My Sexual Experience with a Japanese Man

After an enormous response to my previous story and due to many requests to share another experience I’m sharing one of my exciting experiences. As I have told in my previous story itself that I’m someone who has not had too much sex say less than 30. Sex is something I enjoy a lot. It is a wonderful experience and when you have it once in a while the intensity is too much. I don’t think if I involve in sex more regularly I will be able to enjoy it like I do when I experience it once in a while.

Before beginning the story let me reply to the reviews of my previous story first. I got many reviews and I can classify it into three types of reply and I’ll reply to each one of the category.

The first category gave me extremely rave reviews and even motivated me to share again. They also advised me to be more detailing. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and support.

The second category is those who think that it’s a cooked up story. Guys, this is USA and for a girl like me to get a BBC is not a very big deal. I’m sure all those who gave me this review are black girls who can’t really get a BBC because they are into other races.

The third category people belong to those who think I’m a shameless slutty girl who is not shy to share my experience and thinks I should be more decent. My reply to them is that this is not facebook or twitter or instagram to share my decent experiences, this is Xhamster and my very purpose being on this site is sexual. So don’t waste time advising me. I’m never going be bothered about your concern. Sex is a wonderful feeling and there is no one who does not like sex. All the people who think I’m slut are commenting after reading my story only, If you think you are too decent then why did you read my story or even why are you in this site.

Now I will move onto the story.

Its two years past after I have joined California Dance Academy. I had not attained financial security back then, so I used to live again with my colleagues, two of them were there. One of them was a girl from Japan. She use to anchor events and shows arranged by Japanese businessmen and I use to go with her to many of them. I was I repeat I was (Past tense) not really impressed by Japanese guys back till then so was not much interested in looking at men in the events. The reason is I don’t like their eyes, they are short and have heard that they have small penis. After a party, my friend told there is a man from the party who saw me liked me so much and wanted to have sex with me. I don’t like Japanese guys so I said No in the first instance itself. But he kept on asking through her. At that point I’ve already had sex with 4 or 5 races but not a Japanese man yet, so I thought will try it just for the sake of trying out a different race but was not really excited at all. He said will meet in a house, since he was not a hotel man. Went in his car, this guy dint knew much English. He was way short than me probably 5’4, aged about 35 or so and very lean and doesn’t looked good at all. My excitement was down even more. He drove away from the highways and went some distance remote off the mainland. There were no inhabitants nearly and finally reached the house. The house was big but the problem was there was no inhabitants for almost 5 kms around that house. I was a bit scared initially but when I ensured no one was around in that house I felt safe because even if he try some mischief I can handle him and my one kick will make him fall to ground. Reached there at around 10 PM. Immediately he fixed me a drink and gave me a dress and told me to try that.
It was a Pink Blouse and a Green Pants both leather, also with a thread bra and panties. I wore it on and showed him. He also had changed by that time and was in a T-Shirt and Shorts. We were in the hall and seeing me he said “Lets do it”. I said okay and I made my way to the bedroom. He came behind me and had his hands around my stomach and turned me and said ‘Lets do it here’. Then I realize it was not Hotel and even if you go outside no one is going to see us. He held back of my neck with his left hand and my side stomach with his right hand and had a nice tongue kiss. Kissing went on for some time and I had enough and I moved my face and removed his Shirt. He then took me near the Sofa and had me sit on his Lap and leaned me back onto him. He was pressing my Boobs from back very nicely and at the same time licking and sucking my back of the hair, inside of ear. It was really nice and was too good. I was about to unhook by blouse but he said he will do it and he unhooked it using this mouth. Then he reversed me with Me facing him still in his Lap now it was even more exciting with sucking all over my neck and shoulder and at the same time pressing my boobs in bra. I did’nt knew it till now it could create this much stimulation and I was too much excited at the moment and was all wet. All the thoughts about Japanese men have changed all in a sudden and was in a mood of unexplainable excitement. The reasons for my excitement were multifold. First of all the location, it was a completely different experience for me, then the location of the house itself, away from people and only we two in an area of 5 Kms. Then it is just the beginning, now itself I’m this much wet and what’s going to come. He then had a lick at my armpits which also increased my mood. He untied my bra slowly had a lick on it and played with my boobs for a bit. He slowly moved his hands towards my ass and pressing it awesomely while sucking my tits. I slowly had a touch on his cock and it was so hard, which again made me excited. It’s the time I saw his strength, he carried me all the way to the Kitchen, removed my Pant slowly. He said ‘1 Min’ and hurried into the room. He came back with a Japanese Made Vibrator. I was sitting in the ledge and he tried it on my boobs, neck, shoulders and stomach. He then moved it to my pussy and pressed it so hard against it. I was in heaven and I enjoyed it completely. I came 3 or 4 times instantly and my panty was all wet. Seeing that he untied the panty and licked away the cum out of it. He then teased me a bit by licking all over me with his tip of the tongue, starting from neck, then tits, my back, the backbone, then my stomach all the way down to my thighs and when about to reach my pussy diverted to my legs and that gave me adrenaline all over my body. He then carried me all the way to the hall again and laid me in the sofa. He pressed the Vibrator strongly in my pussy and then switched it on. It was so nice and after sometime only I realized it had many modes and it was just the slow mode he went straight from there to the maximum mode and I was out of planet. He always multitasks, while doing this he used his left hand to caress me all over while sucking my tits with his mouth. For the third time in my life I squirted, not a huge shot though. After my Squirt he was turned on really and he stacked his tongue on my clit and gave me a hell of an eating for almost 30 mins. I came many time and he sensed it and whenever I did he put his finger inside took all the come and sucked his fingers. After an Orgasm he stopped and made me remove his shorts. His cock was medium sized about 6 inches but it was hell hard. It was hairy which I don’t like but seeing how hard it was I couldn’t resist sucking it. He was standing and I was sitting I sucked his cock for the best I could and since it was not big I took it fully. He pretty much enjoyed it which I could sense he was murmuring something in Japanese. He made me suck in different position like he laying down, in stairs with me bending. Finally took me to the bed and he wanted a tit fuck. I don’t enjoy the tit fuck, I don’t know why which he sensed and moved onto eating my clit again. I came twice and now he was ready for the penetration and I was excited. Started off in missionary and the fucked like a machine, his pace was unbelievable. I never knew Japanese men can be this much good in bed. I normally cannot control my emotions and sound and normally in hotel I put my hands in my mouth to control the sound. But out there ther is no one to hear so I made good moaning noises while he fucked me. After some time he leaned onto me and I hugged him tight. After sucking my tits a bit moved onto kissing me and he had all of my mouth inside his mouth. I was moaning into his mouth and he swallowed the saliva I produced. He important thing was that he didn’t slow up even while doing all these. Then without taking his cock out he converted that missionary to cowgirl. He might have been tired so I think I will give him some favor and I rode him well, the best I could do and he loved it. Since he was a multi tasker I thought he would be sucking my tits but I think he was too tired so he just laid down and enjoyed my ride. After some time he told me to switch to reverse cowgirl and I did it without taking it out just as he likes it and I rode him with my hand on his chest. Then he pushed me to lean frontwise and ride. I came many times because his cock was so hard like a rock. After that he took it out and ate the juice of my pussy. Made me suck his cock for a bit and did a doggy with him back in full swing. Omg it was in that position I was in moon and he hit my spot correctly. He continued that position for long since he though I enjoyed it. He kept his one hand in my mouth and one on my tits. Then again back to missionary and this time there was an add on with the vibrator on my clit. Again I came many time intensely. This time he allowed be to moan freely since his one hand was in the vibrator and another one was in my tits. After some time he switched off the vibrator leaned towards me and was passionately kissing me and increased his pace. He started making noises and I sensed he was about to pop. He increased the speed and finally came on my tits. Took a shower and he told me to use another room for sleeping. Slept nude with blankets. Next day woke up and he drove me back to my room.
I had the hangover of this encounter for almost a week. Imagine how your perception towards a race changes with just one night. After this encounter I learned many things:
1) Penis Size won’t matter at all. Its what they do take you to heaven.
2) Don’t get concerned about looks/age while on a blind date.
3) Japanese men are awesome in bed.
4) Vibrators are heaven riders.
5) Sex is better when tried in many locations.

Its takes time and effort to convert the thoughts into words and it takes just less than a minute to comment. Please do comment about how you feel about the experience / if ever you had similar experiences / what more else we may had tried. Your comments and advices keep me motivated to share more. I never had another Japananse man after that. So Japanese men who can respect my rules can contact me.

My Sexual Experience with a Japanese Man

The Naive Odd Job Girl

The Naive Odd Job Girl: The sun was shining today and it was warm, I had spent the weekend clearing out and had a few boxes ready to go into the loft but needed help as I couldn’t get up the ladder, I decided to look through the local classified ads. There were a few people looking for odd jobs / cleaning work so I threw a few replies out there and sat waiting for a response.
Within an hour I had a mail back from a student names Sam looking for some work and I sent back my address and was told they would pop round for a chat later in the day, I replied back that I was in all day and would look forward to seeing them.
As the day wore on I decided to grab a quick shower, putting on a clean pair of white boxer briefs and my robe I decided to have a quick cuppa before getting dressed and wait for my visitor.
I decided to surf a bit of porn and totally forgot the time when the doorbell rang, shit, I wasn’t even dressed but thought I had better go.
As I opened the door I nearly had a heart attack as standing there was a young girl, I was transfixed on her, an average looking girl in a white shirt, unbuttoned a bit, small breasts. My gaze lowered to a short black skirt and white ankle socks and black pumps.
“Hello” she said, “I am Sam” I stuttered back to her something and invited her in. “I apologize for not being dressed” I said “I wasn’t expecting you yet” truth be known I was expecting a guy but I was in no way complaining.
We walked into the lounge and she sat on the sofa, I sat in the chair opposite her. I saw her gaze looking at my bare legs and I think she could see me looking at hers, she had lovely legs. She was very pleasant and I explained that I wanted to put some boxes up into the loft but my ladder was not a good one so didn’t want to do it alone, she looked at me and said it was not a problem and she would be glad to help. We agreed a price and as she was in no hurry we had a drink of cold lemonade and chatted. I offered to go get dressed and she told me not to worry, I was happy with that.
My mind was racing, at one point she bent down to tie her laces and I got a glimpse on her loose fitting bra which showed of her small boobs and I am sure I got a quick peek at her nipple, very nice indeed.

We talked a while and I learned a lot about her, she lived with her grandma, had no siblings and had never had a boyfriend, she had a very strict upbringing and in a way I was becoming a father figure having never had a male in her life and she was becoming very comfortable in my company.
After chatting for what seemed like hours we decided to go upstairs and get the boxes done, as I stood up my robe slipped open exposing my tight boxers, I couldn’t hide the excitement in me and I noticed her looking at me, “oops, sorry about that” I said as I fastened the robe again. She didn’t say a word but I could see from the look on her face that she liked what she saw, as she stood up her legs parted slightly and I got a quick peek at her lovely legs and panties; we headed for the stairs and I suggested she go up first, she stooped half way up to remove her footwear and again I was getting a lovely look up her skirt which I am sure she knew and seemed to be ok with, very nice.

We got to the top of the stairs and I showed her the boxes that had to go up and positioned the ladder. She looked a little scared as the ladder is not very good but I assured her that I would hold the ladder and even hold her so she would be safe. She seemed happy with that. I told her to take a few steps up and push the hatch to one side. I got behind her and held on to the sides of the ladder as she took the first couple of steps. We were very close and as she reached up to push the hatch I was about 2 inches from her sweet bottom, she lifted the hatch and as she pushed it forward her skirt raised and her panties were right at my face, at that time the ladder wobbled and my face and her bottom came into contact, I could smell the sweetness. I apologized for the contact and her only response was to not let her fall.

As I passed the box up to her I suggested that I hold her hips to steady her further, an idea that she accepted. I asked her to stretch and push the boxes as far as she could and as she did that her ass was pushing further into my face, her panties had pushed slightly into her crack and my nose was right there. I could feel myself getting rock hard by now and as I passed the last box to her my robe again fell open and I couldn’t hide that fact, I again saw her looking. She took the box and again stretched to push it into the loft, I held her hips slightly pulling her closer. As I did that I could feel her pushing back onto my face, with my tongue slightly protruding I could taste the slight wetness between her legs. We held that position for what seemed like ages but I know it was only a few seconds. As she pulled the hatch back into place and started coming down the ladder I held her close to me so she wouldn’t fall. She came down the last couple of steps and I could feel my hard cock rubbing against her. “Good job Sam” I said as we put the ladder back.
I asked her if she had to rush off and when she said “No” I suggested another glass of lemonade.
We retreated back to the lounge, she sat back on the sofa and I sat in the chair opposite. She thanked me for holding her on the ladder and apologised for pushing back so hard on me as she thought I couldn’t breathe, I told her it was fine as I just wanted to make sure she was safe, could she really be that naive?

She had become very relaxed and told me that she loved my company, “Better than going back to my Grandma” she said. As we chatted, in such a relaxed atmosphere, I kept getting a few peeks up her skirt, she knew I was looking but made no effort to hide it. She told me she had never had a boyfriend and she had never seen a man in undies before, she again apologized for pushing her ass in my face. I told her not to worry as I was just steadying her and happy to do it and the fact she had no male figure in her life meant she was missing out. I told her it was perfectly normal for a ‘father and daughter’ to act like that, she seemed very relaxed with that.
“Would you like to see them again?” I asked her, “Could I?” she asked, “Only if you don’t mind” she continued. “Well, I guess it would be OK, seeing as you have never seen a guy in undies before” and I proceeded to stand up and take of my robe.

Her eyes lit up as I stood in front of her in just my undies, my cock was clearly visible through the fabric. “Wow, it looks so awesome” she said. As her eyes were transfixed I could feel myself getting harder. I walked over to her and stood close so she could get a closer look, “Why does it get bigger?” she asked. I told her it was nothing to worry about as it happens to men. I did a twirl for her so she could see the back too and she was very happy to see her first semi nude guy. I asked her if she would let me have a close up of her in her underwear too, she asked me if it was ok to do that, “Of course it is, it is only fair as you are seeing me” I said.

She stood up and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, I could see the lovely flesh of her flat stomach and her tiny white bra, she undid her skirt and let if slip to the floor. “Wow, that is awesome” I said. “This is a good game” she said, giggling as we compared underwear, I suggested a closer look and she nodded. I got on my knees in front of her. Her panties were tight, I could see some pubic hairs coming out the side and clearly the outline of her pussy. I asked her to turn around so I could see her ass, she readily obliged and I could see she was enjoying the attention. Her panties were still slightly up the crack and I asked her to bend over slightly so I could get a better look.

I told her she had a lovely ass and I reached forward to pull them tighter up the crack, she didn’t seem to mind. She then told me that earlier when on the ladder it felt really good when my nose touched her, “Really? Would you like me to do it again?” “Yes” came the reply. I lent forward, grabbing her hips and pulling her towards me, my nose pressed firmly against her butt hole, I felt her push back and give out a little moan. I moved my face up and down her crack with my tongue exploring her sweet bottom, she showed no resistance so I gently pulled her panties to one side and began to probe he ass with my tongue, I found the spot and gently pulled her cheeks apart and slowly pushed my tongue deep into her bottom. I felt her shaking and moaning and then I felt her pushing back which forced my tongue even deeper.

She kept saying how damn good it felt and I could feel myself bursting out of my boxers as I was so hard. She was breathing really heavily by now so I pulled out and slowly moved my tongue downwards towards her by now very wet pussy, as I entered her she gave out a loud moan. She pushed down on me and my tongue was now deep inside her and my nose firmly pressed into her ass. I sucked and flicked her clit and pushed my finger into her ass as I swallowed all her juices, she was trembling as she reached orgasm. I pulled away and stood up in front of her, my cock was now bulging and I beckoned her to pull my shorts off. She did without question and my cock sprung out in front of her face. I pulled her head towards me and slowly inserted my cock into her mouth. I pushed it right in and she seemed to take to it like a pro, sucking and licking and I even managed to push it right in up to the hilt, she choked a little but carried on with enthusiasm.

I pumped away fucking her face and she seemed to be enjoying it, slowly pulling out and then pushing it right back in again.
I knew I wasn’t going to last too long as having a nice warm young mouth around my cock was driving me crazy, she grabbed around my ass and seemed to be pulling me closer like she couldn’t get enough. Then without warning I felt her finger probing for my asshole, she found it and slowly started pushing her finger in, this sent me into a frenzy and I knew the end was near. We built up a rhythm and as her finger went in deeper so my cock went in deeper and she was taking the whole lot, would she swallow or would she spit? I had no way of knowing but I felt the build-up coming and then finally I let out an almighty groan as my hot spunk spurted out into her mouth, she pulled back and I ended up covering her face with my hot liquid.

After I finished I pulled away to catch my breath, I looked at her, she had cum all over her face, with her mouth open I could see she had a mouthful, she took a big gulp and swallowed what was in there, “Just like drinking a smoothie” she said as I could see a contented look on her face.
I suggested that Sam use the bathroom to clean herself up and get dressed. I put my robe back on but didn’t see the need to put shorts back on as I was going to have a shower after she leaves. I made a fresh batch of lemonade and sat and waited for Sam.
Sam came back soon after and had a cheeky grin on her face and sat again on the sofa to drink her lemonade. She looked radiant, as she sat I could still get a look at her lovely legs and a glimpse of her white panties, she was a truly wonderful girl.
I asked her how she felt and if she had enjoyed her visit to me today. She told me she had experienced tingles and feelings that she had never felt before and was amazed at how good it felt.
I asked her if she enjoyed me cumming in her mouth and over her face, she said she was amazed at how fast it came out and how much there was which is why she pulled back but in fact she loved the taste, just like a smoothie she said.
Having been raised by her grandma and went to an all-girls school she had never had any interaction with boys and I was the first guy she had seen naked and was fascinated by the size and shape of my cock and how it got hard and even more so how it squirted. All of these things she couldn’t ask at home and I told her I was glad she had that attitude and would gladly help her with anything moving forward.
I paid her for what she had done plus a little bonus and she seemed very happy, she asked me if she could come back again, just for a chat and if there was any jobs to do like cleaning or washing up then she would like to do it for me, I told her she was welcome any time and the fact that she lived a few streets away made it easier. She told me she used messenger and we exchanged ID’s and agreed to keep in touch that way so that her grandma wouldn’t know.
Time was pressing now so we agreed to chat online, we had a big hug and she left with a big smile on her face.

Boots for C, Part 3

From Aldo we walked over to Nordstrom. It was now impossible to conceal my erection as visions of the salesgirl helping a rather properly dressed lady (at least on the surface) try on some otk fuck boots danced in my brain, and I made little or no attempt to conceal it. On the way through the mall I caught her glancing down once or twice, perhaps admiring her work. She was a little nervous about Nordstrom as a friend of hers worked in cosmetics, and of course that was the dept at the entrance and next to Ladies Shoes. We snuck by as quickly as possible and into another array of dazzling boots. Most were outside the price limit I’d set, but she did try on a gorgeous pair of black otk leather boots, a snipped toe and calf zippers with about a 4″ heel. This time the saleslady was closer to her age and my friend was not quite as daring as before but I’m pretty sure the clerk got a view if she wanted. And again she walked around the dept once they were on, stopping to stretch and pose her legs in the mirrors and adjust them slightly as well as feeling the leather. She was talking to the saleslady as she did, commenting how wonderful they felt on her legs and how nice the leather was as she bent down and lightly stroked the shaft. The saleslady concurred and said something more softly to her that I didn’t hear, and they shared a laugh. After a few more minutes she said she would have to think about it and that we might be back, and the ritual of taking them off and replacing them with her sexy shoes. (note, on a later meeting with her I did end up coming all over them and some stockings that were never worn again).

Once back in the mall I asked her what the saleslady had said to her, and she smiled and said, “She said it was pretty obvious that YOU liked them, and from the looks of things I should buy them and go home right now. I know I would!” Apparently my erection was even more visible than I realized. We continued on to a few other boutique style stores and smaller stores. At one point we were walking and she reached across me to point at something and “accidentally” ran her fingers the length of my cock before moving. Nothing was said and I assumed it was purely an accident – but I later found out not, and that she’d been dying to do that ever since Aldo, if only to confirm it was real. She did try on a few more pairs in the other shops, one really hot pair of more western inspired knee highs, but nothing was knocking either of us out. We decided to return to Macy’s and purchase the Ralph Lauren boots that we both liked so much. As we were walking we saw a girl, probably late 20’s, in a skirt above the knees and cream colored boots with probably 4″ heels, and cuffed over. I’m sure they would have reached above her knees if they had been unfolded. She said, “maybe we should ask her where she got those – or if she wants to join us later.” At this point I’m just hoping to not start leaking in public. We stopped at a perfume counter so she could restock herself and as it turns out the girl was there, asking about a job. She took her time and let me enjoy the sight of the other lady as she stood and shuffled a bit nervously as she waited for the manager. They were really hot boots…but soon enough she left and C concluded her business, and back to the shoe dept we went. She tried them on “once more for good measure”, and at one point really opened her legs as I watched in the mirror and her reflection stared back, watching my reaction. She debated on wearing them out of the store but decided to change back into her shoes one more time. I think she was enjoying prolonging my obvious agony. We paid, or rather I did, as she did her best to distract me by looking at more boots and asking my thoughts on them. Soon enough we received a bag with them in it, and out the store we went.

Eating Cum From My OWN Ass

I love to play at our local adult theater. I’m a bi male, and I love sex with my wife but, alas, she doesn’t have a cock. So mostly I go to suck cock and swallow as much cum as I can, but occasionally, when the libido is raging, I do more. The back row at the Paris Cinema in Syracuse, NY, has no seats, and men stand there, looking for action. It’s usually a good place to start, as you enter from the back, and can stand in that back row while your eyes adjust to the darkness, so you can see what action is going on in the theater.

Often, I get all the action I want in the back row, as men stand with their cocks out, waiting to be touched. I can usually suck a few hard cocks and get some cum in my mouth, before I even check out the rest of the action in the theater.

One day, while cruising in the back row, I was touching a guy’s hard cock, and he started feeling my ass. I quickly dropped my pants (I’m such a slut), so he could feel my naked ass, and he ran his fingers in my ass crack, while I stroked his cock, now wet with pre-cum. His cock was long and thin, and so hard. I really wanted to suck him off. But he had other ideas.

With his other hand, he rubbed my cock and got some of my pre-cum on his fingers. He then took that hand and started rubbing my asshole, slowing inserting his wet finger in my ass. It felt really good! By now, a few other men were watching me be used by my sexy stranger. One of the watchers, slipped his hand up my shirt and started squeezing my breasts. I’m overweight and have very woman-like breasts. Many men like them.

I quickly pulled my shirt off and now stood there naked for all to see. The watcher put his face to my chest and started sucking on my nipples, while the other guy inserted more of his fingers into my rapidly-loosening asshole. I knew now that I wanted to be fucked. I moved against the row of seats and bent forward, giving the man with his fingers in my ass, and invitation to fuck me. He removed his fingers from my ass and moved behind me, placing his hard cock at the entrance of my hole, and slowly pushed in. It hurt a little at first, but I really wanted to be fucked, so I went with it.

When he was all the way in, he stopped to let me get used to his size. He then started to slowly fuck in and out of my hole. It started to feel really good! I looked to my left, and saw three men with their cocks out, watching me be fucked. Very hot! And the man who had been sucking on my tits, walked around the row, so that he was now standing in front of me, offering his cock for me to suck.

I opened my mouth and licked the tip, tasting his yummy pre-cum. He then slid the whole, thick thing into my mouth. Now I was being spit-roasted by two men, while three others watched, and stroked their own cocks. What a hot scene. I loved being that dirty with all those strange men!

The man in my ass quickened his pace, and gripped my hips as he thrust over and over into me, finally shooting his cum in four strong spurts, deep inside me. My God, what a feeling! While I continued to suck the other man’s cock, the man in my ass slowly pulled out, and I was left standing there, bent over the seat in from of me, sucking cock, with cum running out of my ass.

Before I realized what was happening, one of the three men who had been watching me get fucked, stepped behind me, and slid easily into my cum-lubed asshole. He was thicker than the previous guy, but I was loosed up now, and took him in my ass easily. Seeing this second man fucking me, clearly put the man in my mouth over the top, and he held my head in his hands while he grunted loudly and unloaded several strong spurts of cum into my eager mouth. My mouth filled with his hot cum, and I savored it before swallowing every drop.

The man in my ass started moving quicker, and soon, also came in me. I felt like such a slut, being used like this, and I wasn’t done yet! This is the only time in my life I’ve taken multiple men in my ass, and, I soon found out, I wasn’t done yet. The third man was clearly ready to cum as soon as he put his fat cock in my used hole, and he unloaded quickly, only to be replaced by the fourth, and final, guy.

They were pulling a train on me and I LOVED it! I stayed in position while this last man used my sloppy ass for his pleasure. I could feel cum leaking out, and running down my legs as he repeatedly thrust his hard cock in my ass, finally adding his hot load to the others, before stepping away and leaving me bent over the seat, with four loads of cum in my used ass! Wow!

I slowly stood up, and realized I was alone in the theater. I had taken care of every man in attendance. I was a little stiff from bending that long, and I was MORE than a little stiff in my own cock, having not cum yet. I walked, naked, around the aisle, and sat down in the first seat I came to. The movie was playing, and I was alone in the theater. I sat there stroking my cock, feeling my tits and thinking about what I had just done with those five guys; one in my mouth, and four in my ass!

I then put my hand down between my legs and rubbed my wet asscrack and put my fingers back up to my mouth, and sucked the cum off of my fingers. So hot! I love the taste of cum, but this was so amazing, knowing how many men I was tasting at once. I put my fingers back down in my ass, and slid them further in, opening my ass, and feeling the warm cum, leak out into the palm of my hand. I then brought the cum up to my lips, and sucked it all into my mouth again, swallowing every drop! I continued to do this, fingers in ass, fingers in mouth, until I thought I had eaten all of their cum that had been deposited in my ass.

All the while, I had been jerking my own cock. I was now on the edge, and I soon started to shoot a huge load. My whole body shook with the strength of my orgasm. I caught my cum in my other hand. There was so much that some of it spilled out of my hand, but I quickly brought my hand up to my face, and sucked all of my own hot cum into my mouth. So warm and thick!

I saw there for a long time, thinking about what I had done, and what it felt like being used by all those men for their pleasure. Just when you think you can’t get any dirtier, you eat the cum of four men from your own asshole. WOW!

The cock ring and the submissive

You’re down on your knees gazing at my cock like you’ve never seen it before. Veins engorged and bulging on my purple shaft. You look at the black silicone cock ring tight around the base of my prick and another ring around my bulging balls.

You want to kiss and lick my cock all over, feel all the ridges and veins under your tongue, get it all wet with your saliva…but i’m not going to let you.

‘Just sit still there and watch.’ i tell you firmly

‘You’re not allowed to touch yourself either.’

‘This is about me and my pleasure, okay slut?’

You watch as my hand starts to work up and down my massive prick. It feels amazing with that cock ring on, it’s a sensation i haven’t experienced before and it makes me feel so horny and you can tell.

‘Do you like the look of my cock like this? Does it make you want to be my whore, my dedicated whore?’

You nod affirmatively, watching my cock intently.

‘I bet you want to lick it and suck it don’t you? I bet you want to please me with your slutty whore mouth don’t you?’

You nod again.

‘Well you fucking can’t! I’m going to tease you like crazy and you’re just going to have to sit there.’

‘Sit on your fucking hands slut! I don’t want you touching yourself.’

‘You’re mine okay? My little whore and you do as you’re told.’

Fuck, my cock feels amazing, it looks amazing too. I’ve never seen it so swollen. It looks so impressive and powerful.

You can feel my power. Staring at my masterful cock makes you feel weak and pathetic. Sitting there on your hands, my little sub loser.

‘Worship my cock, whore.’ I tell you.

‘Worship my swollen, beautiful cock.’

I love it, it turns me on when you’re submissive to me, it makes my cock harder and precum starts to ooze from the tip.

You can see it, you desperately want to lick it, desperately want to show me what an oral whore you are for me, but you can’t.

You just sit there, watching and waiting. You’re so aroused that it hurts, you badly want to touch yourself but you can’t. Your hands are hurting too so you lift yourself up a little to ease the pressure on them.

I notice and bark

‘Sit on your fucking hands bitch!’

You sit back down and grimace a little as you feel the pain in your hands again.

I like it, i like seeing you suffer for me, like seeing you hurt for me. It turns me on even more and i stroke my cock a bit harder and you can hear from my breathing how turned on i am.

‘You like pleasing me don’t you slut?’ I ask

‘Yes’ i hear you mutter.

‘Speak up, bitch, i can’t hear you’ i reply calmly and firmly

‘Yes, i like it’ you say louder

‘Yes what?’ i spit

‘Yes sir!’

‘That’s better. And you like hurting for me don’t you whore?’

‘Yes sir, i like hurting for you sir’

mmmm, that makes the sensation in my cock change. I can feel that i’m getting close.

‘Tell me what you are’ i demand

‘I’m your whore, sir’

‘That’s right, you’re my whore. And what do you like doing for me whore?’

‘I like hurting for you sir’

And you are hurting, the pain in your hands is almost unbearable, but it’s delicious also. You love that your pleasing me, love that you’re feeling pain for me.

‘Tell me!’ i order

‘I’m your whore, and i like hurting for you sir’

Fuck, i like it, i can feel my cum building

‘Tell me!’

‘I’m your whore and i like hurting for you sir’

I wank harder, faster.

‘Tell me!’

‘I’m your whore and i like hurting for you sir’

Your hands are now numb. Your eyes are fixed on my cock as i wank furiously.

‘Tell me!’

‘I’m your whore sir. I like hurting for you sir’

‘Tell me!’

‘I’m your whore sir and i like hurting for you sir’

I gasp as i feel the cum pumping from my cock. The pressure from the cock ring prevents it from spurting, but it pours out, running down over my hand and dripping down the length of my swollen prick.

‘Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!’ i pant as my spunk continues to pump out, pooling at the base of my cock.

You’re transfixed on my cock and my thick creamy cum.

I can see you staring.

‘Lick it up bitch!’ i tell you.

You lift up off your hands to move your mouth towards my cock. You hungrily start licking up the pool of my cum.

You’re breathing heavily and i know that you’re feeling pain as the blood rushes back into your hands.

‘That’s it, feel the pain and lick it up like a good little whore.’

You lick and slurp up my spunk.

‘Clean me up slut, lick up every last drop. Such a good whore, good little cum eating whore’

You’re still breathing hard from the pain of the intense pins and needles in your fingers and the pleasure of the taste of my cum.

‘You’ve been a good whore today. I’m finished with you for now you can go.’

‘Yes sir, thank you sir.’ you say as you get up and leave.

Afternoon coffee with cake

Thursday afternoon. I came back from work and found my wife at home. She had made a wonderful lemon cake and the moment she saw me she started making coffee. The table was set in no time and was happy to relax sipping from my aromatic coffee and having small bites from the delicious lemon cake.
‘I have to finish my project and will need your assistance to prepare the final file for the presentation.’ She said.
‘Okay. Call me when you’re ready.’ Was my answer then I turned on the TV and started scrolling the channels.
She left the room. I looked at my favorite programs but found nothing but ending movies and information for upcoming snooker match after about half an hour. Literally nothing to watch! That’s why I hate television and prefer other Medias like internet for example. Anyway I took another sip from my strong black coffee. Oh my wife is doing it great! Took another piece of the cake and returned to remote control. Porn! Why not watching some porn I thought and switched to the channel. The movie was with a busty woman. She had amazing rounded and firm breasts. Probably the next miracle of aesthetic surgery but I liked them. Anyway the scene was hot and I felt my penis growing hard inside my blue jeans. I wasn’t wearing underwear like most of the days so my cock was absolutely free to move in my pants. The video was at its end so the guy aimed at the rounded breasts and came “pouring” his sperm over the woman’s fit body like he was watering his lawn.
By instinct I began to rub my erect cock through the jeans. Me and my wife we are practicing orgasm control and so my ejaculations are limited. Not only this but I am also doing teasing sessions with massive amount of edging and sometimes ending them with ruined orgasm. I’m sharing this to explain that I was actually very well teased and my cock was sensitive and quite quick in getting hard.
Meanwhile the second scene of the porn movie started and another busty lady began to move her curvy body on the TV screen showing pink lingerie and palatable forms. Soon the bra went off and I started to rub my cock with considerable pressure.
‘I am going to take a shower and… What are you doing?’ my wife was standing at the door wearing only a black bra and G-string and was staring at me.
‘I… well I couldn’t find anything to watch so I switched at the porn channels.’
‘Really? And you also are freely touching your cock aren’t you?’
‘No, honey, I am not. I promise… See I am with my jeans on and…’
My wife passed in front of me and pointed at my bulge.
‘And what is this?’ she asked.
‘Well my penis got hard but I swear I didn’t touch it!’
‘I saw you rubbing it like a pussy! And I also am seeing a remarkable wet spot from your precum.’
Damn! The wet spot. I bowled my head and then I saw it. It really was big and visible.
‘Show me how you rub it!’ she ordered. ‘Yea like this… Good boy! Go on look at your precious porn who I know how much you love and don’t stop beating your meat. When I came back from shower I will deal with you!’
She turned and left the room.
‘You look beautiful, honey!’ I said while watching her moving towards the door.
‘Aw thank you, dear!’ she replied pulling her bra up at the same time allowing me a glimpse at her dark brown nipple.
‘And you have gorgeous breasts!’ I added.
‘I know.’
I switched the channel. The picture was of a young woman sucking a cock while the man was fingering her hairy pussy. My own penis shuddered in my jeans. The scene was hot because actually it was an edging action. The girl made his cock edge and then squeezed it to help him hold his orgasm. After that she slapped the man’s penis and she did it with a force. I squirmed in the armchair. My hand was already between my legs and once again rubbing my hard cock. Now I was able to also feel the wet spot on my crotch. I settled my penis to the side closer to leg and started to ‘pinch’ it using my thumb, index and middle fingers. On the screen the girl was now completely naked. She was riding the man’s cock turning back on him and facing us, the viewers.
I edged!
My wife entered the room. She was only with her white and violet towel covering her breasts and down to just barely hide her pussy. Her skin was dotted with water drops. She passed and stopped facing me and hiding the TV screen. The towel felt on the floor. Her body is remarkable! She has B-cup size breasts with large dark areolas on the nipples that at this point were erect already. Her belly is flat with small deep navel. Her pubic is trimmed to a triangle of small hair. She was dripping!
‘Get up and move!’ she ordered me, ‘I will sit now on the armchair.’
I obeyed and she sat comfortably.
‘Lick me.’ Simple task said with even voice.
My wife spread legs. Her pussy lips opened showing me her wetness and inviting me to visit them with my tongue. I felt on my knees. She didn’t say me to remove any of my clothes so I remained fully clothed. I took a deep breath feeling her scent. I kissed her pussy and the clit. She shivered in the armchair. My tongue went out passing through the pussy lips and gathering the warm juices that were oozing from there. My wife moaned. She was very horny and anxious to feel one hard licking from me. She grabbed my head and pressed me with force to herself. No further signs were needed; I immediately started to lick her with passion combining my tongue movements with some strong sucks that were pulling her pussy lips deep in my mouth. From time to time I climbed my lips to the clit to give it some kisses and sick as well.
My wife was squirming in the armchair, pushing my head, and squashing her breasts. I looked up to peek at her nipples. Oh how I love them! They were really hard at the moment pointing up and she was pinching them with fingers. Behind my back there was another movie going and it was a solo scene of a masturbating young brunette. I was only able to hear her moaning and my wife was telling about what was happening on the TV. My cock was about to burst right in my jeans. I was feeling them tighter as they actually were. My wet spot had to be even larger by now. There was no time for me to touch my hard cock as my hands were placed on my wife’s thighs all the time.
She squirmed strongly and reached an amazing orgasm. She came directly in my mouth when I was sucking her pussy with endeavor. She pressed my head to herself until the pulsations of her pussy passed away.
Few minutes later I felt her hands moving away and she let me stand up. She looked at my painfully hard cock trapped inside the jeans and said smiling.
‘Thank you for the orgasm! Now please go see my project and optimize it for web and email presentation while I finish my coffee with a piece of the lemon cake and watch some TV.’
‘Yes, honey, okay.’ I knew that once again I would be denied and she won’t allow me to cum. I left the room heading to the desk where the document was waiting for my assistance. I had difficulties walking with such an erection but in the same time I was so extremely happy.

Meeting My Second Wife


It was in the middle 1990’s. I met a girl at work, she was married, her name was Anne and she came on to me with a vengeance. Needless to say we began a sexual relationship. When my wife found out, she made me quit my job and find another one. I did, but I didn’t stop seeing Anne. On my way to the new job, I would leave early and meet her just as I did before.
At my new job, I began flirting with a girl named Cheryl. She was also married, but about 10 years younger than me. She also wanted a sexual relationship. So now I was juggling 2 women at the same time. During that time, another woman, now my wife, started coming on to me. I didn’t resist and soon I was dating her too. I wasn’t long before I was caught by the wife and she divorced me. Imagine that !
I started to have feelings for the new girl and the first time we met at her apartment, I told her I liked to dress in women’s underclothes. That didn’t seem to bother her. I told her this because I wanted it right out in front in case things got deeper between us, which it did. We ended up moving out of state and after my divorce was final from my first wife, we got married.
The new wife seemed to be up for anything. She would dress me in her underclothes, along with the women’s clothes I owned, she would make love to me as if I were a woman, feeling and sucking my bra covered tits, she felt me up, running her hands up my pantyhose covered legs, and under my skirt to squeeze my ass cheeks. She also fucked me from time to time while I was dressed with one of the dildo’s we bought. We were having a great time. After a while, we moved again to another state.
She saw the things I was looking at on x-hamster and other sites and aske me if I was bi. I didn’t lie, I told her I really liked looking at other cock and balls. She told me that if I needed another cock, that she would have to be present. I told her I agreed. I didn’t do anything about it for a long time and one day asked her if she remembered what she told me and was it still ok. She remembered and told me she was wondering why it was taking me so long.
I had a guy in mind and invited him over for supper and fun. He agreed along with my wife. We had a nice dinner and went into the living room to relax. My wife and I were sitting on the couch and Tom was in a lounge chair a few feet away, facing us. My wife began rubbing my leg and soon had my shorts un-buttoned and her hand in my panties. Both my wife and I could see Tom’s boner in his shorts as he watched us. My wife pulled off my shorts and shirt. I was wearing a teen bra and lacy, black, see-through panties. Tom took the hint and began massaging his cock through his shorts.
My wife had my dick hard and stretching my panties by now, and she got up and went over to Tom, took him by the hands, and lifted him to his feet. She then pulled down his shorts along with his underwear and had him slip off his shirt. She then took his hand and led him over in front of me. With her knee, she spread my legs and placed Tom right between them, his cock only inches from my face. Debbie, my wife, took hold of his dick and put her hand on the back of my head, and brought us together. She stopped when my lips touched his oozing cock-head.
I took a lick and began lapping at his dick. He moved forward and I took him in my mouth. Tom slowly pumped in and out of my mouth while Debbie reached behind him and slipped her free hand between his legs and cupped his balls as he fucked my mouth. I could hear her breathing faster as Tom and I were. She was as excited as we were! I reached up with both hands and grabbed his ass to guide him. It was only a few minutes later when Tom groaned and flooded my mouth with his cum. Debbie was up close, watching as he exploded in my mouth. As his hot cum began to fill my mouth, I heard Debbie say, “Swallow it, baby… Swallow all his boiling cum!” Of course I did just that.
Debbie joined in with me and other men quite often when she wasn’t just watching. She even got other guys to let her dress them in silky, frilly girl clothes. I think she enjoyed that a little too much. Anyway, we both never stopped liking that.
It was only a few years ago when I found a local CD that was single and had advertised to live as a sissy, maid, or anything else someone wanted. I answered it, we met along with Debbie, and we agreed he could live with us. Sissy has been with us for about a year and a half now. He has a job, contributes to the household, in more ways than one. He also cleans and does other domestic duties. Debbie enjoys buying him and I girlie clothes now and then and we also enjoy his company.
A week or so ago, Debbie told me she was going shopping to get something for supper. When she came back, she had me lay on the floor and she lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and squatted right over my mouth, releasing a large load of sperm. She said…”Here’s your supper, darling!” After I ate it, I asked her where she got it. She told me, and I told her the arrangement “we” had would also apply to her. If she wanted new cock, she would have to bring it home. She agreed and explained it was her first time. I believe her because I have never seen anything to be suspicious about.

Jess and I

Well hear I am, never thought I would be here writing to you about something that actually happen to me. To start with I guess you could say I am bi,
Yet my story involves no man. Just myself and a woman every man should be so lucky to hold. Will call her Jess for now. Jess and I started talking over the internet
through craigslist. Yeah I hear you all, anyway she was someone to talk to. And I could talk to her about anything. Because frankly I would never come face to face
with her anyway. I enjoy wearing panties and tights and leggings, and I love pussy and women. I personaly have never seen a pussy that I wouldn’t eat. I also
love to have a woman finger my pspot, it’s just hard to find one that will talk about it much less do it for you. When Jess and I started talking is right after
a nasty break up with a very nasty woman. That relationship was hard on me and only lasted 3 years, The one before that was 20 years. So if I refer to them
I’ll refer to them as 3 and 20. I’ve enjoyed wearing things that fit tight all my life, and the 20 knew this, and we dabbled in me wearing silk things made
for men. But it wasn’t the same. She did however join me in my liking of ass play. We would make love with a vibrator in my ass, with the right power she
would enjoy the vibrations that flowed thru my cock and into her pussy. It’s like having a living vibrator hitting her gspot. And she loved it. It all slowly
faded away from our time together, yet became more and more entangled in my life. Now lets time travel to the 3 relationship. Ist year sex was out of this world. She turned
me on to wearing tights, panties and leggings. We would shop together and thats how I got most of my stuff. Now I can order anything I want off the internet.
Now Jess loved the feel of my ass and leggs in that tight material. Our sex life was the best I’ve ever had and we would spend entire weekends laid up pleasing
each others bodies. She loved to rub on my ass leggs and cock, until she could no longer handle it. Then it was time for the cloths to come off. I would start at her
size 42 breast. sucking and licking every inch of her suculant monds of pleasure. sucking and kissing my way to one of the most sexiest pussies I’ve ever
had the pleasure to taste. Eating pussy is my passion, nothing better. working my hot wet tongue and slippery lips trying hard not to miss one inch of her skin.
Finally a woman who loved her pussy eaten as much as I loved to eat. Working my teasing tongue down to her inner thigh on her right leg. Kissing and nibbling half way down her leg.
Jumping all at once and with out warning I take a toe or 2 into my hot wet awaiting mouth. Licking from the heel to the tips of her toes, driving her absolutly mad.
Turning my attention back to her other foot and took as many of her toes into my mouth as I could, which made her beg me to please lick her pussy. Ignorning
her cries of guideance towards her clit. I slowed down my nibbling not missing anything, listening to her body and letting her moans guide my way. As I moved my hot wet tongue
within mere inches from her clit. Moving from oneside to the other as I slowly drag my wet tongue gently over her clit. Her body tightens up and she lets out a gasp,
wanting, needing, and demanding more she grabs the back of my head and draws my face into her pussy. My tongue goes to work dancing and doing circles around your hard little
clit. I spread her lips and sucked her clit as if I would never have another. Her pussy was sweet teasting and a joy to suck. I made love to her pussy with my mouth.
As my tongue bathed her entire pussy her body tenses up she let out a moan the neighobor down the street could have heard. As the first of her orgasmn hit her body. Usually
ending up with her pushing my head away saying she could not handle another one. Then we would make sweet passionate love together. And every time we made love it
was always better than the time before. As time went by we talked about doing all kinds of stuff together, and before the cancer finally got her down. We almost
finished her sexual bucket list. Well she ask me one night about pegging. I told her simply turns you into the man and I the woman, and to shorting this some.
We bought a strap on, It is purple and jelly and does not resemble a cock. The first night we got it she couldn’t wait to try it out. So I dressed up in my body stocking
with an open crotch and some lace panties and tight black mini skirt, which turned her on even more. I was in the kitchen when she came up from behind me and
started nibbling on my neck and shoulders. Which was really turning me on ever so much. I felt her push the dildo into the crack of my ass and started sliding
it back and forth across my tinder asshole. I guide the tip of her she cock into my tight little asshole, I jumped as it popped into my asshole, and she almost
cried. Reasuring her she did not hurt me she finally began pusshing the 8 inch dildo into my hot tight little asshole. It felt better than I expected and
I began to push back as she thrusted into me. She grabbed my hips and burried the 8in dildo deep into my hot little hole. She was really getting into, giving me all
8 inches on every thrust. She was moaning and having herself a grand time as she made love to my ass. I couldn’t get enough and from then on out we added that to our weekly
love making. She really loved it when I would get on top and she could watch the dildo disappear deep into my tight hot ass. There is nothing sexier than a woman making
sweet passionate love to me as I would her, so gentle so giving, and oh so passionate.
It’s not as good as I would like but it gets better. let me know if you would like to hear more, or just fade away into the night with my memories.

My girlfriend made a sissy.part1

Hey guys this is my first story ….hope you all like it …

When I was 18, in spite of my shyness and not being in anyway incredibly
attractive, I somehow landed myself a girlfriend 2 years older than me. I
was quite short for a boy then, around 5’7 and very slim having not yet
developed much muscle. I had shoulder length brown hair and bright green
eyes and I simply couldn’t believe my luck in getting this girl. She was
called Jess, a beautiful redhead with a body to die for and an appetite for
sex even my youthful virility could hardly satisfy – not that we didn’t
try, constantly.

Jess was insatiable, and very domineering she took the lead in everything
and I happily followed. Naturally this spilt over into sex and we quickly
found we both loved it when she took control in the bedroom. It started off
pretty simply, just her on top during sex and often teasing me before
allowing me to cum, but as we shared our fantasies, things got crazier and
crazier. She often teased me that I looked quite pretty and even a little
girly, she told me guys would love me and after some time I told her that I
did have fantasies about being with men from time to time. I was happy she
didn’t really mind and even seemed excited by it so I grew more and more
confident sharing with her. Eventually I told her something I never dreamed
I’d tell anyone. I loved panties, I’d been dressing up since I was 11 and
always wanted to do it for someone else. Incredibly, so beyond my wildest
dreams, she thought this was amazing; she instantly made me strip off and
put on her panties that she had been wearing whilst we talked. What
followed was some amazing sex, her naked and me in a blue thong happy to
totally accepted. I showed her websites that I liked and she researched the
whole thing seemingly overnight. Before I knew it I wore her panties most
times we had sex and sometimes she gave me a pair to take home, telling me
I must wear them to school the next day. She’d make me put them on before
we went out with our friends telling me she wanted me to remember I was her
little sissy (her new name for me). I’d love it but constantly worry I’d be
caught and I guess she just loved having that control over me.

And now you have the background, let the story begin.

I never really fitted in with Jess’ friends so I was always nervous when we
hung out with them and this night was no exception. We’d gone to a party
full of people she knew and I was just her little tag along boyfriend, I
had no idea this night would be a very fond memory for me and later fuel my
fantasies for years to come.

I tried to mingle at the party, drinking and chatting to random groups but
I always returned to Jess getting bored of the people I was with or not
finding anyone to talk to at all. The party was just getting kind of dull
when Jess decided to change things dramatically. She came and told me to
come inside with her as we were all hanging out in the garden, and without
another word I followed her inside and upstairs to a bathroom. She locked
the door and started to kiss me, I got hard immediately as we made out
squashed in the bathroom. She undid my jeans and started stroking my cock
and said “I’m so fucking horny; I have a special plan for tonight baby”

“What is it?” I asked

“Shh now, you’ll see”, she said as she pulled her panties off and lifted
her skirt “now eat my cunt bitch”

I immediately fell to my knees and started licking her soaking wet pussy,
whatever her plan was it had got her damn hot and. hard as I was, I knew
I’d be going along with it.

“Take off your jeans and boxers baby, I wanna see you wank that cock when
you eat me”

I struggled to get them off as I remained on the floor and stuck between
her legs, but eventually I was naked from the waist down. I started jacking
off as I ate her sweet pussy and I thought I could see what was coming, I’d
be wearing her thong she’d thrown on the floor when I left the room, I was
sure of it. I wasn’t wrong but that wasn’t even half of what she had in

She started to moan and writhe against the wall as I continued to lick her
clit, sucking it into my mouth and flicking my tongue across it.

‘Oooooh’ she moaned, rubbing her pussy on my face as she came. She
momentarily sank against the wall before seemingly coming back to life.

“Mmm that was good baby, but now it’s your”

I stood up, anticipating what was to come, her blowjobs were
incredible. She sank to her knees and took my balls in her mouth. I moan
allowed and she smiled, “you enjoy that don’t you baby?”

“uhuh” I managed to sigh and she engulfed my entire cock in her mouth.

“You’ve always wanted to be in my place though haven’t you sissy?” she
asked as she pulled off my cock

“Mmm yeah, I’ve always wanted to try sucking a big hard cock” I could
hardly believe the things I said when she wanted me to.

She started feeling around on the floor for her panties, she’d worn a pink
lacy thong to the party and it was soaked, whatever she’d been planning
obviously excited her to no end. Eventually she found what she was after
and held them near my feet.

“cmon baby let’s see my little sissy in her panties”

I loved it when she spoke to me like that, and lifted my feet one by one to
help her put the thong on me. She pulled it on and up tight between my ass
checks before telling me to turn around with my hands against the wall and
my ass sticking out.

“My little sissy has such a cute ass” as she said this she slapped it and
then pulled my cheeks apart to tease my hole. Now she made me shave totally
from the waist down (I had very little hair above the waist) and due to my
body shape I did look like quite a cute girl from behind and I absolutely
loved it when she complimented me as such.

She reached up between my legs and started to fondle my balls and cock,
occasionally licking my ass as she did, teasing me relentlessly. I loved
having my ass licked and she was an expert handling a cock, so I was in
heaven as she did this.

“Now baby you love me don’t you?” I could see the plan was about to be
revealed as she said this

“Of course, Jess”

“And you love pleasing me?” she stuck her tongue in my ass

“Oh god yes”

“I want you to do something special for me, and I know you’ll like it” she
resumed stroking my cock and I was trembling all over

“Anything jess”

“Remember that small group of boys sat at the end of the garden?”


“I want you to hang out with them and pay particular attention to the boy I
point out for you, he’s gay and always tries to pick up boys he’s not met
before at parties, especially younger ones like you”

“Sure Jess but why?” I’d never refuse her now, I was feeling way too damn

“I want you to see how far you can get with him, I know you’ll love it and
it’d make me so wet. You’d be in for such a reward later” with that she
span me round and sucked my cock again. I could hardly process what had
been said as I watched her sexy red head bouncing on my cock. Her hand
reached up behind me and started toying with my ass as she sucked me, I
couldn’t concentrate at all I was just loving it. And then as I got close
to cumming she stopped, “Let’s go back to the party then baby” and with
that she got up and past me my jeans as she smoothed out her skirt.

“Please do this for me baby, and I’ll make it worthwhile later”

Now this shows our relationship perfectly, here I was 15 years old wearing
a bright pink thong under my jeans at a party full of strangers, being told
by my girlfriend to seduce a guy and never, not once, did a serious thought
cross my mind to refuse her.

“Umm ok, I’ll talk to them but I don’t know what’ll happen”

“That’s fine, just accept it when he goes for you, he’ll love a sissy like

With that I was lead outside and introduced to Kevin and his mates, jack
was quite handsome fairly tall with short dark hair and brown eyes and he
seemed quite pleased to meet me. Jess introduced me as a friend of hers she
thought Kevin might get on with, he seemed to catch what she meant because
he suddenly became more interested in me. I went to sit next to him and
Jess quickly wandered off to talk to some other friends.

Kevin was actually really hot and as I sat next to him drinking, I slowly
started to enjoy his attention. I was worried at first that my thong would
show above my jeans (well it happened to the girls all the time) but as the
drinking took effect I worried less and less and just enjoyed myself with
Kevin. Soon enough I was sat with his arms around me, giggling away
listening to everyone talking, really getting into him. Kevin grew bored of
everyone else it seemed and told me to follow him, so I got up and he lead
me inside upstairs to a bedroom.

As soon as we were inside, he locked the door and turned to me.

“Well now I have you all to myself”, he smiled as he moved close to me.

“And why would you want that”, as I said this I put my hands on his chest
and smiled up at him, I wasn’t even thinking about Jess’ commands, I just
wanted him.

He didn’t even answer, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, I was
in heaven. He grabbed my ass through my jeans and I just melted into the
kiss. Then he threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me, kissing my lips
and neck, it made me feel so girly I couldn’t help but go along with it. I
reached out and stroked the bulge growing in his crotch, his cock felt so
big I simply had to see it.

“Well someone knows what they want”, he said as he helped me undo his
jeans, his cock sprang out and I gasped. It actually wasn’t massive, but
I’d only ever seen my cock for real before and it was certainly bigger than

“Looks like you like my cock, k**”, I blushed as he said this and then
nodded as I licked my lips. I started stroking it again and he kissed me
long and deep. He undid the top button of my jeans and I panicked crazily
for a moment until he hushed me saying “don’t worry baby, I’ve know what’s
under there and I’ve always wanted a sissy like you”, he pulled my jeans
down a little and started stroking my cock through the lace. His tone
completely changed then, it was no longer tender he was totally commanding
from that moment on

“That’s just what you are isn’t it, k**, a little sissy”

“Mmm yes”, I moaned

“You want to be my sissy bitch don’t you?”

“Oh God, please make me your bitch Kevin” I don’t even know why I said it,
I just couldn’t resist.

“Take off everything but those panties, slut”, as he said this he stopped
stroking my cock and stood back. Quickly, I stood up and pulled my jeans
the rest of the way off and discarded my shirt just as fast. I was stood
for the first time ever, in front of a man in nothing but a little pink

Kevin walked around me as I stood there, he felt my ass and cock on his

“Damn you’re a hot bitch” I almost came even as he said that.

“Well now I know you’ll do as I say there’s just one thing I want from a
slut like you right now”, he pulled out his cock, “get on your knees”.

I knelt in front of him and, grabbing hold of his hard cock, I slipped the
head into my mouth. I absolutely loved it, it didn’t even occur to me that
a short while ago I’d been the one having his cock sucked, right now I was
just this man’s slut. I devoted myself to the task of making him cum,
gagging on his cock trying to deep throat it, slurping and suck trying to
please him. He called me names constantly, calling me his slut, telling me
to suck his cock like a good bitch; I didn’t need the encouragement. Before
long he was breathing hard and pumping faster, “Swallow my cum, sissy” he
said it between breaths as he started to pump cum into my mouth, one jet,
two and then he pulled his cock out of my mouth saying “I know what my
bitch needs” and sprayed the rest of his cum over my willing slutty face.

“See you around, faggot” He said and then left me there, alone in the room
covered in cum. I got dressed, cleaned up in the bathroom and went
downstairs to find Jess waiting for me

“Having no panties around here gets you in trouble” She said with a smile
but I had no time to ask what she meant.

“C’mon, we’re going back to mine for a while”, she took my hand and lead me
all the way back to her house as I told her the story of what had happened
to me.

When we got to her house, we rushed to her room she stripped down to just
her skirt and I was in nothing but her thong once again.

“Wow baby, your story got me hot, lie back on the bed for me I want you to
eat my pussy again and I have something to tell you” I did as she said and
she straddled my face, as she did she started to tell me about her night.

“Well sissy, I guess you want to know what I did all night? I was flirting
with a group of guys to pass the time when a really hot one called Jack
felt me up. He grabbed my ass through my skirt and I thought I’d let him
have a little fun you know but then he felt up under my skirt and found out
I had no panties. Well you can guess what happened then” She paused and
started to cum from my attention, it never occurred to me to stop licking
even as she told me she’d let a guy feel her up

“Well he started playing with my pussy, right there in front of everyone. I
felt like such a whore, I loved it and it was nice being felt by a real man
you know. I was squirming there with his fingers in my cunt and people were
starting to stare to I asked him to take me inside. I’d already felt his
cock and it was huge, you’d have loved it sissy, I certainly did. We went
in the same bathroom as me and you did before and as soon as we were in I
bent over the toilet and flipped my skirt up. I begged him to fuck me, have
I ever begged you sissy? He felt so good inside my cunt, I really wanted to
let him cum there so you’d have a nice treat too but I didn’t want to get
pregnant so when he was close to cumming I got him to pull out and I sucked
him off. He tasted so good, you’d have loved it my little sissy.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening, here I was eating my girlfriend’s
cunt after it had been fucked by another guy and worse still, I was as hard
as a rock. Jess noticed this.

“Aww is my little sissy hard from my story? Do you want to cum baby? Stroke
it for me my little bitch, I’d let you fuck me but I don’t think I’d feel
it after Jack.”

I started pumping my cock and was ready to cum in seconds, so much had
happened that night and I hadn’t come once. Jess really started grinding
her pussy on my face as I came

“You pathetic bitch, you’re getting off knowing you’re girlfriend fucked
another guy and made you eat her cunt afterwards. You’re such a sissy, you
must be a fag I bet you loved Kevin’s cock so much didn’t you. Maybe I’ll
try and get Jack to fuck both of us next time”

Jess got off me and started scooping my cum off me and into my mouth. I
swallowed it all without a word and then she told me to leave.

How I Made Martina Into My Toilet Slave

I keep visiting lots of online forums and chatrooms related to sex and lesbians, to meet like-minded people and find out more about myself. There, I met Martina. She’s 9 years older than me and bored in her marriage, so while looking for a new rush she tried to find out how it would be with a woman.

We liked each other right away and were both noobs in the chat (though I’ve been there a little longer than her) and soon we were talking about what we both like doing and how we’d do it to one another. One thing lead to another and I soon had my fingers on my pussy while I tried turning her on.

Martina couldn’t or wouldn’t masturbate by the computer, but made sure I got my fair share. She had a fetish for tits and was very proud of her own bust, which she classified as a 38 D. It seemed a bit much for me, especially since she said she was otherwise quite slender and kept her weight, but had a great “latina ass”. But then, I’m just a 34 B, and I’m a sports hater.

Besides that, she was very submissive and wanted me to call her my “slave”. I thought it odd at first, but it seemed to really turn her on, so with time I enjoyed our little role-play as well.

Some day we wanted to meet in person. We live about 200 km apart, it was summer and we were both curious. So we set up a date, a small town, about halfway between both of our homes. Martina was there before and suggested an icecream parlour by the market square. She gave me another description of herself, so I might recognize her. (We didn’t feel comfortable sending photos at the time.) I just said she’d know it’s me – that’s how it is as a redhead, you’ll get noticed.

So I drive to our meeting point and the whole time I’m thinking about what I might do with her when I meet her. Are we just acquaintances? After all, I masturbated several times with her, and she knows more about my secret longings than anyone else. And I know about her fantasies with her friend Cora, or that she wants to be my slave.

Should I just treat her like I did in the chatroom? That’d be daring in public, but it made me wet just thinking about it. Finally, I decided to just wait and see what happened, but was resolved not to hold back.

I found the market square (thanks to GPS) and the icecream parlour as well. She was already there and seemed quite nervous. She wore a pair of tight, stone-washed jeans and a white tube top which accentuated her body nicely. She didn’t lie about her breasts, they were nice and big and nicely shaped. Her hair was long, straight and black, and her face was pretty, in a classical, regal looking way.

I just wore a short, yellow dress with not much underneath. “Hey Martina,” I said and walked up to her as if we knew each other for years. “How are you?”

“Kat?” she asked and stared at me incredulously. She smiled. “Thank god, I thought already…”

“…That I wouldn’t show up?” I asked. “Or that I’m a guy?” She laughed. She had a beautiful, open laugh, and her face was so pretty I wondered why she put so much work into her body.

I sat down next to her. The café had only a few other visitors, a few schoolgirls sat on a table across from us, and a couple seemed to be sitting inside. Other than that, it was empty. The waitress came up and I ordered a big sundae with cream and Cappuccino. Martina sipped her espresso and said she needed to watch her weight. I never cared about my weight, so I enjoyed myself.

“You can have some pussy cream with your coffee,” I laughed. “That’s guaranteed low-cal.”

She blushed. She seemed to be more shy in real life than online. “Kat!” she acted indignant, but didn’t say anything else.

“How’s the sex life?” I asked.

“Well,” she said. “Nothing special. I mostly do it myself, if I even have the time, so not very much. And then I think of…” she paused when the waitress came to bring my order.

Without taking notice of her, I continued: “…of when you’re fisting my twat while I’m eating you out?” This was one of our fantasies, and Martina wanted to sink into the ground for shame while the waitress gave her best to act like she didn’t hear any of that.

I thanked her and got started on my icecream. “Oh god Kat,” Martina said. “You’re crazy.” I smiled. “Do you even know how horny these thoughts make me feel?”

I raised my eyebrows. “No clue,” I said. “As horny as me?” She laughed again. “So tell me,” I asked. “Is it at least good when you come from that?”

She looked around and whispered as she leaned in: “You have no idea… Last night, I gave myself a long nice shower in preparation for today, and I thought of our hot chats. And I just peed nicely on my hand and rubbed it all over my tits while I thought of you doing that to me. You know, like that one time.” I nodded and remembered one of our chats, when we found out we both liked water sports. She sipped her espresso again.

“So what about it?” I asked and pointed at the cup. “Pussy cream?”

“Mmmh,” she moaned. Without asking further, I pulled up my skirt and inserted the long icecream spoon between my legs. It was cold and hard, and I spread my labia while guiding it into my pussy. “Kat,” Martina hissed. “They’re looking at you!” I looked up and the teenage girls from the other table were giggling and whispering. I turned the spoon inside me and pulled it out, holding it up to Martina, who took it reluctantly in her mouth, but started sucking it thoroughly. Again, giggles from the other table.

“God, you turn me on,” she said. I smiled again.

“Are there any bathrooms here?” I asked the waitress as she was passing by our table again.

“Inside,” she replied and pointed.

“What’re we waiting for?” I asked Martina and looked deep into her eyes. She stared at me again, but followed my lead. I secretly took the spoon with me in my handbag.

The bathroom was very small, just a tiny room with a sink out front. We squeezed in anyway and locked the door behind us. I immediately grabbed Martinas tits. She moaned: “Those have been neglected for a long time.” I pulled her top under her breasts and weighed them admiringly in my hands. They really were her whole pride and joy, and rightfully so. I began sucking one with pleasure. Martina leaned against the wall and let me take her, while unbuttoning her jeans and sliding a hand inside them. I grabbed her tight butt while I pulled a nipple with my teeth.

“Did I allow you to touch yourself, slave?” I asked sternly.

Martina pulled her hand back and said meekly: “No goddess, may I?”

“May I what?” I replied.

“May I play with myself, mistress?” she asked shyly.

I bit her breast harder and slapped her bum: “How do we say?”

“May I jack off my cunt, mistress?” she said somewhat more determined.

“Pull down your pants,” I ordered. She slowly peeled off the tight jeans and let it fall to the ground. Her pussy was a dream. Nice dark pubic hair was growing all across her vulva, and below her wet labia were glimmering.

She saw my satisfied smile and said: “I let it grow out just for you, goddess. So you’ll be satisfied with the cunt of your servant.” I nodded and turned her around towards the wall, to get a better look between her legs. There, I noticed the little slut didn’t come unprepared: A nice, black plug was lodged firmly in her ass.

I turned it, and began to move it inside her butt, which she visibly enjoyed. “Oh mistress, do you know how much I longed for that?” I didn’t answer and instead worked her some more with the plug, then pulled it out and pushed it back in, over and over, until I could fuck her tight “latina ass” nicely with it. She moaned louder.

“That’s how you like it,” I hissed in her ear. “Straight up the ass.”

“Oh yes, mistress,” she answered. “I’m such a little anal whore who needs it up her asshole constantly. My dirty hole is just there to be used by you.” I fucked her hard with the plug while I pulled her hair back and pressed her tits against the cold tiles on the wall. She squealed and whimpered, when she came, and stood there for a while gasping for air, the plug still inside her.

I sat down on the toilet seat and spread my legs. “Come here,” I ordered. She knew what time it was and knelt willingly on the floor in front of me. I pulled up my skirt and she purred happily at the sight of my red bush.

“Wow, I did…” she started to say when I interrupted her harshly by aiming a spray of pee straight at her face.

She slurped and drank. It was hotter than I ever imagined it. I pissed on her, and she swallowed it happily, as if she never did anything else. I wondered if her mind wasn’t dirtier than she would let on, because now she was “in the mood” she didn’t know any boundaries. What she couldn’t swallow she let run down her tits, where it dripped on the floor. When I was finished, her white top was soaking wet and had a yellow stain. It didn’t seem to bother her. She licked the last drops out of my pubic hair and then looked up at me. “Give me the fist,” I said.

“Should I really, mistress?” she asked and looked at her hand. She had a few clunky rings on her fingers and several bangles that clattered on her wrist.

“Blast my cunt, slave,” I replied and pulled my twat wide open. I wanted her to look deep inside my hole, into the muff of her mistress, which she had to obey and be obedient to. She pressed her fingers tight and pushed the tips into my hole. They slid in easily, still wet from pee and pussy slime. She moved them gently back and forth, going deeper inside. Her rings rubbed nicely at the walls of my vagina and she only stopped when her knuckles and thumb reached my labia. She looked at me once more, just to make sure, then pushed it in with all her strength.

I groaned deep and loud. Something deep and a****listic, wild and furious broke loose within me and made itself heard with a guttural, primitive scream. Martina looked at me startled but I grabbed her arm and motioned her to fuck me faster, harder, mercilessly. She pushed in as hard as she could and filled my cunt like nothing before. I felt how my snatch constricted around her hand and held her tight, seemingly trying to pull her even further in even though her fingers already touched my cervix. Martina looked at me concerned and I felt her move inside me, twisting, turning, caressing my insides and finally turning into a fist. She began boxing my box.

I came. And then I came again. And again. I thought how this dirty submissive cow was finishing me off, how she did everything I told her to, how she revelled in obeying me and how I, and only I, could do that with her. And I came again. The orgasms shook my body and I didn’t even notice Martina pulling her hand back out. When I regained my senses, she was sucking the rest of the pussy slime off my labia and rubbed her nose in my bush.

I breathed in deep and got up, straightening my dress while she cleaned up the floor with toilet paper. Her tits were still dangling freely out of her top and I think she enjoyed feeling as free as this. When she was finished, she packed them back in as good as possible. The top was now semi-transparent from wetness and her nipples were showing clearly, which made her look even more appetizing. Even though I didn’t need the spoon, I inserted it quickly in my pussy until it was covered in a thin layer of slime, and then we left the bathroom.

I paid at the counter while Martina already went outside, probably to have her top dry faster in the sun. When I followed her, the giggling girls were still at their table; it seemed we weren’t taking quite as long as we thought. I went past their table and looked at them meaningfully while dropping the spoon there.

From the market square we went on a walk down towards the river. Martina reached for my hand and held it and we walked hand in hand along the shore. The weather was nice, the sun was shining and a few pedestrians and bicycles were passing us by. Her top was still somewhat transparent, but it didn’t seem to bother her. She looked happy, very proud and at peace with herself and the world. I was wondering if it was because of me, or because she managed to get out of the house for once and could do something completely different. Feeling like she could be any way she wanted to be. Because that’s how I felt.

We came to a place where the river bent around a curve and was flowing somewhat slower. A small pond was branching off there, and a few people were rowing boats on it. Wanting to enjoy the day, we took a boat and went out across the lake. Martina smiled at me as she sat beside me and we tried without much success to steer in one direction. Finally we gave up and just let the boat drift across the water. I took her in my arms and she leaned her head against my shoulder. We laid back into the boat, until we were all hidden inside it. She pulled up her top and began playing with her breasts again.

“Do you like my tits, Kat?” she asked.

“Of course,” I answered truthfully.

“That’s very important to me,” she said solemnly. “You don’t know how much it means. In school they all made fun of me because they’re big like that. And I was proud of them anyway.” I fell quiet and laid my arm on her, reaching for her breasts. They were warm and soft. “I wish you could jizz on me,” she said suddenly.

“What, why?” I asked.

“I love cum,” she said. “It’s so good to feel it in me or on me, to smell it, to taste it.”

I began caressing her breasts and said: “I can offer you a few other things you can feel, smell and taste.”

Martina moaned again. “God, I could fuck all day long.”

I laughed. “Well, what’s keeping you?”

She looked at me. “But you like it too, right? It’s very important to me that you like everything we do.”

I laughed again. “Don’t worry,” I said. She smiled and sat up. We had drifted to the opposite shore of the lake and the other boats were far away from us, but they probably could still see her sit there topless. I sat back up as well. She looked around and then took off her pants, until she was all naked, the plug still in her butt. At first I was embarrassed, but then I thought “so what” and pulled my dress over my head.

She watched me and smiled. “Your armpits aren’t shaved.”

I blushed. “I don’t like to shave, and they’re so light most people don’t even notice,” I answered. “I love my hair.”

She suddenly kissed me straight on the lips and said gently: “I love your hair too, Kat. I don’t want to change anything about you. You’re a big role model to me, you know?” I smiled shyly. “I’ll let them grow out again too. Fuck beauty standards,” she said.

I laughed. “The way I know us we rather piss on beauty standards.” Martina didn’t say anything but steered the boat towards a small overgrown island close by. I helped her as good as I could.

When we got there, we got off the boat and walked naked through the thicket until we were sure nobody could see us. Then she turned to me and said: “Look at me mistress. All of this belongs to you. I want to be all yours and nobody elses.”

I smiled. “I think I know you better and more intimate than many others,” I said. “That part of you belongs to me.”

She answered: “Oh goddess, nobody knows me like you do. Nobody knows the things you know. With you I can be myself.”

I smiled and eyed her up and down. She was beautiful, sexy, nicely shaped and desirable. And terribly natural. I loved her pubic hair, her tits, her pussy, her ass. “Piss for me,” I said.

Without hesitation she spread her legs and pulled her labia open. I wondered if it was possible to pee with a plug up the ass, when she already made it rain. Her piss sprayed all over and ran down her legs, but she just closed her eyes and enjoyed the freedom to be able to piss on the floor in front of her mistress. I reached for her twat and let the warm stream run across my hand, rubbing the wet fingers on her tits afterwards. “Oh mistress,” she moaned. “My goddess, you know how to please my tits.”

I smiled and made her bend across a tree trunk, and while her cunt was still running out I pushed my fingers inside her and began fucking. Her piss sprayed across my arm while I worked her twat and she moaned loud. “Oh yes!” she yelled. “Yes mistress, give it to me. Use me!” I thrusted two fingers inside her and crooked them, so I could massage her spot with my fingertips. I felt the plug when I moved in and out of her. She moaned louder. “Fuck me hard,” she gasped. “Fuck me like your whore, like your slave cunt.”

I slapped her butt sharply with the other hand. “What are you?” I asked.

“I’m your little slave twat,” she answered.

I hit her again. “I can’t hear you,” I said.

“I’m your dirty filthy slave!” she yelled louder. I slapped her once more, harder. She trembled. “I’M KAT’S DIRTY CUNT HOLE SLAVE MARTINA!” she screamed.

I have no clue if anyone heard us, but the thought of her screaming her horniness out into the world turned me on so bad I lost my inhibitions and just wanted to finish her off. Brutally, I slammed four fingers inside her twat like a pocket. She pushed back against the trunk while her tits were dangling big and heavy below her. I slapped them with one hand, making them jiggle even more.

“Yes, give it to my utters,” she spurred me on. “Treat me like a dirty farm slut.” My arm got heavy from thrusting and I became more and more daring. I pulled my fingers out and pressed both hands tight together, spread the thumbs apart and then shoved all eight fingers inside her. I heard her gasp for air, but she bravely pushed back. Her slit was stretching and I pushed the plug in with my thumbs. I fucked her as good as I could inside her tight twat, and she only let out brute moans and began to drool, until she shook all over her body and her knees gave in. My hands slid out of her, and a gush of pussy secretion streamed out.

I knelt beside her and held her tight. She trembled and laughed uncontrollably, kissing my slimy hands and smearing them across her face. I kissed her mouth passionately, pushing my tongue inside her, tasting her, feeling her tits against mine, holding her tight, trembling, happy, tired and fucked out of my mind.

When we had dressed and brought the boat back, she held the plug proudly in her hand as we walked back, as if she wanted to show that she was exactly as dirty and depraved, and even more so, as everyone thought who saw her.