me, “Nina you agree dogs have the best sex”, I was fully aroused, I said, “OMG they way dog fucks his bitch is a very sexy”, John chuckled and put a collar around my neck and put dog ears on my head. “Bark Nina”, he said, “puff puff” I replied. “Get on the floor like a bitch, Nina”, I went on my fours on the floor wiggling my ass.

He put some doggy toys on the floor and went away, I played with the toys like a bitch and barked. Then I heard a noise, it was him wearing a dog ears and tail in his ass, he barked at me. OMG… I turned around, John crawled besides me his cock hanging down as we licked each others mouth like dogs. It was then I saw something that I was dying to see, It was John’s
big cock hanging. His cock was so big and so hot as I watched it hanging out, the purple head and very thick, it seemed to grow as I looked on. Seeing his big, cock just made my pussy much more wetter, I licked his lips again and again.

I then turned around and woofed woofed, John barked and sniffed my ass. I woffed again, and turned around and sniffed his big wide ass. John barked gently, and I kissed his ass cheeks. Slowly, I was licking his his ass crack, John gowled like a dog in heat and turned around and licked my ass cheeks. I let out doggy moans when he licked my pussy lips. Then I turned around and pushed my head under his belly and licked his big fat cock, that is when I saw something at the base of his cock… OMG he really had a knot like his cock-head. John barked like a dog but I kept on sucking on his cock. We played like a dog and bitch for some time kissing and licking eah others ass crack and lips before I moved and stood on my fours in the middle of the room and groaned like a bitch in heat.

John crawled a bit then put his hand like doggy paws around my hips and started to mount me. His cock was touching my pussy lips, I puffed like a bitch in heat in need, John was trying to aim his cock but failed 2/3 times, I guess my bitch tail was making it difficult for him, Now I have had lots of thoughts about kinky sex in my life. Some pretty wild but I will be honest I had never even considered being fucked like a bitch by my man behaving like a dog. Sure I had seen dog cock when he was licking it and I had seen dogs fucking before, but sex between me like a bitch and a man like dog had never crossed my mind. I was totally turned on, My clit was super sensitive by now. I laughed at myself and decided this was just sex. It was supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

John was kissing my neck, then he dug his teeth close to my neck, I growled, but did not stop him, he pushed his teeth harder, I could feel my skin getting penetrated by his teeth, I barked and barked, he barked back like a male dog. I could feel blood coming out of my neck, as John sucked my blood, I barked in sexual heat. I lowered my head into my arms, and suddenly John like a dog was trying to push his cock inside my pussy. This was so crazy and I wanted this so bad. There would be no problem with lubrication, my pussy was dripping. I squirmed and arched my back to actually get the tip of John to touch my entrance. He pushed forward and it went into my pussy.

Most guys start slow and try to last a long time. They stroke slowly at first enjoying the feeling and try to hold back. Only at the end do they stroke quickly as they cum. John however was like a jackhammer right from the beginning. My lover was absolutely hammering my pussy. It was just rapid fire strokes. His cock was good thick and pretty long. My tight pussy was gripping it but he was getting more and more in me. I looked down at my boobs and they were flopping all around from his pumping. His cock felt so hot. I again barked in es**tsy.

John was an amazing fuck and I just tried to relax and enjoy it. “Oh my gawd John, you really know how to use your strong tight butt and thighs”, he understood and holding my hips stood up a little. I was on my elbows and knees, he started to fuck me harder and I was actually pushing back into his thrusts. Just as he was pumping his cock into my pussy, I felt something else. A mass at the entrance to my pussy. I knew this was John’s knot, I reached back with my hand to feel it. I guessed it to be about the size of his mushroom. “Oh my gawd John, are you going to push this also?”. John replied, “Yes Nina I am going to”.

After what seemed to be a long time of being pumped by his cock, John started to push further, he was trying to get it in me. I was already pretty full of his thick cock. We were breathing hard, I barked at him, John pressed harder, I let him. I guess he stretched something in me because I felt John’s second mushroom pop inside me. As soon as that happened John stopped thrusting. He held very still. I knew my duty as a his bitch, my pussy started to milk his cock, as John moaned in low barking noises. I was breathing hard too and decided to take a break. John again dig his teeth deep inside my flesh. I cried then started to grind my ass slowly, tightening my pussy lips around my lovers cock. His cock started squirting in me I felt a swelling just inside my pussy, I barked again as John started to bark louder and he started to fill my pussy.

My pussy was gripping John’s cock. His base mushroom knot was stuck in my pussy. I was not moving when John climbed off me to one side swinging his leg over. He was facing away from me now and we were butt to butt. OMG… this was so sexy… I started to come immediately. He held still for a moment with us still attached to each other. John then tried to pull out of me. He didn’t pull hard but hard enough for me to tell it wasn’t coming out. He was stuck in me. I loved the feeling my pussy still had a very firm grip on his cock.

I was able to look at a clock and figured out that we had been hooked together for over 30 minutes. OMG… John had a stamina for fucking. I relaxed my pussy muscles and then John was out of me. We layed on the floor catching our breadth, then John kissed my lips ad said “Thank you Nina, for making my fantasy come true…”, I giggled and replied, “You are welcome”.

After some time, we were again kissing and soon were feeling horney. I noticed his cock was getting erect. I barked like a bitch and John smiled, then took out our anus tails. I felt so empty suddenly, “What the heck John”. He circled around me like a dog and barked. I got down on my hands and knees on the floor and barked back to him. Both my ass and pussy were exposed to John and he licked me in both. I was really enjoying this with John.

I barked barked and wiggled my lower back and ass. John stopped licking me. So I circled around him and kissed his ass cheeks and then my lips were onto his ass-star. “OMG, Nina, OMG” John groaned and barked. I was not going to stop, I licked his ass crack good and kissed his star few more times. after some time he turned around and again hopped up onto my back and wrapped his arms around my waist. I angled my hips so John could just re-enter me. If he couldn’t after taking a few stabs at it then I would help him. After all a female dog could reach around and guide a male. I felt him poke and thought he was almost there. My knee slipped a little on the wet floor and my hips went lower. John thrust forward and got his cock in me. He had shoved his cock into my ass. He had gotten a surprising amount into me on that first shove. I froze for a moment not knowing what to do. “John push harder, you know you want to fuck my ass, baby”

John barked like a dog and he pushed and pushed his cock into my tight asshole. This was not anything I had expected to happen. I had anal sex before of course but this felt very different. Then I felt his balls touching my pussy, I barked in small moans. After sometime he started to fuck my ass, slowly first then faster and harder.

I just stayed still and let him pound me in the ass. It was actually starting to feel pretty good and I wonder what it would feel like for him to cum in my ass. His cock was very deep inside me now and it looked like he was enjoying it too and wasn’t going to pull out and he started to fuck my ass at a rapid pace, sending waves of pleasure and pain through me. Realising that he wasn’t going to stop, I relaxed and the burning sensation began to subside, and I resigned myself to enjoy his anal assault. Reaching between my legs, I rubbed my clit a few times. Either I had to get him off me or let him finish in my ass. He shoved harder and I felt his mushroom knot press into me. Was he actually trying to get that thing into my ass? What would that be like? It had been in my pussy and we had been tied for a few minutes. It had eventually come out and even though it hurt a little it came out. Now John was attempting to get it inside my ass.

I was high on weed and I was feeling so dirty and bad. Something inside me said let it happen, just to see if John can push inside. I reached back with my hands and spread my ass cheek more. I could feel him pushing into my sphincter. I tried to relax it and even pushed back some. He was really stretching me and it burned some. I rotated my hips some and pushed back into him right as he shoved hard. I guess my asshole involuntarily relaxed enough because I felt his knot pop inside of me and John let out a loud bark, like a dog finally taking his bitch.

As soon as it happened I barked back loudly also. I barked both from the feeling and the realization that I had done something which no other women has been able do with him. John quit stroking his cock in me and stayed still. Here I was naked on the floor like a bitch with John’s cock up in my ass John’s mushroom knot was now fully inside my ass and it felt huge. He had slid off of me and we were butt to butt. There was no way he could pull it out in it’s present state. I started to milk his cock with my ass. John was barking. I could feel John’s hard cok up my ass, I smiled and started to clench, unclench my ass squeezing his cock harder, it took a few minutes but soon John was barking and then he came in my ass filling me up. We stood for some time then he started to pull away and after some effort, his mushroom knot popped out. “OMG… Nina, you are one hell of a sexy bitch…”. I kissed his lips and said, “Thank you John, this was the best sex I had”.
We remained cuddled for some time. Then we stood up laughing. “You are a real thing, Nina”, John said, “Thank you, John, this was one kind of a fun experience”, I smiled back. John received a call, I excused myself to the washroom. When I came back, John said, “Nina I have to take care of 2 issues at the same time. Would you mind taking care of one of the issues for me?”

I giggled into his eyes, “Sure John, if this does not derails our plans for the evening”, he chuckled back, “Nina you are such a greedy woman, it’s only 4 pm babe, you will be done within an hour”. I rubbed his chest and giving a sexy smile said, “I am greedy for more baby, what do I need to do?”. John gave me a large manila envelope with an address on it, “Nina go to this address and deliever this envelope, tell them you are there to pick Rob and Matt, after picking my friends take them to this address, he texted me an address and gave the keys”. I looked at him, “You want me to take two guys to some place?”, John chuckled, “Nina, don’t worry they are my friends, I think you should meet them”. I smiled and said promise an even more sexy time, “Promise” he said with a wink and kissed my lips, then gave me keys to his SUV and left in a hurriedly.

I jumped into the shower and took a nice bath. Some body lotion, then wore my lingerie bra, garter, stockings and thong panty. My handbag had a sexy spray, I giggled to myself and a little amount applied it to my body. Skirt was next, as I zipped it up, I visualized John’s hands over my bum, giggling again I wore the blouse and checked myself in the mirror and then decided to undo the top 2 buttons, showing some clevage, Mmmm Rob and Matt should know why John likes me, I giggle to myself. I walked to his SUV and drove to the address.

After about 30 minutes drive I was there standing in front of a building that said FRASER REGIONAL CORRECTIONAL CENTER, a maximum security prison which houses four hundred male inmates. “What the hell, John”, I said to myself. Parked in the parking lot, I started to think. Perhaps John was testing me, or he really had to go see the client or he had to do all these things. Rob and Matt are his friends, maybe they got into this place by accident or maybe they work here.

Four hundred men locked up… I started to feel a little excited going into that building. How will react seeing me dressed in a sexy outfit… sure some vulgar comments, a thrill ran in my body. I stood out and corrected my skirt, holding the envelope in my hand I walked confidently to the building. As I neared the doors, guards opened the door and I went inside to the warden. Hi, I am Nina and I have come to pick up Rob and Matt. “You have the paper work for them, Nina?”, I handed him the large envelope, he checked it then passed it on to his assistant.

One guard motioned me to follow him, after a few doors opened and closed, I was inside. Some prisoners whistled and banged their cells,”You look real hot bitch,” , I heard a voice. ‘Oh, baby… show me your tits… oh, you’ve got great tits.’ another voice. I ignored the jeers, even smiling at few as I walked besides the guard. He took me to a room without any windows with just a table and chairs then went away. Soon a guy in handcuff’s walked inside. I looked at him, tall and good built a bit lean he looked young late 20’s to early 30’s, he flashed a smile Matt, Nina I smiled back feeling a familiar sensation in my body. The second guy walked inside, tall with a strong heavy built like a bull, my heart skipped a beat. Rob he said licking his lips. Nina I said looking deep into his eyes.

They both sat down, I am John’s friend. Matt smiled, then you are our friend also. I giggled at his humor. “What kind of panty are you wearing, Nina”, Rob asked in a low voice. “A deep pink, lacy thong panty which happens to be John’s favorite” I replied with a confident smile, “When is the last time you had sex with John?” Matt asked with a friendly grin, “Oh about 2 long hours ago, we would be still naked had I not come to pick you guys”, I replied with a giggle and we all laughed. Suddenly, warden came inside and saw us laughing, “I gather you guys know each other, even then Ms. you are aware that both of them are repeat sex offenders”, my heart skipped a beat … sexual criminals a thrill ran in my body, but I kept my face and nodded my head. “They paperwork is in order, please come with me, we’ll let them out very soon”. I stood up slowly and turned and immediately felt criminals eyes on my ass, should I add an extra sway to my steps, maybe not I am John’s girl for now and walked away with the warden.

Matt was so charming young guy and Rob so neat well trimmed built like a bull again polite and charming, a shiver ran through my body thinking about what they would have done to those woman to be in this jail. I had heard sexual preditors are often extremely intelligent, charismatic, and talented. Also it is known that sexual predators have plenty of sexual experience, they seek conquest, conquer a body and a friendly smile may confirm that he is desired, and that he can proceed with his conquest. OMG, I have been so friendly with them. I knew I had to do something about it, I was in a situation I had to take control, but a sexual offender like to be in control… perhaps I should let them believe they are in control. I took a few long breaths and controlled myself.

Then I saw them, walking towards me with big smiles, don’t smile a small inner voice said to me, I couldn’t stop from smiling back at them. “Thanks for helping us out of here” Matt said, I nodded my head and took them to the SUV. “John said to take you to your place”, they smiled at me. “I’ll drive you guys there”. Rob said, “Would you mind taking us to a decent place for a good meal first”. I nodded my head and drove towards the nearest shopping area.

“So do you and John fuck a lot?” asked Matt. I giggled, “I guess that’s what a man and a woman do”. “Don’t be sarcastic Nina, be nice to us we haven’t had sex in 3 years”. Rob said in a strange tone. I quickly recovered, “I am sorry guys, Matt I and John have just met, today we had sex first time and it was really good,”. Then looked at them one by one with my bright eyes. “Oh that’s no good for your sex drive”, Matt chuckled “I am looking forward to the night ahead, John said don’t expect sleep”. They laughed at my remark and I joined their laugh. I parked the car at a pub and walked out both of them were on my sides, I could feel their legs touching my thighs, and not mistaking something else also. “Nina,” Rob said, “you are the hottest thing to hit the prison since W’ve been there.”. Suddenly a thrill ran through my body. “Thank you Rob”, I said slowing down a bit letting them feel my hips and thighs with their arousing rods. Oh no I should’nt be doing this, they’ll see this as if I am a willing conquest at the same time thrill of being with two cute, sexy and handsome guys – I was practically swoon over them.

Inside, Matt selected a sectional seat, as he went to sit, I knew they wanted me to sit in between them. We sat and I felt like electricity shot up my body as their legs touched mine. They srated by ordering beer and told the waitress to keep their beer full all time. I order a glass of wine, the guys drank beer like water. We chatted a bit when Matt went away to relieve himself, “So why did you guys had to beat up a woman”, I asked Rob. “Matt lost his cool, she was struggling with us and she kicked his groin”, I smiled “And what about the other woman, you guys ****d”, Rob chuckled, “Oh that one, we had been following her for some time and one night we broke into her house, tied her up, Matt tried to push his cock into her mouth and she bit him”. I took a sip as Matt was back. The young waitress brought more beer, Matt asked, “Nina is this waitress ready to take a 9″ cock”, I giggled… “omg 9″ is a lot, she has strong hips, sure she can, and later brag to her gf’s.”. Rob asked, “What about you? or is your pussy John’s property”. I blushed slightly, “I don’t know, I think I can, I am not sure I’d use the word property” I giggled. I saw them exchanging glances and knew I had made a mistake, an honest mistake… I smiled to myself. “So who is 9″?” I asked with a giggle, “We both are, not that mine is slim, Rob is thicker”, Matt chuckled and we laughed.

“I excused myself for ladies room and decided to walk out from Rob’s side, like a gentleman he moved his legs away as I passed him, I felt his hand sliding up my thighs, I frooze at his bold move, thought for a moment and turned my head giving him a sly smile, his fingers slid under my skirt and touched my nearly bare bum. “You see why John likes me, Rob”, I said in a low voice. “John has made a good choice” he replied back with a cute smirk on his face. I gave a sexy giggle and walked away this time putting an extra sway to my steps, enjoying the heat of their eyes on my behind.

I called John a few times but he was off. Maybe he got stuck, I thought. On the way back, the waitress said, your guys are hot, I can see why you swoon over them. Oh this word swoon, was I strongly affected by my feelings for love, admiration for Rob and Matt? maybe, a thrill ran through my body as I giggled. I noticed many women looking at me, I looked towards Rob and Matt, they smiled warmly. A smile came on my face and I walked back, this time I decided to take my chances from Matt’s side. Facing Matt, I passed him and felt his hand on my inner thigh, I stopped, his hand rose up, his fingers brushed my panty clad pussy. I was not going to be intimidated, I giggled and sat between them. “John has made a good choice”, Matt said to Rob, as we all let out a small laugh. They were on their third or forth beer, I was on my second glass and feeling pretty mellow. The food was served, suddenly Matt asked “Nina, can women take off their bra without taking off their shirt?”, I giggled “Every woman knows it”. Matt watched in my eyes, “Show me how they do it, please…”, Rob joined in, “Its ok Nina, John would ask the same”. I giggled, but their closeness and my new harmones were hitting my brain. I unclsped the front bra, holding short sleeves of the blouse slid off the straps and then pulled down my bra, “Ta da!” I chirped laughingly as both of them cheered me with laughs.

We had a good dinner, ribs for guys and spicy boneless bites for me. I was feeling comfortable sitting between Rob and Matt. After finishing ribs, their eyes were brightly lit. They ordered some icecream and sat back waiting for the order. “Hey, you are so quiet” Matt said reaching over touching my face cheek softly. I felt my body shivering as he looked at me, omg Dr. Julie was right, I will fall in love many times. It was then I felt a hand resting on my naked thighs, Rob smiled at me. I looked at him as he looked at me. Then, he kissed me! His lips were soft, and I could feel the stubble on his face scratching my skin. I pulled back and Matt had his lips over my lips slowly. My body was responding to his kiss, and I kissed him back. Suddenly my brain caught up with the moment and set off the alarm. I pulled away quickly. They smiled towards each other.

I could feel the moisture in my panty. Being so close to sex offenders Rob and Matt was a turn-on, a big turn-on. Untill, then I had not known that I was turned on by danger, especially sexual danger. I felt hand of Matt over my other thighs, I squirmed slightly but did nothing to stop them. “Matt and I have very particular taste in women, Nina, and you fit the bill, nicely”. I put a smile on my face, “Guys remember, I am your friend John’s girl”. They both exchanged glances then Rob said, “Doesn’t this turn you on. Don’t you find dangerous men intoxicating,” I giggled, “Frightened naaw, excited a little”. Immediately I felt Matt’s hand sneaking under my skirt, I looked into his eyes and he stopped. “Fell free to feel me over the clothes,” I said in a whisper. “You mean over your panty?”, I giggled he was smart.

My brain was thinking about this situation, their hands left my thighs when waitress brought icecream. She noticed it and giggled, “Hun did I interrupted?”, I giggled back, “Oh no we have time on her hands”, she giggled again, “So they were m*****ing you, I thought so”. I giggled, “They are hot aren’t they?”. She left us alone and we finished the icecream. “Wonder what the waitress was thinking” Matt quipped. “She was probably thinking I just got lucky with two sexy guys” I smarted back at him. I felt Rob’s hand on my shoulders, I inched forward on the seat and his strong hand slipped down and massaged my back. . “Oh this feels nice…”, I smiled. I signalled for the bill, waitress brought the bill, I reached for my handbag over Rob’s legs and felt his hand on my behind, I took my time to grab the hand bag, Rob did not disappointed me, he caressed my behind right in front of the full view of our waitress, instead of bringing the bag I fumbled in it locating my credit card. I felt my skirt rising, his hand gropping my garter and thong covered ass. I allowed this to go on for a moment then straighted up and gave her my card.

We walked back to the car more close this time, their one arms around my waist. “Nina, when you find a bull, cherish your time with him”, words of Dr. Julie echoed in my head, only it was not him its them… I thought. I started to drive with Matt in the front and Rob on the back seat. Matt didn’t wasted time and started to touch my thighs again, his fingers circling inside of my thighs, and I felt big hand of Rob over my shoulders from the back seat, his fingers touching the back of my neck. “Nina, we have committed violent ****s. Does this excites you sexually?”. I giggled, “I was just flirting with you guys, it was just some harmless fun, please don’t get any wrong ideas”.

Rob reached across and grabbed my breasts, hard, kneading their firmness under the soft blouse. “Nina, there is really nothing in the world quite like the feeling of the tits of a beautiful woman under a simple top”. Rob whispered. “Don’t.” I pleaded wearily. “Please.”. He stopped and I lit up a cigarette, wondering if I had things too far with them. “You smoke?” Matt asked in a surprise, “You mind? I can put it off” I said with a smile. “Oh no I think you look more hot with a cigarette between your lips.

GPS was guiding me to the address, I was driving between the woods for sometime and then we stopped infront of what appeared to be a two story log house. I came out and looked around, the place was totally secluded. “What the hell” I thought then unlocked the door, inside was luxurious. Leather sectionals, wide screen 70″ TV mounted on the wall and what caught my eyes were sections of floor to ceiling wide glass walls. Open kitchen was another thing I liked and towards the back was a large washroom with a huge tub shower double wash basin and huge mirrors and with total glass walls to see into the woods and for anyone outside to see someine using the washroom. Wow you guys have an amazing place, I said.

Matt said we have a music system installed with 50 speakers and club lights. “Show me”, I said. He turned on the music system, “Lets great straight to number 1” song started to play, lights flashing, I started to swing my body, Matt joined me and we swayed together to the music and I leaned in closer towards him putting one of my legs between his. This position allowed me to brush up against his hardness. At some point, Rob come behind me. He pressed himself up against my swaying ass. “Are you two having fun?” Rob asked me. “Yes, I absolutely love this music!” I said. Rob brought his hands up to my breasts. My nipples were getting rock hard. “Naughty” I laughed. I continued to gyrate with Matt to the front and Rob at my behind.

Suddenly the door opened and John was standing there. We slowed a little then stopped. His face had an irritated look. He talked with both Rob and Matt for a few minutes, I found it strange that his tone was a bit harsh. I walked to him and gave him a hug, then kissed his lips. He calmed a little, then said “You are being such a slut?”, in a low voice. I giggled and said lets go. We drove away to his place quietly, I sensed something is disturbing him.

At his home he said, “Where is your bra? Nina”. I smiled and showed him my handbag. You know they are sexual ciminals, then why were you encouraging them? “John you send me to pick them up, remember”, I said softly. “Do they turn you on. You find r****t men appealing,”, John asked bluntly. “Yes,” was my soft, and defiant reply. “Oh so you want them to tie you up and take you by force. You think it will be a new experience and you’re very excited about it”. I stood up and faced him,”What do you mean?” I said incredulously. “Do I like being forcibly ****d and beaten? Is that what you want to know? Well, it’s never happened to me, but I imagine that I will not. I am not a masochist.”

John calmed down, “I’m not saying that you are but it’s perfectly possible that you do have tendencies, submissive tendencies, and possibly even masochistic tendencies.” I was feeling a bit irritated now, “I don’t understand where this conversation is heading to, you wanted me to pick them, I did, they were hungry I took them to the pub. They put on the music and I danced with them like I will dance with anyone in a club”.

“Do you deny, Nina, you get excited when you think about being helpless at the hands of a man, a strong man, even an evil man like a criminal a sex offender?”, John repeated. “No”, I answered in a loud voice. “Then why did you get close to these criminals, violent men, who have committed ****. Do they excite you sexually. Isn’t that so?”. I looked at John,”I am not answering you questions, I’d like you to bring me home” I said firmly. There was no further conversation between us and he brought me to my home.

I had tears in my eyes, the days events unfolding in my eyes. I was upet and angry really angry. My cell phone buzzed, Bob was asking if he can stay one more night. “Sure fuck her good”, I replied. Then text from Bella, “Mom Dr. Julie has taken me to Montreal, we have a nice hotel suite for ourselves”. What Montreal, “Nice sweetie have fun and behave like a good girl” I replied to her. “I will mom, you have fun too, love you”. “Love you too sweetie”, I texted back. Fuck, fuck, I said to myself, my husband is on a date, my daughter has a date and here I am sitting alone. “Nina, you are sexy, you are talented, you can find a date in minutes”, my inner voice said. I lit a cigarette and watched my favorite dance video: she is skinny that girl, I said to myself. I took the red nailpolish and started painting my toe nails red, then for some reason I opened porn web site and typed bdsm. I watched nice and sexy I said to myself another one omg… how were those women being thrashed, I felt a chill run through my spine. I lit another cigarette and thought do women like to be humiliated? I started to feel excited. I painted my hand nails red and kept on thinking about the videos. I washed myself and for some reason took enima who knows… I giggled blushing then put on a red lipstick… red looks good… it uplifted my mood.

I took out my sexiest stockings and unfolded them on my smooth legs, attached the garters, a thong panty was next. I checked my butt and legs and smiled to myself then put on a sizeup push up bra, a tight blouse and a mid thigh flare skirt that fitted tightly on my hips and mid buttocks but then flared a little to ease in dancing or for a gentleman to move his hand. I naughtly smiled and putting an extra pair of panty and stockings in my handbag walked to my car then stopped, who knows where and with whom I will end up for the night. Hmm I called a cab. I went to a trendy night club, and took a seat behind the bar, a few men smiled at me but none like I was looking for. OMG… here I am with my new body, permission to have sex with any man from my husband and high on harmones and no man for me fuck fuck fuck everyone.

I absent mindidly scrolled through my cell, and saw the address for Rob and Matt. They are handsome, they are sexy, charming, experienced and very naughty. My pussy told me go for them Nina, 9″ thick and thicker cocks I slightly blushed. Those movies again ran through my eyes, all girls were wearing collars… do I want to be submissive to them, why not let my inner slut out. I had made up my mind. I called a cab and told him the address, he said it will take him 45 minutes to get there he will be driving empty on the way back. I said add 40 bucks to whatever fare it will take. He smiled and said yes Madam. “Listen on the way can you stop at a leather shop with a wide selection?”. He nodded his head. He stopped at a leather store, I went inside and selected an expensive leather collar with D-rings. The lady suggested matching leather wrist and ankle cuff’s also, “You guy will love these on you”, she said. “Why not, I thought. By the way you have some pain killer like advil?” she gave me advil and I swallowed two pills. “You are ready to rock, sweetie”, she said and I smiled and paid.

I carried the bag with me to the cab and he started driving. John’s words were screaming in my ears, “I’m not saying that you are but it’s perfectly possible that you do have tendencies, submissive tendencies, and possibly even masochistic tendencies.” perhaps John has a point I thought. “Do I like being forcibly ****d and beaten? violent men, who have committed ****. Do they excite you sexually?” my pussy throbbed and I knew the answer “Yes yes, Nina tonight act on your deviant sexual fantasy”. I am going to, I promised myself. “Would you drive a bit faster”, the cab picked up speed.

Finally, I saw the cabin, two male shadows pacing from its large glass walls. “Stop here”, cab stopped 50 yards from the door, I paid him. In a defiant attitude I opened the passenger door and stood out in the dark, the cabin door opened and there they were my sexual crush, Rob and Matt released just hours ago from the maximum security prison. Cab drove away, I was standing alone looking at them, my senses aroused, my body aching touch of their hands, my eyes deep in lust, my brain telling me danger, a sexual danger… yet a deep thrill filled my heart. “Oh no, I am wearing a bra”, I slowly removed my bra from under my blouse in their full view.

I Nina rohni benjamain a respected realtor, a loving wife a proud mom, was standing like a hooker. I saw Matt going inside, “turn back” a small voice said in my head, “no don’t act on your dark thoughts embrace them”, another voice told me. I looked at the bag, my brain was in full speed, for heaven’s sake, I was thirty-nine years old fit and sexy woman – at the peak of my intellectual and feminine power. I had the right to enjoy selected men. “Yes,” a soft moan escaped my lips and I bent and secured the ankle cuff’s one by one. Suddenly, a gun shot, I look and Rob was holding a gun, I look to the side an a****l a wolf laid dead. I looked at the dead a****l, hole in his head, his teeth out, I felt a tingling in my loins, my nipples aroused I felt hot and strangely excited. Even in the darkness, I could see Rob and Matt’s eyes shining. I tied up the wrist cuff’s, my heart was beating fast, I lit a cigarette then put the collar around my neck.

I opened 3 buttons and pulled down my blouse, immediately my nipples poked out, oh yes that’s how Matt likes them. Then I slid up my skirt to my ribs revealing the garters attached to my stockings, Oooo that’s how Rob likes to see me. I stood with confidence, cigarette in my mouth one hand straightening my hair and bra hanging in the other hand I sexily walked on my heels to the front door. I lets the cigarette slips from my mouth rolling down over my breats and skirt it came to the ground. “You killed a wolf, there could be more”, I said to Rob. “This one was just the outcast wolf, the gang must be hiding closeby” Rob chuckled. As both guys inspected me head to toe, “Nina you look hot and sexy”, Matt said licking his lips, “and willing” Rob added his approval. We came inside as Rob bolted and latched the door.

I looked at Matt, his boy’ish features are so beautiful. He came closer with a knowing smile, “Did you had sex?” he asked, “No not since 4 pm”, making a pout of my lips, I said in a disappointed tone, Matt came very close to me, our bodies touched, I touched his face with my right hand. Looking into my eyes, he put his lips to my lips Oh and the sparks flew, Rob closed the distance from behind, “We haven’t been with a woman in 3 years”, he whispered in my ear as his groin touched my behind. A shiver of excitement ran through my body… I turn my head “That’s why I am here boys” and kissed Rob, while Matt kissed my ear and neck. I could feel their arousals touching my thighs and a moan escaped my lips. Suddenly, we heard growling noises, a pack of wolves were tearing and eating the dead wolf. “Soon very soon, just like them Rob and Matt the sexual predetors just released from prison will be sexually ravaging my body”, I told myself and put my other hand around Rob’s head. I was being freely kissed by both, pushing their tongues in my mouth, their hands cupping and rubbing over my skirt and blouse, and the heat of their hot rods pressed against my thighs, and their groaning sounds omg…

I looked outside the window, wolves had finished eating their comrade, but four hands and two mouths were still mauling my fully aroused body. Then one of the wolf walked slowly towards the glass wall his eyes locked onto mine, he opened his mouth, blood still dripping, he howled. my pulse quickened my hips bucked as a small orgasm hit me, … Oooo oh my gawd. The wolf stood there for a moment then walked away disappearing into the darkness. Both guys stopped and looked at me and evetything became quiet inside and out.

“Lets sit at the kitchen counter,” Rob said. We sat and Rob gave me wine while he and Matt took cans of beer. Matt lit a joint, I smelled cannibus, we took turns and then another joint. It didn’t take long to hit our brains, we were high very soon, laughing and touching each other. They walked towards the couch, I followed them. “Nina sit your ass on the center table”. I sat on the low table in front of them, and crossed my legs. “Put your hands behind on the table and rest on them”, I followed their instructions, this position pushed my breasts upwards, I watched them sexily. “Uncross your legs”, by now I didn’t care who was giving instructions, I just followed them and uncrossed my legs. “Open your legs”, I opened my legs. “What do you think, Matt?”, Matt had a different look on his face, “Nina seems to be a willing bitch, Rob, I’d say we maker her our slut”.

Tell us about you Nina. I slowly and sexily replied, “I work as a realtor. I am married and have my husband Bob’s permission to take a lover. I have a 20 years old daughter, Bella”. Hmm, is your husband a cuckold?, “No as a matter of fact he is with another woman as we speak”. Since, how long you guys have been in this life style? “Today is my first day, John was first outside my marraige but I broke up with him a few hours ago”, Who knows you are here?. “No one, I just made my mind and took the cab, cab driver knows it”. Rob made a call then said the cab driver does not remember you, a chill ran through my spine, then turned into excitement, I squirmed my butt slightly. “No one knows I am here”. Matt stood up and took out my cell then said she has not made any calls and turned off the cell. There are wolves outside, you can’t run out. “Two wolves inside also, I’ll learn to live with them”, I said in my best sexy low voice. They chcukled… and I squirmed my butt again this time sexily.

Touch you pussy. my one hand slid under my skirt and into the panty touched my pussy, I was wet, I slightly moaned. Are you wet?. “Yes I am wet”. Lick your finger, I licked my finger then sucked on it watching them sexily. Turn around and keep this position. I turned around, my knees on the edge and hands on the other edge of the table. Touch your rosebud. “Excuse me”, I asked. Touch between your ass cheeks, the hole is your rose bud. I lifted my hand and touched my ass cheeks, then my finger slipped in between and I rubbed my anus lips, swaying my ass in the process. I heard chuckle of Rob. Lick your finger, I brought my finger to my lips and licked then sucked like a cat. I heard groans of both men. You took enima?. “Yes, I cleaned myself thoroughly with strawberry flavored enima”. You know what is rosebud?. “Yes rose bud is my anal lips area, I love the name rosebud, its so sexy”. I answered shamelessly.

Stand up and undress for us. “Yes, of course, gentlemen,” I replied. “What shall I take off first?”

The skirt! slide it down slowly. I pushed my chest out and opened my legs, then slowly unzipped the skirt, moving my hips back and forth, keeping my eyes fixed on them, the skirt dropped to my knees, I made a 360 circle giving them a view of my garter and thong covered buttocks and panty covered pussy. I closed my legs and the skirt dropped to the floor. I stood out of it.

Take off your blouse now. I arched my back pushing my chest out even more, my nipples tightly poking from the blouse and slowly undid the remaining buttons then slowly pushed the blouse downwards, with some efforts it came off my shoulders, I slid out my arms them started to push the blouse downwards, “Oooo, its stuck on my boobs,”, I moaned sexily with effort it slid over my breasts revealing my firm 34C bust. I slightly caressed my nipples, and slid it further down, “Oh no its stuck on my 38″ sexy ass”, I said sexily again with some effort the blouse came down and fell on my knees. I again made a 360 circle and let it fall down and stepped out of it. I stood proudly in my sexy body.

Take off your panty. I put my fingers to the sides and slowly pulled down my thong panty, giving them a view of my clean shaved pussy, I turned and swaying my hips brought over my ass, “XS panty fits nicely on my 22″ waist but its so tight around my 38″ ass”, I complained sexily, I turned around giving them a fantastic view of my womanly ass, and with some effort panty dropped to my knees, I turned around and gave them a good view of my pussy then let the panty fall and stepped out of it. I saw a pair of eyes flashing in the dark, the wolf was wathcing me.

So far very good. I stood proudly in my heels, stockings and garters. They stood up I put my arms over my hair giving them full access and they walked around me like a pair of wolves, touching my nipples, my ass and my pussy. You have a very sexy body, Nina. “Thank you gentlemen”, I replied with a naughty smile. They glanced at each other, then Matt took out a coin and flipped it. Matt got another beer, turned on the music and sat opposite to Rob. I saw a smile on Rob’s face, he had won the toss and me. Excite me Nina, Rob said.

I swayed to the music, then licked my finger and rubbed it around my already hard nipples. Dancing sensually, I came close to Rob my one hand brushing my hair. You are a very attractive woman and a great dancer, Rob said. “Show me your appreciation, Rob”, I said sexily. I jumped slightly as I felt his hand on my thigh. It slid up gently over the firm swell of my bottom. “Mmm you really like me” and looking into his eyes made some close sexy dance moves. His fingers were moving over my pussy. I felt the lips being eased apart and a finger slipping inside; I groaned slightly. “My, you are rather wet, you are a sexy woman” he said in a low voice. I pushed my butt into his lap, putting my legs around his legs, I felt his cock under my butt. “How would you like me to thank you for the compliments?” I asked coyly grinding my butt over his groin. Take off my trousers and make my cock happy, he said. I unbuttoned his trousers then stood up and pulled them out. I saw Rob’s large semi-erect cock with a large drop of pre-cum hanging from the tip. I gasped as I noticed its thickness. I smiled and bent over, resting my hands around his thighs. I swung my head and brushed my hair across his erection, my breasts swinging invitingly. He reached out and took one in each hand, squeezing them. I smiled at him and groaned softly. Then I rubbed my lips lightly across the large mushroom head licking away his precum, oh so tasty. I felt him shudder. I opened my mouth wide then wider and slowly sank my lips around his erection. While, he continued to massage my breasts, my head started bobbing. I pressed hard finally took him deep into my throat and then almost allowed him to slip out. He groaned and I enveloped him again, sucking and working my tongue around the full 9″ exciting length.

I heard Matt complain. I looked at Rob and nodded my head. Rob said, buddy you can also have some fun. I felt Matt’s hands on my bottom smoothing across my cheeks, and then easing my legs apart his fingers probed into the wetness of my pussy. “Yess”, I groaned in ecstasy. Rob’s cock had become fully erect, extremely thick with a bulbous, purple head and thick veins adorning the shaft. He is soo big, my pussy pulsed at the thought of getting pounded by him. Hmm how shall I fuck my dirty little slut? I’d prefer a position where all the a****ls can watch us, I answered sexily. He stood up and pushed me to the glass wall, I put my hands on the glass in a bending position and pushed my buttocks up. Clasping his hands on my hips, Rob slowly pressed his cock against my rosebud. For my part, I was excited but wanted to be playful “Don’t! For heaven’s sake please don’t do anal to me,” I cried. “I think you do?” Rob challenged, “I’ve met women like you before, all high and mighty when you’re in charge,” he growled. “Admit it, you’re turned on, you want to know how it feels to be dominated, helpless?” he whispered. Then he said Matt tie her up. I shivered as Matt with wide grin pull the ropes off the ceiling and tied them to my wrist cuff’s. Then he put a spreader bar to my feet and hooked it to the ankle cuff’s.

“Thinking about us, and what we are gonna do to you? isn’t it why you came back?” Rob asked. “YESS,” I moaned. “Don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me,” I pleaded. Rob teased my rosebud for a while then rubbed his cock on my pussy lips. I stood firmly on my heels, my eyes locked far away into the pair of eyes of the wolf. Rob was in position, he pushed into my pussy with a force that made me let out a loud cry. The immediate stretching of my tight pussy walls made me scream and grunt in both pleasure and pain as I squirmed to let him fit. He felt even bigger than I had imagined. My entire body shook as I adjusted to his thick, pulsing cock. Rob waited for a moment, I felt eyes of wolf coming closer.

Matt, took my hair firmly into his hand and shoved his cock to my mouth. My mouth was firmly closed, I wanted Matt to force me to accept his stiffened cock. OMG… my fantasy to be forced to have sex, to be taken roughly, seemingly against my will. “Open, bitch,” Matt snarled, and then slapped across my cheeks. I clamped my teeth even further. “Open your fucking mouth, bitch or I’ll slap you more”, I didn’t comply and Matt started to slap my face harder. Oooo Oooo I moaned, and slowly as my hair were pulled even more strongly, I relented and my lips parted.

“Suck it. Suck it real nice.” He demanded. I closed my lips and began a slow and soft sucking motion, like I would do for my lover.
Rob began to buck his hips, rocking my entire body omg… yes I was getting fucked by a bull. Matt was tugging my hair to drive my throat forward while his hips pushed in the opposite direction. Soon he was entirely buried in my mouth up to his ball sack.
Rob had a wonderful rhythmic stroke going as he moved in and out of me, a rhythm I matched with my head sliding up and down Matt’s cock. I felt heat rising in my body. I was now thrusting my ass to meet each of Rob’s strokes. OMG… how long is Rob going to last, when will he cum…, I began to slam myself harder back into him, sucking on Matt’s cock at the same time.

Holding onto the ropes, I felt a forceful shot of hot cum spurted into my greedy pussy. It was followed by another huge spurt, then another, then another. Cum began to leak from between my legs as Rob continued to fuck my wildly. Then Matt came in my mouth and an orgasm hit me, my legs shaking I suddered wildly. They released me and I fell on the couch. We laid still for some time when Rob said, go cleam yourself. I washed myself and with a naughty smile came back. We are not done with you, Matt chuckled. “I will be very disappionted if you were”, I shot back with a smile.

I sat back on the center table, putting my arms behind on the table displaying my titties and pussy. I noticed their cocks stirring up and giggled. So you have a 20 year old daughter? Matt asked. I lit a cigarette and knew I have to be careful. “Yes, I do”, I replied with a smile. Is she beautiful and sexy like you?. “She is beautiful and very sexy young lady”, I giggled. She sexually active? bf’s. “Ofcourse she is sexually active, she has had boyfriends but now she is with a woman”, I smiled. Have you seen her making out?, Matt asked. “Once, I came home early, and she was riding her bf’s cock in the living room”, I giggled. So you yelled at them? Matt asked. “No, I watched her and later told her correct position of knees for that position”, I said with a delvish smile. I think she needs a 9″ cock and will love to take my cock in her pussy. “Hmm a big cock may change her mind”, I gave him a sexy smile. Call her and tell her to come here, Matt said. “She is in Montreal, sorry”. Damn said Matt. “Her naughty mom is here”, I said looking into his eyes. Come suck my cock slut mom, Matt said.

I was shaken, but not broken. For most part of my ordeal I had secretly been enjoying my degradation, and I wanted more from these two men. I fell between his legs and took his cock into my mouth, soon he was fully erect and throbbing. Rob touched my head, and I shifted between his legs. His cock semi-erect seemd to be thicker then Matt’s. I licked his balls and then took him into my mouth. I saw Matt walking away, Rob took my hands into his hands as I made his cock fully erect with my talented mouth. Then footsteps and I felt something going into my ass, I looked up in surprise. Rob smiled some lube to get you ready for my cock, while Matt will pump into your sweet pussy.

I felt a cool gel lubricant squeezed inside my ass. I stood up. Matt sat down on the couch and said ride my cock, bitch. I sexily smiled and facing him, put my knees on the sides and lowered my pussy on his cock. Matt kissed my lips, his hands roamed my body and played with my nipples and my ass. You think you are smart ass bitch. I moaned, unh unh. Is this the correct position you taught your sexy daughter?. “Yes, Matt”. Rob touched my ass globes, very nice, you are ready for my cock?.OMG… now I was going to be taken by both of them and by Rob anally. I decided that I might as well continue my fantasy. I went into my “damsel in distress” voice. “Please,” I pleaded, “please don’t. I’ve never had sex that way. I’ve never been taken like this. Please!” “Oh my God, please don’t hurt me like this. I’ll do anything you want, anything. Please,” I begged, with genuine tears falling from my eyes.

“But Nina,” they laughed, “this is what we want”. Matt held me strongly into his arms as Rob positioned his cock to my tight little rosebud. My heart pounded anxiously in my chest, and I forgot to breathe for a moment as I awaited my fate. I was still utterly turned on though, and having one rock hard cock in my pussy while another one was positioned right behind me did nothing to lessen my arousal. Rob moved to insert it. It was not a good fit, but he persisted, pushing and guiding the tip of his cock until it was nestled snug against my puckered anus. “Please, it hurts I sobbed”, they laughed and Rob paused for a couple of moments then pushed forward slowly, his swollen tip putting pressure on my anus. “I cried out”, Matt held me strongly. I was feeling the pressure and relaxed my anus to the enormous phallus demanding entry. My rosebud gave-in, with a lightning bolt of pain tip of Rob’s cock forced its way past my sphincter and was inside. I screamed loudly, “Oh no oh fuck, oh fuck, no please stop.. please don’t do this to me”.

I heard chuckles and Rob paused. With a grunt, he pushed his cock farther and farther into my yielding asshole. His cock filled me, stretching my muscle to its absolute limit. “Oh, God,” I cried out. “It hurts! Stop, please stop!” I tried to squeeze him out, but it was too late. I’d been speared by his enormous invading cock. It really started to hit me that I was being double-penetrated like a whore! My breathing became more ragged. Matt kissed my lips and his hands played with my nipples. Rob press forward, despite my loud plaintive protests until his cock was better than three quarters of the way, buried deep inside my cute ass. Then he slowly withdrew until only the tip of his dick remained. I became still, again he pushed. This time the invasion was slightly less painful and I moaned as his cock penetrated further. I was stuffed with two cocks. I could feel the hard cock on the other side of the membrane that separated my ass and pussy. The feeling was incredible, though mixed with discomfort, of course, as my body adjusted to being double-penetrated for the first time in my life.

Have you have had anal before, Rob asked. “Yes, but my husabnd is not so well-endowed so I was unable to enjoy the experience which I think is every bit as satisfying as vaginal sex”, I replied. They both chuckled. Are you a bit uncomfortable, asked Rob. “I little bit”, I replied. Do you remember the position of your daughter with her bf, Matt asked. “Yes”, I replied and Rob eased out his cock. I put my heels on the floor and my knees to the edge of the couch. Rob aimed his cock again and made a strong push, he was inside and he kept pushing till I felt his body made contact with my ass. Once fully stuffed, I couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure mixed with pain. I honestly couldn’t even tell if I was more aroused or more uncomfortable. Rob put his hands on my hips and held onto me as his cock adjusted to the pressure inside me. I felt so constricted with two cocks in me, so full.

We stayed still for a while. Then I encouraged them, “Come on boys, I want you to use me for your pleasure and mine.” they chuckled and started to fuck me. I never felt more alive in my whole life. The incredible sensations of feeling two hot guys slide their cocks beside each other, one in my ass and one in my pussy, was as much as I could take. Rob and Matt were fucking me with their hard cocks in competition. Their pace quickened, in-out, in-out, until a rhythm began to establish that both Rob and Matt could handle and ofcourse I equally joined them.

We fucked each other for a long time or atleast this is what appeared before we all achieved orgasm. We laid for a while on the couch and I went to the washroom to freshen up, cum was still oozing from my pussy and anus. Strangely, I was feeling more aroused and horny. I sat at the kitchen and smoked a cigarette. Rob walked over and sat with me. You are good really good. I giggled you guys are amazing, blowing away the smoke. He smiled at me and my other hand pressed his cock. You are a sexual slut, he chuckled. “I can’t get enogh of you guys,” I replied stroking his cock. Nina you are being a bad girl, he said looking deeply into my eyes. “So what are you going to do, Rob”, I said sexily. Hmm… stand up and bend over the kitchen sink, I followed his instructions with a giggle. He told me to hold the kitchen tap. “What are you doing, Rob”, he did not answered and caressed my ass cheeks. Then he smacked my ass, I turned my head and looked at him sexily. He smacked again, “Oooo it hurts”. He slapped my ass till I was withering, Matt came with a huge grin on his face, his cock was standing hard.

Rob lifted me up, I put my arms around his neck and my legs to his waist, he eased his cock into my pussy. Matt then came to my behind and pushed his cock into my ass. “Oh yess guys yess”, I moaned loudly and they started to fuck my holes again. In a while, I could see them a bit tired. “Guys shall we continue, perhaps on a bed”. They pulled their cocks out and I walked sexily up the stairs to the bedroom. I laid on the bed sideways and lifted my leg. Matt joined me from behind and pushed his cock deep inside my ass, “Oh this is much better,” I exclaimed Rob came to my front and pushed his cock in my pussy. They took turns in kissing my lips. their hands rubbing my titties. “Ok guys, please make this a long one…” and they started to pump their cocks in my pussy and ass. I moved with their strokes urging them harder and harder they fucked. The room was filled with the noise of their thighs slamming into my thighs and squeaking of the bed. I was moaned, “UUURGGGH; UH FUCK …you guys make me feel SOOOOO FUCKING GOOOOOD!!”. Suddenly, my phone buzzed, Rob and Matt stopped. I put on the speaker phone, “Nina, hello”, Dr. Julie I asked in surprise. “Yes, just so that you know me and Bella are back.” I replied nice, very nice. “Listen, we are pretty horney, do you happen to know some guys for us?”, I giggled, I thought you two were lesbians. “Well we have figured out that we need cocks once in a while”. Matt looked in my eyes and nodded his head.

Well I know two guys but they have just been released from the prison, they are sex convicts. “OMG… I’d love to try them, do you know them?”, I giggled and motioned them to start fucking me again. They started forcefully slamming into my holes, and I moaned “OOOHHHHH MY FUCKING GAAAAWD!!” Dr. Julie giggled, “I hear you know them very well, can I and your young sexy daughter join you guys”. I told her the address and don’t forget to bring all the kinky goodies. “We will” and the line dropped dead. Guys fucked me rlentlessly. My holes were dripiing when we walked down. We quickly took a shower and waited for them. It didn’t take long when her BMW7 stopped at the door. They stepped out in lingerie and I opened the door. They came inside and saw us naked. Their eyes became wide as they saw their cocks… “OOOOHHHH FUUUCK ME!!” Bella exclaimed.

Sexily Dr. Julie took out the contents of the bag and displayed them nicely. Then with a giggle they took of their bras and panties. Thier pussies were shining, “we have been fingering all the way” Bella said with a giggle. Matt took her into his arms and kissed her lips. I felt strange but ignored my feelings. Soon we all kissed each other and felt each other’s nakedness. “Some wine?” asked Matt with a huge smile “Sure and weed, lets party” Bella giggled, no problem. We sipped our first glass of wine as we continued to kiss and rub each other. On the second glass we lit the joints. The joints finished and we were high and horny. Bella knelt down and touched their erect cocks, “Be careful sweetie they are huge”, I said to her. “OH MOM, I’M NOT SCARED OF THEIR FUCKING COCKS!!” and she kissed their cock heads. Soon she was sucking them one by one and guys had big smiles on their faces. “Nina, you daughter is sexy like you”, I giggled and said, “Thank you Matt”.

My turn, Dr Julie knelt on her sexy heels. She expertly deep throated them, before I knelt down and sucked their cocks. Matt and Rob were in awe. Their cocks were really hard. Bend over the kitchen counter ladies, Rob said. We followed his instructions, Dr. Julie in between me and Bella. On the toss of coin Matt was first, and again a toss of coin Bella was to be seduced first. I and Dr. Julie locked our lips as Matt, pushed his hard cock into my sexy daughter’s eager pussy from behind. holding her hips he started to fuck her as I and Dr. Julie sensually kissed each other. Then Matt held Dr. Julie’s hips. Rob went behind Bella and started to push in her pussy, she screamed and moaned but Rob was not going to stop, he pushed harder till he was deep in her pussy. I watched as Rob and Matt fucked them while Dr. Julie and Bella kissed each other with passion. Next was my turn with Rob as Matt mounted Dr. Julie’s pussy. Now I and Dr. Julie were kissing passionately as the guys fucked us.

Soon Rob push his cock into my pussy, as Matt was back into Bella’s pussy. “Oh I love their cocks Mom, love it”, I giggled, “WE’RE NOT DATING SWEETIE IT’S CALLED FUCKING; ENJOY IT!!”, she moaned, “OOOOOOOHHHHH GAAAAAAWD!!”. Bella is a really sexy girl and gawd she is tight there, Matt whispered in my ears. “Thank you Matt for giving her what she has been missing”, I giggled as he pounded my pussy. Then Rob took again Dr. Julie and Matt hurriedly went back to Bella. The guys had stamina, they fucked our pussies till we all had orgasms. Rob came inside my pussy and Matt in Dr. Julie’s pussy.

Thank you Nina, you got us the best pussies after 3 years in prison. I giggled, just making sure you guys don’t have to go to the jail anymore. We all laughed. We had a long sexually charged chat, when Matt asked “Bella, Julie” anyone wants to try DP. We looked at each other and giggled then Dr. Julie went down on her knees sucking their cocks. I and Bella cheered her, it took some effort but their cocks were rock hard again. Her efforts were rewarded by them as they took her into the bedroom. I and Bella remained down stairs

Bella had never seen me fully naked and said Mom I am surprised at the fullness of your breasts. I giggled Bella your own breasts are a slightly smaller version of the originals as I walked to get my pack of cigarettes. I turned and Bella was looking at me, Mom I like how you make your tight firm ass sway and swivel. I giggled perhaps you should try, Bella stood up and walked across the room to the kitchen letting her hips and ass play as they liked. You see its so easy, I giggled then said I don’t think you should wear bra to your college. “Mom, I’ve got your boobs and nipples. If I took this bra off even a baggy shirt will not hide my nipples. I smiled, so don’t hide them. People don’t think you’re sexy enough then show them the true you. Show them what they are missing. Show them the smolder and the fire. Then I walked back across the room. This time I put one foot in front of the other and walked on my toes. My hips did not sway as much but they swiveled even more pronounced. “Holy shit!” Bella whispered. I smiled you should know how to make boys interested in you. Bella came up on her toes and started to walk across the room like me. By the third step, she had shivers running up and down her spine as her outer lips rubbed together and against her inner lips. By the fifth step, she moaned as her clit got into the rubbing match.

Things do rub in interesting ways, don’t they? I smiled at her. Bella nodded her head. Suddenly, we heard a loud scream of Dr. Julie. Bella looked worried. I smiled, She is trying DP first time, Rob must have just pushed his 9″ by 7 1/4 inches cock into her ass, that guy is so fond of a woman’s ass. That must be a giant pain in her ass, Bella said. And what’s wrong with a giant pain in your ass? That is, if it’s done with care and understanding. She blushed a little and asked, Mom have you tried DP with Rob and Matt. I giggled, they are my lovers sweetie ofcourse I like to please them, I was in DP when you guys called, with lube and patience, all things are possible and frankly, I’ll be doing it more often with them. I replied with a big grin. Bella nodded her head sheeplessly.

Bella, at one point I had a long list of things that I wouldn’t try for one reason or another. I thought a lot of things were dirty or gross or just were not done. Girl with your dad, did I shorten that list in a hurry once we got started. Now I don’t even have a list, I’m just about game for anything. Even the kinky stuff like spankings etc., your dad likes to do to me. I said again with a big grin. Her eyes became wide open. Then I said forget about your ex-boyfriends. Learn from what they did and find someone better. Find someone that matches you in all areas, including sex, especially sex. Life will be a whole lot better and more fun in the long run.

We again heard scream of Dr. Julie, “Oh oh my gawd”. I smiled she is really having fun isn’t she. Bella giggled. Then we heard, “What just 3/4 way inside, I want it all”, Bella blushed and I giggled and asked, Did you and dad ever tried DP thing mom?. No it never occured to us, but I would have not said no if he’d have asked. Then I asked, why did you and Jack broke up? she said, mom he cheated on me, I smiled and why did he cheated? she hesitated for a minute then said Jack wanted to try kinky stuff and anal, DP things. I giggled let me guess and you said NO, she noded her head, God, girl, don’t be an irrational prude, learn to please your man sweetie, I said to her with a wink. She blushed again.

I’ll tell you one night your dad told me to be on my four’s on our bed, then he slapped my ass cheeks, sweetie the pain from your dad’s slaps was unexpected and it hurt, really hurt, but it was so intense it devoured me also and inwardly I craved for more. Bob had promised that he would never hurt me so this had to be your dad’s way of showing his love for me, I lifted my smooth fleshy cheeks up to your dad in acceptance. The slaps continued, each one harder than the one before and I felt my butt was on fire but I found myself moaning and my cunt was leaking. Then slaps suddenly stopped and I felt his large strong hands almost encircling my waist and something soft and wet was nuzzling my small brown hole. “Hold your ass open, darling.” Your dad whispered in my ear. I slid my hands and pulled my fiery red cheeks apart. OMG, I still remember, the pain was intense as my sensitive, delicate hole was penetrated, stretching it beyond imagination but sweetie I didn’t cry as it felt so good, the strange mix of pain and pleasure seemed odd but I definately needed more and spread my legs wider as your dad pushed all his thick meaty cock inside. In short, sweety men are like a****ls and that’s how they show their love.

Then, I placed my arm around my sexy daughter’s shoulders and said sweetie you have to make your boyfriend think that he’s the most important thing in your life, tease him and get him drooling. When he is out of his pants tell him how magnificent his dick is and how you long to suck it. Then sweetie brush your ruby lips to his dick, inhale his musky odour lovingly and without hesitation ‘O’ your lips and take him into your mouth, flick your pink tongue over his purple mushroom head and taste the salty tang of his precum on your tongue. Bella was blushing but she nodded her head and I squeezed her shoulders and said, lets go and see how is Dr. Julie doing. We walked into the bedroom on our toes walking sexily, our pussy outer and inner lips rubbing and arousing us.

Dr. Julie had her one leg over Matt’s shoulder and and other bent, her hips a bit higher. Matt was puming his cock into her pussy and Rob in her ass. Bella looked at me, I slightly caressed her ass cheeks, her face reddened. See its the position which matters. Dr. Julie had her eyes closed and she was moaning no stop. I raised my other hand in front of my daughter and slightly brushed her nipples. She let out a moan. I watched at her, she looked into my eyes, I said sweetie you are sexy just like me. She nodded her head. Then I felt her hand rubbing my thigh. I smiled at her, and whispered, go ahead sweeie I am not stopping you. She moved her hand behind me and caressed my ass cheeks. Bravo dear that’s my sexy daughter. then it just happened our lips met slightly at first then brushed more and then she kissed me. I smiled at her and kissed her back.

By now, sweat was appearing on Matt and Rob’s shoulders and chest. Dr. Julie appeard to have many orgasms. slowly guys took out their cocks and Dr. Julie collapsed. They looked at us, their 9″ raging hardons standing like iron rods. You want to try sweetie? I asked her. Bella blushed, I cooed her I think you should try it honey, she looked at me, “Mom”, I smiled, it’s ok sweetie, sex with experienced guys is fun. She blushed slightly then nodded her head. I gently took her to the bed and said, “Sweetie, you’ve got one hot little ass there. White on the outside, pink on the inside. Turn over on your tummy and get up on your knees. Get that hot little ass up in the air for the guys”, She did, I motioned Rob, he caressed are lovely young ass, I said “I don’t think she is ready for you in her sweet ass, its her first time anal and DP”, Rob chuckled and taking her leg in his hands he pushed his cock up her pussy, she moaned “Aah oh yess..”. I looked towards Matt, he squirted lube up my daughter’s ass, then lubed his cock. Matt touched his cock head to her rosebud, she moaned, “Oh no”, He took her hip in his hands and pushed, her body squirmed. Relax sweetie, I said to her, then Matt pushed again, she cried, “oh no oh it hurts”. I noded my head to Matt and he pushed harder, she let out a very loud scream in pain, Matt stood and said I am past her sphincter, she is so tight. Bella’s legs were shaking. “Do you want to stop here sweetie?”, I asked her. No I want him inside fully, she replied. Matt pushed more then again stopped then he pushed more and now Bella was moaning in pleaure. He nearly took out his cock and then pushed again, repeating this 3/4 times till Bella was no longer shaking, just moaning. Then Matt pushed harder and his balls touched her ass cheeks. He was all the way inside her.

They fucked Bella for sometime and I could see she having orgasm after orgasm. Then they groaned like an a****l and came inside her holes. It took a while before guys stood up. I saw a very satisfied look on my sexy daughter’s face. I, Rob and Matt came downstairs and took some water. We talked a little and I asked gentlemen are you guys up for one more round? DP with you yes Rob smiled. I jerked their cocks for some time then knelt and started sucking them. It took long time before they became fully hard. Holding their cocks. I said tie me up with the ropes and hang me. Rob like an expert, bound my arms and thighs and pulled me up just enough to level with their ballss. Dr. Julie has brought some things, please use them as you wish. Mat took a flogger and Rob took a paddle, Matt flogged my breasts and thighs and Rob paddled my ass. I let out sighs and moans, “Is this the way gentlemen, you guys like to **** your victims”, I asked. “Yes but a bit more harder”, I sexily smiled, “Gentlemen I’d very much want to be your **** victim”. Suddenly I saw a different look in their eyes, look of a****l lust. They smiled and got some beers. I started to play the victim, “Oh please what are you guys doing”, shut up you bitch Matt shouted loudly. Dr. Julie and Bella appeared upstairs. I winked at them. Dr Julie blew me a kiss.

Then Matt started to hit me with flogger harshly, at the same time Rob paddled my ass harder. “Oh please stop… please stop”, I moaned in my sobbing voice. You fucking bitch, you slut shut up… my breats were turning red and I am sure my ass was red also. They continued the punishment and I continued to sob and moan. Rob took the cane and swished it in the air. I screamed, “No please don’t…”. He chuckled and the strike kissed my ass cheeks. This time I actually screamed in pain. Soon tears started to fall on my cheeks, as I pleaded them to stop, but they continued. I received more then what I had wished for, but I knew I cannot stop them. Then it happened, I went into subspace, nothing hurt me any more. ” I was loving it, oh my gawd”, I scremed in full voice. I saw look of surprise and shock on the face of Bella and blew her a kiss. After a while breathing hard they stopped, their cocks were rock hard. My legs wide open, they put their hands on my breasts and hips. Then Matt pushed his cock in my pussy, I moaned, he looked at me and we kissed. Rob aimed his cock to my rosebud and pushed, I let out a cry, and then Rob pushed harder, I cried louder in pain and pleasure and he was fully inside of me. I turned my head and kissed Rob.

They started fucking me hard in turns, I kissed them frequently. Soon I had my first orgasm, then second one. They had cum few times before and I knew they will last very long this time. I started to rotate my hips with each push and monaed in es**tsy. “Oh fuck me harder guys fuck me…” I was moaning. They stopped and adjusted their movements, now both of them were fucking me at the same time. I had another orgasm. Then they I heard them groaning, I knew they weere close, I tighted my holes around their cocks, soon they blew cum in my holes. We stood there for a while, then they brought me down and released me. I couldn’t stand they helped me and we exchanged very passionate kisses. I want to try this again tomorrow, I said with a smile. Actually, we have other positions to tie you up, replied Matt. I giggled and walked upstairs. We girls took one bedroom and laid down to get some sleep. I don’t know but this was my best sleep in years. I woke up hearing moans and sun rays on my body.

I looked to my side and Dr. Julie smiled, I think Bella is having her breakfast. With a giggle we walked out of the room, my young sexy daughter was bound in bend position and Rob was standing behind her, “Rob, I want you, just fuck me in the ass,,,,,,,,,, please OOOHHHH YESSS! ,,,,, YESSS, YESSSS,, ROB ROOB.” We walked down and watched Rob’s thick cock more then half in her ass. “She is really tight”, exclaimed Rob to me, “Better finish what you have started darling”, I smiled at him, he pulled back then oushed again in a few strokes he was burried balls deep inside Bell’s ass. He mouth was open and her eyes wide, I giggled “I don’t think you will ever say no your boyfriend again”, she gave me a sly smile, “Mom, I think I’d rather insist”. I watched her and said, “You are a good girl” and Rob started to move his hips, soon the room was filled with cries of moans and groans. Good morning ladies who wants to be first, Dr. Julie and I both said me…

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