Boots for C, Finale!

Upon returning to her apt she offered me a bottle of water while I waited for her to change for our playtime. As she handed it to me she gave my crotch a squeeze and said, “my, if you’re this hard just thinking about the boots, I can’t imagine what you’ll be when you see me in them.” Off she went to her bedroom while I waited, idly playing with myself through my slacks. I could the rustling of clothing, zippers, and finally she emerged. A black bra, the black leather mini skirt, black thigh highs, and boots. She came in the room and stood in the middle, turning around with her hands on her hips and posing her legs. I think she really liked the boots, too. She motioned for me to join her, and as I reached her she opened my zipper and removed my aching hard-on from my pants. She then led me, tool in hand, to her spare room where she did the massages, occasionally brushing me against the soft leather of her skirt.

Once inside her room (very nice, tastefully decorated with candles, music, and a queen-sized bed) she began to undress me and hang up my clothes. She instructed me to stand still and let her do it. As she removed my pants (leaving my boxers on) she stopped to give me a few teasing caresses and admire how aroused I was. Once undressed she sat on the foot of her bed, hands on her sides, and extended her legs out a bit and crossed her ankles. She now pointed down at her feet and taking my cue I went to my knees where I was finally able to touch, rub, smell and kiss her boots.

They were magnificent. The leather, soft, supple, and rich with aroma, felt and tasted great. She placed her feet between my legs and said, “come closer” and she began to explore me with her booted feet. Being a newbie, she was careful with the heels and actually rather adept at manipulating me with them. She extended her leg and placed her toe beneath my balls and covered the shaft with the back of the ankle of the other boot, and I remained there slowly humping the leather pussy she’d created for me. After this she had me join her on the bed where she removed her bra and let her massive DDs free for me to explore. Laying next to each other I rubbed and licked them as she fondled me and ran her boots up and down between my legs, making me shiver in delight. Then she moved up to the head board and leaned against some pillows. She opened her legs wide and I could see that I was not the only one quite excited; her shaven pussy lips were clearly wet and protruding in a lustful display. She began playing with herself as I moved down and started licking from the toe of one of her boots. This is where the memory of the bottom view came in, as she lifted her leg and told me to suck the heel. From there I kissed and sucked that beautiful instep and sucked the toe as well, eliciting a gasp or two from her when I get the pressure on her foot beneath. I began moving upwards, caressing her calf as I licked higher. Her other leg was now resting between me and I was able to drag the length of it as I worshiped her other boot. The pace of her self stimulation increased a bit as I reached her stocking and continued up. I paused briefly at the inside of her thigh, sucking lightly until she put her fingers in my hair and directed my mouth to her open, soaking slit. She was fresh and extremely juicy and I took delight in pleasing her as she closed her legs a bit and placed her boots on my back, the heels prodding ever so gently on my ass. The smell of pussy and leather from her skirt was intoxicating and I continued licking until she had quite a powerful orgasm, unless she was able to fake squirting.

She relaxed for a moment, a huge smile on her face, and said, “ok, your turn”. She grabbed her massage oil and flipped around on her side, her head near my waist and one boot on either side of my head. She slicked me up and began stroking me, her experienced hands creating exquisite sensations as I was engulfed in the sent, sight, taste and feel of those beautiful boots. She was talking quite dirty, about how hard and big I was, about how sexy my mouth felt on her boots. She continued stroking and teasing, then switched to fully on her side so could lay across me and massage me with her massive tits. As moved my cock between those shiny orbs of flesh I resumed licking her boots and squeezing her legs and feet through them. Soon she quickened her pace and said she wanted me to cum all over her DDs, and it was only a few strokes more until she completely drained me, rubbing the hot cum on her nipples.

The Naive Odd Job Girl. Part 2

After Sam left I took a shower and relaxed for the evening, I added her ID to messenger and sent her a quick Hello but didn’t receive a reply. I was watching a bit of TV when my PC showed a message coming through, it was from Sam. She told me that her washing machine has broken and could she possibly bring a few things round for me to wash, I told her that was fine. Sam said she would drop round in the morning and as repayment would do any cleaning or whatever I needed doing.
I sat there for the rest of the evening thinking of chores I could get her to do, happy in the knowledge that she was visiting again.
I woke early, not knowing the exact time Sam was coming and had a quick shower. I dressed in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and made some coffee.
It was just after 9am when the doorbell rang, I felt a twitch in my shorts in anticipation of Sam’s arrival, I eagerly opened the door and Sam stood there, looking absolutely stunning. She had a white loose fitting tee shirt on and I could see she had no bra under it, my gaze went down to a pair of loose fitting white sport shorts. We both said hello and I invited her in and as she passed me I looked at her arse and could just make out the outline of her panties through the shorts, she looked divine.
“Thank you so much for helping me out Frank” she said passing me a carrier bag with her laundry in. My eyes lit up as I looked inside to see a couple of tee shirts, a nighty and a few pairs of underwear. She saw me smiling and I said “Oh it’s my pleasure Sam”.
I showed her into the lounge looking at her sweet legs and shapely arse as she walked, she really did have a fine figure on her. She sat on the sofa, legs slightly apart and I sat in my chair opposite her. We engaged in some small talk and my mind was racing as I looked at her soft thighs and up to the crotch of her white shorts which had got tighter as she sat. I know she saw me looking, I’m not very good at being discreet, she smiled a lot and I knew I was starting to get aroused and knowing that my shorts didn’t hide the fact maybe that is why she was smiling.
“Thank you for yesterday” she said, “I really enjoyed it, what you did was amazing” Now if anything was going to get me completely hard then those words did the trick. I saw her looking at the visible bulge.. “I enjoyed it too” I said and I am sure her legs widened a bit more. As I looked closer I could just see her white panties, visible through the gap between shorts and thigh. Very Nice, I thought which reminded me I had her laundry to do. “I must put the washing on” I said as I stood up. Her eyes widened as she saw the bulge in the front of my shorts.
I went to the kitchen and emptied the contents of the carrier bag onto the table, OMG I thought as 4 pairs of panties caught my eye. I picked up a pair of white cotton ones thinking these were the ones she wore yesterday, they were so soft and I held them up to my face taking in the sweet smell, my cock getting even harder. “You like them Frank?” I heard Sam say, Busted!!, I never even heard her walk in. “Oh Yes” I stuttered, a bit embarrassed at being caught. “Put them on” she continued, “I want to see you in them”.
I was surprised and excited, panties were a passion. She watched closely as I took off my tee shirt and slowly pulled off my shorts, my cock sprung out in anticipation of what was to come. I slowly pulled up Sam’s panties, they were small and when I got them on they were so tight and my cock was sticking out the top, no way was I going to be able to cover it. I started to rub my balls knowing that her old juices were dried on the inside of her cotton panties. Her eyes were fixed on me standing there wearing her panties, “OMG” she said, “That is so cool, I have never seen that before”.
She got on her knees to have a closer look, I stroked her hair as she did so and then without warning she started to lick my balls through the fabric of her own knickers, “OMG” I said as she continued running her tongue up and down my shaft and back to my balls, “This is so good” she said licking my cock and balls through the fabric of her own panties. What was so exciting was when she got to the exposed part of my cock she licked all around the helmet, teasing with her tongue before putting the tip into her mouth, her tongue flicking the tip and sucking up the pre-cum that was now starting, again coming out and licking down to the balls again and back up. I didn’t think I would be able to last much longer, my legs were shacking. She then took my cock back into her mouth, this time taking it all in, slowly up and down, her hands running round the back and feeling every inch of my pantie clad arse. As she felt my cock pulsating she pulled me closer and I emptied my hot liquid straight down her throat, she was not letting me go this time, pulling me closer and not wanting to lose a drop.
I was thinking that not only was wearing her panties a turn on for me but a bigger turn on for her, what a girl.
I kept her panties on as we went back to the lounge, we stood together and I slowly removed her tee shirt. Her small pout breasts stood in front of me, her nipples were hard. She moaned as I reached forward and had a little suck on each in turn. I told her to kneel on the sofa as I wanted her arse, I ran my hands around her buttocks feeling the fabric of her shorts and the outline of her panties, my fingers running up and down her crack and between her parted legs, back up to the crack again stopping at her butthole. She moaned again as my finger found the opening through her clothing, I then slowly pulled down her shorts exposing her panty clad arse and bending down I kissed each cheek before pulling her panties into her crack. My tongue started to go to work, running up and down her crack, down to her now wet pussy and licking the juices through the fabric. I moved back up to here butthole and moving her panties to one side started to lick her hole, getting it wetter and wetter before finally inserting my tongue into her, she pushed back on me as my hands tweaked her nipples.
I stood up and took my now hard again cock and run the tip up and down her crack, when I stopped at the hole I felt her push back and the head slipped into her tight arsehole, she let out a slight yelp but all the time pushing back on me making me go in further, it wasn’t long before I was up to my balls in her arse.
I started to build up a rhythm and Sam was shaking as she reached orgasm, I was in dreamland as I felt my balls tighten and then unloaded my load of hot spunk deep inside her arse, we both collapsed frantically trying to get our breath.
Sam wanted to take a shower before heading back to her grandma’s and I went back to the laundry on the kitchen table. Her tee shirts and nighty had a lovely scent of perfume, but her other panties had a different smell, as I sniffed each pair in turn I was thinking what a shame to wash them. I heard Sam come back from her shower and as she entered the kitchen she handed me the panties she had been wearing, “Here” she said, “I will leave these with you too” My eyes lit up and so did hers, we both knew what was going to happen.

My Gay Brother Fucks My Husband

When Sally met her husband three years ago, a year before they got married, she discovered his stash of porn DVDs. He blushed and was embarrassed and started to make apologies, but Sally smiled and told him not to worry. She had the same ‘secret.’ Sally also loved porn and had loads of porn sites bookmarked on her computer. They laughed and realized they shared this common interest. Men often assume women either aren’t very interested in porn, or will be made uncomfortable if their guys show too much interest in it. But Sally was definitely an exception.

Since then Tim and Sally had really enjoyed watching porn together, before they had sex, to help them get turned on, and often while they were actually having sex. Sometimes they brought a laptop to bed with them and looked at super sexy pics or watched raw and raunchy videos as they snuggled under the sheets, Sally getting very wet, and Tim getting very hard. And often they kept the porn coming while they fucked.

One night, as they were surfing, they landed on a gay porn site. Tim wanted to keep surfing, but Sally stopped him and suggested they watch that one for a while. After all, they had watched girl-girl sex scenes many, many times. Tim knew Sally’s younger brother was gay, so figured maybe that’s why this site grabbed her attention. Soon they were a watching a wild threesome where three great looking and very well hung gay studs were sucking each others’ cocks and fucking each other up the ass. When they watched straight vids together they both often commented on how hung or endowed a stud was, and Tim seemed to enjoy the sight of a really big cock doing its work as much as Sally did. So she glanced over at him as they watched this gay scene now, and could see he was transfixed. She reached down under the quilt to find that Tim’s cock was rock hard.

Though Tim was well aware that his wife’s brother was gay, Sally felt that maybe now — as the two were excitedly watching these studs cavort — was the time to confess something else.

“I never told you this, Tim, but when we both still lived at home, I’d watch my brother jerk off sometimes. Once I walked in on him stroking it, and then, being his rather bossy big sister, I told him he just had to let me watch him get himself off.”

Tim looked over at his wife, his eyes widening.

“Robby has this gorgeous cock too, and he’s really hung,” Sally said, reaching down to stroke her husband’s again, “not that you’re not, baby, and not that you also don’t have yourself a gorgeous cock. But my brother’s, as I remember it, is a real specimen, museum quality. It’s beautifully shaped, with a smooth perfect, plum-shaped head and it’s straight as an arrow. A bit more than 9″ long, and I know that because once Robby had me watch as he pressed a ruler against it. Then he brought my hand down to his dick and I saw it was as thick as my wrist, maybe even a little thicker.”

“You brought your hand down to it?” Tim said, a little amazed, but very intrigued, as Sally smiled, now fully in a confessional mood.

“I never told anyone this, babe, but I got my brother to let me jack him off a couple of times. And man, did he ever shoot a load! I remember one time when he blasted off it splattered all over my face and tits.”

“So you were naked when you did all this?” Tim asked.

“Well, you know, he was naked, so I wasn’t go to just sit there with all my clothes on.”

Tim’s head was spinning, hearing all this, but he loved it.

“I mean, Robby should’ve had himself a brother, not a sister, ’cause he’s a fag. But, alas, he just had a sister. So he let me stroke him. And I’ll confess this to you too, honey, once I actually sucked him off.”

“Wow, you sucked your brother off, your queer brother?” Tim said, even more astounded now, but even more intrigued. “Well, if you sucked him off, why didn’t you go all the way, and let him fuck you?”

“Oh, I would’ve done it. But sucking him, that was just another mouth, a girl’s mouth, true. But still a mouth. And a mouth is a mouth. But a pussy was something different. I think it’s kind of scary to gay guys, not a turn-on. The holes that they really love are assholes!”

“Well, maybe you should’ve offered him your ass then.”

“He might’ve gone for that, though it’s male ass he really craves. And also, I hadn’t been fucked up the ass then yet. Plus, he’s on the jumbo side, and really thick, so it would’ve been a bit of a struggle for me then, still would be. Even though you know just how much I like taking it up the ass, babe,” Sally said, a sweet, but slightly lewd, slightly wicked smile lighting up her pretty face, her big green eyes sparkling as she revealed all this to her husband.

Then Sally leaned in close, purring in Tim’s ear.

“But maybe you should try taking him up the ass, honey. I’m sure my brother would just love to get inside your ass. He’s always talking about how good looking and sexy you are, And you’ve got a beauty of a bottom, nice and hard and trim, and smooth as a baby’s. And I know that tight hole of yours loves attention”

Then Sally wet a finger in her mouth and deftly reached around to work it into Tim’s asshole.

“You love the way I lick and finger that hole of yours, don’t you? And that one time I used a dildo on you, you couldn’t get enough, sticking it out for me like a whore in heat.”

“Yeah?” Tim said, pretty sure where this was heading.

“Actually, babe, the whole guy-guy thing really turns me on. When I learned my brother was gay, and then seeing that big cock of his, stroking it, sucking it, I thought about guys doing that to him. And I told you how I used to like checking out gay porn sites, the way guys love all that sexy girl-girl stuff. That’s why we’re looking at this right now,” Sally said, pointing to the screen.

“Okay, and?” Tim probed as Sally took a deep breath, and pressed in even closer, stroking his cock with her usual sensual finesse.

“My brother’s visiting next month during his spring break, spending a long weekend with us, remember? What if we invited him to bed with us one night. And maybe I could — could get him to fuck you up the ass, babe? Would you do that? Do it for me, and for yourself too? I’m sure you’ll just love it; you can see how much I love taking it up the ass. You should try it too. With a real cock, a nice, big, juicy one. I know my brother’s pretty much a top; he loves to fuck guys. And I am dead certain he’d love to fuck you. And god would I ever cream getting to watch that!”

“Then the only question I guess is, will I let him fuck me, right Sally?”

“Yeah, will you? Will you? Pretty please!” she asked beseechingly, her eyes big and hopeful.

Tim leaned over to kiss his wife, smiling as he pulled back from her lips.

“For you, baby, anything.”

And so a few weeks later, during his visit, Robby waltzed into Sally and Tim’s bedroom, stark naked, straight out of the shower. His sister had already talked to him about her plan and he approved; he loved the idea. Not only would he get to visit his big sister and enjoy some of her fine home cooking, but he’d get to fuck his sexy brother-in-law. What more could a familyvisit possibly offer for a horny queer like Robby!

Tim had seen Robby at the beach, in swim trunks, and knew the college swim team captain had a fantastic body and was as good looking as his beautiful sister. But only now was he able to view what Robby carried ‘down below,’ the massive endowment Sally had described in such rich and enticing detail. Though not yet erect, that cock was every bit as impressive as his wife had claimed, a penis any man would be proud of it. Thick and meaty, its was half dangling, half sticking out, on its way to becoming erect, Robby no doubt turned on by what he knew would be coming his way soon — his brother in law’s hot, sexy ass!

Sally and Tim had showered just before Robby and were waiting for him in bed, stark naked and vividly exposed, Tim’s cock already fully erect as a result of his wife’s fondling, Sally curling up sexily against her lithe, sleek husband.

“Come join us,” Sally purred at her brother, wagging a finger, making room between her and her husband as Robby tumbled down to join them.

“It’s been a few years, hasn’t it, Robby?” Sally said as she reached down to take her brother’s cock in her hand, stroking it. All it took was those few moments of stroking to get Robby up to full mast, to his full, thick, steel hard nine inches, dimensions Sally had made a point of highlighting for her husband, guessing correctly the reference to length and girth was certain to pique his interest, which it had.

Sally licked her lips provocatively.

“Mind if I have a taste, bro? For old times sake?” Sally said, “I know back then I didn’t have much competition, and now you can get all the studs you want to suck that beautiful tool. But just a taste, okay?”

“Sure, sis, go ahead,” Robby chuckled as Sally leaned down and, staring at her brother, and then at her husband, took Robby’s cock in her mouth.

“But it’s someone else who’s here to enjoy this cock tonight, right, Tim?” Sally said to her husband, winking provocatively as she pulled away from Robby after she had that brief taste. “Come down here and suck it, honey, suck my brother’s cock.”

Tim had confessed that once, back in college, when both were drunk and horny he and a buddy had sucked each other’s cocks. That, Tim swore, was the one and only time he’d been intimate with another guy. But now Tim suddenly felt ravenous for cock, for Robby’s cock, staring down at the huge tool, steel hard, and wet and glistening from having just nested in his wife’s mouth. Staring right into Sally’s eyes as he lowered his face, he wrapped his hand around the shaft, even more amazed by the rigid thickness now that he held it in his hand than when he was just gazing it. And then he just took it in his mouth and began to suck that cock, hungry for it, not in the least self-conscious, surprised at his total lust, his complete lack of inhibition, his hunger for cock..

“Oh yes, babe, suck that cock, suck it!” Sally growled softly, almost breathless with excitement as she now watched her husband devour her brother’s cock. Her husband was a passionate lover, Sally knew, and craved oral sex. Whenever he ate her pussy, he ate it with relish. And now he was displaying that same relish as he gave Sally’s brother a first rate blow job, twisting the shaft in his hand as he sucked the knob and used his tongue with the same eager skill he applied when he tongued Sally’s always greedy clit.

“He loves to go down on me, so I’m not surprised he loves going down on you, Robby,” Sally said to her brother, both looking down at Tim’s head bobbing as he showed them what a keen and hungry cocksucker he had just become. Sally loved the sight of her husband’s lips hungrily clamped around the impressive girth of her brother’s erect cock; she couldn’t pull her eyes away from the awesome sight, but finally she did.

“Oh yeah, suck my dick, suck it!” Donny growled at his brother-in-law, holding his head in place.

“Now let’s get him ready for the main act,” Sally said, moving around on the bed so she could get behind her husband as he kept up the suckfest. Sitting on the night table was a fresh tube of the anal lubricating jelly Sally liked Tim to use when he fucked her up the ass. Before reaching for the lube she got an eyeful of her husband’s ass. She loved that ass of Tim’s. Like her brother, Tim was an athlete and he had a hard, smooth, compact ass, perfect buttocks which she now spread apart so she could have a peek at the hole. She thought that little puckered hole of his was cute too, and knew her brother would appreciate it. Once, on a lark, Sally and Tim took pics of each other’s assholes and then, looking at the images, agreed they looked almost exactly alike, back there. Male and female, they were such a contrast in many ways, but the two holes hiding between their two sets of cheeks were very much alike. And now his would be fucked too, as hers had been many, many times.

Before lubing him, Sally leaned down, spreading Tim’s buttocks apart again and dug her tongue into his cleft, rimming him. He loved to have his ass licked, and Sally loved to lick it. Often she spent many long minutes with her tongue buried in her husband’s ass, a prelude to all the sex acts that were to follow. He moaned and groaned and sighed, loving the sensations. That’s what first gave Sally a hint that her husband possessed an especially hot and responsive ass which, after her tongue and her fingers and finally her dildo, might just very well one day enjoy the invasion of a flesh and blood cock. Now Sally licked ass while her husband sucked cock, and her brother relished the blow job he was getting, the three of them in oral paradise.

Finally Sally pulled her tongue away and squeezed a big dab of the jelly onto her fingertips, slapping it into Tim’s crack, spreading it over the rubbery surface of his anus, working it into his ass first with one, then two stiff fingers. He pushed back against her probing fingers like the anal slut she well knew he could often be.

“Okay, fuck time! Elbows and knees, Tim!” Sally announced, clapping her hands as Robby now pulled his cock away from Tim’s mouth and Tim scampered up on the bed and assumed the position, getting up on all fours and sticking out that ass of his the way he had done so many times when his wife told him she was in the mood for some rimming or ass fingering.

Sally wagged a finger at her brother and he joined her, both kneeling behind Tim, looking down at that perfect ass, at the glistening, exposed hole. It’s like that vividly and lewdly exposed hole was sending out a message, and that message was: enter and fuck!

Robby, kneeling behind Tim’s ass now, his cock flamingly engorged and erect was about to heed that message. And his sister was going to make sure to help and urge him on. So she now took Tim’s cock in hand and pressed the tip against her husband’s slick hole, positioning the cock against its target.

“Okay, honey, just start to push back,” Sally told her husband who eased his ass back, the bulbous tip of Tim’s cock slowly piercing his hole and stretching it as he started to enter the other man’s bottom. Tim gasped and closed his eyes, biting his lower lip, as he pushed back, Sally holding her brother’s shaft in place. Finally, the whole knob just popped in, Sally marveling at just how delicious was the sight of her brother’s cock starting to say a big hello to her husband’s ass.

Now Robby took over, reaching down to take hold of Tim’s hips and slowly driving his cock up his brother-in-law’s ass, inch by thick, steely inch, Sally’s eyes glued on the sight, on the meeting point of cock and ass, mesmerized by the spectacular vision. The raw, spell-binding vision of her young sexy brother fucking her handsome husband up the ass!

“Oh God, I can’t believe this is really happening!” Sally sputtered almost breathlessly as she watched Robby drive it in now, fucking Tim’s ass with deep, smooth, rhythmic strokes, “fuck that ass, Robby, fuck it, fuck my husband up… the… ass! Ream out his rectum!”

And Robby obliged, slamming it in there, picking up the pace as he now really began to hammer it home, jamming those thick nine inches up the other man’s ass with an almost savage fury, burying it to the balls, those balls slapping loudly against Tim’s cheeks with each hard thrust. Sally leaned down to have a closer look, spreading her husband’s cheeks so she could see the vivid margin where his dilated asshole was clenching her brother’s erect penis. The sight astounded, amazed her. And aroused her beyond belief as she reached between her own legs, her cunt almost soggy as she found and started to strum her engorged clit.

The Sally went around to face her husband as he was taking it like this.

“You look so fuckin’ hot with a big dick up your ass, babe,” she said, her eyes like a pair of heated lasers as she gazed into Tim’s. “Do you love it?”

“Damn yeah, I love it!” he growled breathlessly.

“Turn around and tell my brother just how much you love it.”

“Fuck me, Robby, fuck my ass! I love how your thick cock feels plowing my ass!” Tim said, turning his neck to look up at Robby, behind him.

“Tell him to fuck you deeper,” Sally barked.

“Fuck me deeper!”

“Now tell him to fuck your ass harder.”

“Fuck my ass deeper and harder!”

Robby really began pummeling Tim’s ass now, more furiously than ever, his balls mashing against Tim’s as he buried the full shaft inside with blazing speed and power.

“This hard and deep enough for you?” Robby purred.

The bed was shaking from the raw power of this ass fuck, and Sally’s fingers were a blur as she watched excitedly, whipping up a froth between her legs.

She got behind them again, looking at her brother’s muscled, swimmer’s ass pumping hard as he ass-fucked her husband. Then she reached down to caress and massage that ass.

“Okay if I do this?” she whispered in his ear.

“Sure, go ahead.”

Then, swooning with desire, she dropped down, spreading her brother’s cheeks as he kept up the fucking.

“Can I lick it, bro, can I stick my tongue in here and lick your boycunt?”

“Sure, sis, go ahead and rim me while I fuck your husband, stick your tongue in there and eat out my asshole. I fuckin love that!”

And so Sally obliged, darting her tongue between her brother’s cheeks, snaking it into the cleft while he pumped away, finding the hole and eating up the anal morsel while Robby’s thick one kept ripping into her husband’s.

She kept it up like this, her tongue in her brother’s ass, until she could hear her brother’s breaths coming deep and hard, could hear him begin to groan in that telltale way which signaled only one thing: blast off time was moments away! She had licked her husband’s asshole once while he fucked another chick,and a few times as he jerked himself off. So she knew what would happen next. When she felt Robby’s asshole throb and quiver against her tongue she was certain that at that very moment he was cumming and blasting his load deep into Tim’s ass. Sally savored the long moments, pressing in with her tongue until the throbbing subsided. That rubbery asshole of her brother’s quivered against her tongue for a long, long time, and this told Sally that the load Robby had deposited in her husband’s ass was a big one, powerfully ejaculated out of his massive, throbbing, ass-fucking cock.

Taking a few deeps breath, coming down from the high of his orgasm, Robby now slowly pulled out of Tim’s ass, his cock still thick and meaty, but now only semi-erect, the steeliness disappearing. And with that, her husband’s well-fucked asshole was exposed to Sally’s gaze. Damn, did it ever have that familiar ‘just been fucked’ look, raw and open. And almost immediately Sally could see her brother’s load begin to leak out of her husband’s hole, Robby’s semen about to spill out of Tim’s ass. That sperm could not go to waste, Sally said to herself as she quickly dropped her face to her husband’s ass and dug her tongue into his still dilated hole, lapping up the creamy semen as it first leaked, then trickled, then spilled out of her husband’s freshly fucked mancunt. And while she savored her husband’s hole, and the load spilling out of it, she reached around and took hold of Tim’s still rock hard cock, stroking it.

It didn’t take too many strokes until she heard Tim groan, felt his cock throb in he hand, and knew that he was at that moment blasting his own big, long delayed load, some landing on her hand, the hand working that steely ejaculating spouse penis. His asshole, too, throbbed against Sally’s tongue as he came and as it throbbed it continued to spill Robby’s cum onto Sally’s greedy tongue. Sally smiled to herself, enjoying the bounty, the taste of her brother’s semen on her tongue, the sticky warmth of her husbands dribbling on her stroking hand. For a woman who loved big cocks, male asses and heavy loads, all this was pretty close to heaven for Sally.

Sally’s brother would be there for two more nights. And that would mean, if she had anything to say about it, and she would, that her husband’s ass would be fucked at least two more times. And who knows, maybe she could get her sexy young brother to get up on elbows and knees just as Tim had, and this time have her husband fuck her brother up the ass. Sally smiled to herself. This weekend would be about male ass being fucked. There’d be plenty of opportunities in the future for her own cock-loving ass to be plowed and hammered.

I Find a Real Cock for My Husband

I just turned thirty-five, but I must say I’m a sexy, youthful thirty-five with a hell of a body and a scorching libido. The latter should be no surprise since it’s no secret that a woman in her mid-thirties is often at her sexual peak. I certainly am, and was when two years ago I finally divorced my quite unexciting and less than satisfying husband, who was some years older than I was. He was replaced him with a much younger man, ten years younger than myself, in fact. And that man, Rick, became my new husband a year ago. A terrific guy and like me, sexually daring and playful. One thing I especially enjoy with Rick, and enjoyed almost from the start, is that he lets me experiment with expressing what I’ll call my ‘penis envy, side. For years I’d wanted to work a guy over with a dildo and, most of all, to strap one on and use it like it like some strong, horny stud would use it. My first husband was shocked when I told of him of this desire of mine; he was so straight-laced, so undaring and bound by straightlaced sexual conventions. Rick, on the other hand, was adventurous and game from the start. Especially after we watched a certain porn video together on night.

See, that’s something else we both enjoyed, porn. My ex-husband was actually one of those few men who had no interest in porn; and I was one of those wives who enjoyed porn as much as most men did. So as part of our expanding range of sexual interests, my new husband and I enjoyed watching porn together. And one day we watched a very blunt and sexy clip of a gorgeous woman strapping on a thick one and fucking a very masculine and good-looking guy up the ass. This duo, unlike so many porn ‘actors,’ really seemed to be liking what they were doing. Inspired now, I was soon strapping one on myself and having Rick suck it, then turning him over and fucking his very willing ass, or, as I liked to call it when I fucked him, his ‘mancunt.’ Damn, he really loves sticking it out for me! But it’s not like he’s deeply passive or submissive, just versatile in his tastes. In fact, Rick is a strong, confident young man, a sexy, great-looking and virile twenty-five year old professional ski instructor. That’s how we met, on the slopes, with him teaching me some advanced moves down Colorado powder trails. And when it got dark, and the skis came off, I took him back to the lodge and taught him some advanced moves of my own, in my bed!

The longer we were together, the more I used my strap-on on my husband, and the more he seemed to crave it. I replaced the first one I used on him with a larger one, and then replaced that one with an even bigger one, longer, thicker. Pretty soon Rick was taking a fat rubber cock up his ass every week and looking forward to every fuck. I loved fucking him as much as he loved fucking me, and we both loved getting fucked.

Then one day, out of the blue and very casually, I asked Rick what he’d think about trying a real cock someday, a flesh-and-blood cock that was attached to a stud rather than a rubber one attached to his wife. He was taken aback but I could read that look in his eyes, could see he was intrigued by the idea, very intrigued. Now Rick is pretty much straight. He’d admitted that back in college he tried it a few times with this friend he skied with it, and both liked what they tried. But that was about it. So now I asked whether he was ready for another go at a real cock, this time with his wife there, encouraging him. He looked me in the eye for many long seconds and then nodded that, yes, he would. Inside I was thrilled, loving the idea. It turned me on so much to watch my husband sucking my rubber cock, then taking it up his ass. And now I just knew in my gut that I’d love watching him take the real thing even more, a hell of a lot more. I was sure of it!

Once I realized that my husband was really keen and eager to do it, to try it, to try out a real cock, I made it into my mission. Rick wondered just how and where we’d find the right guy to join us. I told him to just leave it up to me. Soon that’s about all I could think about, finding that right guy, the right stud, the right cock. Rick’s birthday was still a few months away, and so I was going to aim for that day as my target. This gave me plenty of time. And the internet made it all so much more possible for a wife to find a man for her husband to enjoy; something that in the old days probably would’ve meant endless ads in alternative papers, visiting swinger and gay bars and clubs, that kind of thing, all very time-consuming and awkward, and apt to end with nothing but disappointment. Now I could begin my search in the comfort of my own home.

From the start I knew what I wanted for my husband, who I wanted. The guy, or ‘the k**,’ as I began to think of him, had to be beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. I say ‘k**’ because I was looking for someone young, over eighteen, of course, but hopefully not too much over. I myself had just married a much younger man and youthful males somehow especially excited me at this stage of my life. So if I was getting off on having a much younger husband, Rick was going to get off on having himself a much younger male partner. Somehow the idea of it started to make my head spin – some virile eighteen year old k** fucking my twenty-five year old husband!

Now I say fucking because though Rick had that one fling with another guy years ago, all they did was suck each other’s cocks. The only way Rick had ever been fucked, the only ‘cocks’ he’d actually taken up the ass, had been my cocks, my dildos. So this would be a first for him, a fact that thrilled the shit out of me, thrilled Rick too, I could tell. And though he’d never taken a real one inside, I didn’t have to worry too much about him being a first-timer and having to get used to it. No, not at all. He’d taken some pretty big dildos, and always acted like he wanted to go one size up. So I was looking for a seriously endowed young stud, one who had plenty of hard meat to pack inside my husband’s ass.

And finally I found him, after scanning quite a few gay sites and becoming something of a connoisseur of sexy, good-looking gay and bisexual men offering themselves up for casual sex with other men. In my replies to the ‘candidates,’ I explained that I was a wife and was seeking someone to ‘do’ my husband. The guy could be bi or he could be gay. This treat was just for Rick. If I got a piece of the other stud, fine. If not, that was fine too.

But as I said, I finally found him, found Ken, found him in a section of a site devoted to ‘twinks,’ who I now learned were smooth, sleek young males, obviously a very desirable category. There he was in all his glory, stark naked, the vivid photo accompanying a no-nonsense description of who he was. Ken was a college freshman, he said, just turned eighteen. And he was an absolute adonis, gorgeous, perfect, like a young fashion model for some male style rag. His body was sleek and smooth and fit and athletic without being overly muscled (grotesquely so, in many cases), as so many gym-addicted guys were these days. His face was lovely, with big, brown eyes and a chestnut hair. The smile was friendly, but also quite sexy and seductive. He described himself as ‘extremely well-endowed,’ and though his pic didn’t show his cock erect, his penis was a real standout, thick and meaty and beautifully formed. I wrote and explained that I was looking to get a very special ‘gift’ for my husband, describing Rick and telling Ken just what I had in mind, that Rick would be servicing him and his cock and he didn’t have to reciprocate, unless he wished. Also, I said my role was just to be there and watch, so it was fine if he were gay. He wrote back, saying it all sounded good to him, that he was in fact bi, but mainly had sex with other guys. He explained that college tuition was a burden for him and that he expected ‘help’ and a ‘donation’ to his college fund. I smiled; expecting this. After all, I was looking for a stud for hire, a cock for hire, not a friend or a long-term partner for me and my husband.

When he wrote back he attached a more explicit photo of himself. In this one his cock was fully erect, and I mean fully! Maybe super-erect is the way to put it. That cock of Ken’s was absolutely huge, but maybe even more impressive was just how hard it seemed, how it stood up straight at a forty-five degree angle from his smooth, sleek washboard belly, like a magnificent sentinel of youthful, teen virility. He also added in his reply that he was ‘exceptionally long lasting.’ And this, of course, was a big, big plus, and a pleasant surprise. Since young males, though often impressively virile, were just as often not especially long-lasting. That was a knack, a quality or skill, men usually picked up over time. When I shared all this with my husband, Ken’s post on the web site, the description, the pics, the deal, Rick took a deep breath, gulping as he stared at that photo of Ken’s massive tool, then smiling and licking his lips, followed by a gleeful laugh we both shared.

So everything was arranged and at eight in the evening of my husband’s birthday, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood Ken, even more impressive and gorgeous in life than in his photos. Ken and Rick took each other in, eyes meeting, then scanning, obviously both happy with what they saw.

“Can I take a shower?” Ken asked, his voice smooth and sexy, and courteous.

“Of course,” I told him leading him and Rick to our bedroom suite, pointing to the bathroom and telling Ken that we’d be right there, in the bedroom, when he stepped out of the shower. The three of us shared a very knowing smile, aware of exactly what that smile implied. And so while Ken showered and we heard the water run, my husband and I undressed, and dropped down on our big king-sized bed, stark naked, waiting for Ken to join us, showered and ready for a night of sizzling male-male sex.

“This is going to be so hot!” I purred sexily, giving my husband a big kiss.

A few minutes later we heard the water being turned off and knew Ken was inside there drying himself. Our eyes were glued to the bathroom door when it opened, and out stepped the most beautiful, naked, eighteen year old you could ever imagine. Still holding the towel in his hand he looked over at us and smiled as we lay in bed, languidly entwined, ready to receive him in all his glory. Then he dropped the towel and walked over to us. We’d seen the photos, but now we were seeing him naked in the flesh, gazing at that silky, smooth, lanky body, the thick meaty cock, the big sexy eyes, the seductive grin. He stood there, by the foot of the bed, waiting for us to make a move.

I threw off the covers and grabbed hold of two pillows, laying them on top of one another in the middle of the bed. Then I got up and gently pushed Ken down on the bed, on his tummy with his ass up, that ass of his raised nice and high now since he had two pillows under him.

I looked over at my husband and he looked at me, and then we looked down at that incredibly cute, absolutely beautiful ass of Ken’s, as he just lay there, waiting for our attention.

“What an ass, what a gorgeous ass!” I said to Rick as I took his hand and brought him down on the bed behind Ken. Now one thing I need to say is that both me and my husband are more than a little ass crazy. You could’ve guessed that already from my talking about how much I loved doing Rick’s ass with my dildos and how much he loved getting it done. But one more thing we both loved was that sublime meeting of tongue and ass. We loved to lick each other’s assholes. And though it was a deeply sensual act for the both of us, I must admit that when Rick licked mine it had something of the feel of oral devotion. Whereas when I licked his, it was most often a prelude to a good solid fuck of his ass with my dildo.

Now I reached down and laid my hands on Ken’s buttocks, spreading them apart and exposing his cute puckered asshole, Rick and I gazing into the crevice to see the hole winking at us.

“You don’t mind, do you?” I said as I held him open, knowing that he wouldn’t. I had made a big point of telling Ken how he would be a ‘gift’ for my husband but I also knew he was bi, so having a woman’s hands on his bare ass wouldn’t be strange to him. He looked over his shoulder at the two of us, the sexiest smile imaginable on his gorgeous face and nodded that he didn’t mind one bit!

“Care to have a taste, baby?” I said to my husband as he leaned down and pressed his face between Ken’s cheeks. Then looking me right in the eye, Rick eagerly snaked his tongue into Rick’s asshole and began to rim him. I love that word, ‘rim.’ Mainly gay guys use it. But, believe me, I’ve done plenty of rimming in my life, and not just of male asses! My husband, however, though he had sucked his buddy’s cock, never ate his ass, or any other guy’s. So this, I knew, would be a first for him. Though by the way he was lapping away so hungrily at the teen’s asshole you’d think my husband had been wolfing down male ass forever!

I leaned down and whispered in Rick’s ear, “Lick that hole, baby! Eat Ken’s ass! Show your wife how much you love to eat a sexy boy’s sexy ass.”

He showed me alright, lapping away, really digging in as Ken moaned softly, obviously enjoying all the attention back there. Then Rick pulled away and looked up at me.

“You have a taste too, honey,” Rick said, as I now leaned down and dug my tongue into Ken’s crack, rimming him, my eyes locking with my husband’s as I lapped away. God, I just loved this! Husband and wife, together eating out the perfect ass of this beautiful teenage boy. Then Ken took over again as I reminded him that, after all, it was his birthday, and Ken was a feast meant mainly for him today. After devouring Ken’s asshole, Rick dragged his tongue down and started running it over the rough skin of the teen’s scrotum, now licking his balls with the same relish with which he had been licking his ass.

Finally, after having Ken on his tummy and letting my husband enjoy and arouse his rear orally like this, I nudged Ken and had him turn over on his back. He did it slowly, tantalizingly, knowing full well what he would now be exposing.

There it was, an astounding sight! We both gazed in wonder at Ken’s tool, the young adonis’s spectacular tool, his log, his prick, his shaft, his cock, his dick, his awesome, magnificently erect, massively thick, teen penis! Just shaping those words in my mind, silently whispering them to myself — his awesome, magnificently erect, massively thick, teen penis! – brought a jolt to my pussy as I felt that delicious moist heat build between my legs, my cunt coming alive, engorging. And looking over at Rick I could see that he, like Ken, was vividly erect, his arousal already at a fever pitch from eyeing Ken’s sleek, naked body, from having orally serviced his smooth, muscled and yet boyishly appealing ass and his full, semen-loaded balls. Now Rick gazed, absolutely mesmerized, at Ken’s shockingly oversized cock, the stunning instrument he knew he would soon have planted between his hungry lips, would relish in the humid depths of his greedy male bottom, reaming out his cock-craving manhole, screwing him, screwing my own husband’s ass! God! It turned me on so fucking much to see Rick greedily eyeballing this astoundingly massive, sculpturally perfect teenage cock, knowing that it was meant for him, that this phallic wonder was my birthday present to my young husband this day.

“Hold it, Rick,” I said, placing my husband’s hand on the hot, steely shaft, “I need to get myself a ruler and see just how big this baby is.”

“You’re such a size queen, Julie!” my husband said, laughing. And he was right. But I wasn’t the only one. We were both size queens. Whenever we watched a porn flick and an extra-hung stud would show up on screen we’d perk up and pay attention, commenting on the size, the length, the thickness of the cock in question. So now I quickly scampered over to the kitchen, nude and barefooted, to retrieve a ruler from the tool drawer. Then raced back to the bedroom where I stood it up against Ken’s shaft as Rick held it, placing one end against his balls.

“There it is, 10.5 inches,” I said, taking my first measurement, then turned the ruler to measure its girth “and just a touch more than 2 inches wide.”

“Now that’s what I call hung, right sweetheart?” I said to my husband, setting the ruler aside and taking hold of the cock myself now.

“Damn right,” Rick said, just about drooling at the sight of it.

“This is your birthday gift, babe, so now I want to see you enjoy every one of those thick ten and a half inches,” I told my husband as he smiled at me, licked his lips, then lowered his face again and very slowly, almost lewdly, dragged his tongue along the underside of Ken’s cock, from the balls to the tip. I held it as he licked it, then kept holding it as he wrapped his mouth around the smooth, bulbous cockhead and began sucking that luscious teenage cock of Ken’s with a true, ravenous hunger. My heart skipped a beat as I savored the delicious sight of my husband’s mouth stuffed with cock, with young, steel hard cock, his lips straining to engulf the stunning girth.

“Suck my dick, suck my big teenage cock!” Ken growled. I just about went dizzy hearing Ken saying this. He couldn’t have said anything more arousing, and in a more arousing way, had he been rehearsed.

“That’s right, suck it, Rick! Suck that thick, juicy young cock of Ken’s, suck it like you mean it, you cock-loving cocksucker!” I hissed, holding it and feeding it to him as he showed off for me, showed off that he was as adept sucking this flesh-and -blood cock as he was sucking my rubber dildos. He’d sure had plenty of practice sucking on those, and it was all paying off now as he wrapped his mouth around the real thing. Now I pulled my hand away and let my husband hold that cock as he sucked it. Ken, meanwhile, just laid back with his eyes closed, arms lazily crossed behind his head, enjoying the expert blow-job he was getting courtesy of my husband. If I were to be absolutely frank with myself I’d admit that Ken was a male whore, a whore I had hired for Rick’s enjoyment. How many wives would do that for their husbands? Oh bullshit! This was all my idea, after all, my selfish idea. I really craved to see my husband get done, get well done, by a male stud. Luckily Rick was game, more than game. So this young male whore, this extravagantly hung college student offering his cock in exchange for help with his tuition, was hired to please my voyeuristic lusts as much as my husband’s lust for cock.

“More! Suck it down!” I ordered my husband, pushing down on the back of his head. I did this to him when I wore my strap-on, forced him to mouth and suck down as much as he could until tears ran out of his eyes and he had to gasp for breath. Now I did it again, except what he had in his mouth and down his throat was thicker and longer than any dildo I had ever fed him. But the cocksucker did not disappoint, hungry for cock as he was, straining to mouth as much as he could.

I’d made sure to leave it in arm’s reach, right by the bed, a fresh tube of lubricating jelly. Now I squeezed a big dab onto my fingers and slapped the dab between his cheeks, spreading the jelly over his asshole, then working more inside with a couple of stiff, slippery fingers. God, I always love this part, getting my husband’s ass ready for a nice, solid fuck. The difference was that this time that ass of his would get fucked by some real cock, thick, steel-hard, teenage cock.

“Okay, babe, time for the main course,” I said, wiping off my fingers. He knew just what that meant, pulling his mouth away and assuming the position, the position he knew I loved so much. It just always drove me crazy to see my husband, his lean, lithe body stark naked, up on all fours, on elbows and knees, sticking out his ass like a slut in heat, offering that ass up like a hot bitch to a horny dog. And there was the bullseye, his greased hole, ready to get filled and plowed!

“Come here, Ken,” I said, reaching out a hand to help him off the bed so he could get behind my husband now, “I got a nice, tight home for that big cock of yours.”

For many long moments I just took in the intoxicating sight of the sexy teen boy kneeling there, his immense cock sticking out from his tummy, slick from my husband’s mouth, just kneeling there behind my husband’s lewdly exposed ‘fuck me’ ass. This is the moment, the sight I had been so heatedly imagining in my feverish mind, my husband in position to be fucked, to be fucked by a real cock!

I reached down to take hold of Ken’s cock, pressing the tip into Rick’s crack, teasingly rubbing the smooth knob of his cockhead against my husband’s lubed asshole. His anus was just a little hole, a greased dot, and this cock was huge, so formidable. The thought that one was about to enter the other was driving me insane with lustful anticipation.

“Do you want to fuck my husband’s ass?” I asked Ken with a coy smile.

“Oh yeah, I want to shove every inch of my cock inside him,” Ken barked.

“Did you hear that, baby? Ken can’t wait to fuck you,” I said. “Tell him how much you want him and his cock.”

“Fuck me!” Rick pleaded, whipping his head around, looking back over his shoulder and up at Ken. “Bury that big dick up my manhole, you sexy stud!”

Now, still gripping the thick shaft, I started to ease it into my husband’s ass, watching the smooth knob penetrate and open his hole. And then, suddenly, his cock was inside, the cockhead buried out of sight, and my husband’s asshole, moments ago just a speck, a dot, now a gaping, dilated band, wrapped around a pole more than two inches thick. Damn, I always loved that, loved looking down as I was fucking my husband with my strap-on and seeing his asshole forced open, stretched like a rubber band around the girth of my dildo. Now I was seeing it stretched more than ever, wrapped around the massive girth of Ken’s stunningly erect penis. I pulled my hand away and let Ken take over. He took hold of Rick’s hips and nice and slow and smooth and steady started working his cock, inch by thick inch, up my husband’ ass, fucking him. Rick, as always, groaned with unabashed desire, flinging his head back, transported. Goddamn, my husband just loved getting his ass fucked, and now he was starting to enjoy his first true fuck, a fuck by a real cock.

As Ken slid it inside, slowly working it deeper and deeper, Rick pushed back against that cock entering his bottom, wanting it, craving it, needing it. What a cock whore my sexy husband could be, with his desire for my dildos and now his eagerness to take this thick teen cock up his mancunt. I loved it!

“Hold on,” my husband moaned, gasping for breath as he reached back with an arm and held Ken back. Ken’s cock was more than halfway inside Rick’s ass now, “it’s so fuckin’ big, so thick, I don’t know how much more I can take.”

My husband was finally realizing that however big my newest dildo was, Ken’s cock was so much bigger, and thicker.

“Aw, baby,” I purred provocatively, “I want to see you take it all, every fucking inch. I want to see you take Ken’s cock to the balls; I want to see you take it all the way. Do it, do it for me, for your loving wife. Take it all up the ass for me, babe, do it!”

One thing about my new young husband; he rarely denied me anything. And he certainly wasn’t going to deny me this, especially since he wanted it so much himself. So now, bravely, he pushed back as Ken pushed forward, slowly but surely that cock of Ken’s disappearing into the depths of my husband’s ass, deeper and deeper and deeper. Until, finally, Ken’s balls were pressing against Rick’s cheeks, the full length of Ken’s ten plus inch cock buried out of sight up my husband’s ass. Grabbing hold of Rick’s hips, Ken just left it inside like that, letting Rick get used to it, Rick moaning, a fine film of sweat covering his back.

And then Ken started moving again, digging his fingers into my husband’s hips, pulling it out, working it back in, working that cock of his now like a high-powered piston, thrusting, fucking, the young teen fucking my young husband up the ass!

“God yes!” I urged excitedly, crazed with lust, “Fuck that ass, fuck it! Fuck it Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it!!!”

And fuck it he did, slamming that massive cock deep into my husband’s body with hard, smooth strokes. I loved taking it up the ass too, and my husband had a nice seven inches for that ass of mine, but now I tried imagining what it must feel like to having something this immense, this thick, inside your ass. It’s must’ve been just amazing!

When I had been thinking about all this really happening, I imagined Rick getting his ass fucked in several different positions. This was the conventional one for an ass fuck, on elbows and knees with the fucker kneeling behind you. But now I wanted a change, I wanted to see something new. So I helped the two guys to roll over without disengaging, my husband’s asshole clamped around Ken’s cock as they turned so that Ken was now on his back with Rick straddling him, riding him, sitting on his cock.

The view of, course, was sensational. My husband and I always enjoyed seeing it in porn flicks, whether it was cock fucking pussy, or cock fucking ass. Whether it was a guy fucking a girl, a guy fucking a guy, or even a girl sitting on another girl’s strap-on. All were such sexy, provocative visions for a total voyeur like me. And of course Rick and I often fucked in this position, me on top of him, or him riding my dildo, sitting on each other.

And now I had that sight in front of my eyes, two beautiful naked men, all that raw male flesh! With Rick on top now, Ken just laid back lazily as he had when my husband sucked his dick, letting Ken do the work as he rode that cock for all he was worth, taking it deep now, all the way, grinding down against it, impaling himself on that cock, using it to ream out his rectum. Me? I was in the mood for some grazing; I wanted to graze on male meat. So I scampered up between their legs and started with Ken’s balls, licking them, then dragging my tongue upwards along the underside of his slick cock as that cock fucked my husband’s ass. When I had plenty of that, I licked and sucked my husband’s balls, then his cock, as he was getting fucked. Rick loved that. This is the first time we’d had a guy join us, but we’ve had women join us before. And when I was fucking my husband’s ass with a dildo while our guest was sucking his cock, he later told me that was just about as close to heaven as he ever got. So he was definitely in heaven now, with a huge cock up his ass and my lips wrapped around his. More than once, my husband had told me I was the best cocksucker he’d ever been with.

And as an extra treat for Ken, I wet a finger in my mouth, reached under the teen’s balls and worked that spit-moistened finger into Ken’s tight ass as the two guys fucked, wondering how often, or even if Ken took it up the ass himself. Or if he just did the fucking. I’d have to ask him later. Though now it sure seemed like he didn’t mind having my finger in his ass!

“Mmmmmmh, nice!” I purred, finally pulling back from my feast, ready now for another change of positions. This time I told Rick to lift himself off of Ken’s cock as I flung myself down on the bed on my back and spread my legs wide, showing off my glistening, highly charged pussy to the two guys.

“Fuck me now, babe,” I told my husband who slid his lithe body between my legs and his cock into my cunt. Ken, our teen male whore, now knelt on the bed behind us both, looking down, slowly stroking that engorged, massive cock of his. I stared at it now that it knew it had just been plowing my husband’s ass. Knowing that, its immense size amazed me more than ever, as did my husband’s bravery in taking that oversized log of penile paradise inside his own male ass-cunt. As I held his cheeks wide open I dug my hand into the cleft between them and now could see that his asshole, a tight little sphincter when all this began, was now raw and open. I looked over my shoulder at Ken and winked as I kept spreading apart my husband’s ass cheeks, scissoring my legs around Rick’s waist. That raw and open hole needed to be filled again!

“Stick it back inside him, fuck him,” I ordered Ken who gladly obliged, getting back on the bed behind my husband and sliding his cock back up Rick’s ass. The look on Rick’s face was priceless as Ken’s cock once again entered and filled him.

Reaching around and holding my husband’s ass wide open as it was being plowed like this, feeling the hard male flesh grazing against my fingertips as it thrust inside, those words came back to me — his awesome, magnificently erect, massively thick, teen penis! Yes! That penis, that cock, that prick, that shaft, that dick, that tool now fucking and filling my husband’s ass, his anus, his mancunt, his rectum, his manhole! Fucking him! Fucking Rick! Fucking Rick up the ass! Blissfully fucked myself now, a deep shiver ran through my body as I took it all in, took in that husband and wife were being fucked together here and now, fucked at once, myself enjoying my husband’s very familiar cock in my always greedy, clenching cunt; Rick relishing a fresh young teen cock, a massive wonder of nature, taking a hot, living penis inside his ass for the very first time!

“Oh god, baby! It’s so incredible having you fuck while you take a big one up your ass at the same time!” I whispered huskily, gazing into my husband’s eyes, brilliant with arousal. “Tell me, tell me how much you love it up your ass.”

“I fucking love it, I love every fucking fat inch!”

“Rick, you are such a fucking whore, a whore for cock, do you know that? I teased, “more than ten thick inches of young teen cock up your ass and just look at you, taking every inch like a fucking champ!”

“And what makes me love it all the more, babe, is that you love to see me take it,” he said, kissing me tenderly, as still reaching around and holding him open I could feel Ken’s cock hammering away at my husband’s asshole harder than ever.

“Are you ready, Ken?” I asked, looking over my husband’s shoulder at him, “are you ready to cum inside Rick’s ass?

“Fuck yeah!” the teen gasped, pouding it in hard as I kept holding Rick wide open for him, feeling an extra jolt from my husband’s cock every time Ken thrust into his ass. It’s like I was being fucked by two studs at once, and I enjoyed every fuckin’ minute of it. But no one could have been happier than my husband, his cock deep inside my cunt, a cunt he loved, I knew. And a massive cock buried up his ass at the very same time. Too bad there wasn’t another hung young stud in the room for Rick to suck. Maybe I’d arrange that for his next birthday!

Anyway, you can guess what happened next. I felt a blistering orgasm building in my clitoris, then spreading like a sizzling wave of pleasure through my pelvis. Accompanying those deliciously intense sensations, I felt my husband’s cock throbbing as he unloaded inside me, bathing my vagina with his cum, while with my fingertips I could feel the teen’s fat, steely prick throb powerfully as my husband’s anus clenched and squeezed that ejaculating cock, sucking all the semen out of it, out of Ken’s cock and into Rick’s ass. Later, when Ken was gone, I’d show my husband just how much I loved him. I’d turn him over and lap up every dewy, creamy drop of the teen’s cum as it dripped and leaked and spilled out of my husband’s aggressively assaulted asshole, his mercilessly marauded mancunt…

GF finds me a BBC to Suck

I was on my way to a party with my cute blonde girlfriend, the host was a friend of hers from work. He was a short stocky gentleman of African descent. She had mentioned to me she though he was maybe gay, and she had also often noticed he had a considerable bulge in his pants.

She knew this would get my curiosity up as I recently confessed my occasional desire to suck cock, not any cock, specifically big black cock. She also enjoyed watching this as she found it a huge turn on to witness my foray into this fetish.

When he had invited us to his party she had mentioned she was glad he would meet me, as she thought I would like him.

He asked why and she said, “He likes guys with your personality, I think you’ll get along great,” with a coy smile and giggle.

When we arrived the party was in full swing, he answered the door and my curiosity got the best of me. I glanced down at his crotch quickly and indeed my girlfriend had not exaggerated. Even in his somewhat loose tailored pants, a huge bulge was easily evident. I quickly looked back up and saw he was looking at me. He gave a half smile and introduced himself.

The party was fun and as things wound down it was just a few girls from their office remaining. The only guys left were the host and I. He asked if I liked cigars as he was an aficionado. I replied I did enjoy the odd cigar but was not well versed in the practice.

He told the remaining guests we were going to go have a cigar on the balcony off of his bedroom, and to please excuse us for a few minutes. I was fairly drunk and a few naughty thoughts entered my mind, but I certainly wasn’t going to be forward with my curiosity and growing desire to see just what was hiding under that bulge in his pants.

He showed me his cigar collection explaining the various brands to me. He chose two then I said I think I’ll pass for now as I’m a bit tipsy and it might be a bit too intense. I wouldn’t want to get dizzy. He understood and we headed out to his balcony. He lit his cigar and we chatted about the view from his balcony and how amazing it was with the moonlight so bright.

He then said, “Can I ask you something?”

I said, “Sure anything.”

He asked, “Your girlfriend mentioned that you would like me because of my personality but I was just wondering what she meant by that.”

I was suddenly a bit embarrassed and said, “I do like your personality very much.”

Then in my drunken and braver state I asked “Could I be very honest.”

He said, “Please be.”

So I confessed that I was basically a straight guy but was very turned on by the thought of delving into a more submissive side of myself and sucking cock, but not just any cock. I’m super turned on by black cock, especially ones that are bigger than my cock.

He chuckled and replied that he wondered if that might be the case when he caught me checking out his package. He then asked how big I was, as he was interested in letting me play out my fantasies if he fit the bill. I said I was 8″ long and 5.5″ in circumference.

He said, “That is impressive, would you like find out if I am a worthy candidate?”

I replied that I was certainly curious to see what was behind that large bulge in his pants.

He asked what I expected, did I just want to suck cock or was there more I hoped to explore. I said that I just enjoyed the experience of orally pleasing a big black dick and had only done it a couple times so was pretty inexperienced. I liked the idea of some fun, verbal play, as it was seemed to enhance the submissive experience even more.

He said he was very attracted to me from the first time he saw me, and although he swung both ways, he liked the idea of getting serviced by a hot white guy that was inexperienced but eager to please.

He continued, “I enjoy being dominant in role play too, so maybe we can have some fun.”

I answered, “Sounds great!”

Without further ado he said, “Get on your knees cocksucker.”

I instantly felt my cock harden with his words and quickly sank to my knees in front of him.

He asked, “Are you a faggot for big black dick.”

I replied, “Yes I am.”

He slapped me across the face, no too hard but it startled me.

He said, “Call me sir when you when want to please me, faggot.”

I replied, “Yes sir.”

I started rubbing his bulge through his pants, feeling it swell and said, “I can’t wait to see your cock sir, I’m going to do my best to please your cock but please be patient.”

He replied, “I will cocksucker. But you’re going to have to make me come if you start this, are you sure you’re ready for this faggot.”

I answered quickly, “Yes sir, I want nothing more than to suck a big load out of your huge black cock.”

I unzipped his pants and pulled them down, my heart racing with a mixture of excitement, fear and anticipation. His briefs held back a huge bulge, I started rubbing it with my hands and leaned forward and kissed the bulge through his boxers. I then slowly started pulling his briefs down, and inch by inch his thick, very dark cock slowly appeared getting harder and thicker in front of my eyes. It finally popped free and sprung up rock hard and straight as an arrow inches from my face.

I lowered his briefs to the floor and exclaimed “Holy fuck, that’s a monster black cock, fucking amazing!”

There in front of me was 10 rock hard inches of cut black cock, 6.5 inches around with a massive mushroom head. It was visibly twitching and in the bright moonlight and with added glow from his bedroom lights I could also see a big drop of precum forming at the tip of his cock. I quickly, almost instinctively moved forward and slowly licked it off with my tongue.

He asked, “What do you think cocksucker?”

I quickly replied in awe, “It’s a fucking gorgeous cock, I love it sir.”

He replied, “Show me how much you love it faggot.”

His words turned me on even more. It made me feel more able to let go and immerse myself in my role as an eager cocksucker. I wanted to please this massive black dick the way I’d want a woman to please mine, with passion and desire.

I wrapped my hand around its thick base and and felt it throb and harden even more. My cock hardened even more feeling its’ warm thick girth fill my hand completely. My fingers and thumb unable to touch.

“Holy fuck,” I exclaimed, “That is one fat cock!”

He chuckled and said “You’re a real black cock faggot aren’t you.”

I replied, “Yes sir, I love pussy but somehow a huge black dick like this turns me into a cocksucker instantly. It’s fun to delve into this fetish.”

I was slowly pumping his cock while I spoke but now needed to get to work. I slowly began to lick up from the bottom of his shaft, ending at his head with a drop of precum waiting. I noticed its’ smooth salty taste and then started rubbing his fat cockhead all over my face, moaning with pleasure and desire. I then slapped it against my face and lips. I needed to feel that cock in my mouth now.

As if reading my mind he said, “Suck that dick now faggot.”

I gripped it tight with my hand and slowly pressed it against my lips and opened my mouth, feeling it glide past my lips as my mouth opened wider and wider to accommodate the fat throbbing head. As my lips passed over the crest of the head and touched the shaft, my mouth was now stretched as wide as I could comfortably open it. I loved the feeling of his warm pulsing head in my mouth and I swirled my tongue around as much of the head as could. I then slowly withdrew the head without losing contact with my lips. I then started slowly sucking the head while tightly gripping the base which made his cockhead swell even more.

I was in cocksucker heaven, my favorite part of a black cock is a big cut head. As I withdrew his cock to admire it, in my adoration of his huge dick I’d completely ignored his balls. I’m not usually much into balls, they’re kinda hot but very secondary. When I lifted up his dick to check them out I gasped. He had huge balls that hung down 2-3 inches. I had never seen a huge hanging set of black balls like that before and I was completely mesmerized. They looked so masculine and sexy, I instantly grabbed them with the my other hand and gently fondled and caressed them. They felt so heavy and full in my hand.

He moaned as I caressed them, and I instantly leaned in and pulled them to my mouth, slowly sucking each one gently and lovingly. They were fucking huge, the size of small eggs. I could get them in my mouth one at a time and was so turned on by how they filled my mouth. I kept slowly and firmly stroking that throbbing cock with my other hand as I licked, sucked, kissed and caressed his massive nuts.

When I finished and went back up to suck his fat black cockhead, now steadily oozing precum, I had to keep one hand holding those huge balls as I slowly sucked his cock while stroking the base of his shaft. The feeling of his thick hard cockhead filling my mouth,his nutsac filling one hand, shaft filling my other hand made me moan with delight and satisfaction. I was in a euphoric state of being a black cocksucker faggot. I was going to savor this experience for as long as I could hold it out. I wanted his cock to stay hard in my mouth and hold his massive balls, gently caressing and tugging them all night long.

I was snapped out of my trance like cock worshiping state when he said, “Hey faggot, I would like you to do this all night but everyone is expecting us back inside. You have until I finish my cigar to finish me off, think you can do that cocksucker?”

I quickly took my mouth off his huge cock to answer, “I want to taste your cum so bad, yes sir, I’ll do my best.”

“That’s a good black cock faggot,” he replied.

I was actually shocked by my answer, I had never tasted or taken a load in my mouth and wasn’t sure I even wanted to, but here I was proclaiming how eager I was to swallow his load and my cock got even harder knowing I was now about to taste my first load of come from this relative strangers dick.

I now switched from savoring sucking his cock to wanting to finish my cocksucker duties and make this massive black member shoot a huge load in my mouth. All that existed was wanting to please this beautiful, huge black cock. I began to suck more deeply, only being able to fit less than half his thick 10 inch dick in my mouth till I began to gag. I kept sucking up and down gagging each time, getting more saliva up the shaft each attempt. Tears began to stream down my face as I forced his massive cockhead to the back of my throat all the while gripping his thick pulsing cock tightly at the base and tugging his huge balls in unison.

I withdrew after reaching my limits, knowing anymore would make me thrown up, but I had accumulated enough saliva lubricant running down his entire cock and balls so that I could finish my cocksucking duties successfully. As I caught my breath, I gripped this thick, throbbing shaft tightly with both hands and began to pump. His cockhead swelled up even more and I quickly admired the massive twitching head before leaning back in to suck the head with the same rhythm my hands were in. I was in focused manic state of cocksucker pleasing. All that mattered now was making this cock erupt and spew a load of hot cum in my eager waiting mouth.

I kept this motion going for a few minutes and felt his cock head begin to pulse gently in my mouth, and knew my reward was coming soon.

He moaned, “Fuck yeah, you black cock sucking faggot. You ready for my load?”

I managed to emit a muffled “uh huh sir,” as I kept my pace up.

He then said, “Ok, faggot, where do you want my load?”

I pulled my head back, and replied “I want to feel your cock explode in my mouth sir.”

I kept one hand on his cock, gripping and pumping tightly, and the other hand went back to his full nutsack, holding it firmly and resumed sucking his now super hard huge mushroom head.

Just as I did this I was aware of a light shining down on my face. I was too engrossed in the finale to care. All a sudden his cock spasmed wildly, he groaned deeply, and gripped the back of my head firmly by my hair. I felt a hot spurt of come spray against the back of my throat as his cockhead pulsed and filled my mouth completely. I almost gagged but managed to swallow the first powerful shot. He eased off his grip and shot after shot of his hot, salty come flooded my mouth.

The feeling of it was satisfying and glorious, having successfully pleased this enormous cock to completion. The pulsing, spurting, huge head filling my mouth with so much come it started dripping out of the sides and down my chin. After 3 or 4 powerful spurts, I closed my mouth tightly around his spurting cockhead and felt a few less intense spurts erupt into my mouth, swallowing again after my mouth was completely full of his hot cum. It tasted salty and satisfying.

I left his softening cock in my mouth, softly sucking it and gripping his empty balls until it softened almost completely, and then withdrew it, kissing it all over and sucking his huge balls gently.

I stood up and exclaimed, “wow, that was awesome.”

He chuckled and replied, “You sure are an eager cocksucker. Great job, what’s your number? I’ll send you the video of me nutting in your mouth.”

I replied, “Why don’t you send it to my girlfriend, she’ll enjoy seeing what we were up to.”

We went back to the party, I winked at my girlfriend as we walked back into the room, and she smiled knowingly. A few minutes later I saw her phone beep from an incoming message. After seeing her check it, her eyes widened and she smiled at me with a look that I knew meant she was already getting horny and wet in anticipation of hearing about my encounter. When we were back home, she came like crazy while I fucked her and shared the details of my cocksucking adventure.

First BBC Gay

I must give some backstory to this so you can better understand how this unfolded. I grew up reading sex stories in porn mags and I was always totally attracted to women and never doubted my sexuality. Yet as a crazy, horny young man, I at times would be turned on by stories of straight guys fooling around together and sucking each others dicks or something. This surprised me a bit yet, I’d somewhat been fascinated by cocks. Not in a pure sexual way, but more how I measured up against other dicks. Also the shared camaraderie of raw male sexual energy seemed enticing and exciting in the sex stories of bi-curiosity that were explored in a fairly tame, foreplay like encounter.

I had a best friend and we would swap porn mags and at times discuss fave stories. I asked him what he thought of the bi stories, confessing they turned me on. He agreed they somehow did for him too, yet we both stressed we were way more interested in pussy. Being horny young virgins with no outlet but masturbation, and no female prospects on the horizon, at some point we decided to try sucking each others dicks.

I am a well hung guy at close 8 inches in length, he was similar in length, but very thick at the base and narrowing towards the head. I wasn’t as thick but am same thickness whole length with a big mushroom head while his head was a bit smaller. It was a very nervous and awkward experience. He went first and sucked my dick pretty handily, making me shoot a load in 10 minutes or so.

I took my turn and enjoyed it mostly, but was not a natural for sure. I wanted him to come as well so I really got into it and did my best, but after some time he said I should stop as he wasn’t going to be able to. We tried this one more time with the same outcome. I came and he wasn’t able to. I was a bit disappointed I wasn’t able to give him the same pleasure I’d received, but for the most part we never discussed these encounters again. I went away to a different school and we lost touch.

Soon after I began getting girlfriends and never thought much about it, just chalking it up to young, horny experimentation. I was pussy crazy and began a very active and completely hetero lifestyle. I sometimes even had gay guys hit on me and was completely uninterested, with not even a hint of curiosity anymore.

I had continued watching porn and being fairly well hung, I most enjoyed watching porn with well hung guys that I could better relate to in the scenes. At that time especially, most of the better hung guys in porn were black, so I often watched scenes with hung black guys in them. I also enjoyed the contrast of the interracial porn.

Around this time there were still a lot of telephone dating sites, as the internet dating hadn’t yet taken off as much. I was very active dating women and did very well. I had a very active sex life and especially loved getting my dick sucked. Sometimes on the dating sites guys would sneak on the women’s side and try to engage with me, offering blowjobs or whatever. At first I would not interact at all with them, but after some time if I was bored I’d humor them a bit and interact being a bit playful and risque.

I realized guys were way more horny and always up for dirty talk, so I began to get more interested and curious and at times had fun with role play. I realized it was a huge mental turn on somehow to switch roles and pretend to be the one sucking the cock. It was a thrill to be like the women I admired so much when I received great oral. I understood, mentally a least, getting pleasure from pleasing. I started more and more fantasizing about sucking a dick again, but this time being able to make it come. I wondered if I ever did get the chance, would I be able to suck a load out? One thing was now apparent, I really wanted to try.

I began seeking a potential encounter and met a few guys but realized I’m not really into guys, it was only really about the cock. I wanted it to be at least as big as mine and I loved the idea of the contrast of a black dick as well. It gave me that extra little jolt of excitement, pushing my boundaries a bit more. No doubt about it, I wanted to suck a big, hard black cock and make it come. It had to unfold perfectly or I knew I wouldn’t be able to get into my role as a cocksucker. I met a few more guys but hadn’t found a guy yet that I felt comfortable with, and who also possessed a big, beautiful black cock that made me want to get on my knees.

I began to wonder if I could really go through with it and play it out as I’d fantasized about and masturbated to so many times. Then one day I got on a chatline and a guy messaged me and said he was what I needed. I had heard that before. He said he was 6’1″, black, muscular with a 9″ cut cock that needed to be sucked if I could come over. I said I would come over but with no guarantees until we hung out and made sure we were both still interested.

I was so nervous as I drove over, not sure what to expect and if it might finally unfold. Would I be ready and able to please and suck a load out of a big cock unlike I’d been able to years before. He answered the door and I was in awe. He was everything he said and more. Although not really attracted to guys, this guy was an Adonis. He was wearing sleek track pants and a t shirt, which fitted tight. He was jacked with a huge, muscular, ripped bodybuilder body and chiseled good looks.

I was beyond nervous but he calmed me with his friendly, welcoming demeanor and soon was flirting with me. I was relieved that this specimen of a man was into me. He gently touched my knee as we talked and I explained more about what I hoped would unfold and how I desired to suck a big black cock and make it come.

With that he stood up and grabbed my hand, leading me to a spot away from the window. I didn’t need encouragement now, I immediately sank to my knees in front of him. I was almost shaking with nervous anticipation and hopeful desire of what was about to unfold. I slowly pulled his track pants down as he removed his t shirt. His ripped perfect body and beautiful dark skin glistening as finally the object of my desire flopped out now only inches from my face.

He was still flaccid and my nervousness grew, what if I couldn’t even get him hard? I’d rehearsed this dozens, maybe hundreds of times in my mind. I began caressing his full, dark, smooth balls and leaned forward while guiding his beautiful soft black cock into my mouth. I knew I likely would not be able to get all of him in my mouth when fully erect, so I wanted to fit him all in before he grew. I was in ecstasy, my mouth full of a beautiful dark dick. I sucked him deep in my mouth and moved my head slowly back and forth feeling his shaft thicken and head swell.

Quickly my mouth was full of throbbing black cock. I loved the feeling of his thick mushroom head as my lips passed over it, stretching my mouth open wider and wider. As he quickly became fully erect I could now only get about a third of his throbbing thick black cock in my mouth before I felt his huge cock head against the back of my throat and I gagged slightly.

I was enthralled with the lust and passion of feeling a huge black cock pulsing in my eager mouth. I was suddenly aware of the fact I was a cocksucker. I was a faggot in the eyes of any of my friends if they knew what I was doing, yet I loved it. I loved how crazy and exciting it felt to be so uninhibited and able to act out my fantasy of wanting to please a huge black cock orally.

I was a fucking faggot cocksucker for black cock now, and all that mattered was being able to suck a huge load of come out of this black cock. I would be a failure if unable to, as I’d been unable to when I sucked my friends cock years before. Now was my chance to redeem myself and be a successful cocksucker, like the women I admired and enjoyed being pleased by so much.

I slowly continued sucking his beautiful black meat while gently massaging his big, smooth balls. I was savoring the feeling of his warm, hard pulsing cock in my mouth and his fat cock head as it passed over my lips and stretched my mouth further open.

I then held him with my hands and licked all around his cock, admiring it’s full, hard black beauty. Starting at the base I kissed and licked every inch of his cock, especially taking time to lick, kiss and slowly suck the fat mushroom head. Gliding my lips up and down the shaft I then slapped the thick, hard black cock on my face and tongue, moaning with pleasure.

Now I was in full cocksucker mode. He began to encourage me asking me if I liked his big black cock. I moaned and said I fucking love it and then quickly took him back in my mouth deep, almost gagging. I now had one mission in mind. To make this cock explode and shoot a hot load. I grasped his hard cock with both hands and admired its beauty.

It was now rock hard and perhaps not the nine inches he’d said but a full thick, throbbing eight inches of black cock perfection. I could fit both hands on his shaft and still have the head to suck. I began a steady pumping and sucking motion, at times removing my hands and fitting as much as I could in my mouth. I was loving being a cocksucker for big black dick.

He gently but firmly placed his large hands on my head and matched my rhythm while telling me I was a good cocksucker and to keep sucking his big cock. That turned me on more and spurred me to a faster pace, feeling that huge, throbbing mushroom head slide in and out of my mouth as my hands pumped his thick black shaft.

I then heard him say “I’m going to come soon, you’re sucking my cock so good”. That was music to my ears as I knew now I was going to be able to complete my task as a submissive cocksucker for a big black cock. He started moaning saying he it comes, I felt his cock harden even more.

I wanted to see his come shoot and view my reward for a blowjob well done, so i pulled back and jerked his cock as it sprayed shot after shot all over the floor. It was so glorious to have sucked this huge load out of this beautiful dick. I kept pumping and then gently sucked his softening cock head and enjoying this place on my knees as a cocksucker just a bit longer.

He was thrilled and thanked me. He then sucked my cock, which was throbbing and hard from this hot experience. I never came so quick as he expertly finished me off.

Hope you enjoyed my experience.

Curiosity: Part V (5)

My second after class extra credit session with Mr. Paterson was a bit more than I expected, but I
enjoyed it even more than the first one.

When we were finished, I left the classroom for the day and I went straight to the nearest boys restroom
to clean myself up a bit. I then headed to the front entrance where I was told to wait for my momm to pick me
up and I spent the time thinking about what had just happened…

The next day when the bell rang and sixth period was over, I waited patiently in my seat for Mr. Paterson
to give me yet another extra credit opportunity. But this time he said there was no opportunity for extra
credit that day because he was going to be very busy in the afternoon and then he said I might have more
chances to earn extra credit later on that week.

A few more days passed and every time I would get nervous thinking that it would be another long
afternoon in class with Mr. Paterson, but he just kept turning me down…

It was Friday afternoon and sixth period was almost over, moving my legs around anxiously while I waited
for the stupid bell to ring already. When the bell finally rang, everyone stood up to leave in a hurry
except for me and Mr. Paterson who was sitting at his desk grading papers. I saw that he was minding
his own business and he seemed to ignore my presence, so I just rolled my eyes grabbing my stuff as I
got up from my desk to leave for the day.

I stopped myself as I froze, standing only a couple of feet from the door and I turned around saying,
“W-What’s going on Lenny? You’ve been avoiding me all week…” He could tell I was upset at him and he
paused his work for a moment, removing his reading glasses dramatically before looking at me as he said
in reply, “Come here Tony… I want to tell you something you need to hear…”

Mr. Paterson sounded serious this time and I thought he was going to call off our deal. I walked over to
him just like he asked me to and I stood in front of his desk as I said, “Umm… Okay. So, what did you
wanna tell me?…” Lenny looked at me in my eyes as he said, “Some of the staff are getting a little
SUSPICIOUS of our private sessions after schoul and I’ve heard them talk about us… I don’t like what
they are saying Tony, so…” I braced myself for those words that I knew would come shortly after and I
felt terrible inside for even letting a thing like this happen in the first place.

I was about to interrupt him when suddenly he finished his sentence saying, “Look, I have a place that I
rent where I keep some of my more personal items… I only take my lovers there… so, if you want to
keep doing this, then that’s where it has to be.” I paused to think about his offer for a minute, knowing
what my parents said about not going to any stranger’s homes and being alone with them.

Although at this point Mr. Paterson was an exception to the rule, since we had already been alone in a
room together twice. Besides, it’s not like we haven’t already broken the rules by us having sex together,
which was very much “consensual” on my behalf as well as his. I mean, it didn’t really matter WHERE I
earned my extra credit, as long as it continued to happen so I could keep up my grade and make me feel
good at the same time, THEN it’s a win-win!

Lenny watched me observantly for a while as I paused briefly before replying, “… Well I guess I could…”
He smiled, so I smiled back as he winked at me and he said, “Great… That’s perfect! I’ll drive you there
as soon as I’m done here. Let me just finish up with these and you should call your parents to let them
know you’ll be staying out late…” I then picked up the phone to call the house as I told my momm I was
going to the movies with a girl from class and I wouldn’t be home until late that night. She just wished
me a good time and told me to be safe… my momm is awesome!

Mr. Paterson finished with his paperwork, so he told me to meet him in the teachers parking lot as he
packed his things to leave, and I did as I was told. I waited nervously for him to come out of the rear
door exit of the schoul which lead to the teachers parking lot and after a few more minutes went by he
finally left the building. Lenny flagged me over to where his car was parked, it was a sporty coupe with
dark tints so you couldn’t see what, or who may be inside. He unlocked the doors right away with the push
of a button on his key fob and he quickly opened the passenger door for me to get in as I hopped in.

Lenny took every precaution in order for us not to be seen together in public as he looked around in
every direction to make sure nobody saw me getting in his car and once I was in he quickly shut the door.
He even made me wear sunglasses and a cap when we went to a drive thru to pick up some dinner for us to
have later that night, rather than a place where we can sit down and dine in. Once we arrived at the
complex parking lot, he dropped me off on the sidewalk and then he went to go park his car in his
reserved space.

Mr. Paterson walked over to me and from a distance he waived one hand to follow him to his place and I
followed. I studied the numbers on each door we passed by as we headed to his place and it was one of the
last doors, all the way at the end of the hall on the first floor. He quickly opened the door and he let
me in first as he followed me inside. It was a small 1 bedroom apartment which he secretly paid cheap
rent for so he could invite his “guests” without ever telling his wife, and it just so happened to be I
was his guest that night.

I looked around as Lenny showed me his furniture or whatever and then he came to me, leaning over to
kiss me. I leaned my head in too as our lips touched and I just let him kiss me for a while. Suddenly he
reached down to grab my crotch through the outside of my khaki uniform pants and I reached over to grab his.
After a while of us breathing heavily Lenny paused the hot action as he said, “Come on pretty boy…
Let’s go to my bedroom…”

I followed Lenny to his bedroom just like he said to do and he shut the door behind us. Once we were in
his room I became really nervous and my legs were trembling from the excitement. He came over to help me
and he reached down with both hands to start undressing me. My eyes followed his every move as he worked
to unbuckle my belt for me, and then he unzipped my fly before carefully taking my pants off, bringing
them all the way down to my ankles.

Mr. Paterson then tugged my underwear down all the way to my feet as I stepped out of them, kicking them
aside. He then took my dick in his hand and he started stroking it gently for a moment while I began to
moan, “Ohh YEAH… UHHH…” Lenny knelt down in front of me and he leaned his head forward as he aimed my
semi hard 4 inch long, circumcised white dick at his mouth. He parted his lips and took my dick into his
mouth, wrapping his lips around my shaft as he started sucking my dick right away.

This was the first time anyone did that for me and he was making me moan loudly as I leaned my head back
from how good it felt, “UHHH… Ohhh yeah… MMMM!” I was loving every second of it and we had a lot more
privacy this time, so I didn’t want to be quiet. I moaned loudly saying, “Ohh yeah!… MMMM!… OH MAN,
THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” I watched in awe as Lenny performed for me, bobbing his head up and down as he
sucked my dick passionately, lustfully.

Just as I thought it was all going so well, Lenny suddenly pulled his head back as my
raging hard dick slipped out of his mouth, dripping wet and slick with his fresh warm, juicy foreign saliva.
Lenny got up on his feet again as he looked me in my face for a moment when he leaned in for another kiss
and I kissed him back, feelings of lust surging throughout my whole body. He then broke the kiss when
suddenly he said, “It’s your turn now boy… Go on, get on your knees and suck my big black cock!”

I got in position, kneeling in front of Lenny just like he asked me to and I grabbed his cock in my hand,
giving it a couple of light strokes before guiding it to my mouth. I parted my lips and I tried to take
as much of his cock into my mouth at once as I possibly could handle. But first I took my time as I passed
my tongue over his cum slit to lap up a thick bead of precum that had built up on the very tip of his huge
fully erect cock. Lenny moaned, “Uhh… Yeah. Lick it all up… MMMM!… OHH YEAH!”

Lenny thrust forward as his cock slid further into my mouth and soon I felt his thick cock head poking
at the back of my throat. I normally gave him a hard time whenever he tried to shove his whole cock in my
mouth, but in the midst of all the hot action going on I welcomed the idea! He held my head steady with
both his hands and he carefully pushed it in deeper, gently squeezing his fat cock head down my throat

I held my position faithfully as he pulled his cock out of my throat and I quickly caught my breath, but
it was just a brief moment before he shoved it all the way deep inside again. Mr. Paterson moaned some
more as he continued to fuck my face a while longer, “UHHH!… OHHH YEAH… THAT’S RIGHT TONY. TAKE MY
COCK DOWN THAT TIGHT THROAT HOLE LIKE A GOOD BOY… OHHH FUCK!” I learned to time my breathing to his thrusts and I was getting very good at it too.

Suddenly, Lenny pulled his huge cock out of my mouth as he tapped me on my shoulder and he said,
“You’ve earned an A so far… Let’s see how well you do on this next part of your exam… Go’n up on the
bed… Get on your hands and knees, so that you’re facing the wall over there…” Next, he joined me on
his bed and he placed himself behind me, kneeling in the space between my spread legs. Lenny spat on his
hand as he massaged his saliva all over, up and down the length of his beautiful uncut cock. He then aimed
his cock between my rosy bum cheeks, sliding it along down my smooth hairless crack until he finally found
my tightly puckered anus.

Lenny pressed his fat wet cock head up against my anus as he pushed inwards and it slowly sank
inside me as I felt every inch of his big black cock sliding in all the way, deep into my ass. I moaned
as I reached down to grab hold of my much smaller fully erect cock and I started stroking it, “OHHH!…
MMMM!… OHH YEAH, SHOVE YOUR BIG BLACK COCK ALL THE WAY INSIDE ME…” Lenny moaned too as he pulled his cock out a bit and he thrusted it all the way back into my ass, “OHHH FUCK!… OHH, YOU NAUGHTY BOY!… I’M GONNA FUCK YOU SO HARD!… UHHH!”

I looked down at the space between my mikly white thighs and I moaned louder as I kept on stroking my
small, 5 inch long fully erect cock a little faster, all while I continued to watch Lenny’s hips pounding
harder against my butt cheeks with each greedy thrust. “UUHHH!… OHHH!-UHHH!… OHH SHIT… OHHH!” I saw
a thick bead of pre cum building at the tip of my dick as I kept stroking it faster and it felt really
good doing that while having his cock inside my ass for some reason.

Lenny moaned loudly as he kept fucking my ass harder, and yet the sound of his hips slapping against my
butt cheeks was heard more clearly than all the other noises we made. “OHHH YEAH! YOU LIKE TAKING MY BIG
HARD COCK UP YOUR TIGHT LIL ASS, HUH WHITE BOY???… UHHH! YEAH!” I kept on stroking my own raging hard cock while I felt his much bigger cock being shoved repeatedly all the way, deep up inside of my ass hole
and it seems he was touching all the right spots inside me.

I was moaning louder than before, when suddenly I felt the familiar tingling sensation building inside of
me while and I could tell I was about to cum soon as I said, “OHHH!… OHHH MAN! UHHHH!… I-I THINK I’M
GONNA CUM!…” Lenny didn’t slow down as he kept thrusting into me and he moaned loudly when he replied,

I was focusing on finishing as I kept stroking my cock and then I felt myself climax like never before
as I moaned loudly saying, “UHHH!… OHH YEAH! I’M CUMMING… UUUHHH!!! UUHHH! OOHHHH! OHH SHIT!… OHHH!”

I watched in awe as multiple heavy spurts of my semen squirted endlessly from my cum slit while Lenny
continued to fuck me just as hard and my ass got tighter by the second. My cum landed all over his bed,
since my erupting cock was swinging back and forth, side to side with each of his deep hard thrusts into
my ass.

Then Lenny moaned loudly as he said, “UHHH! I’M GONNA CUM INSIDE YOU… UHHH! I’M CUMMING!… O-OHHH FUCK! UUUHHH! UHHH!… OHHH YEAH! ATTABOY… TAKE MY CUM UP YOUR ASS!… MMMM!…” I remanined faithfully in position as I waited while he was busy filling me up with his sperm and he kept his cumming cock buried
deep inside of my ass hole for a while.

Suddenly I gasped, when without much of a warning he just pulled his cock out of my ass all at once. When
it slipped out of me, I felt some of his cum leaking out of me from my gaping anus and I curiously watched
as it trickled down to my inner thighs. Lenny got off the bed as he reached for his clothes and he started
getting dressed again while I took a moment to recover my strength, laying in a bed that was drenched in
our cum.

Mr. Paterson looked at me when he said, “You know what Tony? You’re my favorite guest so far… I
hope we can find a way to do this more often…” I nodded my head as I sat up to get back on my feet so I
could get dressed again too and we could heat up the dinner that was definately cold by then…

Lenny drove me to my neighborhood and he let me out of his car a few blocks down the road so my parents
wouldn’t see that he was the one that dropped me off. That night as I lay in my bed, I thought about our
we did in his secret apartment earlier that afternoon and I got hard from just the thought of doing that
again. I definately wouldn’t let that be the last time we had sex in his apartment…

And sure as day,
it wasn’t the last time…

Carmen’s end of day

I had asked Carol if she was going to be my whore and she said she would do anything for my cock. Looking at her,
“Have you ever whipped another woman before?” I asked of her.
I could see her eyes light up at the thought of whipping another woman,
“No, never” she replied.
“Would you like to whip my fuckin’ whore?” I then asked.
Looking over at Carmen and then over at Ed and finally back to me,
“Could I?” she asked.
Looking at Ed, I instructed him to take Carmen down to the spare room and in there he would find two hooks against the wall and on the little table he would find two restraints, some rope and a mouth gag.
“Tie my fuckin’ whore up to the wall with her tits facing the wall” I told Ed as Carol and I watched her being led out of the bedroom. Turning my attention back to Carol, I grabbed ahold of her tits and squeezed and twisted them unmercifully until Carol cried out in pain.
“Okay my fuckin’ little whore” I said to her.
“I want to see at least twenty lashes across her back and as many across her tits”
“And I don’t want you to be gentle” I added.
“Cause if you are, I’ll fuckin’ whip your fuckin’ tits twice as hard”
“Do you understand me?” I asked her
“Yes master” Carol replied
“I’ll whip the fuckin’ bitch as hard as I can for you” she added.
With that we both headed for the spare room and when we entered, Ed had Carmen spread eagle against one wall, back exposed with the mouth gag in place and her arms stretched out as far as they could go. Lined up against another wall was an assortment of whips that I had used on Carmen and others and pointing them out to Carol,
“Go ahead” i said
“Pick out a whip you’d like to use” i added.
I watched as Carol picked out a multi-lashed whip and slowly ran it across her hand to get the feel of the leather.
“Is this okay?” she asked as she looked back towards me.
“That will be fine” i replied.
I then instructed Carol where to stand to get the most of her whipping Carmen and as soon as she was in place,
“Go ahead whore” i said,
“Whip the fuckin’ bitch”
For the next few minutes Ed and i watched as Carol sent lash after lash against Carmen’s back and ass a couple of times, listening to Carmen’s muffled cries of pain with each blow to her body. We watched as the welts grew on Carmen’s back.
“OH FUCK” Carol cried out
“WHAT A FUCKIN’ TURNON” she added.
After a few more lashes she bent down a little, obvious winded from whipping Carmen’s back.
“Go turn the whore around” i instructed to Ed as Carol came over to me. By now my cock was rock hard again and looking at Carol,
“Suck my cock you fuckin’ shit” i demanded and down on her knees she went and into her mouth went my cock. She sucked me as Ed released Carmen, turned her around and once again positioned her against the wall, this time with her tits facing forward.
Grabbing Carol’s hair i pulled her off my cock,
“Okay whore” i began
“Time for side two” as Carol looked around to see Carmen spread eagle and ready for the whip again. Carol rose up getting back into position again, looked at me,
“Go ahead whore” i said again,
“Whip the fuckin’ bitch’s tits” i added.
As Carol proceeded to whip Carmen’s tits causing her to moan out in agony, i turned to Ed.
“Ed, get over here and suck my fuckin’ cock”.
I wasn’t too sure if Ed had sucked another man’s cock before and at that moment i didn’t really care, i just wanted my cock to be sucked while i watched my whore wife’s tits being whipped. Ed came over and got down on his knees in front of me as i spread my legs apart, took hold of my cock and leaning in, took it in his mouth and began to suck me off. I was in fuckin’ heaven. Watching my whore wife being whipped and having my cock sucked off, it didn’t get any better than this. Soon Carol had reached twenty lashes and i saw Carmen’s tits thoroughly covered with red welts.
“Carol” i said aloud as she turned towards me.
“Suck her fuckin’ tits” i ordered. Carol looked a little hesitant to do as i said,
“I said suck her fuckin’ tits whore” i demanded more sharply and this time Carol moved up to Carmen and began to lick and suck at Carmen’s tits. A few more minutes went by and once again i was feeling a load of cum about to explode from my cock.. Carol stopped sucking on Carmen’s tits and looked back at me. I motioned for her to come over.
“Kiss me” i ordered and she bent down and kissed me.
“Now suck my fuckin’ cock whore” I demanded of Carol and after a minute or two I grabbed hold of Carol’s hair, held her head in place and shot a load of cum into her mouth. Looking down at Carol,
“Clean my cock off whore” I ordered and Carol did so.
Ed untied Carmen and he and Carol washed her off as Carol kept kissing her now and then, softly asking for her to forgive her. Carmen told Carol it was okay, that she enjoyed being whipped. The evening finally ended as Carmen kissed Carol and Ed good-bye and i kissed Ed and Carol, thanking them for a wonderful time.

I Blew A Stranger In A Hotel. First Time.

I am mostly straight but I am very turned on by big, hard cocks. I’m not sure when I started getting interested in men’s dicks but I have porn to thank for it. When discussing porn among buddies, many of my friends would claim that they “look around” the dicks when watching a woman get fucked. Not me. Blowjob scenes became my favorite and I was really focussing on the long, hard shaft and bulbous head getting sucked. I love to watch a cock grow harder as it gets sucked. The more it turned me on , the more curious I got about what it would be like to give a man head.

Well having a group of apparent homophobic friends meant that I would not attempt to convince any of them to slide their cock in my mouth. So I had to find an alternative. Enter Craigslist. I decided to take out an ad “talented mouth looking to suck.” I explained that I was available and willing to give discreet head to anybody in my area so long as they had a nice, big cock and a place to meet.

Boy did I ever get lucky with one reply! I received a message with three photos: one of his body, which was tall and average, the other two were of a BEAUTIFUL huge cock. I knew right away that I wanted that thing in my mouth as my first.

His text instructed me that he was staying at a local hotel on business. We would arrange a time for me to come over. He would leave the door unlocked and ajar so I could get in to find him laying nude on the bed with a towel over his face to conceal his identity.

“I am 28yo, white, 6’4″, 195lbs, 8inch clean cock. Big balls too. Ddf, normal, sane guy who just needs his load drained. Love my cock sucked and balls sucked and asshole licked. I’ll leave the door cracked for you and you’ll come in and find me naked on the bed with a towel over my face for discretion. You get naked (if you want) and go to town on my junk. Lift my legs and tongue that hole too. Only rule is nothing in my asshole. No fingers either. Just lick it. Let me know. ”

Honestly, rimming his ass was not something that I was looking to do but I replied that it was an option if things went well. We set a time and I was on my way to the hotel to suck off a stranger.

The drive over felt surreal. It was like I was on a mission. I was surprisingly not nervous but I was anxious to finally do this. I could not wait! As I made my way into the hotel and up to the fourth floor, where he was staying, I was a bit self concious. In my mind, it was like everybody I walked passed knew what I was there to do, even though nobody could have had a clue. It was my dirty secret.

Finally, I made it to the door to his room. It was cracked open just as he promised. I enetered and there he was, nude on the bed with his semi hard cock on full display. The curtains on the windows were mostly drawn shut so that just a hint of light snuck into the room. I approached the bed and thought “here we go.” I reached down and grabbed his cock with my right hand and he let out a surprised moan. I stroked it a little and it got harder in my hand. It was a familiar feeling to jacking my own dick but I was surprised by how heavy his massive tool was in my hand. I looked at it and thought “now or never”. I bent over and put my lips sideways on his cock then opened my mouth and ran my tongue along the shaft. I liked it.

I kissed, licked and kissed my way up to the head of his cock. I swirled my tongue around it and then licked my way back down his shaft. I found his balls with my lips and gave those a few licks. With the initial contact done, and loving it so far, I climbed onto the bed between his legs. I licked up and down the shaft some more and lifted that eight inch beauty so that it was pointing to the sky. I stroked him a few more times, opened my mouth wide and put the head of his cock into my mouth. I locked my lips down on him and started to slowly bob my head on this amazing penis while using my hand to stroke him. I was now officially a cocksucker.

After a few minutes of blowing him, I decided to go back down to his balls and give them a few sucks each. I then let my long tongue drop lower underneath his balls. I licked the taint area for a while and then decided to reward his asshole with a small amount of gentle tongue play while I continued to stroke his erect cock. He grew so hard in my hand that I needed to get him back in my mouth. I was so turned on pleasuring this stranger that I wanted to feel him finish.

I went back down on his cock and started to really suck like a slut, locking my lips down on him and swirling my tongue around his head, then sliding my tongue out over my lips and bobbing my head with a faster pace. I must have been doing it right because his body started to squirm. He held the bed tight and started to get harder in my mouth. I tasted the first pre cum and swallowed it down. A minute later that hard shaft got even harder, which I did not think was possible. It was like I had a huge, fleshy steel rod being rammed down my throat. He thrust his hips up, which gagged me a little but I kept going. Moments later and “here it comes”. He was cumming in my mouth. The first huge spurt of cum went straight to the back of my throat and I swallowed hard. He kept going. Spurt after spurt of cum flooded my mouth. This was a huge load! I tried to swallow it all but I just did not have the experience. Some leaked out of my mouth and down his shaft. Then he stopped. His orgasm was complete thanks to my mouth.

I stood up, wiped my mouth and walked right out the door with excited butterflies in my stomach and my mind processing what I had just done. I got into the elevator and headed back downstairs. In the lobby, the very attractive female desk clerk smiled at me and wished me a good day. I smiled back at her with the taste of male ejaculate on my lips and thought “If you only knew that I just blew one of your guests…”.

a walk a the parc

it was a nice morning, i went out to walk the dog
there wasnt a lot of people in the parc, around 8am having a free day from work on wednesday

he came to me right away
he must have been around 50 a worker from montreal, parc /zoing/pets

my dog always loose is freaking medal from the city , i told him it was home and was living like next door

he was nice enought to talk with me about wjy they do it and stuff saying he wont give me a ticket , since i had my dog on a leash and a medal with my phone number and house address

he was tall and big , with salty hair but still quite in shape

”so you say you have the medal at home?”

”yes i do he just loose evrytime i wanted a new colar, the city one arent for over hyped dog like mine”

”alright well boy lets make a deal, i didnt have my cofee, you have some? i woud go check that medal”

”yeah sure , i can make you one”

and there i was in my appartement making a cofee to the city employee, a guy from haiti whom family moved decades ago

”so where is that medal boi”

”oh true wait”

and of course i coudnt find it

i came back to the living room

”i dont know where ive put it”

and he stood up

”you told me your dog is registered boy”

”i know i know he is i just cant find it”

”alright enought talking ”

and he drop his pants walking to me his huge black cock out flaping left right has he walk toward me

i turned around and ran to my room

”get out from my place”

the footstep behing me making me so scared

images of his bbc in my head , as i run for my bedroom door

opening my door getting in quick
and closing it as he pushed it so strong i flew over and fell on my ass the last image was him closing mt door

the room now in pitch dark
as i panic and feel him sit on me his heavy weight keeping me lock
my arms to my side his big legs over me locking it down

and i felt the tip poke my lipse
the weird feeling of a big fat head rubbing on my mouth his heands holding my head still afer i turn my head to stop him

forced to stay still down a fat cock at the edge of my mouth

wanting to say something but scarred of the big cock head waiting for an occasion to slide in

total darkness of my basement room fighting it but starting to feel my resolve quit me
he kept dry huping my face making me feel the full 8inch of hard cock , slowly and hot , just sliding his cock all over my face as i kept mouth closed but each stroke making me wonder how it feels

i didnt even realised i was slightly opening my mouth until it got in
forcing my lipse open the fat mushroom head taking its place in my mouth
slowly sliding in deeper, fucking slowly in my mouth

”just relax box , that mouth feel so good”

and i dont know why but as he talk about me , i got horny

down on my back in my room geting feed a bbc

by the time he moved to open the light, i had a wet face and drool strain all over my tshirt

”lol arm up boy your tshirt a mess”

feeling so weak infront on him on my bed getting undress

he sat where i sleep and help me over ass up to his side so he could rub it and help me head down on his cock

fully naked my ass arched up by him his finger rubbing my like i had a pussy my mouth around his fat cock sucking him on my own

jiggling my ass as he rub it down

in my basement willingly pleasing a nice gentle daddy who just wanted to get suck. he said

making me feel like i shoud suck him good and be nice for him

i felt him push me back

thinking he wanted to fuck my head on top of me again

but he got on yop of me
between my legs crashing down on me and kissed me

his hand down holding the cock over my lil cherry

it went in so fast as he kept diving his tongue in my mouth as i started to moan his fat head taking my ass
breaking it open slowly moaning helpless his tongue fucking my mouth as he pinned me legs up taking his cock

my bed head bouncing agaisnt the wall

as he diving in me again and again
leaving my mouth alone to stand straight holinf my legs up and fuck me like a slut in my tight hole he yelled

”in that tight sweat hole”

”deep in that sweat boy pussy, fuck yes boy”

”daddy gonna cream you full of cum , god damn little white whore, you take it good ”

bang bang bang my bed agaisnt the wall

i tried to tell him my neighbor could ear but he just fucked me harder banging the bed on the wall

”dont worry boy you moan like a girl , theyd think you are fucking one”

”please please he is there o dont want to be his bitchhhh”

”you stupid bitch, yes moan like a girl thats it, make that brother next door know you fuck slut”

i was going crazy
moaning like a girl so he woud think it was me fucking a slut, images of him , another lonely black dude probably wanting my ass too

he grunted and cum in me flooding me full of juice moaning as the feeling fucked my brain deep into feeling i was a real slut

and he left
just like that leaving a young white boy ass fuck into a cum slut

my neighnor was soon in my appart laughting at me he was wondering who moaned like a wore
”who was that , your black daddy ?”
his pants down watching me crawl on my bed unable to move
his daddy fat cock in my ass so easy i started to moan again

”thats what i tought, you are a good slut, stay down and moan baby, if id knew i woud have been fucking you too ”

”thats it moan like a slut, you fucking white wore”

i didnt know him, but now i was his slut

taking his dark fat cock and loving it, each day and night all the time 3 knock on my door and fucking me in secret