“We’d better organise something for Ted’s 75th next week, Jan.” said Mike. “After all, he’s your last remaining relative, so we should make it a bit special really.”
“Well strictly speaking, he’s not. He is my step dad’s brother.” Jan replied.
“Yeah, I know that,but you’ve called him uncle for the last thirty years, so….”
“I know, I know” Jan replied. “We should do something special, I suppose. Don’t know what, though.”
They both thought for a while, then Jan said “I know what the dirty old bugger would really like, if he was given the choice!”
“Oh, yeh….you!” Mike said. He grinned at her. “He’s always had the hots for you, hasn’t he”
“Yes, the dirty old bugger, ever since my tits first grew, I’ve had to avoid been on my own with him! Wandering eyes and wandering hands.”
“What, he’s been that bad?” Mike asked.
“Yes,I’ve told you before…ogling me, making remarks, “accidently” touching my boobs and slapping my bum as soon as we were on our own…ever since I was 13!”
“Well, you were quite well endowed by then, weren’t you?….I’ve seen the pictures!”
“It’s not funny, Mike. Well, it wasn’t then, I can assure you! And he still undresses me with his eyes every time we go to see him. That’s why I never go to see him on my own. The last time we were there, he followed me into the kitchen and stroked my arse. I gave his hand a good slap, but didn’t say anything to you, to avoid trouble”
“The randy old bugger! 75 and still horny! Well, you’ll be safe enough with me there! Let’s give it some thought and see what we can come up with. Not just taking him down the pub, I mean. Something a bit different.”
When he arrived home from work, Mike told Jan that he’d had an idea for Ted’s birthday. He had a big smirk on his face when he said it, so she said
“C’mon then, what is it? I know that look!”
“Well, there’ll be just me, you and him, and I’ll get there early, then you suddenly appear as …..as…his birthday strippergram!” Mike said, grinning.
“What? No bloody way!” Jan shouted.
“No, listen, calm down and listen. I’ll be there all the time. He’ll love it. He’s always wanted to see you with your kit off. This is the perfect opportunity, A complete one-off. What do you say, love? C’mon, be a sport! I’ll take my camera to capture the look on his face!” Mike pleaded.
“You’ll give him a birthday he’s always dreamed of!
She looked at him. “ You are a perv, do you know that? You want to take pictures of me stripping off for my uncle! I’m 46, not a twenty year old!”
Mike just stood there grinning.” You’re a right pair of dirty buggers together! What, do you mean like strip off completely for him? He might jump on me!” Jan said.
“Nah, he’d probably put his back out if he tried!” Mike laughed. “I think you’d be safe enough!”
”OK, you’re on.” Jan said at breakfast the next day “But I’m going to be in full control of what goes on…and you make damn sure you control him if he gets too excited!”
“Of course!” Mike said. “Can I pick your outfit?”
“Bugger off!” she shouted, as Mike walked into the kitchen.
He stuck his head round the door, and said, grinning “ If he does get too excited, you’ll have to grab his gear stick to control him!”
“Oh, yes, you’d love that wouldn’t you, watching me with my uncle’s cock in my hand! PERV!!
The following Tuesday, they arrived at Ted’s house, and Mike went in first as arranged.
Ted was sat watching the TV. “Where’s Jan?” he asked.
“She needed to go to the toilet. She’ll be down in a minute.” Mike replied.
Jan’s stomach was churning as she got changed in the bathroom into her outfit of black bra, thong, stockings and suspenders with a white semi transparent blouse and a short pleated kilt. She looked in the mirror and said “C’mon, Jan, it’s just a one-off. A quick strip to give the old bugger his birthday treat, then back up here to get changed.”
She went downstairs and stood outside the front room door, took a deep breath and began to sing “Happy Birthday” and walked in. Ted’s eyes nearly popped out when he saw her. Mike took a picture, then, as Jan finished singing, he started the music to “The Stripper” on his iphone, as they’d arranged. Jan began to dance. She shook her hips and stuck out her tits, and began unbuttoning her blouse. She was so nervous that she fumbled at the buttons. She couldn’t look at Ted, and was aware that Mike was pointing his iphone at her and Ted, videoing. The blouse came off, then the skirt, in a nervous rush. She reached behind to unhook her bra and stole a quick look at her uncle. He was mesmerised, completely absorbed in watching her, his niece, getting naked before him. His look wasn’t lustful, more like a c***d getting an unexpected present. Gone was the leering, lecherous old man she’d been wary of for years. He was transfixed, as gentle as a lamb.
Mike spoke, his words cutting through the sexually charged atmosphere. “Now then Ted, are you ready for this? How many times I times have I caught you slyly looking at Jan’s boobs, mentally undressing her. Your own niece, you dirty old bugger. You never, ever expected to see them, though, did you​?” He looked at Jan and winked.
“No.” he answered, without looking directly at Mike, obviously ashamed at being found out.
“Well, you don’t really deserve this. It’s a very special birthday treat.” He looked again at Jan, grinned, and said “Whenever you’re ready Jan! Take your bra off for him.”
She realised then that she was in complete control. She was no longer the long-suffering target for his lustful looks and furtive fumblings when no one was around. The tables were turned. It was her turn now. With Mike’s words emboldening her, her nervousness disappeared, and she slowly took the bra away and shook her big tits at him. He gasped, and she said “This is what you want, isn’t it? This is what you’ve waited years to see, isn’t it?” He gawped at her naked breasts, then looked at her and nodded, dumbly. “Cat got your tongue, Uncle Ted?” she said, teasingly. She leaned in to him and whispered “I bet you’d like to do this, wouldn’t you?” as she squeezed her breasts, her nipples now fully erect. She looked at Mike, amused by the expression on his face, then leaned forward, and brushed her nipples against Ted’s nose to taunt him, then took hold of her left breast and, using her right hand to pull his head forward, she offered the nipple to his mouth. He closed his warm lips around and sucked. She quickly pulled it out and stepped back. She slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her skimpy black knickers, and pulled them down just a little.”Do you want to see more?” She tauntingly pulled them down to the edge of her pubic area. “How about this for a birthday treat!” she whispered, then yanked them down to reveal her smooth shaven cunt. He was panting, quiet and slow, his breath catching. She was really enjoying herself now. Naked apart from suspender belt and stockings, she started running her hands slowly over her body. The music had stopped and the air was electric. She was aware of Mike watching her and Ted. She turned to him. He was almost as transfixed as Ted!
“Well, are you going to stand there gawping, or are you going to get us a birthday drink, Mike? And put something nice and slow and relaxing on your iphone.” She turned to her uncle “ And don’t you be having a heart attack on me, Uncle Ted. I’m just starting to enjoy myself! Get that shirt off, it’s hot in here!” she said.

Dreadlock Holiday – A Wife’s Revenge – Day 8

Day 8

I awoke and returned to thinking about my wife the virgin who I had married and was now the biggest slut in the resort. As each day passed the more I regretted having arranged this holiday; a holiday that was supposed to be a dream reconciliation between us but had instead turned into a complete nightmare for me.

I sat outside on the big sun lounger and looked out to sea and contemplated what another hot and humid day would bring. My thoughts didn’t go much further than guessing there would be more drinking with Sally acting the slut for any black guy who passed by.

Some 20 minutes later Sally stood at the door wearing as she has every morning so far, another new swim suit. This one was a small black bikini with the top half cups pushing her breasts upwards and the bottoms so tiny that they could only be described as a small little piece of black material covering her pussy with two black ribbons tied at the waist. She put her hands on her hios and adopted a pose, “How do I look?”

“Like a lady looking for some cock, any cock,” I replied. As always she just laughed at me in response.
She looked at me, “Can we go back to the nudist beach today Mark?”

She wasn’t really asking me, she was telling me, as normal. I just nodded, “If you want too.” What was the point in me saying anything else?

We got our things together and headed off up to reception to order a taxi. As we waited there was silence between us; we clearly had nothing to say to each other and the silence was killing was killing me.

I saw the taxi arrive outside as did the reception staff. Our names were called telling us our taxi was here and as we got near I saw it was the same driver as the other day. He smiled as he saw Sally heading his way and opened the car door letting her get in. As she slid in the backseat he looked down at her legs smiling to himself before closing the door.

He started the engine and asked, “Same beach as last time?”

Sally giggled replying, “You got it,” and as we set off just as the last time he adjusted his mirror so he could focus on Sally. She saw what he was doing so she played her part and sat back with her legs slightly parted so she could tease him.

He began making small talk and told us, “My name is Jamal.”

I looked at Sally as she told him our names followed by, “Nice to meet you again.” He drove a little slower this time, his eyes kept flicking from the road to Sally.

We arrived at the beach and Jamal jumped out helping Sally out of the taxi all the while his eyes fixed on her tanned legs. “See you around 4pm?” he asked

“Sounds good to me,” replied Sally giving him a wave as we headed off walking along the beach back to where we sat before. I guessed she was looking for that old bloke again.

We laid out our towels and all the while Sally kept looking round. I laid down as Sally rested back on her elbows, “Shit, he’s not here today,” she said under her breath but just loud enough for me to hear.

She sighed, “Oh well,” and then got up, unclipped her bikini top and placed it into the beach bag and then she sat back down. The sun was already high in the sky and I was pleased I had covered us with sun screen before we left the cabana as all the signs said it was going to be a very hot day and I didn’t want sunburn to be added to list of misery.
As on our previous visit there were a few people around and some were doing that walking-along-the-water-edge-thing. I noticed a guy with a pot belly, trimmed beard with a very hairy back and chest who kept walking up and down all the while looking at Sally as she lay there with her pert tits on clear display. (I wasn’t sure but he looked an awful lot like one of the guys who had been standing by the rocks masturbating while watching Sally as she fucked with Harry the other day; Interesting.) Whoever he was I wanted to see what he would do if I wasn’t around so I offered to get some drinks. “That would be nice; thank you Mark,” Sally replied.

I headed off wondering if he would try and make his move on her once I was out of sight. I kept looking back as I made my way to the beach bar and with my attention elsewhere it was with a shock that I bumped into someone as I neared the bar. It was the same beautiful lady who was here when we were here previously. I made my apologies and she just smiled.

I smiled back to her, asking, “How’s your holiday going?”

“Just fine thank you,” came her reply. I temporarily forgot why I had come up off the beach as we stopped and we began to talk, my eyes flicking up and down her sexy body.

I was reminded when her husband appeared coming back from the bar with drinks. He saw me and said, “Hi man, like what you see?”

I smiled, “Yes,” adding, “You’ve just reminded me why I’m here” gesturing toward the drinks in his hand. We shared a laugh and I continued on my way to the bar.

Mission accomplished, I headed back towards Sally. As I passed the beautiful lady she smiled again to me and I winked back to her and continued walking down the beach.

I passed Sally her drink and looking around saw the guy with the beer belly standing not far from us with hands on his hips looking out towards the sea. Sally sipped her drink, “That guy keeps walking up and down looking towards me.”
I laughed, “I guess he wants and has designs on you.”

“Well he can carrying on wanting. He reminds me of my Uncle Bert; lecherous old man he was,” she replied. Wow, Sally turning a guy down for the first time since being here.

Sally stood up, “Time to lose these bottoms…”’ she said, “ … and you too!” I shucked off my shorts and then watched as she slowly untied the ribbons and let the scrap of material slip down over her hips to fall down round her feet. She stepped out of them and put them into the beach bag and lingered bending over the bag whilst her tits hung down and her legs were slightly parted.

She stood up hands on her hips and looked up and down the beach. The potbellied bloke turned seeing her standing there, his eyes moving slowly up and down her body. I had the impression that she had just provided what he had been waiting for; her to remove her bikini bottoms.

He walked up towards us as Sally lay down on her towel; she pretended not to notice him as he stopped just yards from us hungrily eyeing her naked body up and down. His cock hung down between his legs and was covered with pubic hair. It wasn’t that big but looked to be fat and had a big girth. As he stood there I swear I could I could see it begin to stiffen. He noticed me looking and made a play of something in the distance catching his attention and so he resumed his walk making sure his path went by us.

Sally laughed, “Oh my God I wouldn’t be able to breathe if he laid on me. Look at that belly hanging over, I bet he hasn’t seen his cock in a long while.”

“I’ll take that as you don’t want him to try then,” I retorted.

“Well, if that’s all on offer today….” she stopped short of telling me yes I guessed.

Sally moved to her elbow turning on her side looked at me, “You know, it might be fun trying with him,” she said with a giggle.

“What!” I gasped.

“Why not?” she continued, “it would be a different type of guy to try; not like the normal ones I’ve had since being here,” giggling all the time as she spoke.

He was now some twenty feet away down the shore but as if on cue he turned and slowly headed back towards us. Sally spotted him and as he got nearer she stood up, smiled to him and said, “Come here often?”

The guy looked at her, lost for words, but his eyes moved over her body saying volumes. Sally moved closer towards him, their eyes now fixed on each other.

Sally asked him outright, “How old are you?”

He stammered, “58.”

“So you like younger women then do you?” she continued.

He smiled at her and bounced back to her, “Do you like older bigger guys then?”

She blushed, “I’m not sure; never been with a guy like you before.”

He took that as an invitation and made the first move and came over a laid on her towel looking up at her. She smiled at his blatant behaviour but not to be outdone she moved forward and placed her feet either side of his body. He looked up at her smooth shaven pussy and began tracing his fingers up and down her lower legs.

Sally looked down at him and he smiled and reaching up took her hands in his and gently pulled her down over him. She sank to her knees and he was perfectly positioned to start licking her smooth cleft and lips. As he licked she rocked her hips rubbing her pussy harder over his mouth. Once they had got into some kind of rhythm she moved her hands up to cup a breast in each and began to pinch and stretch her nipples. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. I watched the guy move his hands to grip her firm ass and pull her even closer to his mouth and busy tongue, “Oh yes, right there, probe into me,” she gasped.

The guy sucked on her clitoris as he parted the cheeks of her ass wider and Sally rocked harder over his mouth, “That’s it, eat my pussy,” she demanded.

I watched as she moved round so that they were in a 69 position. She pushed her pussy over his mouth once more and reached out to stroke. It instantly came to life, growing larger in her small hand. Sally lowered her head and pulled the foreskin back to expose a large purple head. She didn’t hesitate and took him into her mouth. I swear I heard her giggled as his pubic hair tickled her face but it didn’t prevent her from taking him deeper and to suck him harder.
The guy slapped her ass making her jump, “Ouch.”

“Suck my cock harder and deeper bitch,” he ordered. I was nervous at how this thing was shaping up but Sally had no such concerns and she sucked him deeper slurping as she did.

He moved her round once more this time placing her between his legs. She bent down to continue sucking him her head bobbing up and down, her soft hands caressing his balls. He rocked his hips as he started fucking her mouth a little harder.

Sally coughed and started gagging as his cock grew even larger in her mouth, “That’s it, suck my cock slut.” He was now talking to her like the slut he recognised her to be and was acting his part for her.

The guy looked so big compared to Sally’s small slim body as he pulled Sally up over him. His hands caressed her ass and I could see the red hand print on her cheek where he had slapped her. He turned and Sally slipped off his fat belly and almost fell onto the sand to end up on her back. He reached over and parted her legs with his chubby hands and soon his fingers found her pussy.

He fingered her gently, his fingers easing back and forth as he lent down to suck hard on her pink nipple; he rolled her clitoris hard as he tipped her head sideways kissing her neck lightly.

Sally sighed loudly lifting her ass off the towel as his fingers moved faster over her clitoris and then between along the lips of her pussy. She looked at him as he pushed his finger deeply into her and moaned out, “Oh yes … feels so good …. Finger fuck me harder…” He obliged and pushed his finger fully into her, holding it still before easing it back so slowly.

Sally rocked her hips as he continued her exquisite torture. He eased back again and then introduced a second finger into her then, after a while, a third; the lips of her pussy were being stretched so wide as he pushed them harder into her but Sally could only moan, “Oh god, I feel so stretched, finger fuck me you fat bastard.”

The guy eased himself off her and placed his hands either side of her head resting on them to hold his weight off her. Sally parted her legs and he knelt between and his fat cock found the opening of her waiting pussy.

She looked up at him, “Push it in Uncle, fuck me like you have always wanted to.”

“God, she’s back into fantasy land again,” I thought.

He eased back a little so just the tip just touching her pussy. Sally held his shoulders and as she lifted her hips a little higher to meet him he slowly pushed forward his cock entering her inch by inch going deeper. “Oh fuck, you’re bigger than I thought,” she cried. He didn’t seem to hear for he just eased back then slammed hard into her.

She grunted and straightened her arms so she could put her hands around his fat neck and begin to run her fingers through the hair on his back. She pulled him deeper into her and moved her hips slowly to wank his cock with her pussy.

He continued holding himself up keeping his weight off her as she hissed, “Fuck me Uncle, fuck me like you have wanted too since seeing me.”

“Shh Slut, I’m going to give this pussy a good seeing to,” he told her and started to thrust hard into her, his belly wobbled under him rubbing against her slim flat tummy, his legs holding hers wider apart as his fat ass rocked up and down.

The guy was pumping harder into her and Sally gasped in time with every thrust as his cock plunged into her. For a big guy he could sure fuck like the best of them and Sally squeezed his ass tighter pulling him so deep into her.

I lay on my towel alongside them and subconsciously began to softly rub my own cock which, unaccountably, was as hard as a rock. I looked around and as had happened before there seemed to be a small gathering of guys standing around the adjacent rocks. All of them were naked and some of them were doing as I was, slowly wanking as they took in the scene before us.

Sally moved her head from side to side, “Fuck me Uncle, fuck me, fill my pussy,”’ she cried out. He continued pumping and then unnoticed to her moved a hand under her butt. His hand caressed the crease between her cheeks and then he extended a finger to start playing with her puckered hole.

Sally opened her eyes wide, “No, not there, Uncle please, no,”’ she cried as he pushed a finger into her tight ass and started fingering her ass. He took no notice of her protest and unrelentingly thrust his cock into her.

The guy forced his lips over hers kissing her hard. I saw him push his tongue into her mouth and Sally just laid there letting him do whatever he wanted.

He released his lips from hers, “Good girl, how’s your ass feeling?”’ he asked.

In complete contrast to her protest of a few moments ago she answered dreamily, “It feels nice, keeping doing it, finger my ass; fuck my pussy Uncle.”

Sally gripped him tighter round his neck, “Oh fuck yesssssss, I’ve cum on your cock Uncle, you have made me cum,” she cried out as she shook under him her legs gripping him tight.

Some of the guys who were watching moved closer for a better look; two guys were stroking their cocks as they watched them fucking.

“Uncle” held her legs upright by her ankles as he knelt between her legs, his stretched them as wide as they would go and with his fat cock thrusting harder back and forth, people moved even closer to see his cock slipping back and forth into her sopping pussy. It was a live sex show unfolding before them.

Sally didn’t seem to acknowledge she had an audience and she screamed out once more as yet another climax thundered through her body, “Oh fuck Uncle, you have made me cum again over that lovely cock.”

They both had droplets of sweat running over them caused by their hard fucking and the hot humid weather. His belly was really wobbling now as he thrusted into her his head tipped back and he cried out, “That’s it girl, lay there and take my fuck and spunk like a dirty slut.” The crowd standing around us murmured their approval.

With one hard final thrust he fell over her and I could tell she was finding it hard to breathe as he cum hard inside her but she managed to gasp out, “Yes, Uncle, fill my pussy, flood my pussy.”

He gave a final grunt of ecstasy and carefully lifting his fat body off her, his cock pulled out of her with an audible plop and strings of his cum stretched from her cunt as he picked himself up.

Sally lay there on her towel panting with covered with a patchwork of sand, sweat and sperm. She looked up as the two wanking guys moved closer to stand over her. They pointed their cocks downwards and continued to stroke and until they both cum hard at almost the same time. They both spurted and covered her face and breast with their sticky white cum and all she did was laugh.

Sally parted her lips as they held their still dribbling cocks over her mouth. She put out her tongue to catch the last few drops as they dripped down and took them into her mouth. Letting us see what she had collected she then closed her mouth and very pointedly made a show of swallowing their cum. I was spell bound at the sight and was also aware that my own hand was covered in my own spunk. I had cum without even realising it.

The crowd moved away as did the fat guy. He looked back waving to Sally; she waved back with a smile on her cum-covered face. In fact as she lay there I could see she had cum everywhere, her face, on her tits and, most noticeable, her pussy leaking cum that had been deposited by the fat guy. We looked at each other and laughed.

We both walked down to the sea to wash ourselves off. We dried off and as we put our costumes back on I told her we had to go soon so we got our things together before heading back up the beach. As we made our way, two guys clapped as we walked by; another couple called out, “Great show.”

Jamal was waiting for us, “Nice day?” he asked.

“Lovely day,” Sally replied, “Just lovely.”

Jamal open the back door for Sally but she told him, “I’m sitting up front for a change.”

He smiled, “OK madam,” he replied with mock formality.

I got in the back and he slipped the gears and we set off.

Jamal eased off the little side road from the beach onto the main road. From my seat I could see that he kept flicking his eyes from the road to Sally’s legs then back to the road.

“Been busy Jamal?” she asked.

“No, not been too bad today,” he replied.

Sally eased back into the front seat and stretched her tanned legs out slightly parting them. Her wrap fell open and Jamal looked down to see the outline of the lips of her pussy against her bikini bottoms.

“Very nice,” he told her.

“You like?” Sally asked.

Jamal nodded, “Very much so.”

Sally slightly turned on her seat and moved her hand down over her slim flat tummy. The car wobbled as he found it hard keeping his eyes off her and on the road. She ran a finger over her bikini bottoms stroking herself against them, “I feel so horny,” she whispered.

Jamal looked in the mirror at me then checked the road to find there was no traffic was coming along. He looked right then left and turned down a very quiet side road. He drove a little further along the dusty road until we were well out of sight of the road or anybody walking down the road.

He pulled up and switched the engine off and turned towards her watching as she pulled the gusset of the bikini bottoms to one side. “This is what you’ve wanted to see, isn’t it?” she asked.

Jamal looked at her, “Mmm, smooth shaven white pussy, that sure is what I wanted to see madam.”

Sally moved closer and looking into his dark eyes she put her hand on his leg and slowly moved it up. Jamal held her gaze up to the moment when she found the string holding his shorts up. He opened his legs as she pulled the tie on one side undoing the string and slipped her hand inside the waistband and slowly pulled his shorts down.

As she did so she turned to look at me sitting in the back seat, “Oh wow, someone here has got excited,” she told me with a little giggle. I leaned forward so that I could see through the gap and watched her as she moved her hand stroking his cock inside his shorts.

He moved his arm round her shoulder as she tugged at his shorts. He lifted his ass upwards letting her pull his shorts down over his legs. She looked down, “Oh what a lovely looking black cock.”

“Madam likes a black one then?” he replied.

She stroked him some more, this time a little harder and then pulled his foreskin down letting us see the dark brown cock head. She opened her eyes wide as she lowered her head. Jamal lifted his ass a little higher as she started to run her tongue over the tip.

She started stroking him even harder gripping his cock tighter with her dainty little hand. She dribbled some spit to provide a bit of lube and at the same time she ran her teeth gently over the tip of his black cock making him sigh, “Oh yes, take it into your mouth.”

She looked up to him as she opened her mouth lowering her head taking the first few inches into her mouth.
He moved his hand, gently gripping her hair pushing her head downwards. She took him deeper, sucking him hard, and in response he started moving his hips slowly and started fucking her mouth. She was moaning, “Mmmm,” as she took him even deeper into her mouth right to the base of his cock.

“I’ve wanted this since the first time I saw you,”’ he told her.

Sally released him from her mouth, looked at him and said, “Good, I’ve wanted your cock since I first saw you.”

She moved over his cock once more and I sat and watched her head going up and down as she let him fuck her mouth. With one hand holding his cock she used the other to remove her bikini bottoms over her ass, kicking them off. Jamal was sure getting hard from the attention his cock was getting.

She kept sucking, really deep-throating him. After the number of black cocks she had sucked in the past week and taken in her mouth, she had become expert at it. Her mouth was a perfect machine, really working his cock and bringing him to the edge of cumming, “Oh fuck Sally, go easy. Slow up a little,” he told her.

Sally lifted off him and then moved back flipped the lever making her seat lay back almost flat. She parted her legs as Jamal lent down to kiss her nipples, his hand running down over her tummy until his finger found her pussy, “Wow, you’re so wet,” he said as his finger slipped into her.

Jamal fingered her a little roughly but Sally just laid back taking it; enjoying it, “Oh yes, harder.”

He obliged and his finger moved harder back and forth, “Yes, Jamal, just like that,” she told him.

He finger fucked for a few moments more and then Sally pushed his hand away saying, “Oh Jamel, fuck me please, give me that fucking black cock.”

He sat up and got out to walk round the car, his large black cock swinging obscenely until he got to her door. He opened it and taking her hand helped her from the car.

He led her round and lifted her onto the bonnet and parting her legs moved between them. Sally looked at him, “Come on fuck me, give me that black cock.”

Not wishing to miss anything I scrambled out from the car and stood to see Jamal positioning the tip of cock between her open pussy lips.

The fat knob slipped into her and Sally took a deep breath, “Yeah, do it.”

With a hard thrust forward he pushed his black cock hard fast and deeply into her to the base of his black cock. Sally screamed, “Oh fuck yes, give it to me, take me, fuck your slut.”

He held still, his cock deeply inside her, and reached up lifting her bikini top over her tits. He lent down to suck her pink nipple and then began thrusting his black cock back and forth. It was now him just fucking her wanting to cum inside her.

Sally stretched her legs round his waist as he slammed his cock into her cunt and she looked down at his large shiny black cock pumping into her. They were now just fucking each other hard; black cock fucking white pussy.

I had my cock out and I wanked as I watched as they fucked thinking neither will last long at this rate. I was right for no sooner had I had the thought that Sally screamed out at the top of her voice, “Yes, fuck my married pussy, oh fuck yes, I’m cumming on your black cock.” Jamal grunted in response still slamming his cock into her and getting close to cumming inside her.

Sally gripped him tighter with her legs her whole body was shaking, her breast were rocking up and down at the speed of his fuck, he was now just fucking her like she was his whore, and she was loving it and as was he.

“Oh Jamel, fuck that spunk into my pussy, flood my womb,” she screamed out, her voice was echoing round the road, “Make me your whore.”

I steadied myself against the car my legs trembling as I looked on enviously at another man enjoying my wife’s body. My stroking was in time with his thrusting and I felt my orgasm building as he told her, “I’m going to cum.”

His cock plunged deep and their bodies slapped each time he hit home, “Oh Jamal your fucking me so hard,” a remark clearly intended for me to hear as she turned her head to smirk at me as she said it.

“Oh fuck yessss,” he groaned, “I’m cumming in you.”

I was in a daze as my own spunk spurted and dribbled out of my cock as I continued to wank alongside them, I didn’t notice that I had covered my feet with my own emissions.

Sally lay back against the bonnet of the car and I could see him jerk and spasm as he unloaded his cum filled balls into her. He bent down and kissed her not moving just holding his cock deep inside her. Moments later he pulled out and droplets of cum dripped from the tip of his cock as he turned to lean back against the car.

Sally slid from the bonnet and kneeling in front of him she took hold and stroked his cock, running her tongue up and down the length, cleaning it for him. He clearly enjoyed her attentions as she licked and sucked him clean. I didn’t know where to look, at her mouth giving him this special treatment or at her pussy which, as she squatted in front of him, was oozing and dripping globs of white cum onto the ground below.

When she was satisfied that she had done all she could do she rose unsteadily to her feet. Without so much as a glance towards me they got themselves together and got back into the car. I had only just got myself into my seat when Jamal started the car and reversed back onto the main road. Finally Sally acknowledged my presence and looked back at me smiling, “Oh Mark he fucked me so good, my pussy is so full of cum. Did you like watching a real man fuck your wife good? I think you did, you naughty boy.”.

I ignored making eye-contact and just nodded looking out the window as we drove along the road. From the corner of my eye I saw her ease her bikini bottoms to one side and with her other hand run her finger along the lips of her pussy and slip a finger into her cunt to finger herself slowly and gently. I couldn’t help myself and turned to see her lift a cum-covered finger to her mouth; licking it clean she told us both, “Mmmm, tastes so good.”

We arrived on our resort pulling up outside the main entrance. We left the taxi and Sally looked at Jamal and said, “Thank you so much, I really loved it.” To me she said, “Pay him.”

Jamal replied, “Good, pleased you are happy.” I don’t think he included me in that wish.

We walked back to our cabana and as I followed her I could see even from behind that she had a very damp patch in her bikini bottoms. Once we got inside she removed her bikini completely and went and lay on the bed with her legs parted making sure I could see Jamel’s cum leaking from her pussy.

“Fancy licking me clean?” she asked.

“No way, you dirty slut, no fucking way,” I replied with as much spite as I could muster.

“Oh well, what a pity because that’s the only time I will offer you my pussy on the holiday,” she said with a smile.


My Trip With Lauren, Part 3

Dinner was great. Lauren even makes eating look sexy. We chatted all through our time at the monument about the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. It was really enjoyable experiencing Bangkok again, but in the company of beautiful young woman who was getting the whole experience for the first time. As we walked back to the soapy massage parlor I realized again just how sexy Lauren was, and I found myself being a little jealous of the Thai girl who was about to experience sliding their naked body over hers.

We arrived at the parlor, and again I tried to explain to Lauren what was about to happen. She again said she knew what happened inside of these places from the internet. As we went inside we were greeted by the mama-san and I explained to her that this was Lauren’s first time and wanted a girl experienced with giving another girl a soapy massage.

“Mị̀mī pạỵh̄ā”, no problem, said the mama-san, and led us up to a young and very beautiful girl with big C-cup breasts. “Khuṇ pị kạb ṭhex”, you go with her, the mama-san told Lauren. Then she looked at me and said, “Rxy Yîm ca dūlæ ṭhex xỳāng dī, Smile will take good care of her.

I looked at Lauren who was looking at Smile with interest and said, “Lauren, this is Smile. She will take you into a room for your massage.”

Lauren looked up at me and said, “She’s really beautiful. I didn’t expect the girls in here to be so beautiful and sexy. The photos I saw were mostly regular looking girls and a bit over weight.”

“Those girls are what they call ‘fish-bowl’. They are the ones over there.” I said and pointed to the area to our left where about 12 girls were seated or standing behind a glass barrier. “I asked the mama-san to give you a girl experienced in a girl-on-girl massage.”

“Come.” Smile said with a smile and a fairly good pronunciation in English, and took Lauren’s hand and led her into the back.

I turned to the mama-san and said, “Yîm phūd p̣hās̄ʹā xạngkvs̄ʹ dị̂ h̄rụ̄x mị̀?” Smile speaks English?

“Chı̀. Txn nī̂ khuṇ t̂xngkār khır?” Yes. Now who do you want?

I glanced briefly over at the fish-bowl, then turned to the right and said, “C̄hạn t̂xngkār ca dū model k̄hxng khuṇ.” I would like to see your models, as I started moving over to the bar area.

“Næ̀nxn.” Of course. The mama-san replied as she followed me over to a table and called out, “Mā!” Come!

One by one the most beautiful and sexiest girls started to come by my table. Some saying “Hello”, and others saying “S̄wạs̄dī”. Knowing enough of the Thai language I was not really caring about the English speaking girls as much as I was their bodies. I am attracted to girls who are true spinners; small, thin or athletic, but small breasts and a nice ass. I also prefer long hair because I have always enjoyed running my fingers through long, dark, and silky Asian hair.

One girl finally came up to the table and said in broken English, “Hello handsome, I will make you feel in heaven.”

I took a good look and saw perfection. “Hello beautiful!” I said back and her smile sold me.

I paid the mama-san for both Smile and my girl, who’s name turned out to be Charli, and was then led into the back and into a private room with a shower, tub, an inflatable mattress, and lastly a bed.

Charli shut the door and turned, the smile was still there and mine must have been huge because she gave a little giggle and stood up on her toes to give me a kiss as her hands ran over my chest and then down to my waist where she began to unfasten my belt. After opening my belt and undoing the button on my shorts I felt and heard the zipper going down. All the while Charli was looking into my eyes, that sexy smile still on her lips that I could still taste.

After the zipper was down I reached for her shirt and began pulling it up and over her head. Her small breasts were being pushed up with a bra that easily came off next with a front clip. My hands ran over her breasts and I teased her hardening nipples. Charlie then returned the motion and slowly undid each button on my shirt and slid it off my shoulders. Then slowly she lowered herself, her breasts brushing against my stomach. She held onto the bottom of my short’s legs and they went down as she did. My hardening cock feeling her small breasts through my underwear as she made it to her knees.

Looking back up at me she reached up and pulled at the waist band of my shorts and began to slowly pull them off. As my cock was freed and sprang out Charli gave the shaft a light lick just at the bottom of my cock head then finished taking off my sandals, shorts and underwear as I lifted each foot for her.

Now totally naked I watched as she started her climb back up my body. Her hands lightly brushing my legs until her face was back up level to my now throbbing cock. She tilted her head from side to side as if wondering if she could take the whole of it into her mouth. Her left hand cupped my balls as her right hand grasped the shaft and she put the head into her mouth. I watched as my cock began to disappear into her warm wet mouth. Her lips brushing the sides of the shaft as more of my cock was devoured and slowly inch-by-inch I felt the head slide in and finally hit the back of her throat. He tongue coming out to lick my balls her in hand.

She slowly brought my cock out of her mouth sucking hard and finally heard the “pop” as the head came out. She looked up at me as she stroked my cock and said, “More later, shower now,” and she stood up and turned toward the shower. As she began walking to the shower her shorts were coming down and very quickly I was watching her perfect ass walk into the shower. Charli turned on the water and when it was warm enough she got in and turned to me, raised her hand, and gave me a slow ‘come here’ finger motion.

My Trip With Lauren, Part 3
How could I say no to that? How could any man ever say no to this woman? I went into the shower as Charli reached for the soap container and my soapy massage began…

I only slightly wondered how Lauren was getting along with Smile.

***Continued in Part 4***

KJ a special show

PPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT hey Ms.KJ, come peek in my window. I know you been looking at me over your apartment window. I can’t see you, but I feel your presence there. Your stair is deep I can feel it even if over and pass the courtyard of the building complex. I say to myself peeking over the red velvet curtain over my window panel. Damn, I know she’s there! No, I have not gone totally mental I been staying in this apartment long enough to know everyone around me. About 2months ago this tall slender blond blue eye big tits mature woman. She moved into the apartment directly in front of mines across from overhead of the pool. Our glass windows both match each other. A few nights after she moved in, I, during me dancing naked around in my room (my favorite form of cardio). I’m 5’2, brown eye and long black hair on the top shaved off on the sides, white, with some perfect portion tattoo all over my body. I surprise a lot of people cause on a normal day I don’t look like I have any type of ink in any way. Into I take off my clothes off and BOOM ink everywhere. Looks can be deceiving very. As I was dancing about NAKED during the most perfect busting my ass twist I stop midway and notice this blonde lady looking straight at me. She was just standing there, over her window watching me deeply. If I wasn’t naked already I would l feel like she was stripping me naked with her eyes? A very deep intense penetration looks like a hawk staring down its prey before landing for the kill (sorry I can get very very detail with things). I just stood there and waved (what I’m in my apartment I’m not going to run to get dress why should I?) She just stood there looking at me and suddenly waved her curtains over closing her view. The thing is that I could still see her silhouette standing there she didn’t move she was still watching me. Well, bitch! I can do the same I run over by my curtain and pull it over blocking her from looking HA!! You could have waved back we could have had a window to window dance off or something. The hell I wouldn’t mind seeing her naked not one bit. A few days later as I was in the center mailroom picking up some mail I had waiting. I see her walk in she was dress in a long over black skirt down to her ankle some very high heel leather boots that tap with the perfect rhythm off the tile floor, all with a sleeved blouse showing off her good sculptor arms and nice tits. OH, MY MOTHER FUCKING GOD HER FUCKING TITS. Suddenly I felt a tingling feeling in between my legs just watching her walk right past me and over to the mail drop slot and slide some paper in there. She walks again pass me slightly looks at me even though she doesn’t try to notice me, she does. We are like a magnet we immediately notice one another. I notice that on her arm she has in red and black ink a medium tattoo of the letter KJ with a heart and flower. I smile at her trying to see if I could make conversation with her, but she winked at me and just walked right past me.
RUDE, watches me dance naked and doesn’t even say hello, ppffftt” hope she trips on them boots. The hell I follow behind a few feet watching her. She has one hell of a walk, an assertive type of walk. Later, that night I was once again in my room and I try to make a few contacts to a few of my girlfriends and blah blah blah some are with their distance family the other has a business meeting in the morning and my last option is an emotional roller-coaster with DRAMA I am not going there. SO that leaves me with PORN. Bring on the porn baby. Just as I was about to turn on my porn I went over to the dresser that just so happens to be next to my window and wouldn’t you know it who’s there looking at my window. BUSTED!!!!! KJ I see you. She makes no attempt to hide at first. I am standing by the window in a green robe reaching over for some of my “toys” and I see her looking. Hey if she wants to see something I will give her something to see. I slide my glass open and disrobe showing her my full nude body once again. I smile and wave at her. She occasionally turns off her backlight but doesn’t move she still there watching me. I reach over my remote control and raise the volume up of my two hardcore lesbian 1 on 1 porn. Where all you hear are women moaning and screaming. I begin to touch myself rubbing my pussy with each of the screams of the actresses(let’s give the ladies a hand, shall we). I keep rubbing myself running my fingers in and out of my pussy the whole time looking at her. With one hand I pinch my nipple and lower my chin down to lick my nipples with my tongue flickering over it. My other one at least 3 fingers are rolling in and out of me. I am going to confess I got turned on with the idea of her watching me. With each of the scream of the porn going off on my tv I kept fingering my pussy. The biggest finger fucking orgasm I have ever had on myself, I’m dripping wet. Suddenly, I heard a loud knock on my door “KEEP THAT DOWN PLEASE WE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP”
FUCKING neighbors I muted my tv quickly and make my way back inside to immediately jump in the shower. I must admit I never came that hard from playing with myself. I will admit it was exhilarating to know she was watching me. That feeling, that sensation provoke ideas.
I waited for a Friday night just like she’s been watching me I been discreetly noticing her too. I have spied and track down her routes, her check and time schuelud she is very routine for the most part. Usually, on Friday she usually comes home late by an hour or so. I don’t know if it’s because she takes a different route, or she stops and gets lunch with someone who knows but is almost like with no doubt she will be coming in late. So, I take my liberty to make my way into her apartment. (At this time, I will exercise my 5th right) I just got in there. You don’t need to know the details but once you have work security from the inside, you know all the weak points from the outside. She violates me by watching me. I violate her personal space. I like to know who is watching me. So, let’s fast forward I’m inside her apartment. WOW, the smell of perfume is amazing I can’t pinpoint her perfume but it is amazing also her whole apartment is an offset of black, silver, and white with an old art deco feel. Everything seems to be in its proper place yet the whole thing feels a little off. I can’t explain it, it almost feels too perfect. To be honest, I don’t care about any of this, to the bedroom, shall we? I make my way to the bedroom OOOOOOOOO nice, a big very big beautiful bed all black and red cover the sheets are all black with red lining her pillow red but it’s like a heavy dark passionate red. Looks a bit gothic. She has a few mirrors to each of the sides of her bedroom. OH, WOW she has four on each side of the wall. She must really like watching. After seeing that I pretty much have all the answers I needed so I make my way back out and exit her apartment. I help myself to some food on my way out. (Food bandit, I always take something and often time, its food, no one ever notices food missing is genius! I once again pledge my 5th). After my little adventure, I noticed her as she was walking into her building complex. I know she noticed me too even though once again she tries to pretend like she didn’t. For the rest of the night, I closed my window, but I was very aware of her every now and then looking over my window. She does have a penetrating type of stair-like I can almost feel it. I prep everything for Saturday. If she wants a show I am going to give her a show. Aside from watching I also love being watching. I do my best work when I have an audience (and even better when I’m behind the cameras).
Saturday night let’s say about 9 pm or so. I am waiting on my 1st date to come over she already called and let me know that she is downstairs and, on her way, up. I open my curtains full on giving her a wade full view. Now she was sitting by a table reading a book while she was topless the moment she saw me open my curtain she closed her but still looking. I caught her peeking over the side of the curtains. I can see those green-blue eyes sticking thru the see-thru cutins that she tries to hide behind off but fails miserably. I look directly at her and wave, as I open my glass window giving her a full-on view and even sound to my place. Enjoy the show MsKJ. I say as my doorbell rings.
Date one:
Enters one of my favorite lesbian dates Jenni, I met her a while back about 2 years ago. (There is a separate upcoming story on how I met her so be ready for it). Jenni is tall slender with a very nice tight body she uses to be a professional swimmer but since retired. She has long reddish brown hair, hazel eyes, and that beauty mark right above her left lips not too thick but it’s noticeable. Shes dressed in all black skirt and tight top with a white bow tied about her hips giving her the perfect shape silhouette. I am in my lucky green robe of course. She comes in and well she already knows what she is here for, so she starts taking off her jacket and her top places it on the couch. As I pull her skirt down, she disrobes me as we stand in the center of my room naked our bodies rubbing up on each other. Her perfect milky creamy body mixes perfectly with mines. We are kissing passionately, and I am caressing her massaging her tits and she is squeezing mines. Both our hands start going down she opens her pussy for me as her fingers start playing with mines. I am already wet as she touches me. We lean over the dark green leather couch that I have perfectly displayed in the view. There she lays down and I sit up on her and I start riding her face. That gorgeous beautiful face all up on my pussy being suffocating from the lips of my pussy opening and closing. My face is also buried deep inside her pussy. I unleash my wicked tongue inside her rolling it in a way that produces a tornado inside her as she soon begins to drip with wetness. Exploding inside my mouth as she rides my tongue moving her hips as I grind my hips on her face rolling over my hot burning wet pussy on her and shes sucking all my juices. We are so press up together you can’t tell where she begins and where is it that I end. Our mouth and pussy filled with juices exploding. My couch shaking back and forth violently from both of us riding each other faces. This back and forth between Jenni and I went on for a long long time we were both dripping in sweat, juices, and cum. Multiple times did I explode all over her. Some she took and swallowed like a good girl other times she nearly suffocated by the rushing of my juices come out of her. I get up and look over at the window smiling, as I lick my lips and fingers, Jenni while looking over towards KJ. I go towards the bathroom leaving the door open and clearing out the view, so it is easy to be seen from the window. I prepare to up the hot steaming shower. I make my way to Jenni who is overfilled with cum she too licking herself with the most satisfied look on her face. I reach over to her and pull her up as she falls in my arm and we make our way to the shower. Where we are kissing and play with each other for a few more moments shes softly caressing my wet nude steaming body as I caress her, and we give a long kiss. We dry each other passionate kissing each other every inch of our bodies. She kisses me down and I kiss her up we take turns as we turn around in each other’s arms. As we kiss one last long passionate kiss as she picks up her stuff,
Vanessa” Jenni speaks with that southern Bella accent of her “why do I let you use me the way you?’
I look at her and smile “because you like it and you always have fun” I say tease fully as I pop kiss her as she walks out my door. As soon as Jenni leaves out my door I make my way to my kitchen and drink up some raspberry tea and take a few cherries and dip them a little in dark chocolate. I walk past my fluid filled soak couch to noticed that Jenni forgot her jacket. I’ll make sure she gets it back if she doesn’t return for it sometime tomorrow. I make my way over to the window as I stand still semi-wet but completely nude. I eat the cherries in a very erotic kind of the way the whole time looking towards the window.
Date 2:
“Hey girlfriend, I’m here, I want the 9 inch and don’t go all romantic on me I don’t have the time or emotional standability for that,” he jokes around. Mark walks right in my flaming gay. He’s a young 25ish something tall slender looks like a male model and yes clearly you can tell he is very very very gay. Flambarunt gay I think is the term. He comes with the finger snapping and the extra zest. Let’s just say I get around. He walks right in drop his pants revealing his perfectly well firm ass of his. High up on the air he knows how I like it. I take the 9inch strapon to prefer special request. I lean over to him spank that ass, as he moans “FUCK” come on do it already, you been keeping me waiting for AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA as he was blah blah out his mouth I rub lube on the strap-on and jam it right inside him. I push up on top of him lowering his face down to the floor as I ride him like a jockey on a horse. My dick (ya knew it was coming) drilling up inside him grinding him fast. Making his whole body shake and tremble. His screaming and yelling all kinds of words and profanity. I keep pushing myself into him each time I stroke him, I spank that ass turning it all kinds of red. I pin his hands behind his neck and I shovel my dick in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out (you get the idea). Each time I make the thrusting harder and let it grind just a little in the “push inside” motion. Mark has a special soft spot for me. I was the 1st female to top him when he was in his discovering phrase. At the time he wanted to experience a dick without really doing anything with a guy. I welcomely offered to give it to him. The thing is that he loves the way I dominate him and make him into my bitch! He got used to me calling him whenever I want to do whatever it is that I want to do with him (on a need to know bases). Sadly, he always tells me he can’t sit down for a few days afterward. He always swears it will be the last time yet when I call him, he comes running. Like they say you can never really forget your first especially if they were good. (blow my nails and rub them on my jacket, or tits I rub them somewhere) Which from what he tells me I am and still I’m one of the best fucks he has had. As I pinned him to the floor I pull out and force his as back into me which he already knows what I like and as soon as I pull out he quickly backs that ass up into me both or bodies slamming into one another. I’m stroking into him as he is backing up into me. After a few more body slams and hard deep thrusting, he can’t hold it and his cum exploding all over his pants. FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK, why why-why you always mess my clothing up! He questions, as I slide out of him. Jerking the strap on smiling as I see him tripping and falling over himself. He becomes such a girl after he cums its kinda of comical. “Tsk tsk tsk I guess you must go home and change,” I said joking
“I guess I am, fuck your good’ that was a good load but this it! NO, more Van,” here he goes saying is the last time I repeat after him mocking him. Hey Mark? I call out to him “WHAT? He said turning around looking at me doing that head flip sideways that only gay males can do so perfectly, “my kiss Hun?” I ask as I lean over the edge of the door. He comes back and pop kisses me and storms off back home to meet up the boys later tonight something about some dance competition. He always has something going on. We have an odd type of friendship, but it works, and we do enjoy every minute of it.
Date 3
I hop in the shower for a few as I rub myself down, occasionally glancing over the window. I honestly don’t know if she’s there or not, but I just have a feeling she is watching everything I do. I hope she is enjoying the show, I’m sure she is. I hope out the shower putting on another robe as I make my way to the kitchen and prepared some more snacks this time some cantaloupe and watermelon (what I may have a fruit fetish too, I think lol) As I am off to the kitchen I stand over by the side of the couch and start eating my cantaloupes slices while taking a few sips of my tea.
Suddenly Vee you here?” that’s Nuc a friend of mines I connected at an art show gallery where one of my exes was showing an exhibition. I took a special interest in nude modeling (can’t you tell, strike a pose!) I was more of the painter it was short live. Let’s just say I can’t keep the paint on the canvas.
Hey Nuc, come in leave the door open. Nuc is slightly tall, taller than me (by this time you all know me at 5’2 you will know everyone is almost taller than me) He has a beer and some facial hair connecting to his side and he has long wavy blondish type of hair. He as a hippie kind of look to him. He is an “artist’ ya know how eccentric “artists” can be yeah, totally the opposite of Nuc. His more average and dull than the next guy. Except for one minor tiny little detail. For now, we will skip this, don’t worry it will pop up later. The thing about Nuc is that he is the kind of guy that is up for anything. When I say anything, I do mean anything. I have known him for about roughly 2 years give or take and he has yet to say no to me. Believe me, I have come up with some far out their request, even for my own standards. Nuc is the “let it go with the flow “kind of guy. He walks up taking off his jacket, his dress in a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans rip off on the legs. He’s not solid like my bodybuilder type, but he doesn’t look bad.
Take this Nuc to eat and drink you will need your energy.” I say to hand him a glass of tea and a few cut fruits “OOO that serious? oh my” he takes it and starts eating and drinking. “so, is she watching?” Nuc asks as I lean over the counter looking over the window. Possibly, if she is, I hope she’s enjoying the show. I filled in Nuc on exactly what it is that I am doing his kind of my partner in crime.
However, I have something special for you, I say to him while eating some pineapples slice,
OOOOO you do, do you?” he said jokingly around. Nuc has gotten to the habit that whenever I prep something he doesn’t even ask who, what, when, where or how nothing he just pops up and goes with whatever I have a plan. Not going to lie he has bailed me out of a few “interesting dilemmas’ my friend say I pimp him out sometimes. That may be a possibility, he makes it easy for me to do so. I have been planning something special for him just didn’t have the time. Nor the right willing participants. Nuc is a special kind of guy with a special type of taste, not that he is picky, but he does have a preference. Nuc is sitting on the stool on the table enjoying his fruits. As I am drinking my tea walking my way into my bedroom bringing out a big green suitcase luggage type. I pull the case out and open it revealing a variety of dildos and strapon of all kinds types and sizes. I pull out a 9-inch thick one nice and smooth and realistic. Nuc looks up at me “oh???” well hello?” I look at Nuc and wink.
“Vanessa??” soft accent type of voice calls out from the doorway.
“Hey Samantha, please, come in. Samantha is a tall, very voluptuous beautiful long long blond hair green hazel eyes nice tits and big ass white female. She’s a special kind of female. I believe her and Nuc will get along perfectly. She walks in taking off her overcoat revealing the perfect body. As she leans over to kiss me. As I caress her down her back.
“I see you’re ready,” she said jokingly stroking my strap I pulled out and I’m holding it in my hand
Nuc sitting, just enjoying the moment chewing in the longest piece of cantaloupe he ever had.
Nuc this is Samantha I introduce both. She goes over to Nuc, wow he is very cute she said teasing his ears and rubbing his chest. She teases Nuc as she flips her long blond hair around and whipping him over the side. She winks at him and walks over to me. Her high heels tapping in perfect beat on the floor like that of a bass percussion line. She walks over to me and puts her arms over me caressing my back and midsize gently pressing her hands right where she wants, feeling me up.
“Vee are you sure, about this? she said leaning her head on my left shoulder and looking over at Nuc while caressing my neck, with her other hand shes still caressing my lower back.
“Yes, I am, Nuc has a special something-something,” I say sipping the tea and looking over to Nuc who is nervously eating the fruit, but his attention is on us. Even though a little eccentric he is still a typical male, female on female draws their attention like a bee to honey.
Nuc, show her” I tell him by nodding my head. Nuc knows exactly what I am talking about.
“his like oooh ok, lady request” He pops up from the chair and steps off towards us, as he begins to undo his pants. I lean next to Samantha kissing her neck and rubbing her back while I look at her. I’m waiting to see her face. I love when Nuc does this, it’s an attention grabber for sure. He pulls his zipper down and reveals his dick. Not just any dick, no no no Nuc has a split dick is. He has about a 7inch dick hard and right off the center from the tip of his head to about midway he has a slit going down the long way causing his dick to look like is split up with extra skin under the bottom (there will be some pictures added to this story once I figure out how to do it)
Samantha looks thrilled and her eyes light up. She immediately reaches for Nuc’s dick that slightly become hard at her touch. “OH MY GOD this is pretty cool, “she jerks it off a little,
Kind of feels like is an extra side to it” she said, Nuc is just standing there with a half goofy smile on his face like saying “FUCK YEAH!! V YOUR ARE BADASS” I can almost read his mind. He could just be waiting for Samantha and me to get it on getting it on with crazy little lesbians’ fantasies running thru his mind.
“well, glad you like,” Nuc said in a joking manner still keeping it exposed.
I rub Samantha back kissing her softly. Caressing her, as we both look at each other giggling.
“Nucci your not the only one with a secret, I told you if I could ever hook you up, I got you, “
OH??” he looks confused, I kiss Samantha one more time as she turns around and from under her side I unzip her dress and letting it fall down, as soon as her dresses fall a nice long 9inches thick dick pops out and straight up. Nuc immediate turns all different colors and has a shocked look on his face.
OH WOW” WELL THIS IS A SURPRISE!!! “he said licking his lips immediately as his dick straighten out even more as he immediately gets hard. One of his kinks is he LOVES TS women. For 2 years I have known him he goes on and on and on and on about TS women. Is like his ultimate fantasy. (I warned ya he was “eccentric” what more do you want?)
Samantha leans over to me and starts kissing me she knows exactly how and where to kiss me. Samantha is a TS model I just happen to meet totally by accident. We got hot and heavy and well that’s a whole other story (Stay tuned!). She’s a switch so she can go top or bottom so it all workouts. She starts to kiss me caressing me softly playing with my nipples dragging her tongue down my stomach as I sit back on the couch. Caressing her hair while sipping on my tea. She’s running her tongue down my pussy spread my lips open. She reaches behind her and pulls Nuc behind her while spreading her ass giving him access to her nice beautiful ass. Nuc’s face just bright up and he comes close to her and rubs his split dick up and down her ass and slides it in stroking it in while. Shes stroking and licking my pussy her tongue spreads inside my pussy. She sucks on my clit rolling her tongue inside me. As Nuc starts to fuck her stroking her in and out of her as, his dick shooting cum all over his split oozing with his flowing cum. It doesn’t take him much, but he can go on for a long time even after he cums he can pick it right up. Samantha’s tits are all bouncing all over the place rubbing off on my legs as her face is deeply buried inside my pussy. As he strokes her and thrust inside her she strokes her tongue inside my pussy. Soon Nuc is pounding her as shes fingering me and her tongue running wild inside me. Nuc is reaching over her hips and stroking her for dear life. After an hour or so Samantha has amazing breath, she pulls up, I drop to my knees and sit up on the floor Nuc laid down and I laid crisscrossing over him where my pussy is up above his and Nuc is under Samantha’s knee as he takes her whole 9inch dick inside his mouth. She slowly strokes Nuc mouth with it giving it a few strokes like fucking his mouth. Nuc takes it all like the expert dick sucker he is. Samantha leans over and returns a favor for Nuc as she sucks his dick with her left hand she fingers me and rubs my pussy. She faces fucking Nuc, while finger fucking me and giving Nuc a blow job. Nuc half split dick cumming and exploding all over her mouth as she too explodes in his mouth as Nuc swallow it all taking a mouthful. She fucks Nuc’s mouth really good making him gag at times unable to keep up with her stroking. She sucks Nuc dick for few minutes taking a large mouth full and finger fucking me only to a few minute switch sucking my pussy taking a mouthful of my wetness inside ur mouth while jerking Nuc’s dick flickering her long nails in between Nuc’s split tease it as she rubs her tip of fingernail right in it as tinkling it. She sucks my pussy and licks it while switching back to Nuc’s dick and sucking his dick few strokes and swapping back to my pussy licking and sucking my pussy to swap out to his dick and she kept this oral fuck fest back and forth. She has both his dick and my pussy right above each other for the taking. After a full on oral fest and Nuc getting filled with her sweet thick cum in his mouth. I flip up and off to the side, standing up and reaching over to get my strap on. She keeps sucking his dick head throbbing on his. I sit a few minutes with the strap on stroking it in n out my pussy as I am watching these two orally 69 each other. I must admit watching this life in front of me is SO FUCKING THRILLING I am turned on just from that alone!!! I sit there a few stroking myself playing with the strap on letting it inside my pussy and placing it to where the long part sticks straight out about 9 in half (I let no one out to me I have that inch on both Bahahaha). So, she stands up pulling up and Nuc keels up as she helps him into the low doggy style position gets behind him kneels towards him spreading his ass just like he did her and she slides her dick inside his ass. Nuc lets out a few groans and moans “FUCK YES>>> YUM” he said exhaling and inhaling as he takes her dick inside him. Her hair flipping down on him her perfect tits rubbing up on his back as she draws closer straddling him arching her ass. I take her from the back and slide my strap-on inside her dick as she pushes deep inside her and I slide it inside her spreading her ass all over again. I slide my (come on say it with me) MY DICK inside her sliding it in and out of her letting the dick drill in as I repeat the motion she soon repeats the motion to NUc. Within a few minutes, Samantha and I both in sync our stroking and thrusting as Nuc takes both her and my thrusting feeling like two dicks in one. NUC is screaming his head off and hitting the floor screaming and overcome with ecstasy. Samantha is just feeding off me and taking every one of my thrustings in her and lashing it out to Nuc releasing it all on him. I smack her ass a few times, Samantha reaches under and strokes Nuc split dick and jerks it violently as Nuc explodes all over the floor. (DAMNT NUC YOUR CLEANING THAT!!!) Samantha after feeling Nuc explosion she too soon cum deep inside Nuc’s ass filling him with cum shooting back as I go wild penetrating her. Even if she wanted to stop she wouldn’t be able to into I stop my motion over her. Her ass nice and bright red. We kept this for a good hour coming multiple time my wetness dripping all over my legs. Suddenly just as we are enjoying the motion and rocking of every inch of our thrusting.
“Hey, Vee, did I forget it……. WHAT THE????” Suddenly Jenni walks into my apartment and is looked shocked as she sees all three of us. Nuc on the floor is a good bottom, Samantha fucking Nuc and me fucking Samantha. All threes of us covered in sweat and other fluids look at Jenni in an awkward moment of silence comes over like a sudden pause. Like when you’re watching your favorite porn and pause right in the best scenes of the porn. Pretty much.
Jenni, hi” I say brushing my sweat off, you have 3 choices one storm off and leave, 2 stays and watch and 1 join us? I said not sure which one of the 3 Jenni would do (take a wild guess?) Nuc jokingly in a horse kind of voice, all that screaming he has lost his voice
YES, YES JOIN US” Nuc barely said
Samatha “mmmmmmm sexy” you have amazing taste Van’ she said flipping her hair brushing it over Nuc’s back and partial face (hair play).
Jenni stands there for a few seconds, drops her things starts to strip naked and comes over and joins right in with us. We just made this 3 ways, an into a four-way…. WOOT WOOT.
Soon we pair up first Nuc and Samantha go at it taking turns while I and Jenni start fucking each other again all over again she looks at Nuc and Samantha and gets turned on fucking me harder as I let her take control of me and release some of her aggressive tension. We soon flip, and I take her as Nuc comes over shovels his dick in Jenni’s mouth as Samantha fucks Nuc open ass, his ass is open like a 7/11. I move out the way letting Nuc and Jenni go oral 69 on each other. I assume my position behind Samantha who willingly lets me take her ass all over again. Nuc is being the bottom of the year, taking both of us at any given time.
Later it was Nuc and me. I fucked his ass 10 times worse. I even went up to 10 inches just for him. Had him on all four as we both looking at Samantha and Jenni kissing and making out. Samantha kissing and making out with Jenni while slowly fucking her. She slides her dick inside Jenni’s pussy not soon after she cum inside Jenni’s pussy filling it up with cum all over her. Samantha was already overfilled from fucking Nuc and getting her dick suck multiple times. I am pounding Nuc’s ass while enjoy Jenni getting fucked by Samantha. Nuc is just there having the time of his life stroking his dick, drooling as cum still dripping to out his mouth. We are both turns on watching Samantha fucking Jenni and soon after Jenni rides Samantha dick. Samantha reaches over and sucks’ Nuc’s Dick while I am still fucking him even more. Jenni and I make deep eye contact. We arrange over again. Samantha goes back to Nuc and I take over Jenni fucking her without skipping a beat and just keep pounding none stop. I’m fucking Jenni’s ass while Nuc is licking her pussy and Samantha is fucking Nuc. Samantha reaches over to me as she and I kiss each other making out with one another pinning down each of our partners down pressing them into each other.
We all keep this swapping out back and forth. Nuc is a bottom for the most part and sucking all the dick he can suck (A LOT) and I am primarily being a top for the most part. This went for hours and hour every here and there we paired up while the other two seats down and watching drinking some tea and juice and eating (fuckers ate all my food). Once we recover we got back in there eventually we all fucked each other into tiredness relaxing for a few watching tvs into late hours of the night. Eventually, Jenni leaves as she had an appt midafternoon.
Vee, you have to let me know next time beforehand. I would have stayed the whole time, this was extremely fun” she kisses me, Samantha and Nuc on her way out. Shortly after that Nuc and Samantha both left. They wanted some private time among themselves. Nuc could barely stand less walk (that is a one soar ass) soon I was left alone. So, I went and jumped in the shower nice and hot relaxing my body and trying to recover from the overexertion I just put out. I think I will be taking some days off. Just as I was about to walk into my room
KNOCK KNOCK on my door
What the…….” Odd, the bet is Jenni she had a change of heart and is coming back, she is a little freaky
I make my way to the door just as I was about to open the door. The door swings open
KJ!!!!” ahhhhhhhh oooooooooooooooooooooooo I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT HER! I GLANCE over to my window fully open completely.
She storms in slamming the door. She is dressed in an all-black tight dress with high heels. She slams the door locking not saying a single word. Just looking at me. I am standing there a little shocked not sure what to do.
“Vanessa, you put on a very very very good show,” she said undoing her dress letting it fall to the floor. Her amazing nude body exposing in front of me looking like an amazon goddess before me felt like dropping to my knees and worshipping her.
She takes a few steps forward closer to me as she speaks:”” I WANT AN ENCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Public sex at Bund of Shanghai

On the first day of the our university’s summer vacations, the students in the whole dorm building left. I made some clean up for my room and prepared some special supplies, because tomorrow my girlfriend Jenna will come. The next day, when Jenna came, we couldn’t wait to make love. In the evening, there were still some students in the building, so we went to the Bund. It is really crowded there. The weather is very hot, many people wear very little, or women will take advantage of this opportunity to reveal their bodies. Jenna is no exception. She wears a pair of sandals barefoot. In addition to her tiny underwear, she only has a skirt. Her skirt is like a camisole, just barely cover her. It reaches between her ass and thighs. Her arms, shoulder, back and legs are almost all exposed. We are walking around. Many people are looking at me, she whispered.

Let them envy, I whispered in her ear, we will soon have sex in the street.
She said with a blushing face, then you really want me to take off my underwear first in public?
I know that exactly what you want, I said, yes, I will take off your underwear now!
I took her hand and we walked to one side of the street until under a store display. I let her stand against the wall, I leaned on her with both hands behind her, then slipped to her ass, then a little downwards to the edge of her very short skirt. I gently pick up the skirt and put both hands into, one hand on one buttock. Her underwear is like a rope inside the groove between the buttocks and a small piece of cloth on the vaginal opening. I didn’t take off her underwear right away, but I rubbed it on her buttocks and curves. She leaned her head on me and my neck could feel her breath.
I said, say please I will do now!
She said, yes please, do everything just as what we said before we come here!

I then stretched my finger to the top edge of her underwear, slowly moved down. Her underwear has become a thick 8-line rope, wrapped around the thigh. If you didn’t look at it very closely, it may might look like the skirt decorative or rings on top of the socks.
I paused for a moment, slowly squatting, at the same time pulling her panties in the hand and going down until to her ankle. I signalled her to lift her foot. I said Okay, then she lifted another foot. Her underwear was taken off on a very crowded street of downtown Shanghai. I put her underwear into my pants pocket. She now has only a short skirt and a pair of sandals. She is half naked. Nobody can see her genitals but can easily see her nipples erected. I asked her – are you shy? She said yes, very; too wet to wait, too!
So hold each other and went to the Bund. There are even more people here than on the street. We just found a half chair still available. We looked at each other, and looked at the young couple who have similar ages as us at the other end of the chair, they hug each other closely, keep kissing and teasing.
Jenna let me sit down first.
Unzip you pant and erect it! she said very quickly and softly.
Slowly, I use almost a minute to unzipped my pant. Then, I’m watching her, at the same time, I just use about one second to erect my penis! She then spent less than a second turning around her body and sitting on my legs.
My penis is hard enough, but it is not yet inserted into her vagina. She lifted herself a little and moved it. With her groaning, my penis was completely submerged into her body.

Even we didn’t make much noises, of course we are attracting the people around.
I keep rubbing her breast, kissing her neck, feeling her smiles with shyness and cheerfulness. I hope my kissing with sounds may distract the voyeur from her half exposed, naked ass.
I really want to strip you to full naked and lick your tits, I said.
No, someone will call the police, she said.
Then I just keep my penis inside her vagina for quite long time.
After her first organism, my penis got soft. Then my penis got hard again; soft and hard, she had organism again till I ejaculated inside her.

Was I making a hotwife,or was she training her cuc

This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story.

Making Of a Hotwife?

Was I making a hotwife,or was she training her cuckold?

It started from the moment I met my wife.

I was happily married at the time, or so I thought, until she opened my eyes and set free the disires and passions that I didn’t realize I had.

She was a new hire for the company, one of about a dozen. I first saw her walking through the halls on her orientation tour. I was immediately struck by her and she hasn’t left my mind for a day since.

Jen is a very attractive woman. She stands about 5′ 2″ and has an athletic frame. Her face shines coyly from the frame of her flaxen hair and her stormy grey-blue eyes pierce right through to your soul.

Her breasts are proportionate to her frame, not too large nor too small. Just the right size that made them stand out firm and proud.

She had this way of smiling suggestively at you while her eyes seemed so alive, playful, that it made your pulse quicken and your breath pause.

I would learn later as we grew closer that her eyes would always betray her. She may say no, but they always belied the little vixen hiding, dancing, within.

Back then I had convinced myself I was a ‘face’ man. I was most interested about the overall beauty and attractiveness of a woman’s face foremost, everything else came second. Jennifer did not disappoint me. Her face was amazing; however, it was what I saw after she passed me by that really set the hook.

Her sweet, round, pawg ass.

The way it swayed and sort of jiggled lightly as she took each step. I had seen this before, but she had something else. She walked with a power and a confidence that pulled everything together and screamed out loud that she knew how to use what God had given her.

If you have seen that walk you know exactly what I mean. It is that walk and sense of sexual energy that separates the pretty from the lusted.

As time went by we grew closer. I know now that she was seducing me. Relentlessly seducing me. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I left my wife and we moved in together. She did things to me that I had only seen in porn or read about in stories. It was fan-fucking-tastic.

She told me about things she had done, like having two men at once, about fucking her boyfriend while another guy watched through a window and prefering to swallow when she gave head.

We had sex in public. She would take off her clothes and masturbate while I drove her car. She introduced me to prostate stimulation while devouring the head of my cock like an ice cream cone in July. She pushed my boundaries, she challenged me. She owned me.

The natural course of events happened. We got married and had k**s. The flames burned lower, but never out.

They would flare up every once in a while. Like the time we went skiing without the k**s and as we lay in bed watching one of those dating shows she told me that if she went on that show she would kiss her date, maybe more.

After some proding she admitted she would fuck him. Even if she was married. We had fantastic sex as we talked about what she would do. The seed had been planted, by her.

Over the next few years it would come up while we had sex. More and more I talked about it, convinced it was I that was steering her.

I told her how sexy she was and how it excited me to think about it. I told her I had seen how men reacted to her and that I had watched her flirting before.

She would fuck me a little faster, a little harder and always came shuddering above me when I told her about my fantasies.

Most of all, she kept planting little seeds of suggestion along the way. Nothing big enough to shock me, just enough to leave me curious for more.

I never really thought it would go anywhere beyond talk or fantasy and honestly as much as I liked jerking off to the ‘idea’, I was not so sure about reality.

That was about to change.

We planned to have a few peole over one night. Nothing special, just a typical beer/wine thing and some munchies. Jen had invited a few people from her office. She had become much to succesful at my old company and found greener pastures and better pay across town.

Jen told me that there was a guy, Peter, at her office she wanted me to talk to about some design ideas so she had invited him. She had talked about him once in a while before. She told me that he was married, but that a lot of the girls at the office were trying to turn his head.

“Just like I turned yours”, she laughed. If I had been paying attention then I would have seen the little vixen dancing in her eyes, but, then again, maybe I did and ignored it anyway…

Jen spent most of the day getting the house ready, preparing food and just doing the average hostess stuff. I noticed, however, that as the time got closer she prepared more like she was going on a date than having friends over for drinks.

She wore a new shelf bra that I had not seen before. It was that kind that lifts and holds the breasts from underneath. The white lace fringe dancing below her nipples and areoles, allowing them to be easily seen, and accessed if necessary.

Boy, did it work well. The lovely crowns of her breasts were rosy and so inviting contrasted against the innocent looking lace. The flesh of her breasts spilled slightly over the edge of the bra since she had grown a cup or so since having k**s. I loved that look, that ‘I am too big for my bra’ look.

The bra matched a white lace thong she slipped on. The globes of her ass hanging there uncovered in the air. She hadn’t worn a thong in years. Not since before the k**s. I always told her how much I loved feeling her ass through sheer pants knwoing that there were no panties in the way. No grandma panties.

I saw my target and moved to run my hands over her exposed cheeks. This was nothing new. I worshiped her ass and she knew it. She liked it. Tonight, however, she frowned disapprovingly and told me that we didn’t have time to mess around right now.

She finished dressing by throwing on a silvery-white silk blouse and a nice pair black silk pants. The shirt was open enough at the neck so that when she bent over someone was going to get a great view of her nipples open and inviting because of the shelf bra. The pants were some of my favorite because of the way they just glided over her ass and allowed for the free jiggle and sway that got me excited.

” Hey, you look fantastic! Who are you trying to impress?” Just looking at her was making me horny as hell.

She looked beautiful. She looked like a predator. I was actually thinking that I might catch a few guys trying to hit on her and see Jen get them all worked up. We could talk about it as we fucked later.

“Oh, you never know.” Was her non-commital reply, but the smile and shine in her eyes told me something was up. Dance little vixen, dance. My first thought was Peter. I ended up being right.

Everything was great, about a dozen people showed up. We mingled around the house and by the pool. Jen introduced me to Peter. He was a tall, muscular looking man. Dark hair, tanned skin and about ten years younger than us. We talked for a few minutes and he was polite, but his eyes would always stray to my wife.

I could see him mentally undressing her.

Jen, for her part, was shamelessly flirting with him. Lightly touching his arm, laughing at the slightest joke, making strong eye contact and flipping her hair like a school girl. She also made sure that she bent low enough to allow her shelf bra work as intended. She made sure to put her foot down a little harder when she walked to make her ass flesh sway seductively.

Peter noticed every bit of it.

At one point I cornered her in the kitchen, “Are you flirting with that man?”

“Maybe”, she said, her voice trailing off suggestively as she walked over to me.

“Is it bothering you?” She traced the side of my face with her hand and got even closer.

“Well, is it?” She asked in her most seductive tone. A low, almost cat purr of a tone as her index finger traced over my lips and she pressed her body against mine. “Or, do you like it?”

My head was swimming, I had found it exciting to watch her. At the same time I thought I should be doing something about it, defending what was mine. As she pressed against me I became aroused.

I looked down at her breasts. I noticed that she had opened the neck of her blouse just a little more. Just enough so that someone standing over her, like I was now, or Peter had been not two minutes before, could see right throught the open neck of her blouse and get a great view of her tits.

It made me hard and she could feel it.

“Do you like my new bra, daddy?” She whispered smokily as she lifted my chin with her index finger. “I think someone else does too…” She teasingly hissed into my ear as she broke away and turned to walk back out to the party. To Peter.

I watched her ass sway as she strutted off. She was operating in full Jezabel mode and sending out strong signals.

Eventually people started leaving and I realized that I had not seen Jen and Peter lately. I felt it was odd, so I went looking. I found them in the kitchen drinking wine and chatting. I saw that my wife was getting very chummy with him. She was leaning very close and would laugh and touch him on the chest as he spoke.

He was leaning over her. It almost looked like he was trying to whisper in her ear as he spoke, but I could see from the way she leaned slightly back and allowed unblocked access to the open neck of her shirt that he was leaning over to get an eyeful of her tits and not for clarity of conversation. Judging by the sizeable bulge in his trousers, he liked what he saw. Very much.

She was getting very flirty with this man as I watched. Then it happened. He leaned in for a kiss, his hand sliding its way up to her breasts. She cocked her head to receive the kiss and ran her hand along his arm as it traveled toward her heaving breasts. She had a look of excited lust on her face. I could see her wedding ring as her hand found the side of his face.

I coughed loudly.

He appeared shocked at having been caught. Not her. She had that naughty gleam in her eye that I have seen oh so many times. I told her that flirting with someone else right in front of me was not too cool, but I must admit that it was exciting.

“That wasn’t flirting. This is flirting”, she responded, kissing him as she undid his zipper and removed his cock right there in the kitchen in front of me. I couldn’t move. I was angry, but the sexual excitement I felt at seeing her hand on his cock as she kissed him froze me in my spot.

She continued to kiss him and stroke his manhood as it grew. He had a large cock. Bigger than mine for sure.

She broke the kiss long enough to look into his eyes and purr, “My, my. Someone sure is a big boy…”

I was mesmerized by what I saw. She was lightly rubbing her hand up and down his shaft, fondling the large purplish head. She kept kissing him. The sides of their cheeks puffing as their tongues dueled for space. He had undone a couple more buttons to her shirt and worked his hand inside. The shelf bra left her nipples exposed and he took full advantage by squeezing and tweaking them between his fingers.

Jen broke the kiss, “Do you like what you see?” She stroked kept running her hand up and down his shaft as she spoke to me. Her voice a mix of lust and taunting. “Is watching me stroke this big, fat cock turning you on?”

She did not wait for my reply as she dropped to her knees and began pleasuring him with her very skilled oral work. He just threw his head back and groaned his approval as she liked the tip and continued to stroke him, he open shirt allowing full view of her erect nipples and flushed skin.

She worked earnestly on his cock, taking as much in as she could, as he stroked her hair. Peter looked over at me.

“Your wife sucks amazing cock!” He gloated. Here he was in my kitchen with my wife blowing him right in front of me. Why not gloat?

She was determined to make him come. The slurping sounds of her mouth sliding up and down another man’s dick mixed together with their moans of desire filled the kitchen. My own cock was straining to be touched. Jen looked over at me as she licked the head of his cock. I could see in that look that she was getting off on doing this in front of me. It was exciting her to have me watch her.

“I wonder how his come tastes…” She said as she looked over at me, stroking him with one hand and tracing the tip with the index finger of the other.

“Maybe some other time. I have other plans for it today.” She bent forward and kissed the precum oozing from the slit.

She stood up and lead him by the hand to the couch on the other room. She pushed him lightly backward and he went to pull her down on top of him as he flopped into the large, soft cushions. She stopped him by raising one finger, like a librarian scolding a rowdy student.

Jen turned to face me as he ran his hands up the sides of her legs and held her ass. She slipped away from him and came over toward me and told me that now was the time for me to make a choice.

She said that after telling her my fantasies of watching her fuck, here was my chance to actually see it. She said that she would ride his cock, but it was my choice. She said that if I wanted to see her actually doing the things I had told her about as we made love, then I needed to take off her pants and underwear.She said she wouldn’t do anything else until I made that choice. She said that she would still love me and only me, this would just be sex, and I would get to watch every bit of it.

I was frozen. I didn’t know what to think. I was torn between my erotic fantasy driven desires and the man I thought I was supposed to be. No real man let his wife fuck around, especially not in front of him and never found excitement in it.

Then she stepped closer to me.

I could smell the sweet wine on her breath and the dampness of her sex. She leaned closer and whispered in my ear. She said that it was turning her on to be naughty in front of me, to be the woman of my fantasies. She whispered that she would do what I wanted, she was very wet and ready to show me the things I had told her about. My inhibitions were fading.

To help sell her invitation she began to massage my already straining cock through my pants. She looked deep into my eyes and smiled as she felt the granite hiding in my pants.

She whispered, “I guess I have my answer”, as she took my hand and guided it to her belt.

She stared in my eyes as I undid her pants and removed her clothes. When I got to her thong, she placed her hands on my shoulders and guided me down so that my face was level with her freshly shaved quim as I worked her panties down to the floor. I could smell her musky desire and the silken dew forming on her lips. I looked up at her and she smiled down at me and raised me up, stepping out of her underwear.

Once she was completely naked she guided my head to her breast and stroked my head. As I sucked her nipple.

“I am going to let him fuck me with that big cock. You know that, right? He is going to fuck me senseless and make me cum. Can you imagine the sight of me cumming on another man’s cock?” She said to me as I nursed her one last time before another man claimed her pussy.

She moved away from me and over to the couch. I watched as my wife, my naked, beautiful wife began to do things to this other man right in front of me that I had fantasies about.

He appeared to enjoy the fact that he was going to fuck her in front of me. He told me how good the things she was doing to him felt. He said that he had wanted to fuck her for a while, always seeing her walking around the office. He liked the way her ass jiggled.

She stopped getting him ready and moved to the floor on all fours, her ass up high and proud. He caressed her womanly curves and positioned himself behind her. He massaged her ass as he spoke to me sincerely.

“This is a fantastic, soft, round ass. I love how it moves when she walks. Your wife is sooo fucking hot! I have wanted her, I have fucking stroked my cock in my office as I watched her bending over at the copier.”

He stayed still, not attempting to enter her. “Grab my cock, Jennifer. I want you to put me inside of you while he watches.”

She looked at me and said that she wanted to watch me stroking myself as she allowed him to fuck her.

I did. I sat back in my favorite chair and stroked my cock as I watched my wife take hold of his cock and move it up and down, spreading her warm juices around to allow him smooth entry. She kept looking at me as she lowered her head to the pillow on the floor and pushed her hips back toward him.

I could see the look in her eyes as he entered her.

She moaned, “Oh, he is so fucking big! I have never had anyone this big!”

He smiled and slapped her ass lightly as she bounced back and forth on him. Her ass was jiggling and I could hear the slap of their skin as they rammed together. I could see the wave of the impact moving through her ass, her hips, her breasts and making her brace herself against the floor.

He began to thrust back at her. I could hear the squishing, sucking sounds of her pussy gripping his broad cock.

My wife was fucking another man in front of me and I was enjoying it. Her tits were swaying back and forth and in slight circles as he pounded into her. I could smell their copulation.

She was moaning in a low, steady growl as her first orgasm built deep within her. Her face was red, mouth open and eyes closed as she concentrated on pushing back at him and riding out on her orgasmic wave.

Peter looked at me as slapped my wife’s ass while fucking her. He slapped her hard enough to leave a red mark. She moaned louder as her orgasm overtook her.

“Slap me harder!” she half wailed ad half moaned.

He obliged, the smacking sound ringing in my ears along with the sound of her release.

“Oh, fuck! I am fucking cumming again!OOOOOH!” she screamed into the bend of her elbow to keep the noise down.

It was everything I had thought it would be. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

Eventually she recovered and disengaged from him long enough to have him lay back and mount him. She was in her favorite position, right on top, in charge and moving her ass up and down as someone fondled her ass and nursed on her breasts.

Peter was thoroughly enjoying himself. His hands wandered freely all over her body. He massaged her ass as he feasted on her breasts.

Peter smiled his approval at me, “Jennifer is the best fuck I have ever had.” he was panting as he spoke, she was giving him a great workout. His muscles gleaned and he was shiny with fucksweat.

“I may have to fuck her again, you don’t mind do you? How about you Jen, do you like my big cock fucking you in front of your husband?”

“Oh, fuck yes. I love your big cock in my pussy! Fuck me harder, I want my husband to see you make me cum again.” her voice trailed off as she dipped her head and braced her hands on his chest as her orgasm returned. I had never made her cum with such abandon.

She continued to ride him as his hands wandered all over her soft body. She dismounted and bent over the cushions of the couch. She looked back over her shoulder at me as she seductively moved her ass side to side, an invitation for him to finish.

Her new conquest moved in behind her and easily slid back into her. I knew from my own time inside her how warm, wet, smooth and at the same time firm it felt. But I had never fucked her as thoroughly as this. He was a bull taking his calf, bending her body to the pleasures of his cock!

“Fuck, Jen, you have the best fucking pussy I have ever had! I was right about you!” He looked over at me and smiled. His big cock pistoning in and out of my wife. I could see her pussy lips making a tight seal around his shaft, as if trying to work the cum out of his balls.

“You don’t mind if I cum inside you, do you?” He wanted to claim her completely, to mark her as his. To take her. He stopped fucking her while waiting for the answer.

Without missing a beat, she kept working her ass around in circles, rolling her hips, milking his cock. She didn’t voice her answer, but she looked at me and waited, “It is up to you” was all she said, but the desire on her face told me what she really wanted. What I wanted to see…

“Go ahead” was all I could think to say.

It worked. He resumed fucking in and out of her, but this time his strokes seemed a little longer and a little harder. He was fucking her with a purpose now, he was going to cum in another man’s wife.

She continued to stare at me and put her head down on the couch as he grasped her firmly about the waist. All in one move he locked himself in as close to her as he could, while pulling her tightly back against him.

“He is going to cum in me…I can feel his cock swelling. He is so big it is right up against my cervix…!” I could see by the look in her eyes and on her face she enjoyed telling me.

But she didn’t have to tell me. I knew what was coming. He was going to cum inside of her. He loudly groaned as he released into her. Her eyes went wide and glazed over.

“Oh, God! I can feel it! His cum is so fucking warm! He is breeding me!” her voice trailed off as she came on another man’s cock. She was taking her bull’s seed into her womb, she was his now.

He shuddered as he came, white man cream oozing out from her pussy and around his cock. She kept moving her hips, milking him, riding her own final orgasmic wave.

“Oh, FUCK!” was all he could manage to say as he collapsed forward over her back. His upper body covering her like a blanket as she remained bent over the couch in the doggystyle position.

After he finished, he withdrew from my wife. A torrent of cum gushed from inside of her. I wondered how much more was in there, I also wondered if she had taken her pills…

He got up and went into the bathroom, his cock swaying impressively as he strutted confidently from the room. I could not take my eyes from it and noticed that it glistened from the coating of fuck juices it had received.

My wife remained bent over the couch for a few minutes, riding the post fuck glow as their juices ran down her leg and onto our floor.

A few minutes later I could hear Peter leaving on his motor cycle as she rose and came over to me.

She reached between her legs and gathered some of the juices that were still flowing out of her womb. She coated my cock heavily with them and began stroking me. I could smell their sex.

I was aching for relief. I wanted to cum when he did. I wanted to walk over and spray my seed on her back, but I waited. She asked me if I had enjoyed what I saw. I told her that I did, I told her that she looked fucking amazing.

She continued moving her hand up and down my length as she told me that it was sooo exciting to have me watching her as she had sex with someone.

She said that she was nervous, but that she decided to pick Peter because he was married and she didn’t want a boyfriend. She looked at me and said that she had also picked him because she had heard about his cock from one of the girls at work that had dated him in high school.

She kept talking and explaining to me as she reached between her legs for more lubricant. She coated the outside of my anus with the mixture of her juices and his cum as she took me in her mouth and slipped her finger through my sphincter and into my ass.

I felt her teasing my swollen, fluid filed prostate as her tongue swirled around the head of my rigid cock. The thought occurred to me in my orgasm craving mind that my wife had just put another man’s cum in my ass…

Soon any thoughts other than my own pending release vanished in a haze of her skilled oral manipulations and the after glow of what I had witnessed her doing to Peter in front of me.

She stopped sucking, but kept toying with my gland, as she looked up devilishly at me. She told me that she had not planned on the bareback part. She said that she had placed some condoms in the drawer by the bed, but that they ended up out here instead and it just kind of happened.

Then she looked me in the eye and said, “I guess it was a bad time to stop taking my pills…!” Quickly, her mouth went back down to cover my cock.

That did it. I groaned loudly and she took me in her mouth as I came. I exploded like a rocket, it felt like my cock exploded and disappeared in a cloud of semen as she milked me with her mouth and massaged my prostate. It felt amazing and she swallowed every drop.

“There, all better!”, She purred as she removed her mouth from my rapidly deflating cock.

She looked at my dwindling member, moving it around with her fingers, before stating somewhat offhandedly, “Gee, I hadn’t really noticed until now how MUCH bigger he was then you!” “Oh, well, that doesn’t matter, does it?”

She kissed my slumbering penis, then rose and strutted off to the bathroom to clean up. Her ass wiggling invitingly as she went, a trail of her bull’s baby making seed drizzling down the inside of her legs!

I had a feeling things were going to be different from now on…..

[ima”You don’t mind if I cum inside you, do you?” He wanted to claim her completely, to mark her as his. To take her. He stopped fucking her while waiting for the answer.

Without missing a beat, she kept working her ass around in circles, rolling her hips, milking his cock. She didn’t voice her answer, but she looked at me and waited, “It is up to you” was all she said, but the desire on her face told me what she really wanted. What I wanted to see…

“Go ahead” was all I could think to say.

It worked. He resumed fucking in and out of her, but this time his strokes seemed a little longer and a little harder. He was fucking her with a purpose now, he was going to cum in another man’s wife.

She continued to stare at me and put her head down on the couch as he grasped her firmly about the waist. All in one move he locked himself in as close to her as he could, while pulling her tightly back against him.

“He is going to cum in me…I can feel his cock swelling. He is so big it is right up against my cervix…!” I could see by the look in her eyes and on her face she enjoyed telling me.

But she didn’t have to tell me. I knew what was coming. He was going to cum inside of her. He loudly groaned as he released into her. Her eyes went wide and glazed over.

“Oh, God! I can feel it! His cum is so fucking warm! He is breeding me!” her voice trailed off as she came on another man’s cock. She was taking her bull’s seed into her womb, she was his now.

He shuddered as he came, white man cream oozing out from her pussy and around his cock. She kept moving her hips, milking him, riding her own final orgasmic wave.

“Oh, FUCK!” was all he could manage to say as he collapsed forward over her back. His upper body covering her like a blanket as she remained bent over the couch in the doggystyle position.

After he finished, he withdrew from my wife. A torrent of cum gushed from inside of her. I wondered how much more was in there, I also wondered if she had taken her pills…

He got up and went into the bathroom, his cock swaying impressively as he strutted confidently from the room. I could not take my eyes from it and noticed that it glistened from the coating of fuck juices it had received.

My wife remained bent over the couch for a few minutes, riding the post fuck glow as their juices ran down her leg and onto our floor.

A few minutes later I could hear Peter leaving on his motor cycle as she rose and came over to me.

She reached between her legs and gathered some of the juices that were still flowing out of her womb. She coated my cock heavily with them and began stroking me. I could smell their sex.

I was aching for relief. I wanted to cum when he did. I wanted to walk over and spray my seed on her back, but I waited. She asked me if I had enjoyed what I saw. I told her that I did, I told her that she looked fucking amazing.

She continued moving her hand up and down my length as she told me that it was sooo exciting to have me watching her as she had sex with someone.

She said that she was nervous, but that she decided to pick Peter because he was married and she didn’t want a boyfriend. She looked at me and said that she had also picked him because she had heard about his cock from one of the girls at work that had dated him in high school.

She kept talking and explaining to me as she reached between her legs for more lubricant. She coated the outside of my anus with the mixture of her juices and his cum as she took me in her mouth and slipped her finger through my sphincter and into my ass.

I felt her teasing my swollen, fluid filed prostate as her tongue swirled around the head of my rigid cock. The thought occurred to me in my orgasm craving mind that my wife had just put another man’s cum in my ass…

Soon any thoughts other than my own pending release vanished in a haze of her skilled oral manipulations and the after glow of what I had witnessed her doing to Peter in front of me.

She stopped sucking, but kept toying with my gland, as she looked up devilishly at me. She told me that she had not planned on the bareback part. She said that she had placed some condoms in the drawer by the bed, but that they ended up out here instead and it just kind of happened.

Then she looked me in the eye and said, “I guess it was a bad time to stop taking my pills…!” Quickly, her mouth went back down to cover my cock.

That did it. I groaned loudly and she took me in her mouth as I came. I exploded like a rocket, it felt like my cock exploded and disappeared in a cloud of semen as she milked me with her mouth and massaged my prostate. It felt amazing and she swallowed every drop.

“There, all better!”, She purred as she removed her mouth from my rapidly deflating cock.

She looked at my dwindling member, moving it around with her fingers, before stating somewhat offhandedly, “Gee, I hadn’t really noticed until now how MUCH bigger he was then you!” “Oh, well, that doesn’t matter, does it?”

She kissed my slumbering penis, then rose and strutted off to the bathroom to clean up. Her ass wiggling invitingly as she went, a trail of her bull’s baby making seed drizzling down the inside of her legs!

I had a feeling things were going to be different from now on…

Yoga class

As soon as I found out there was such a thing as dick-sucking, I knew it would definitely feel great. At the time, girls were not exactly knocking my door down to give me head, so I decided to see if I could do it myself.

I am naturally very flexible, and had no trouble getting the head in my mouth, and with a little practice, could get it about halfway in. It felt even better than I imagined. Around that time, I was taking voice lessons at school and learning diaphragm breathing. I discovered controlling my breathing was a key part of relaxing, so that you are not straining.

Later, I told my couple-of-years-older girl cousin, and she was fascinated with what I could do. She was a ballet dancer, and taught me some stretching exercises that increased my flexibility. Soon, the controlled breathing and flexibility exercises, coupled with strong motivation and natural limberness, combined so that I could suck my own dick down to the base with minimal strain and halfway down in complete comfort.

For me, fellatio is like yard work. I greatly enjoy the result, so will do it myself, but I’d much rather kick back in a lounge chair with a cold one and let someone else do it! Accordingly, after I showed girlfriends how to suck, I did very little auto-fellatio. Even so, I ran high hurdles and learned more stretching techniques that kept my inherently flexible self quite limber.

When I was a freshman in college, I took a yoga course for PE credit. The instructor was amazed how flexible I was, especially given that I had never taken yoga before. I, of course, did not tell him about my experience with auto-fellatio!

There was one super-fine girl in there who was a little sister at the fraternity where I was a pledge, so I always sat by her on the floor of the squash ball court where the yoga class met. Just oozing sexuality, Phoebe was a petite, freckled blonde hippie chick with a terrific compact body who’d wear tight, thin, worn out tee-shirts and way-too-big guy’s gym shorts to class. She was just my type, and I really liked her a lot, but she was dating one of my frat brothers, and so was unavailable–or so I thought.

It was an 8:00 AM class, and it looked like she simply wore to yoga what she slept in. You know, roll out of bed, slip into sandals, and walk across the street to yoga just in the nick of time. Though she always looked disheveled, she nevertheless looked great–a natural beauty. At any rate, I could readily see her nippley B/C-cup boobs (I don’t know exactly what size they were because she never, ever wore a bra, but they were absolutely perfect) through the threadbare tees. Even better, when she was sitting in the right position, I could easily look up the wide leg of those oversize shorts through her thin blonde muff at her poochy, panty-less pussy!

One day, Phoebe was my partner in a new, tandem position we were learning. She was sitting facing me in a lotus position, and I was sitting with my legs extended straight out in front of me, heels resting in the divots of her upper thighs, which placed my toes right in front of her boobs. Alternately, we were to both lean forward and down, then rear back with arched backbones to mimic some a****l, I don’t remember what kind now.

Well, when she was in the far forward position and I back, my bare toes squished into her excellent ta-tas while the soft hair on her head sensuously tickled my upper thighs and crotch. And when she arched back with me forward, I could see, between my ankles, nearly her entire pussy while. What do you think happened? Correct: Erection!

Since I had taken off my shirt and had on only a thin pair of nylon running shorts, there was no hiding my stiffie, especially the next time I arched back and she bent forward. We were instructed to hold the position for a minute or two, which put my boner right in her face. She noticed; she smiled.

Then, as instructed, I leaned forward and down again. This time, she jutted her chest out and gently swayed her upper body against the soles of my feet, and I could feel her nipples perk up as they rubbed across the pads of my toes. Though it had been a long time, something suddenly possessed me to suck my own dick. So, I tilted my head down over my hard cock, looked around to make sure no one else was looking, and placed my mouth on it, over my running shorts, of course. When I looked back up at her, Phoebe was smiling bigger than ever, and when I cast my gaze down at her pussy, I could see that it was getting moist. She was obviously enjoying this, which was exactly why I’d done it!

We did several more iterations of this position, and each time, a little further in, I’d place my mouth over my cock. When it was her turn to lean forward, I could feel her warm breath exhaling onto my moist manhood. And, each time I’d rare back and look at her pussy, it was wetter. That was the final position for that day, and as soon as the instructor dismissed class, I grabbed my shirt and bunched it up to hide my erection, made even more obvious by the saliva that darkened those bird-egg-blue shorts. I wanted to follow her out, but was too embarrassed to stand up until everyone had left the brightly-lit squash ball court.

With the coast clear, I walked on up the stairs and out the door, hoping to catch up with her. Just outside, as luck would have it, there Phoebe was, lighting up a cigarette, and offered me one. Though I really didn’t smoke, I took one anyway, noting that her nipples were especially rigid in the cool morning air. Lighting my smoke, she let her hand linger on mine and said she was amazed at my flexibility. I asked if she was referring to the “auto-fellatio,” a term she thought was very funny, and she unabashedly said yes, that it really turned her on big time. I told her that I’d really enjoyed her breasts caressing my feet, could not help noticing her moist vagina, and that she, likewise, turned me on. When she said she did not have another class until 10:30 AM and so had some time to kill (It was just after 9:00, and I, too, didn’t have another class until 10:30), I took that as a full-steam-ahead, so I asked her to get high with me in my dorm, which was just across the soccer field.

Six bongs later, I was blowing a mouth-to-mouth shotgun into Phoebe’s lungs, and in moments, without speaking a word, we shucked our clothes and began French-kissing, our hands roaming all over each others’ naked bodies. Without even a smidgen of make-up and a bad case of bed-head hair, she was nevertheless one awesome-looking, sexy babe. I put on some Allman Brothers and then proceeded to kiss and lick and nibble every square millimeter of her lovely physique, so light in complexion, sprinkled with freckles.

She was stroking my cock ever so fine with her diminutive hands, bent forward to kiss and lick it all over, and was about to swallow him whole when Phoebe stopped, looked up, and said, “I just gotta see you suck yourself again. Nothing has ever turned me on so much!”

Like I was going to say no! Not counting my little show in yoga class, it had been a really long time since I’d done it (recall above reference to yard work), but I scooted to the very edge of the bed, pulled my legs up beside my hips like a bullfrog, bent forward, and gave myself a blow job.

Frankly, I was surprised that I could go all the way to the base of my 7-incher with only the slightest discomfort after such a long hiatus, but I guess the yoga class had loosened me up, not to mention the motivating effect of this hottie’s request. She was already sitting Indian style on the floor in front of me, and from there, transfixed on the freak show I was providing, she played with her tits and pussy, which was oozing so much nectar that there was a wet spot below it on the throw rug. Staring with wide blue eyes at my genitalic genuflecting, she brought herself to a stirring orgasm.

Shortly, Phoebe joined in by licking and nibbling my balls while I continued to suck myself, and she eventually pursed her sucking lips and darting tongue to run them up and down the underside of my shaft in tandem with me. I’d let my cock pop out of my mouth, and it would rub on her wet chin while we French-kissed for a bit before tonguing the tip together and lick-sucking our way back down to the base. Finally, she took over full blow-job duty with audible slurping zeal while I relaxed to thoroughly enjoy the sight, sound, and sensation. It was obvious she loved to suck dick, and just as obvious, I loved the way she did it.

As she patiently sucked, licked, kissed, and nibbled my cock and balls, my gaze alternated between her lovely face and terrific tangerines. So firm they barely jiggled, centered in their smooth, quarter-sized areolas were stiff pink nipples no wider than the eraser on a standard no. 2 pencil, but projecting out 3/8 of an inch. That Phoebe went bra-less was no big deal—lots of girls did in the 70s—but the exceptional thing was that those nips were always, always rigid. It occurred to me at that moment that it was her nipples that gave me a sexual rush the first time I met her at a party at the frat house. She was wearing some faded, worn-thin bellbottoms and a hand-embroidered, semi-transparent gauze blouse. Despite its loose fit, those nail-hard nipples poked in plain view against the cotton.

Though I’d kissed and nibbled them a bit earlier, I realized I had not spent nearly enough time at her boob station, so I leaned forward to play with them some more. Damn they were firm! I’m sure that some guys might have even thought they were enhanced—these were the silicone implant days—but they were 100% real. Twisting her nipples made them even harder, gathering up more of the surrounding areola and pointing up half and inch. She licked my fingertips for lubrication, and I went back to “work” twiddling and squeezing as she blew me ever more vigorously.

I was getting close to cumming, but there was so much more to do, so I forced myself to break off the head job and exchanged places with her to eat pussy. This was the first really good look I got at it, and all I can say is, “Oh my God!” because of its unusualness. Though her twat was not shaved (that was unheard of in those days), it was very easy to see and access since she had very little pubic hair. In fact, Phoebe had so little body hair that she did not have to shave anywhere at all, which rendered her legs incredibly soft, the tiny soft blonde hairs making them feel like velvet. The little wisps of blonde hair under her arms did not bother me one bit; she was, after all, a thoroughly natural, hippy-chick beauty .

Anyway, Phoebe’s pussy: She had very large labia majora that pooched out and rolled back in to reveal a narrow strip of pink flesh—what I’d seen back in yoga class. When I pulled them apart, out folded a theretofore hidden pair of medium-large labia minora ¾ of an inch wide and an inch long! I’ve never seen such prominent inner lips on a gal with outer lips like that; most women built that way have very slender inner pussy lips. Above, her meaty clit hood half-covered a nubbin’ that turned out to be blueberry-size when I fully peeled back the hood. She was so fucking wet! Pulling her lips through mine, licking and sucking her clit, it was all so delicious. And she loved me going down on her at least as much as I did, vocalizing in response to every little lick, suck, and kiss I performed, cumming hard and loud several times over.

Then I fucked her every which way, which we both enjoyed immensely. She had a really tight pussy, and her inner lips would fold inside her vagina on penetration then reappear hugging my shaft, pulling some of her pussy wrong-side-out as I withdrew. To tell you the truth, her pussy was too tight, so I had to concentrate mightily to keep from cumming prematurely despite her sopping wetness. It really was not a problem, though, as we both actually preferred oral sex, so we’d only screw in any given position for a few minutes before getting back to good ol’ oral, often with me sucking myself first before she got so turned on she could not hold back any longer and dived in. She liked to give oral every bit as much as receive, so we usually wound up in the trusty girl-on-top 69 position. Sometimes while she sucked me ever-so-fine in this position, I’d disengage my mouth from her vagina, hold my finger still against her clit, and just relax to watch her work herself against it and her absolutely perfect ass gyrate, flesh jiggling up and down, round and round.

But I could never wait long before having to lock lips back on her pretty, rock-hard clitoris and luscious large labia while massaging those velvety soft tits and their long, rigid nipples. To this day, though I prefer lots of variety, I’d have to say that the girl-on-top 69 is still my single favorite sexual position, if I had to settle on just one.

She could easily give a true deep throat and swallow every drop of semen, but she loved cum so much that, occasionally, before swallowing it, she’d swish it around in her mouth and savor it first. She’d crack me up with her comments, which sounded like something out of Wine Connoisseur magazine, “Big and quite ballsy; with a distinct floral bouquet; dominant woodiness on the initial palate; strong, slippery mouthfeel; and a fruity, dingleberry finish. Should age well. The perfect compliment to tube steak.” Funny.

Our post-yoga class surreptitious soirees thenceforth became a fixed part of the Spring Quarter schedule. Yoga met on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and we’d hook up like clockwork after class every Tuesday and Friday, literally running to my dorm room to make the most of every minute together. Some days, we’d even blow off the 10:30 class and have sex for three-plus hours until lunch. My nerdy roommate had back-to back classes during the morning hours, so no one was in my room during that time frame. That, plus the fact that my room was on the end of the hall by the fire escape, which we used to access my room, made it a cinch to rendezvous on the sly.

Having to sneak around was no doubt fun, but I did feel guilty about fooling around on her boyfriend—a great guy who readily shared his wicked weed—who was my fraternity brother, no less. He was a very hairy fellow with a full, grizzly beard, and I always wondered if that had something to do with her attraction for me, as I had a smooth, clean-shaven face and hardly any body hair. She and I never let on to anyone that we had something going, and no one had a clue that we were regularly fooling around.

There were plenty of times that all three of us would be at a Friday night frat party after she and I had massive sex together that very morning. Moreover, I really liked her tremendously–over and above the great sex–and she said she felt likewise. But she and he, both juniors, had dated since the beginning of college and were a standing item, and I, of course, was a lowly freshman. Who knows–maybe he could suck himself, too! At any rate, I only fucked a few girls other than Phoebe that entire Spring Quarter.

One of them was another girl in our yoga class who actually asked me out the very next class after Phoebe and I first hooked up. Babette was a pretty good-looking freshman sorority girl whose best features were long, gorgeous, thick brown hair and huge tits, so of course I said “yes.” All of our dates were boring sorority functions, and though she was relatively conservative, she liked sex but had the attitude that it was part and parcel of a date, kind of an obligation, to ensure the guy would go out with her again.

So we fucked in her dorm room on our very first date. To say she was not spectacular in bed would be an understatement. She gave head, but poorly, as you could just tell she didn’t really like to. As for receiving oral, she did so reluctantly, pulling me up to fuck her after only a few minutes. Babette had a giant pussy I could screw forever without cumming, though she easily climaxed pretty quickly, gazing up with a hurry-up-and-finish look. Only rarely did I spurt inside of her. I honestly don’t’ think she even knew there was any other way to fuck than missionary until she met me, but try as I might in other positions, that’s the only way she could cum.

Her breasts had wide, faint pink areolas and nipples that never really perked up, but they were massive, cantaloupe-size, and just made for titty-fucking—also a first for her. Because her boobs were very sensitive, and it was a sure way to make me cum, titty-fucking was the one thing we could enjoy sexually at the same time. So our sex almost always ended with her lying face-up, pouring a generous helping of lotion in her canyon of cleavage, squeezing her huge tits tightly around my shaft, and me fucking them silly until I squirted.

Babette was the polar opposite of Phoebe, and she didn’t mind one bit that I was boinking another girl in our yoga class. In fact, I used to tell her in detail about Babette’s lame attempts at sex, and we got a big charge out of that. I know, nasty, but fun. Of course, Babette, like everyone else, had no clue about Phoebe and me. I really, really liked Phoebe and was her “other boyfriend,” albeit the back door one, even though I probably spent as much or more time with her than he did.

I transferred to a different college my sophomore year, but would occasionally visit friends at my old school. When there, she and I would usually be able to hook up for an intense, if often brief, sex session that was, like before, predominantly oral. It was fantastic every single time, and in the whole time I knew her I only came IN her pussy a few times, and then it was only an accident due to her super-tight pussy! She was a card-carrying Sperm Swallower, and that was just fine with me.

Another thing that was a permanent fixture of our sexual soirees was my auto-fellatio, as that was the trigger that turned her on to the nth degree. The last time we were together was at the end of her senior year, and while we were getting dressed after torrid sex in the back of HIS Volvo 240D wagon in the park, she said she and he were getting married the following weekend, then moving to New York where he had a job with the UN. I never saw her again.

Too bad, too, as Phoebe was a girl I would have loved to have as a regular girlfriend.

Note this is a story I read a few years ago byHornyman69WithU

The Curious Adventures of Teaganella Presents:

A Trip to Wal-Mart

He’s over twice my age and he’s harder than he’s ever been before. He’s thinking about me and what is about to happen tonight. My name is Teagan and I’m only ** years old. We have never met, as we have only chatted through text.

Pugs Jones: Its your birthday soon, isn’t it? One step closer to being a woman.
Teaganella: Yeah. . . August 30th! I can’t believe you remembered!
Pugs Jones: Why wouldn’t I? You only told me a few weeks ago when it was my birthday.
Teaganella: kk
Pugs Jones: And you shared something with me and it was very special. It was a lovely way to start my birthday. 🙂
Teaganella: Hehehehehehe 🙂
Pugs Jones: Couldn’t believe you showed me your lil sweetness! It was amazing and I was super horny just before bed. 🙂
Teaganella: And you got like super hard too? 🙂
Pugs Jones: I did! It was a surprise. I was happy just seeing you in your cute panties and your lil butt. That was just next level naughtiness from you! 😉
Teaganella: Hehe. . . .kinda like right now?
Pugs Jones: This is just flirty. lol
Teaganella: You mean you being an older man and flirting with me while i’m in the back seat of the car with my lil sister and my parents in the front driving to the store. . . .lol
Pugs Jones: It’s a 2 way street Teagan. You don’t have to reply. So maybe were just both being a little naughty. 🙂
Teaganella: kk. Ummmmm. . . are you like hard right now?
Pugs Jones: Maybe. Are you tingly?
Teaganella: Maybe. In my lil girl panties. 🙂
Pugs Jones: Warm?
Teaganella: Maybe.
Pugs Jones: Do you want to touch it? 🙂 But I know you can’t now. lol
Teaganella: Yeah. . . .but I can’t now. Do you want me to touch you?
Pugs Jones: Do you want to touch me?
Teaganella: Maybe
Pugs Jones: Then maybe I’ll let you.
Teaganella: Hehe. . . .take my hand then. 😉
Pugs Jones: Hehehehehehe
Teaganella: Hehehehehe 🙂
Pugs Jones: I reckon I could fit your tiny butt into just this hand.
Teaganella: Hehe. . .maybe
Pugs Jones: Squeeze it and pull your lil body close to mine. Just hold your small naked body next to mine.
Teaganella: While I put my lil hand on your older cock and your big hand over mine and guide it up and down. 🙂
Pugs Jones: Only if that’s what you want.
Teaganella: Uh huh. . . .will you teach me?
Pugs Jones: This is what I want you to do Teagan. Long slow strokes to start, gently rubbing the shaft and as it grows in your lil hand, you can get a bit faster and harder. But what I want from you my lil Teagan, is for you to sit on my face and let me taste your sweetness.
Teaganella: Hehe. . .kk. . . .and then pull the skin as I go down and back up with my lil hand?
Pugs Jones: Eventually. . .yes. My tongue teasing your lil sweetness, slowly licking your sweet ** year old slit. My strong hand gently squeezing your lil ass. My other hand holding your tiny waist. Pulling you onto my face. My chin against your throbbing lil clit. Waiting for you to cum, so I can feel your lil pussy tighten on my tongue.
Teaganella: Hehe. . . .I juicy juice in your mouth. :)~
Pugs Jones: :)~ I wanna taste your juicy juice Teagan.
Teaganella: Hehe. . . .kk
Pugs Jones: And once you’ve cum and you are all juicy and wet, I’d slowly and gently slip my smallest finger into your tiny, wet sweetness. Making sure you could take it, so it wouldn’t hurt.
Teaganella: We’re walking into Wal-Mart now. I’m gonna let my parents know I need to go to the bathroom and I will meet up with them when I get out.
Pugs Jones: Ohhh. . . .

She’s in the bathroom now, I think, and I lay here, wondering. I’ve always found myself to be pretty lucky, but this is ridiculous. In a few moments I will be able to do all of the nasty, dirty things that I’ve dreamed of to this young girl. The same girl I’ve been dreaming of doing all of this to. I panic a little, hoping that she hasn’t changed her mind in the last… well, thirty seconds that’s she’s been in there. God, it feels like it has been so much longer than that. My mind has been speeding through all of what had led us here. A mere pitcure of my hand, among other things, and a few great conversations. Admiration, respect, trust. . . .then I think on what is about to occur. Just thinking about her going to a public bathroom as I text naughty to her, drives me crazy. I haven’t even thought about what it would be like fucking her, or licking her, whichever works for her, works for me. I mean I have, but I haven’t. Some nights it would cross my mind, and I’d briefly envision me inside of her, but these thoughts would leave my mind swiftly, as they had come. Then covered by another vision. Another thought. Another dream. Scenes that my imagination brings forth and lets me build, with you.
Teaganella: kk. . .i’m in the bathroom now! 🙂
Pugs Jones: Mmmmmm. . . .slowly feeling your tight wet sweetness clench my finger while you stroke and lick my older cock. Are you a bit wet Teagan?
Teaganella: Yes! You drive me crazy Liam!
Pugs Jones: I just want to make you horny and happy, cuz it makes me horny too. 🙂
Teaganella: You got me so wet and horny the whole car ride here! I think I;m gonna juicy juice soon. . . .please keep talking naughty to me Liam!
Pugs Jones: With my finger in your tight sweetness, I use the hand thats on your waist to pull you further onto it. My tongue begins to lick your pussy as I slowly finger your lil sweetness. Feeling your tight wet pussy contract aganist my finger, slowly stretching your sweetness, as my other hand still on your lil butt.
Teaganella: Ooomg! Ooooooooohh. . . .
Pugs Jones: Squeezing your tiny butt cheek. I use my big hand to spread both lil cheecks apart, as my tongue licks your lil ass too.
Teaganella: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh. . . .OMG!!!!!!
Pugs Jones: From your clit with my finger, to your lil butthole and back down.
Teaganella: Stop!
Pugs Jones: Stop?
Teaganella: Omg! Omg! I gotta get back!
Pugs Jones: Are you still in the bathroom? Touching yourself???
Teaganella: Yeah. I gotta wash my hands!
Pugs Jones: And I didn’t get to see. 🙁 Did you cum and have fun? lol
Teaganella: Yeah. I gotta get back before my parents notice anything! Omg! I never done that before!!!
Pugs Jones: Naughty, naughty.
Teaganella: Holy shit!
Pug Jones: Did you cum?
Teaganella: Let me find my parents. Yes. . . i did!!
Pug Jones: Good! 🙂
Teaganella: kk. . . .phewww. . . i found them! We’re going to the check out now.
Pug Jones: Glad you found them. . . and you’ve just had your very first stranger danger wank. lol.
Teaganella: Omg! I dunno what came over me!
Pug Jones: I can’t believe you got that horny.
Teaganella: I can’t believe I just did that! I haven’t touched myself in days.
Pug Jones: Well now you have. 😉
Teaganella: kk. . . .I better get off my phone for awhile. . . we still have to drive back home after we leave here.
Pug Jones: Okay. I gotta sleep soon anyways.
Teaganella: Omg. . . .i’m still wet down there!
Pug Jones: If you want, maybe you could show me how wet you are when you get home. 😉 Enjoy our naughty secret on the way home Teagan. 🙂

Dance Hall Tryst

I can remember the 90s fondly, good music, good fun and it was when i finally got old enough to drink. One night i entered a local dance club and saw a lovely lady in a dress sitting at the bar talking to a female friend. Casually, i walked up, ordered a Zima trying to be cool, yeah, Zima remember that? The girl was a lovely brunette with red lipstick, heels and looked very classy. Almost like the sort of girl i figured might not give me the time of day because i was a regular joe. Overhearing her conversation with her friend i found out she was from out of state just visiting a friend, but i hoped i could still have some chance with her if i was lucky.

After starting my second drink i noticed her friend got dragged on to the dance floor by some guy and then the girl turned and we exchanged pleasantries. As we were talking i asked her, how are you tonight Gina? She looked semi surprised and said with a raised eyebrow, do i know you? No, you don’t, but i heard your friend call you that soooo. We both laughed and then i asked her, so what do you do for work? I am a toy buyer she exclaimed, what is that i say? Then, she goes on a long story about what she does, how she does it and whether she wants to keep doing it. To be honest, i couldn’t focus on a word she was saying, she kept moving her legs and every time she did i heard the silky smooth sound of pantyhose and i kept drifting off into space staring at those luscious red lips that i started to imagine kissing, touching and those lips sucking around my cock.

Every so often i would agree with her or nod without even hearing half of what she was saying. Then, she asked me what i do. I explained that i worked as a mover in an auction house, while it was grunt work for the most part, it was also a grade A education in business. I really learned a lot about millionaires, buying low/sell high and how easily is to not only make money, but lose it.

Eventually, a song came on we both liked, so noticing my opportunity, when she gave notice she liked this ballad, i pounced on what could be my only chance and asked her to dance. She accepted and we danced, looked into each other’s eyes and then kind of held each other intimately. Then, when it ended we went back to the bar and her friend was now drinking a scorpion bowl with her boyfriend laughing hysterically. So, i offered to buy her one, and though she had to be nudged into it a little, but she did finally say yes. We drank and talked and it felt like i met a potential partner, she was everything i wanted in a girl. Then, after we finished the bowl, i noticed she was very tipsy, and just about four sheets to the wind! Another ballad played, and we held each other again, and as i touched her back, she kind of moaned softly and said, oh that feels gooooooood.

I tried to hide it, but could feel an erection building in my pants. i tried to pull slightly away from her to let it cool down, praying that she did not notice and think i was a total creep. But, too late, she not only knew about it, she pulled me closer and reached down to rub it! Passionately we started kissing and i was realizing she getting more and more horny by the second.

Soon, she was sucking on my neck, stroking my cock, and the smell of her perfume was driving me overboard. I waited until the DJ had turned away from us and turned my back to everyone else and quickly rubbed her excited vag. through her dress. She responded with a passionate, tender kiss. I then whsipered in her ear, wanna do it in the men’s room? i figured she would probably say no, but also figured what the hell, why not try? Then, i was right, she did say no, but surprised me by saying, let’s go in the ladies room! So she dragged me toward the restroom, and when nobody was looking took me into a stall. Then, soon as we entered i lifted her dress, slid aside her panties and started fingering her deeply. She was so wet already, i guss the booze and the dancing, kissing, rubbing and music had gotten her all worked up and ready for me.

The kissing started and she said, sit down and pull it out! Then, she quickly went to sit on it and i slowly slid inside that hot, warm, wet pussy in one slow stroke to the hilt! After about three strokes i said dam, i wanted so bad to see your red lipstick sucking on me. She whispered back, well, ok, let me have a taste then? She, she knelt down, sucked it for about five long, slow strokes, her wet mouth just teasing, exploring and making my heart beat faster. The best was the last two sucks, she looked right up into my eyes and i could see those red lips engulfing the head of my manhood. Ohhhhhh baby, i want you said!! She climbed back on top of me, and after two strokes i heard a girl entering in the stall next door to us, it was her friend Jenni, hurry up you two! We both half giggled and started to pump faster.

i grabbed her hips, the skin so soft, the body so inviting and started to pump her for all i was worth. Where do you want it exclaimed? Inside of me babe, its ok, im on the pill, do it! Oh, oh oh, i exclaimed, im almost there, it feels so fucking good, ohhhhh, god it feels good i said. Yes, yes, come inside me babe, do it, do it!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im cumming ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was then i heard an older woman in the mirror swearing that we were fucking in the stall and i realized we better hightail it out of there fast. When we got back to the bar, her friend had to call them a cab and they picked up their car the next day, they were FAR too smashed to drive. Gina wrote her number on a napkin and i was so estatic, i literally thought i have found my soulmate. A beautiful, intelligent, well dressed woman who was totally into me. She gave me one last kiss, tender, and soft and then said goodbye. Honestly, half drunk, i already couldn’t wait to see her again.

Then it happened, i hungry after they left, ordered some mozzerella sticks with marinara sauce. Most of the bars here have them as a nice little snack and wouldn’t you know it, i had some sauce dribbling off my chin. What did i do? I being still buzzed from the booze accidentally wiped my face with the napkin that had Gina’s number on it. While i had the area code and the first two numbers, the next four-five were a complete smudge. I went back to that bar nearly every other week for six months and Gina never showed up again, and in my drunken stupidity, i wiped her number off the napkin. Oh well, at least i have a great memory of one wonderful night.

The Story of Liam & Ollie.Pt.7. (Told by Roy).

Saturday Morning.James & myself,we awoke about 05.45.am,straight into the shower,then dried off,getting dressed in our bedroom we heard the backdoor,downstairs slam shut,I went out of our bedroom onto the landing,walked up to the big window,there was Ollie & Liam,walking down towards the gate into the stables yard,Liam with his hand on Ollies Ass & both Kissing,I smiled,thinking,definitely in love,have a chat with them later,maybe breakfast time.
James & myself finished getting dressed,went down into the kitchen,two washed up mugs on the sink drainer,teapot was still hot,said to James,”They,ve had a mug of tea,we,ll have a chat with them at breakfast,we,ll have breakfast here instead of the cafe,can chat in private”,James agreed with me,we both had a mug of tea then went down into the yard,all the hire horses & ponies were in their stalls in the barn stables being fed & groomed by our stable staff,plus Ollie & Liam & a few early rising customers helping out to get them all ready for the first ride.
Now the third ride was going out,10.00.am,James said “Breakfast Roy”,I shouted to Liam & Olllie,who were on their way to the cafe,”Liam,Ollie,breakfast in the kitchen”,they walked back towards us & followed us through the back garden into the kitchen,were James & the k**s sat at the table whilst I made a pot of tea & cooked the breakfast,the k**s asking if they were in some sort of trouble,James saying,”Why,what you done,you,re always asking if you,re in trouble,so what you done”,Ollie is in quick to reply to James,”Ain’t done nothing we know of”.
James & me,Laughing,”No k**s,you ain’t done anything wrong”, I say.putting the breakfasts down in front of them,me sitting down next to James.
We explain to Liam & Ollie that Liams parents & Ollies mom are a bit worried,suspicious,about them being Gay & you not telling them,we explain they need to know,”They,ve guessed you are Gay,you,re not in trouble,they want to support you,so you need to get them together & tell them,put their minds at rest,then you only have to tell them once”,I said to them.
Well they did this what we had suggested to them the following week,Liams rents where invited round to Ollies moms house for a meal which they accepted,having a good Idea what it was going to be about,how the k**s did it we don,t know but they got them together.
We saw Shirley,Ollies mom in the cafe during the week & she thanked us for getting the k**s to be open with them,she said that she & Liams parents are so happy knowing,”We had a good chat with them about,not flaunting it in public, also not to do anything in public that they could get in trouble,over”,me thinking,”Yea Shirley,like Fucking out in public”.
Well,Liam was Liam & Ollie,wasOllie,two teenage cheeky Bois,were lots of fun when they were about the yard,they seemed to have Bloomed ever since their parents knew they where Gay & also knowing that James & me knew.
When the weather was nice we would often see them disapppearing across the paddocks into the wood,and how many times have James & me done it,also a few of our young teenage riders that we,re sure are Gay.
Time went by to the summer of 2017,we had a police car pull into the yard about 08.00 pm on the evening,the officer telling us that one of our horses had got out of its field at the end of the lane below the stables down by the main road, it,s trying to get back in,looking over the gate to your other horses,it was our liveries field,me thinking,”How can it have got out,fencing is checked every week,plus all the hedges are thick blackthorn bush,s”.we tell the officer we,ll go down & have a look,I grabbed a halter & a bucket with some corn in it.
James & myself we walked down the lane,we could hear it neighing,sounding a bit distressed,we got to the field,the police officer was right,it was galloping up & down the grass verge,neighing to the horses in the field,the police officer was parked down below the a****l,stopping it going off down to the main road,it came up to the gate entrance into the field,I shook the bucket so that it would hear the corn,ears up looking at me & the bucket,it let me walk up to him,(me now being able to see it was male),nose into the bucket I slipped the halter onto his head,he soon saw the oats off.
I looked him over,Skewbald,(Coloured),niceley marked,built similar to Dancer,Anglo Arab,looks,14.2 hands high, Gelding,looked to be sound,checked his mouth,four years old,shod recently,I,d say in the last two weeks,James & myself knew he was,nt local,we told the police officer,he asked,”If we could look after it until they found out who the owner is”.
We agreed to look after it,but if rideable it would be earning its keep,the officer was okay with that.
We led it up to the yard,it was on its toes,lively,spirited a****l,we put it in the paddock next to,Dancer,Xavior & Mom,Dads & aunty Vi’s horses paddock,did,nt know how it was with other horses,did,nt want any a****ls getting kicked,including,itself.
Teenagers came out of the Clubhouse to look at it,including Ollie & Liam,all asking questions,some we could answer & some we could,nt.
The next morning I fed.groomed it,tacked it up,(Saddle & bridle),got on it,rode it about in our Menage,it was very spirited to ride,jumped a few small jumping fencies,jumped good,for a four year old it had been schooled well.
James on Xavior & me on this coloured went out a ride on the roads,it was okay with traffic,when we got back to the yard,we handed it over to Carl,(Head Groom),”It,s okay to ride Carl,experienced riders only,let it earn its keep”,so it was out for hire.
Ollie had took a keen interest in the coloured,named him Drum,apparently named after the Royal Drum Horses,paying to ride him every weekend out of his wages,(Off James & me),schooling him for Gymkhana,he knew I was retiring Dancer at the end of the Gymkhana season,he was doing well against James on Xavior in the Qualifiers,running second to him.
The police came to the yard to take Pics of Drum to try & find the owner or owners of him,they were posted Nationwide,we had our vet take a blood sample to send off to the Registration Authorities,(DNA).
Pics went out to all Vets,Farriers,Riding Schools & Stables,(Nothing).
We had,had him,two weeks short of six months now January 2018,when the,”Horse & Pony Registration Authorities”,had found the owner,apparently,a woman who had bred him,came from Yeovil,Somerset,she was now deceased,no family,,had a riding school,sold all her stock barring Drum,before she passed away,so a mystery,No one knows how Drum got from Somerset to our stables.
The police theory is someone from the midlands had stolen him from Somerset last June,(The owner was found dead in her bed at that time,Narural Causes),so nothing dodgy.
The horse thieves had panicked,maybe followed by a police car,maybe not suspicious of the horsebox they were following,Thieves panicked & knowing there was horses in this area decided to abandon him on the side of the road outside of our fields.
We received Drums Pasport from,”Registeration Authorities”,making him now our property,James & myself discussed what we were going to do with him,I think James knew what I had in my mind from before Drum became ours.well he had paid his keep,had,nt cost us anything,Financially.
Ollie had really worked hard on schooling this pony,he had come,runner up on Dancer to James on Xavior in the Midlands Qualifiers making,himself & Dancer,second best Gymkhana team in the Midlands & now Drum was in his Heart knowing Dancer was retired.
James & myself agreed to give Drum to Ollie on his sixteenth birthday,take Drum out of the hired horse & ponies,let Ollie school & gymkhana him up to his birthday,keeping it secret till that day,then give him Drums Passport on his Birthday making Ollie his owner.

Well got to take break,the next Pt.Pt.8.will be the end of the Story.—-Please leave Comments.xxxxxxxxxx