The Naive Odd Job Girl. Part 2

After Sam left I took a shower and relaxed for the evening, I added her ID to messenger and sent her a quick Hello but didn’t receive a reply. I was watching a bit of TV when my PC showed a message coming through, it was from Sam. She told me that her washing machine has broken and could she possibly bring a few things round for me to wash, I told her that was fine. Sam said she would drop round in the morning and as repayment would do any cleaning or whatever I needed doing.
I sat there for the rest of the evening thinking of chores I could get her to do, happy in the knowledge that she was visiting again.
I woke early, not knowing the exact time Sam was coming and had a quick shower. I dressed in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and made some coffee.
It was just after 9am when the doorbell rang, I felt a twitch in my shorts in anticipation of Sam’s arrival, I eagerly opened the door and Sam stood there, looking absolutely stunning. She had a white loose fitting tee shirt on and I could see she had no bra under it, my gaze went down to a pair of loose fitting white sport shorts. We both said hello and I invited her in and as she passed me I looked at her arse and could just make out the outline of her panties through the shorts, she looked divine.
“Thank you so much for helping me out Frank” she said passing me a carrier bag with her laundry in. My eyes lit up as I looked inside to see a couple of tee shirts, a nighty and a few pairs of underwear. She saw me smiling and I said “Oh it’s my pleasure Sam”.
I showed her into the lounge looking at her sweet legs and shapely arse as she walked, she really did have a fine figure on her. She sat on the sofa, legs slightly apart and I sat in my chair opposite her. We engaged in some small talk and my mind was racing as I looked at her soft thighs and up to the crotch of her white shorts which had got tighter as she sat. I know she saw me looking, I’m not very good at being discreet, she smiled a lot and I knew I was starting to get aroused and knowing that my shorts didn’t hide the fact maybe that is why she was smiling.
“Thank you for yesterday” she said, “I really enjoyed it, what you did was amazing” Now if anything was going to get me completely hard then those words did the trick. I saw her looking at the visible bulge.. “I enjoyed it too” I said and I am sure her legs widened a bit more. As I looked closer I could just see her white panties, visible through the gap between shorts and thigh. Very Nice, I thought which reminded me I had her laundry to do. “I must put the washing on” I said as I stood up. Her eyes widened as she saw the bulge in the front of my shorts.
I went to the kitchen and emptied the contents of the carrier bag onto the table, OMG I thought as 4 pairs of panties caught my eye. I picked up a pair of white cotton ones thinking these were the ones she wore yesterday, they were so soft and I held them up to my face taking in the sweet smell, my cock getting even harder. “You like them Frank?” I heard Sam say, Busted!!, I never even heard her walk in. “Oh Yes” I stuttered, a bit embarrassed at being caught. “Put them on” she continued, “I want to see you in them”.
I was surprised and excited, panties were a passion. She watched closely as I took off my tee shirt and slowly pulled off my shorts, my cock sprung out in anticipation of what was to come. I slowly pulled up Sam’s panties, they were small and when I got them on they were so tight and my cock was sticking out the top, no way was I going to be able to cover it. I started to rub my balls knowing that her old juices were dried on the inside of her cotton panties. Her eyes were fixed on me standing there wearing her panties, “OMG” she said, “That is so cool, I have never seen that before”.
She got on her knees to have a closer look, I stroked her hair as she did so and then without warning she started to lick my balls through the fabric of her own knickers, “OMG” I said as she continued running her tongue up and down my shaft and back to my balls, “This is so good” she said licking my cock and balls through the fabric of her own panties. What was so exciting was when she got to the exposed part of my cock she licked all around the helmet, teasing with her tongue before putting the tip into her mouth, her tongue flicking the tip and sucking up the pre-cum that was now starting, again coming out and licking down to the balls again and back up. I didn’t think I would be able to last much longer, my legs were shacking. She then took my cock back into her mouth, this time taking it all in, slowly up and down, her hands running round the back and feeling every inch of my pantie clad arse. As she felt my cock pulsating she pulled me closer and I emptied my hot liquid straight down her throat, she was not letting me go this time, pulling me closer and not wanting to lose a drop.
I was thinking that not only was wearing her panties a turn on for me but a bigger turn on for her, what a girl.
I kept her panties on as we went back to the lounge, we stood together and I slowly removed her tee shirt. Her small pout breasts stood in front of me, her nipples were hard. She moaned as I reached forward and had a little suck on each in turn. I told her to kneel on the sofa as I wanted her arse, I ran my hands around her buttocks feeling the fabric of her shorts and the outline of her panties, my fingers running up and down her crack and between her parted legs, back up to the crack again stopping at her butthole. She moaned again as my finger found the opening through her clothing, I then slowly pulled down her shorts exposing her panty clad arse and bending down I kissed each cheek before pulling her panties into her crack. My tongue started to go to work, running up and down her crack, down to her now wet pussy and licking the juices through the fabric. I moved back up to here butthole and moving her panties to one side started to lick her hole, getting it wetter and wetter before finally inserting my tongue into her, she pushed back on me as my hands tweaked her nipples.
I stood up and took my now hard again cock and run the tip up and down her crack, when I stopped at the hole I felt her push back and the head slipped into her tight arsehole, she let out a slight yelp but all the time pushing back on me making me go in further, it wasn’t long before I was up to my balls in her arse.
I started to build up a rhythm and Sam was shaking as she reached orgasm, I was in dreamland as I felt my balls tighten and then unloaded my load of hot spunk deep inside her arse, we both collapsed frantically trying to get our breath.
Sam wanted to take a shower before heading back to her grandma’s and I went back to the laundry on the kitchen table. Her tee shirts and nighty had a lovely scent of perfume, but her other panties had a different smell, as I sniffed each pair in turn I was thinking what a shame to wash them. I heard Sam come back from her shower and as she entered the kitchen she handed me the panties she had been wearing, “Here” she said, “I will leave these with you too” My eyes lit up and so did hers, we both knew what was going to happen.

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