The next day (casual encounter)

The following day after my intense hookups with the two men from craigslist. I wake up saturday morning from the best sleep I’ve had yet. With my booty still soaked in cum from last night and a slight soreness in my ass I got up and went to take a shower, removing my leggings, thong and bra. I saw I still had my plug in my ass pulling it out a gush of cum came with it. I chuckled remembering last night. After showering, i naturally went to my sisters room and dressed myself in black cotton and lace bikini panties, ankle socks, Botty denim shorts and a white long sleeve. I decided since I was home alone and didnt have to go anywhere I might as well be comfy. Ofcourse with dressing up the urge to be bent over and fucked came with it. After getting my first taste of cock and cum the addiction started. I wanted to make the most of this month alone so instead of waiting till dark I went fishing early scrolling through craigslist m4m. Plenty of men eager to thrust their cocks in holes. And since my little 3in wasn’t good for much else other than being rubbed like a clit, I was happy to provide my boipussy for their release. I was a little more picky this time, but I soon found a man I wanted. A 40 something married, looking for a sissy, isnt getting any at home from his selfish wife. Hes good looking, muscular, 6,2 and a 7in cut cock with a big head. I replied with my stats and a pic from last night In my leggings and bra. I was blessed with a plump booty that filled in those leggings giving me a curvy look so I knew he couldn’t resist. I cleaned the house and ate while I waited for a reply. 5pm came and finally a reply. I could tell he was excited he attached a close up pic of his cock, a gorgeous hard veiny 7incher. Precum leaked out of me as I griped my clit. I couldn’t wait and asked if he could come now, ofcourse he said he was with his family and said 10pm would be better. I sighed and said 10pm is perfect and sent him my address. I was already horny and had to wait, damn.
While I wait I went upstairs grabbed the butt plug and played boipussy while I waited, it didnt help much it only got me hornier so I stopped. Instead I went to get ready. I picked out a sexy Calvin Klein thong, black athletic botty shorts and a purple sports bra no shirt. I saw my sister had extensions, my medium length black hair was nice but if I had longer hair I’d look much more feminine and sexy. Sure enough I clipped them on and couldn’t help but have a large smile on. It looked so natural reaching my mid back. I finished with some lip gloss, blush, mascara and a little black eyeshadow. If I had tits you would think I was a girl. 10pm exactly and the knock comes at the door. My heart beat races even though I’ve already lost my virginity I’m still nervous, wtf. I take a deep breath and open the door. He looks down at me with a smile and just walks in. Hes wearing a a typical shirt tucked in, a belt, Jean’s and boots. He introduces himself as dad and says I look beautiful. I smile and tell him I’m sophi. I grab his hand and lead him up to my sisters room. Even though im not looking back i can tell hes looking at my plump ass. As we walk he dosent waste time and starts unbuckling his belt and pants and drops them on the floor, I sit him down, get on my knees and wet my lips. Hes already rock hard. The same veiny cock I saw in the picture is now in my face. I begin with kissing every inch of his shaft and sucking his head, I give him one long lick from the base of his shaft to the tip I salty burts of precum comes out. I lick it up and swallow no more than 4in before he hits the back of my throat. I close my lips and slowly slide back up duck kissing his tip. I Bob my head on his cock taking a little more in every suck. Finally my throat relaxes and I go down for his 7in but gag at 6. I lick his balls and give his cock a last kiss before he turns me around and tells me to bend over. Slowly he removes my shorts and gives my ass a hard slap, my clit twitches and I leak. He gets up removes his shirt and french kisses me groping my ass with both his hands. His hairy muscular body pressed against my soft smooth skin. After kissing I’m thrown on the bed, he takes out a bottle and lubes his cock stroking it. Out of eager excitement I say “hurry up daddy” I can tell he likes that so I tell him again “come fuck this pussy already daddy”. He gets ontop of me pulls my panties off, with my legs on his shoulders(missionary) his head makes contact with my hole. I can already feel him slowly penetrating opening my hole. First his head enters then slowly he smoothly slides 3inches inside. He thrusts a couple times before again sliding deeper inside. My clit is now soaked in my own precum still limp. Finally going deeper thrusts all 7in inside, all I hear is thighs slap against mine. I pull on the sheets in pleasure. Now that I’m stretched out he gets serious. All I hear is out thighs clapping as he thrusts and thrusts that big 7in cock inside my stretched my boipussy. I cant help it but moan. As my pussy loosen up all I can feel is him sliding in and out with ease. I can tell he loves my pussy and moans with pleasure. In response I moan “oh yes daddy fuck that pussy”. He begins to thrust harder and faster than before, shaking the bed hitting the wall. Im happy only me and daddy are home alone so we can make all the noise we want. He starts sweating and stops. His cock pops out. He lays down and orders me to ride him, I respond “yes daddy” and kneeling I grab his cock push the head inside and with ease it inserts. I can feel the difference from missionary. Grinding on his cock I begin to sweat, with every slap he gives me my pussy tightens. Moaning and moaning, I never want this end. Daddy’s cock is the best cock I’ve had. I can feel every inch of his cock sliding in and out, his big head rubbing my insides. I stop in exhaustion. I suck his cock some more, the taste of lube and precum fill my mouth. He gets up flips me over and again begins to fuck me missionary. I can sense hes close. I pull him down for a kiss and moan “omg yes daddy” as I orgasm, my little clit shooting its sissy cum on my stomach, my pussy tightens around his cock. He begins thrusting even harder slamming the bed to the wall. Daddy groans shooting his hot seed. I can feel every squirt of daddys warm cum filling me up. He pulls out and lays next to me saying “thank you baby I needed that” giving me a peck on the lips.. Ofcourse like every man he immediately gets up and and gets dressed. I plug myself up with my toy, i put on my panties and watch him get dressed. I escort him to the door, before leaving he gives me a hug and slaps my ass. I whisper “bye daddy come back soon” I watch him leave knowing his cock is pleased.

i love sucking married black guy

Its always so exciting to drive at night in my pink camisole and panty

looking for a cock to suck

i remember the first time I sucked a cock in my car
how crazy and horny i felt when he asked me if i was catching any pokemon

my fone in my hand , window down playing that stupid game

a huge bulge in his short bend over my window

looking at me wearing a cute pink boy short i just bought

”can i come inside”

i watch him sit down in the backseat
taking off his jeans showing off his hard big black cock

”im so horny come suck on my cock”

and i crawl on the floor , taking place between his legs mouth open getting feed his cock slowly and lovely

”you got out dress in pink tight short alot boy? we could be goods friend”

”mmmm yes thats it lick on my balls”

”you love sucking cocks ”

noding looking at him mouth around his fat bonner, so happy to finally taste a big cock

”oh you little slut, you suck so good ”

”im gonna nut in your mouth , i want you to swallow all of it”

”oh fuck yes just like that, suck the cock”

”work for that big fat load , you want my cum”

i was hoing crazy, i wanted him to explode all of it in me

i was eager to make him cum and started to moan and suck for it like a hungry slut

letting him pump his fat meat in my drooling pussy mouth

has he repeated i was a good girl

diving in my mouth forcing me to deepthroat and loose any gag reflex

”oh yeah , open up that throat, leave it to me, gimme that throat pussy”

”omg you fucking take it all”

”all of that big cock down your throat”

”like that yessssss, omg good girl , good fucking wore”

holding my head deep

”wait for it, im cuming girl”

”you swallow it all , like a good white slut”

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getting it all down in my belly

all of it, there was so much, i kept drinking and drinking jets after jets of warm black cock juice

”oh wow that was so good”

”you drank all of it”
”come here ”

and he lift my tshirt

rubbing on my belly

”it full of cum down there, you did a good job, you love having your belly fulkl of cum dont you”

”yes i do”
giggling as he slap my ass

turning me around

”thats a good girl, lets fill you up with more then”

my tight pink panty rippen up his cock making its way in my ass

”oh fuck , so tight, im gonna wreck that cunt boi”

feeling the wet fat cock going deep making me squeal in pain trying to go slow

but he kept his rythm, fucking deep in the cute pink pantied ass

”oh i love this, your my fuck slut now, im gonna fuck you evry fucking day like this”

ass up face down in my own car moaning and listening to him call me names

knowing too well i was looosing myself to him

and didnt care, looking back smilling at him

”you so cute, im gonna help you become a real gurl”

”wanna be my girl ?”

”yesss yesss i want it”

”tell me boi, tell me you are my girl”

his phone recording in his hands as i repeated over again what he asked

”uess yess im your girl”

”your white slut girl”

bouncing back on the cock

looking at him ,

”ohhh no dont film please”

”shut up slut, take it and repeat you are a girl”

”say it slut”

i still watch the vids sometimes

i jump on my dildo as i watch him make me say iam a girl , filming my tight ass getting his fat cock all in

it always the same. i go out after stretchinh up

dress sexy
driving slowly pass black guy

and meeting horny married guy happy to meet a slut

i love when iam ask to show off on my back seat

ass up looking at a stranger getting his bbc cock out

ready to try me

the sweat feeling of my panty pull down and a cock on my hole is too good

i just cant stop now

i love to ear em say they are married and never get suck as i work my mouth on the cock

its so satisfying to feel his hard cock throbbing , so happy to be worshipped

they all take my number and fuck me when they want

i love to receive text at night and meet one in his car

calling me sweat names as he undress me in my panty and sexy camisole

my hands on the cock waiting for orders

”can i suck your cock now daddy?”

My new neighbor f

I just move in to my new apartment after breaking up with my gf back in 2009. It was a nice 2 family home duplex I was told my neighbor was a family very quiet and low key I was like perfect for me. So as the months past I’v seen my neighbor maybe 6 time and was a very quick hi things I felt no bigger she will never borther me this will be great. It was about 3 am when I heard all this yelling someone crying names being call and shit breaking in my neighbors house.I got up threw on some jeans and went over to her door this guy was above her hitting my neighbor. I grab his arm and lay straight shot to his chin which drop him to his knees. He got back up and I told him you man enough to hit a girl hit me mother fucker and I was ready to throw down. He said she no girl and I said your no man he went to charge me and I gave him a 3 punch combo which drop him again. He got up said I’ll be back and I was like anytime bring a friend. I help my neighbor up she had to small cut one on her lip the other on the back of her head. She didn’t want me to call anyone cops hospital or a family member. I said sorry for entering her house but I don’t go for that she told me her name was Jessica and thank me I told her no problem she gave me a hug as she was crying I was rubbering her back for comfort. Told after 30 minutes I need to get back to bed and if you need anything call me or bang on the wall 3x. So next day I get home from work Jessica knocks on my door to tell me thank you I ask her in we each had a beer she start telling me what was the fight about I explained its non of my business but express I wanna explain so I crack her a beer with mine sat and and listen. She said that been her boyfriend for 8 months and he is mad cause he wanted to take me to gang bang so she did for him and he got mad cause guys were paying to much attention to her blow job skills. I was sitting there just like I don’t think you should be telling me this and she explained she was a transgender and open up tp me about everything. I have to admit she looks awesome Jessica I would have never known. We drank about 12 beers and she was like your a good man thank you she curled up to me on the couch telling she feels protective being in my arms. We that just made me feel so good I made her something to eat had a very glasses of wine and she went home. I was sitting there thinking about her for 3 hours the smell of her hair the softness of her skin the smile with a little cut on it and I started getting turn on. It was 2am I hear someone banging on her door guess who it is here I go again I open my door and said you again he said stay out of this I don’t think she not in her house she in me now mother fucker its was a lie he left guess he didn’t want round 3. Jessica open her door thank you again can I ask you for a favor I said sure can I sleep at your house please told ya if you don’t mind the couch she said its perfect. We went into my house she was wearing this pink silk outfit omg I was holding back .my woody I could see Jessica was still shaking told her would you feel safer in my bed she said yes .As I got in my bed she cuddle right into me and said thank you I told her it ok that guy is an ass and not to worry. I was falling asleep and I could feel Jessica rubbing her ass against my cock and it was growing. I never ever thought about being with a transgender but I cant explain there something there. I grab her her tits and started kissing her neck she was moaning and really grinding into me she turn her heads our lips touch and I was fully hard. She whispered in my ear I really want to be with you and her hand grab my cock now I have a good size cock 8 inches and I can’t tell she like the size of it. She slide my boxers off and I slide of her panties. Now I never thought about sucking a cock or how but I knew what I like and I was going for it fuck it. Jessica start blowing me omg she was loving it as much as I did She laid on top of me so we were in a 69 position I started rimming her pink little boi pussy and fingering it her hipps were going crazy then she lifted her ass exposing her cock to my mouth I grab the base open my mouth and she push in my mouth she was a  smaller then my cock I was working the tip moving all the way down to the base and she was doing the same thingI was choking on it cause I never suck a cock but she took mine like a champ. I was stiwhing between her boi pussy and ass getting her wet. She must of felt how wet and lube she was from me spiting her cum and on her pussy she got up sat on my cock and was working the sweet pussy ass down my shaftI started suck on her nipples and tits and had one of my hands on her throat she was moving her ass in a figure 8 then I realize I did not have a rubber on and I was like fucking im gonna cum in her I told Jessica I wanna cum in her she l said please give it me I want it. I roled her over legs over my shoulder she grab my ass as I push every inch of me deep in her she was moaning yelling fuck me I’m yours I want that seed deep in me you feel so fucking food I took no mercer I pound her hard she held my ass cause she could feel I was gonna cum and she want to make sure I didn’t pull out she keep saying I need it and all my good I soak her deep our lips lock with passion. After I got of the top of her I could see she was still hard and was jerking herself so I did what any good man will do I suck her cock so hard and was fingering her she grab my head and I got this warm saltly taste shooting in my mouth I just swallowed and she pump at least 5 times in my mouth she grab my face and start kissing me. . She spent the night and the next week also and we were a couple for 9 months before I moved back home still miss her

Cockatoo Part 23

Cockatoo Part 23

“Jamie, you alright, babe?” Shane squatted down, pulling up his balaclava so I could see his face. “Stay there for a moment while we clear the boat. We think we’ve got them all but we need to be sure.”

I wanted to hug him, but he stood up, waved his arm, and the men started to move on in the crouching walk all special forces use, their automatic weapons at the ready. We were allowed to get up from the floor but all I could hear was the whining voice of the ambassador.

“This is an outrage and I will be making a formal complaint to the Foreign Ministry. I have been in mortal danger and have had to deal with it myself. Where are my bodyguards? They should have protected me. I will personally dismiss them first thing in the morning.”

Shane stopped, turned on his heel and walked up to the ambassador who shrank back as he looked up at Shane. From the look on Shane’s face I knew something bad had happened.

“Firstly Mister Ambassador, you seem to have pissed your trousers, and secondly, you can’t dismiss them.”

“Oh, can’t I? Wait and see, I can and I will.”

“No, you can’t because they’re dead. They died trying to protect you. They were friends of mine and you will show them respect.” I saw Shane’s trigger finger twitch and for one mad moment I thought he was going to shoot him. “Ambassador, these men here will protect you now, although God only knows why they should want to take a bullet for you.”

The ambassador went red and a few of the armed guys nodded to Shane. I knew he had either resigned in the most spectacular way, or would be fired anyway in the morning. I wanted to run over to him, but he turned away from the ambassador, caught my eye and shook his head.


Our phones were taken away,, and we were held in the saloon for a while. A medic looked after Kritsada while Praew checked the others out. There didn’t seem to be any other serious injuries, but everyone was clearly shocked by what had happened. Food and drink were offered but no-one took anything except the ambassador who was beginning to complain again. We were all glad when someone from the Foreign Ministry arrived and ushered him out with much bowing and scr****g. We were called forward one by one to be interrogated and it was a while before my turn. A policeman ushered me into a room and I wasn’t entirely surprised to see Thaksin sitting there.

“I could have guessed you would show up.” I said.

“You have much skill at getting into trouble.”

“Me? This was nothing to do with me. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Then you are very skilful at being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it seems. Anyway, down to brass knuckles as I think you say.”

“Brass…oh, you mean brass tacks. What do you want to know?”

“Tell me your version of what happened tonight.”

“Simple. Kritsada slapped down Yut, he got mad, went away and came back with his men and tried to kill Kritsada…and me by the way.”

“Why do you think Yut did this?”

“No idea. Yut was a psychopath who hated Kritsada and wanted to take over his business.” I paused before saying, “But if you ask me, this has got Jandaeng’s hoofprints all over it.”

Thaksin looked confused. “Hoofprints? What are they?”

“I think Jandaeng is the devil, complete with horns and hoofs.”

Thaksin sighed. “I do not think I will ever understand Westerners. In Thailand we would never joke about the devil.”

“I’m not joking. Where is he, by the way? Jandaeng I mean, not the devil.”

Thaksin looked down at his papers and shuffled them. I had a bad feeling.

“You don’t know, do you? Don’t tell me you’ve lost him.”

“He has disappeared. We were tailing him but he gave my men the slip. We are searching for him. We will find him.”

“Did you lose him before or after Yut’s attack?”

Thaksin shifted uneasily in his chair, he was losing face here and didn’t like it. “It was just after. He received a call and then lost my men.”

Jandaeng on the run was worrying, and I wondered who had called him. He was capable of anything and I hoped Thaksin would find him fast. As if reading my thoughts, Thaksin said, “When we find him, I will let you know. He will be arrested immediately. His parrot is cooked.”

I coughed to cover up my laugh. “Goose…oh, never mind. Find him quickly, please. Do you need me anymore?”

“No, you may go, but call me if Jandaeng gets in touch.”

One thing was puzzling me. “Thaksin, you don’t seem surprised to see me like this?”

Without missing a beat he said, “We are well aware of your, how should I say, preferences. You might wish to stay like this for a while.”

“Oh, why?”

“We don’t think Jandaeng is aware of Jamie, or what is it? Scarlett?”


After Thaksin had handed back my phone, I returned to the saloon to find Kritsada and Praew waiting for me. I looked for Nancy but she had already left with the others. Kritsada was in a terrible state. His face was bruised and his nose looked to be broken. I sank to my knees in front of him and took his hands. He looked down in surprise.

“Thank you.”

“Jamie, what for? You have nothing to thank me for.”

“Back there when Yut was asking for the farang, you could have given me up, but you didn’t. Thank you.”

I swear his eyes were glistening. “Jamie, after all you have done for me and my family, I would never have betrayed you.”

Praew rubbed his arm. “Kritsada, I am proud of you. We were all so frightened, but you stood up to him.”

The way she looked at Kritsada told me everything I needed to know. She was in love with him.

“Come, stand up Jamie. We all need to go home. We will stay at my house tonight and have a meeting tomorrow.”

We walked arm in arm to the boat taking us back, Kritsada sandwiched between Praew and myself. A long-tail boat sped us along to the river past Wat Arun and the Grand Palace to Kritsada’s house. The sun was rising and Bangkok looked serene in the misty early morning light. As we pulled alongside the jetty a helicopter clattered in to land in the garden. I looked at Kritsada who managed a lopsided grin. “My gift for you.”

The helicopter landed and before the rotors had stopped moving, two figures leapt out and ran yelling over to us. Alex got to me first and jumped into my arms, to be followed a few seconds later by Areeya. Alex started to cry which set us all off, and we were hugging and crying together. Areeya broke off to go to her father, and they too embraced and I swear Kritsada was crying too.

Areeya dragged her father over to us. He was still holding Praew’s hand and Areeya looked sideways at Praew, and I thought Kritsada would have some explaining to do to his daughter. Everyone was trying to talk at once until Kritsada held up his hand for silence.

“I am so glad we are all here together. Tonight has been a terrible experience, but it has taught me I have some remarkable friends. I suggest we all get some rest and meet together in the morning when we can see what to do next.” He was still holding Praew’s hand, and it did not go unnoticed. I hugged Praew and whispered, “Good luck, he needs you.”

She nodded, “I’m taking him to my clinic to get him checked out. Yut hit him hard. He’s not as young as he thinks he is any more. Take care of yourself, by the way. Alex and Areeya need you.”

There was a commotion from the house as Nin and Dao burst through the doors and ran over to us. Nin was crying as she came up to Alex and me.

“I so glad you OK, Jamie. I was so worried.”

We pulled her into our hug whilst Dao went across to Kritsada who embraced her. I noticed Areeya eyeing Dao as a tigress might do whose territory was being encroached. I grabbed her hand to distract her, “How did you get here so quickly?”

“When it was all over Dao called us and sent the company plane to Samui, then the helicopter from Don Mueang to here.”

I grabbed all three of them, and they squealed as I hugged them a bit too tight.

Alex broke away and kissed me. “Well, I’m never going to let you out of my sight again.”

Nin grabbed my arm, “Miss Alex, what you think of Jamie?”

Alex took a step back and giggled as if seeing me for the first time.

“Nin, I think she looks good enough to eat. Is that a corset you’re wearing you little minx? And your dress and the hair, come here baby, I want to gobble you all up.” She made a grab for me and I danced out of the way.

“Get off, and yes, it is a corset, and it’s killing me. I need to take it off.”

“Well, we’re not stopping you.” said Alex making Nin double up with laughter.

“Not out here, you fool, inside.”

“Come on then.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the house.

“See you in morning.” said Nin.

“Oh no,” said Alex, “you’re coming too.” She grabbed Nin and dragged us both with her.

“What about Areeya?” I said looking around.

“She’s a big girl, she can take care of herself.”

I caught sight of Areeya talking intently with Dao. I could imagine there would be fur flying between those two when they got their claws out.

Alex pulled us into a bedroom and we tumbled onto the bed.

“Ouch, I can’t breathe in this bloody corset.”

Alex pulled me back to my feet. “OK, but first let me have a proper look at you.”

She looked me up and down before a big grin spread across her face..

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing baby, I was just thinking back to the first time you wore my panties. You nearly had a seizure. Now look at you.”

“Yeah, well, that makes it all your fault, so help me get this thing off.”

“Admit it, you like this, don’t you?”

I would have admitted to being the Easter Bunny if it helped to get the corset off. “Yes, yes, I like it, now help me get this off or I swear I will kill you.”

She kissed me and stroked my face. “OK. Nin, unzip the dress.”

Nin eased the zip down and the dress slipped off my shoulders onto the floor. I stepped out of it and stood there in the corset and stockings.

Alex purred like a cat. “Oh my, you look ravishing. The corset is so hot. Does it make you feel sexy?”

“No, it makes me feel like I’m going to faint.” Actually, standing there in front of Alex and Nin like this must have made me feel good because my traitorous cock betrayed me and swelled inside my panties.

Alex, of course, noticed and stroked it through the silk. “Mmm, I’ve missed this you naughty girl.”

“Stop it, let me out of this before I turn blue.”

“Oh, don’t fuss so, the more you wear it the better it will feel.”

“Trust me. I’m never wearing this again.”

“Never say never, my sweet.” Alex nodded to Nin, and I felt her fingers untying the laces at the back as Alex unclipped the stockings from the corset and rolled them down my legs. Nin finished undoing the laces, relief sweeping through me as the corset opened and my lungs gratefully sucked in air.

“Oh my Lord, that feels good.”

Alex was on her knees in front of me and slipped her fingers underneath my panties before sliding them down my legs.

“Does this feel good too?” Said Alex, taking me deep into her mouth. At the same time Nin’s hands slid round from behind to play with my nipples and she kissed the back of my neck as Alex licked and sucked my cock, making my knees turn to jelly. Alex let me slip from her mouth, stood up and in one motion pulled her dress over her head and dropped it on the floor. Nin must have already done the same because I felt her breasts sliding over my back. Alex kissed me hard, her tongue forcing its way past my lips, while Nin’s fingers stroked me from behind as her cock was bumping against my bum.

Alex stopped kissing me and slipped a finger into my mouth before taking a nipple into her mouth and nipped it hard. I gasped allowing Alex to slide a second finger through my lips and I sucked hard on them. I felt Nin’s finger slipping into my crack and I eased my legs apart to allow her to caress my rosebud. Alex pushed her fingers in and out of my mouth while she continued her assault on my tender nipples with her lips and tongue and teeth.

My knees sagged as the two of them kept up a relentless assault from back and front until Alex broke off and pushed me onto the bed with my legs hanging over the edge. She knelt between my legs, pushed them apart and motioned Nin to join her. I looked down to see both of them licking my cock, one on each side, taking turns to slide their lips over the head, their tongues meeting as they licked and sucked. I arched my back as I felt one of them slip a tongue into the slit as the other sucked my balls, rolling them around in their mouth.

Someone pushed a finger into my hole making me thrust upward into a waiting mouth as fingers tweaked my nipples, sending me into sensory overload. I was getting very close to the edge when they stopped and I opened my eyes to see Alex pushing Nin onto the bed. She whispered something to Nin who lay on her front and spread her cheeks wide with her hands. Alex lay between her legs and tongued Nin’s hole, making her squirm and moan with pleasure. Transfixed, my hand went to my cock which was as hard as I could ever remember, and I stroked myself as I watched them.

Alex turned her head to see me with my hand on my cock and she hissed, “Don’t you dare cum yet. Fuck her now.”

I didn’t need a second invitation and as Alex moved away, I knelt behind Nin and slowly pushed my cock into her hole lubricated by Alex’s tongue. She pushed back onto me as I thrust deeper and deeper into her, making her moan and bunch the bedsheets in her fists as I pummelled away. Alex must have moved behind me because I was pushed forward onto Nin’s back and had to support myself with my arms. A finger slipped into me to open me up before it was replaced by her cock tapping at my hole.

Alex slapped my bum and slid her cock inside me, pushing me deeper into Nin who grunted as I drove into her. Alex’s cock rammed into me as Nin tightened her hole around me and I was overwhelmed by what was happening to me; as if every nerve end in my body had fired at the same time. I felt Alex’s cock filling my hole as I savagely penetrated Nin; every jagged thrust, every rasping grunt, every searing sc**** of skin against skin set off a new wave of sensations raging through my nervous system as if I existed only as a group of neurones to be stimulated by Alex and Nin. My climax grew from deep within me, building and growing in intensity until it ripped through me and I came into Nin a few seconds before Alex stiffened, grunted and came deep inside me.

She thrust once or twice more before pulling out and rolling to one side. I slid my cock out of Nin and slumped onto the bed exhausted from what we had done. Nin rolled onto her back, her cock standing straight up. Alex grinned, then licked the head of Nin’s cock and pointed at me to join in. Alex moved to one side of Nin’s cock and I began to lick the other side. This was a first for me, but I remembered what Nin and Alex had done for me so I curled my tongue around her cock, meeting Alex’s tongue and fencing with that before returning to lick Nin.

I looked up to see Nin watching us wide eyed as we toyed with her cock, and I kept my eyes on her as I slid my tongue around the head before taking as much as I could into my mouth. She was making little mewing sounds as I reached up to tweak a nipple and she almost levitated from the bed. Alex pushed me aside to take over and as she bounced up and down and Nin I licked and sucked her little ball sack into my mouth.

“I cumming.”

Alex pulled away and pushed me towards Nin’s cock and we licked the head until Nin moaned and her cum erupted over our tongues. We didn’t let a drop escape and Alex kissed me and pushed whatever she had into my mouth. I swallowed everything before falling back onto the bed, Alex on one side and Nin on the other, legs and arms intertwined. We stayed like that until Nin and Alex fell asleep. I lay between them, exhausted but unable to sleep as the events of the day churned in my mind. The elation of being alive after coming so close to being shot by Yut had worn off, to be replaced with a sense of foreboding that left me sick to my stomach.


My phone rang, dragging me from a deep and dreamless sleep that I had eventually fallen into. I could see it was Shane’s number, but he rang off before I could answer. Alex had her arm over me and I slid out of bed trying not to wake her or Nin. Pulling on a robe I moved into the corridor and, bleary eyed, saw it was already 11 o’clock as I called him back.

He answered straight away. “G’day babe. Did I wake you?”

“Yes, but don’t worry. How are you?”

He laughed, “Unemployed.”

“So, did they fire you?”

“Hell, no. I resigned before the bastards could do that. I told the pompous little prick exactly what I thought of him. He got so mad I thought he would explode. He threatened to have me locked up and sent back to Oz in chains.”

“Oh my God, so what happened?”

Somehow I could sense Shane grinning at the other end.

“I told him I had a high quality video of him screwing a girl on the boat, and if he tries to cause any of us any trouble, it goes to the press. He almost pissed himself again.”

I burst out laughing. “Oh, I wish I could have been there. But, how did you get the video?”

“You probably need to ask Kritsada. Someone delivered a thumb drive for me before I met the little turd with a message to watch it immediately. It was interesting viewing. He’s a little prick in every sense.”

“Are you able to come over?”

“Sure, I’m discharged with immediate effect.”

“Get over here, we’re having a meeting later to sort out what happens next.”

“You’re on. Give me a couple of hours.”

From down the corridor came a soft ripple of female laughter, stilled almost instantly as if someone had placed fingers over smiling lips. It was followed a few seconds later by a burst of giggles ending in what sounded like a moan. I was still not fully awake, but I realised with a start it sounded like Areeya. I tiptoed down the corridor to find one of the doors slightly ajar. As I put my ear to the gap and heard more giggling and another moan of pleasure. I had heard that sound so many times. It was unmistakably Areeya inside the room, but who was there with her?

I tried to sneak a look into the room but the gap in the door was too small. Areeya moaned again and this time I heard another voice murmuring something followed by a silence broken by Areeya panting heavily. The second person laughed, and I almost fell backwards as I recognised Dao’s voice.

When I saw them earlier, I thought sparks would fly between the two of them, but I never thought it would be like this. Alex and Nin had both told me Dao liked girls but God knows I hadn’t expected this. I eased away from the door, stunned by what I had discovered. I went back to my room and just as I was about to close the door I saw Dao appear, look up and down the corridor before closing the door behind her and walking away.

What should I do? Tell Alex? No, that was definitely not down to me. It might just be a one-night stand and if so, then nothing would be gained by me blabbing to Alex. If it was something more, it would be up to Areeya to tell Alex. One more time, I was having to keep something from Alex, but this time I was convinced it was the right decision.

Alex stirred as I slid back into bed and as she rolled over to face me I saw she had been crying. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. I tasted the salt from the tears on her lips.

“It’s alright Alex. Please don’t cry.”

She sniffled, “I can’t help it, that’s the third time I’ve come close to losing you, and I’m not sure I can cope with any more.”

I held her tight until she stopped sobbing and I kissed her gently. “Alex, Yut is dead and I’m still here. We’re together again and everything is going to be alright.” I hoped she believed me, because I wasn’t sure I did.

“But Jandaeng is still after us.”

“True, but I’m sure we will be rid of him soon.”

“I love you.” She whispered.

“I love you too, more than I can ever tell you.”

Nin began to stir as Alex wiped her eyes and managed a smile. “I must look awful.”

“Well, now you come to mention it…” That earned me a punch on the arm.

Nin sat up, yawned and stretched. “What time is it?”

It was midday now and we could hear people moving around outside. There was a soft tap on the door.

“Come in,” yelled Alex as I scrambled to cover myself with a sheet. Alex and Nin laughed at my frantic efforts to cover myself as Areeya’s face appeared.

“I thought it might be Kritsada.” Which made everyone laugh and I went red.

Areeya kissed us all in turn before saying, “There’s food outside and we are planning to meet at two o’clock to discuss what to do next.”

“Yummy, I’m famished,” said Alex. “By the way Areeya, where did you get to last night?”

“Oh, I just went to sleep, I was tired after yesterday. Come on get ready, you haven’t got much time. I’ll see you outside.”

For a moment I thought what I heard last night had been a dream, but as Areeya turned to leave, I caught her eye and raised an eyebrow. She blushed, and I knew I had been right.


The big question for me was, did I stay as Jamie, or revert to James. I sat on the edge of the bed and realised there wasn’t a choice. I could tell myself it was because Thaksin had warned me to stay as Jamie, but I knew deep down it was my choice. My life as James was like an old Polaroid photograph; faded and out of focus. Alex said nothing, only smiled and kissed me as I told her I would stay as Jamie.

My immediate problem was what to wear. I couldn’t wear the gown from last night, I wouldn’t be able to fit it without the corset, and no amount of money would get me back into that right now. Alex and Areeya came to the rescue, from somewhere they produced fresh underwear, A long linen skirt and a matching top and some sandals. My hair was a mess but Alex pulled it back and I did my makeup well enough to pass muster.

The food was laid out on a balcony running the width of Kritsada’s house facing the Chao Praya river. I was famished and tucked in hungrily. Shane arrived as we were eating and I grabbed him for a kiss.

“What’s that for?” he said innocently.

“For saving my life, you fool. I didn’t get the chance to say so last night. I understand you’re going to get a reward for what you did.”

He looked puzzled. “Er, come again?”

I squeezed his hand. “Yes, that will be certainly be a big part of the reward.”

It took a few seconds, but the penny dropped and a big grin spread over his face. Nin joined us at that moment and it was obvious to a blind man that they were crazy about each other. I grabbed Nin’s hand and put it into Shane’s massive paw.

“You two need to talk to each other seriously. I’m getting fed up with you both mooning around. Sort it out.”

I left them to it and headed off to talk to Alex. Areeya and Kritsada appeared, a dressing on the side of his head where Yut had hit him. Dao came to greet him, and I watched as she and Areeya completely ignored each other.

Areeya clapped her hands and announced we should move to the lounge where we would meet. We sat on big couches, me between Alex and Dao. Shane and Nin sat together and Areeya beside Kritsada on another.

“My friends, first of all I want to thank all of you have done over the past few days.” Kritsada’s voice didn’t have its usual confident tone, and I realised how much last night must have affected him. “I offer my eternal gratitude to Shane for his actions last night, even though it has cost him his job.”

Shane nodded his acknowledgment, and I saw Nin slip her hand into his.

“Shane, if you wouldn’t mind, could you tell us all what happened before you arrived on the boat?”

“Sure, if that’s what you want.” He cleared his throat before beginning. ”We had two of our guys on board with the ambassador alongside Kritsada’s two men. They wouldn’t have been too worried about Yut coming back on board, so they were taken completely by surprise. Yut’s men took them all out.” He paused and looked down for a moment before going on. “I don’t get pleasure from killing, but I enjoyed taking Yut down, and I hope he rots in hell.” His voice cracked, and he took a drink of water before carrying on. “Anyway, the Thai police had a call something was going to go down on the boat. They scrambled their tactical response force, and because our ambassador was there, they called us. We knew nothing about it. Our guys would call in regularly, but they were killed before they could get a message off. The ambassador had a panic alarm on him which should have alerted us, but he didn’t use it because when Yut’s men found him he had his dick in a pussy. Sorry, ladies.” He looked embarrassed. “We boarded the boat and one of the Thai guys took out the lookout Yut had posted. We made our way down to main deck where you Kritsada and Jamie were being held, and well you know the rest.”

There had been absolute silence as Shane told his story and Kritsada said, “Shane, I will make sure the families of your men as well as mine will be looked after. You and I need to talk about a role for you here.”

Shane nodded and then turned to me.

“But you know the strangest thing is they told us that whoever called was Japanese. You have any idea who that might be, babe?”

“Aki” I blurted out.

“That’s what I thought, but why?”

“Hold on, who the fuck is Aki?” Alex was looking daggers at Shane and me. “Will someone tell me what is going on?”

All eyes switched to me. I knew I had no choice, I had to tell them something.

“Akihito is a Japanese Yakuza boss. The Yakuza and the Hong Kong triads are in a turf war here in Bangkok.”

Alex narrowed her eyes. “And you know this exactly how?”

Nin looked down at her hands and Shane grinned. The bastard was enjoying this.

“I ran into him while I was tracking Yut.”

“Ran into or onto?” Shane muttered under his breath. I shot him a death stare but his grin just got bigger.

“Just when were you going to share this?” Alex looked furious, and I hoped she hadn’t heard Shane.

“It didn’t seem important at the time.” Even I knew that sounded pathetic.

“And this Aki just happened to mention it to you in passing?” Alex was now as mad as hell.

Nin giggled, damn her. She got a glare too. “Well, no. We met him at one of those Japanese bars and had a few drinks when Yut came in and made a scene. Aki slapped him down. He said Yut was a business colleague who was becoming a liability.”

“But why would Aki throw Yut in the dunny?” Shane said, provoking puzzled looks from everyone.

I jumped in to interpret. “He means why would Aki betray Yut? I don’t know why, but Aki was unhappy with Yut for sure.” Something had been hiding in my subconscious and it floated to the surface. “What if this attack was Yut freelancing? Think about it, Yut looked as if he was high on something, maybe not earlier, but when he came back, I’m sure he was. He walked out because of something Kritsada said to him, and we know he was under pressure from Aki. Perhaps, he was pushed over the edge by what happened at the dinner.”

Everyone looked at Kritsada. “If I caused all this, I am truly sorry.”

I shook my head. “It was going to happen anyway, who knows what might have happened if he had acted at another time? You once told me we should spare ourselves the concerns of what might have been. Please permit me to return the advice.” Areeya smiled at me and wiped a tear from her eye.

Kritsada nodded. “Jamie, thank you. You never fail to impress me. Yut was always headstrong, but I thought he had calmed down. It is true in the early days I had to deal with him harshly to bring him into line but that was business. He obviously had not forgotten or forgiven. I think it is possible he would do something without thinking it through.”

Everyone was looking at me.


Nobody spoke until Areeya said, “Could you find out from this Aki?”

“No, not going to happen.” I spluttered, but my insides fluttered at the thought of meeting Aki again.

“Why not?” Asked Alex.

“It’s not that easy to contact him.”

“You have his card with his phone number don’t you?” I wished Shane would shut up and disappear through a hole in the floor.

“Well, yes, but…”

“It’s worth a try isn’t it?” Areeya was the voice of sweet reason.

I was squirming now and couldn’t see a way to avoid it. “OK, OK, I’ll try.”

“If you do contact him, we will be there to support you.” Alex smiled sweetly. “Do you know what’s happening with Jandaeng?”

Without thinking, I said “He’s missing.”

Alex looked at me like a falcon eyeing its next meal. “How do you know? What else haven’t you told us?”

Every eye in the room focussed on me. I knew I had to come clean sometime and now seemed as good as any. I took a deep breath.

“There’s a cop in the Organised Crime Unit called Thaksin who is onto Jandaeng. Long story short, he coerced me into informing on Jandaeng for him. He interrogated me after Yut’s attack and told me Jandaeng has gone to ground. He’s missing and they don’t know where he is.”

There was absolute silence in the room. Alex had her hands over her face, and Areeya seemed about to burst into tears. Shane looked at me as if I had grown an extra head.

“Coerced you? How?” said Kritsada.

“He k**napped me off the street and threatened to have me arrested for being a terrorist if I didn’t help him. He was very, very convincing.”

“Why didn’t you tell us about this?” Areeya was the first to speak.

“I didn’t want you to worry you all any more than you were already.”

Alex stood up and hugged me. “You should have told us, you idiot. We’re all in this together.”

“OK, OK, you’re right, I should have told you. But now you know everything.” Well, not quite everything I thought. I prayed Nin and Shane would keep quiet about what really happened with Aki.

Areeya spoke next. “As your cover as James has been blown, it might be better for you to stay as Jamie, at least until they catch Jandaeng.”

Alex grinned. “Oh, I’m sure we would all like to see Jamie a bit more.”

I rolled my eyes. “It’s what Thaksin told me too. He doesn’t think Jandaeng knows about Jamie or Scarlett.”

Kritsada looked puzzled. “Who is Scarlett?”

Areeya jumped in. “It’s our nickname for Jamie.”

Alex spluttered and pretended to cough while Nin and Shane smirked.

I sighed, “OK, I guess I don’t have much choice, do I? I’ll stay as Jamie for the time being.”

“Will Aki be seeing Jamie or Scarlett?” Shane asked with an innocent look on his face.

To be continued

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I’m sorry this one is long.

Late Night Shopping.

Pure fantasy but based on a shop I once worked in.

I own an independent bathroom shop and over the years business has been slow with more and more people starting to buy online. I thought I would had to close but then I hit upon an idea, before you buy a car it’s nice to take it for a test drive, so why can’t it be done with a bath or shower. It cost me a little bit to get everything plumbed in and working but I figured that the potential extra sales would be worth it.
I had no clue about how to advertise my ‘try before you buy service’ but the guy doing all the plumbing soon worked out what I was up to and suggested that I try the local free papers or even a local swinging website, With in trepidation I placed a discreet advert in the local paper and an open invitation on a couple of adult websites.

At first I was thinking that my plans were going to come to nothing because I have had no replies for a week but then one day the phone calls and emails started to come in. My reply to everyone was the same ‘I will be open from 6PM until late this Saturday for private viewing, please bring your own towels if you’d like to try any displays.’ That was it, the seed was sown and all I could do was wait.
On the evening of my event I had cashed up, sent my staff home, the newly installed blinds were pulled down, I made sure the place was warm enough, the boiler was fired up and out of the 6 baths I had on show ( plus all 6 shower enclosures had been plumbed in) I started to fill just 3. It wasn’t until almost 7:00 when the first couple knocked on the door, ‘Hello, we’ve come about the advert’ the hubby said showing me their reply Email, ‘Great’ I said ‘come in, you’re the first, I don’t have any changing rooms but feel free to use the staff toilets to undress’ As soon as they disappeared there was another knock on the door, 2 more couples had arrived and I gave them the same talk as the previous couple. By the time the first couple had returned another 2 were being given the tour. ‘Not bad for a first night’ I thought.

The first couple made a b-line for one of the enclosures; they wanted to know which showerhead was the best. I was half expecting to see them dressed in swimwear when they dropped their towels, but they were both naked. I did think about objecting but then again I didn’t specify in the advert what to wear, and to be honest they were an attractive looking couple, after all, who showers in a bikini or trunks at home? I was then joined by all the other couples, they had been swapping stories in the staff loos and it turns out that they had all seen the advert on the same website, and as they all knew each other they were all starkers with their towels slung over their shoulders.
I was having so much fun with what was before my eyes I was forgetting about selling which was sort of the point of the evening. 2 couples had taken to one of the large baths on show and the others divided themselves amongst the other showers. As I walked about admiring the views and making sure if anyone needed any advice I spied that they were all using the samples of shower gels that I had provided, what I wasn’t expecting was the growing numbers of erections on show and one or two couples swapping with each other. I turned around so I wouldn’t disturb them when I then saw that in the large bath both women were astride across their (I presume) husbands riding their cocks. I now had all 5 couples banging away at each other like it was an orgy, luckily enough there were no other businesses open, I’m not sure what excuse I could had come up with to explain the noise.

With all the activities going on the place was starting to steam up a bit but that only enhanced the whole voyeuristic affair and I too was getting a little turned on and a bit sweaty, so I thought ‘when in Rome’ so I popped all my clothes on my desk and used a free shower enclosure nearby totally forgetting that I had no towel. I thought I was alone until I heard a familiar voice ‘hey boss’ it was Susan, one of my staff. ‘what the fuck is going on?’ she was on her way home after an evening swim at the beach and wondered why there were cars parked outside, all my staff have their own keys, so she could easily let herself in. ‘oh shit, hi’ I replied trying my best to cover my erection with my hands ‘would you believe me if I said I was drumming up business?’. ‘I guess so’ Susan replied scratching her head and trying to maintain eye contact and ignoring the orgy coming from the other displays. ‘You don’t seem to have a towel, I’ve got a couple in the car’ before I could utter a word she was gone out the door and quickly returned with two beach towels’.
‘umm, I’m almost done here’ I said reaching out to be offered a towel, ‘ I’m very thankful that you’re offering me a towel, you won’t tell the other staff will you?’
‘hell no’ Susan laughed ‘I think it’s a great idea, is there room for two? I was on my way home to shower but this’ll do nicely’ again my mind had stopped my mouth dead in its tracks when she pulled off a floaty summer dress with nothing on under it . Not sure what to do next, all my blood was rushing to my nether regions I stepped to one side and watched this early 30s gym fit goddess join me in the shower.
‘Make yourself useful boss, and wash my back will you?’ I stood behind her and started to soap her back with one hand.
‘Two hands silly, ones no good’ I tried as best I could to keep my distance but as I was washing Susan’s’ back she kept pushing her bum towards me. It was obvious that she could tell how hard I was and the sounds of the other couples were starting to die down. Through the steam I could see that we were now gaining an audience but this didn’t faze Susan because her hand grabbed my cock and in a low voice while guiding me into her waiting pussy she said ‘let’s give them a show’. We fucked like rabbits. I was pounding Susan’s wet cunt while playing with her beautiful B cups, we even gained a couple of wives from our admirers that wanted in on the fun.

When our small showering party was done we half expected a round of applause but it seemed like we had turned everyone on again because we got greeted with a surround sound of more fucking and sucking.
‘Well, ummmm’ I finally got to say trying my best to be professional in this bevy of nakedness, ‘ If you’ll pardon the pun I’d like to thank you all for cumming, Susan and I will be here if there are any questions about our displays’.
We took a few enquiries that night but no sales as yet. Susan did suggest drinks and nibbles (that’s food to you and me, I think) which means she’s definitely up for some more late night shopping.

Baby all cum soon Party!

It was a while since I spoke to you to catch up with my naughty real life diary for you.
So Fat slag Tracy is close on dropping her black brat!
Teeny Sue is showing her swelling belly(8 months on), proudly!
I am well on my way with a bit of waddling walking as my Negro son gets bigger in me!

Our lovers are still fucking us all eagerly, they are-
A group of blacks for Tracy, PS she does not know the father of her brat, as she fucked loads of BBC studs, one or more managed to finish himself off in her cunt!
Sue knows it is Afro Chief, King Masala, knocked her up,although her boyfriend black Jamile thinks it is his?
Mine is with my big powerful Jazz, loving his big 13″ poker! My hubby usless!

OK, Tracy is now married to Mark a fat worn out balding white business man, runs a cafe in town, she blew him off, faked a few orgasms riding his little pecker and he proposed to her!! She though once being fancied by an oversized butt loving Negro stud was hooked on black dicks and because they said they liked her ass, they meant literally that too, in her ass! Trace loves to orgasm on a fat long rod up her bum.

Sue 1st was introduced to black cock when she went with her teeny boyfriend Jamile, after being bored with her 1st white one; he just wanted to wank off his skinny white cock. Once Sue had got used to the deep poker Jamile gave her she was on the prowl for a more intense experience! Then one eve after ordering a taxi to take her home from our place, after babysitting my 1st black c***d, Junior, she was picked up by King Masala, running his own taxi business and loving small skinny teeny white girls! She did not have enough for her fare, so he made her an offer as they drove to her place? Yes she sucked his giant dick as they drove, her head forced onto him by his mighty black hand, Sue spluttering and gagging on his monster bell end, until he shot one of his famous huge loads of African jelly down her young throat, his strong seed happy to be swimming in the sluts belly!

For me, much more simple, Jazz one in a row of big fit studs who I need to do me often, as Mick my worn out little dicked hubby can’t make it! Jazz my latest 6 6 stud, gets to see me as often as we need it, that is very often.

I decided to have a ‘Baby coming soon party’ at ours, in-fact in our huge garden at the rear of our home. I told Mick to get the garden sorted with our gardener Tom and be ready for the next weekend. The invited went out to our close friends and we thought best to invite neighbours too, since we would be playing loud Afro reggae music, and dancing.

On the day, a really hot Saturday, 1st to arrive were Tracy and Mark. Tracy was looking summery and slutty too. She had a one piece dress on, thin Lycra, big flower print. The hem just below her big fat ass cheeks, her white cellulite covered bare legs rubbing together at the fat thighs, some crotch of her white nickers showing at the front. The rest of the dress, far too tight, one of those that comes in one size for a skinny bird, straps and a patch of flowery material stretched to the limit over her huge pair of melon sized tits, her pregnant nips poking through!. The middle of the dress was cut out, not sure if by her or by design? Anyway her 8 month Negro son occupied that space, poking out massively, further than his Mum’s milkers. Her white belly so stretched it shone in the Sun, as if polished. Mark not yet knowing what was to slide out of her dirty cunt. He stood proudly as if to say look at what a man I am!

A few neighbours arrived and chatted with me, saying congrats on my number 2 on its way. I was wearing what Jazz wanted me to. A white Lycra clinging short skirt, bare white legs, strappy white high wedgy sandals and a green sheer semi see through top, no sleeves and loose fitting. He liked it as my big titties, not held in a bra can swing about, the bottom of the tits just visible! My belly nice and swollen with Jazz’s love c***d on show. Most of the neighbourhood knew about my son Junior and could see Mick was not the father. Julie from next door asked was this Mick’s? I said no and pointed to Jazz stood chatting over the other side the garden.
‘Whooo, love you are a busy Lady, nice choice though, hehehe,’ she laughed and winked. ‘You must introduce me?’

I saw young Sue climb out of a taxi and the driver too as he parked up? Oh yes I got it now, silly me! It was King Masala with her, surprise…hahaha. But where was her boyfriend Jamile?
‘Hey Sue, where is your boyfriend today?’ I quizzed her.
‘Oh hello Mrs Smith, thank you for the invite. Erm he is on his way soon,’ she said blushing!
She was wearing a leopard print micro mini, and a leopard print bra, which fitted her young tight ski-slope tits perfectly well. Her midriff bare and heavily swollen!
Masala as usual wearing his tribal chief clothes, a kind of kilt affair, bare arms and today bones hanging from his pierced ears? Indeed a towering huge frame of a man. I would say about 6 7 and thick set. He dwarfed poor little Sue, even in her white strappy heeled shoes! He wore a pair of old dusty sandals, no socks, just huge size 14 feet!
Sue looked up at Masala and he blew her a knowing kiss, no messing his hand cupping her tight ass!

I saw Jazz make a quick call and within minutes a group of tall fit black lads arrived all shaking hands and reaching next for the beers. As the lads circulated a few got chatting with Tracy, as Mark was with Mick out of sight, I think in the house?
They bobbed about looking Tracy over and feeling her big belly, they joked about it with her. I should imagine that this was the group hitting on her, behind Mark’s back?
I heard one say,’ Woo oooh, Bro’s, who’s the Daddy? Hahaha?’
I chorus they all said, ‘Don’t look at me Bro’s…hahaha!’
Trace just laughed with them, swigging on a beer one brought over for her!

Julie came over and asked if she could be introduced formerly to my black guests. Of course I told her come on, follow me love. We wandered over the lawn, Julie helping me up a few steps before, my belly knocking me off balance a bit!

‘Hi guys, this is my friend Julie, can you say who you all are yourselves?’ I asked.

‘Hey yeah Maam,’ said the tallest Negro, pointing to each of the 8 lads. I left her there giggling with them. One young lad wasting no time with his big strong arm around her slim married waist! She was wearing a more appropriate suburban dress, light blue, knee length and matching blue heels, very expensive looking and a pearl necklace.
I heard one guys joke with her. ‘Did your hubby give you that pearl necklace love?’ Again they all laughed and she blushed. As one said,’ Yeah, he must cause it sure is white!’
The tall fit lad squeezing her squeezed a bit tighter now and his black fingers tweaked the underside of het tit. and she looked up to him in love!

Jazz found me and gave me a big kiss on my lips for all to see as more neighbours arrived! Mick came back out with Mark and spoke to me about doing the BBQ. ‘Yeah,’ I said start it now is cool, Jazz with his arm about me swigging a beer ignoring him.
‘OK, Love, will do,’ said Mick.
Jazz looked and smelt great. He was wearing some sexy tight red shorts and a Tank top red vest. His manhood down the right leg of the shorts, nicely bulging, for all to see the big outline. I spent many a lovely time riding that big black poker, proud to serve all 13″ of it. He stood behind me kissing my neck and feeling my bump with his big black hands, I reached my hand around to stroke the hot length. He moaned as I did and I knew what he needed now! I took his hand and pulled him into the house!

Mick takes over now really with the story, as I was busy with Jazz.
Mick said everyone was getting on and things were getting hot as the drink flowed and sun hotted up!
Jamile had arrived, Sue’s young boyfriend, he had kissed her and held her hand. King Masala was still about. He sat in a big wooden chair, looking all the Afro Chief He was eating a big piece of meat off a skewer, his huge white teeth tearing it apart. Sitting with his powerful legs open, his unshackled manhood hanging almost to the ground! Huge ball sack, clad in tight golden rings. The Chief of the tribe is proud to display his wares to all, to prove his potency!
He waged a finger to young petite Sue a 5 foot 2 girly, she came dutifully over to him and he told her to serve him more food. She came to Mick and asked for more meat, no salad. Mick joked and said,’ yes he loves his meat like you love!’ She blushed.
She walked over to him and stood in front of him. Even as she stood there she was not as tall as him seated. Mick said he loved the site outdoors, her thin white legs, either side of that dangerous black snake hanging there waiting for its prize, swinging in the shadows!
‘Feed your King,’ he boomed. Then grabbed her waist with both hands, easily overlapping them, his thumbs rubbing under her swelling approvingly. She stroked the food off the plate and with her dainty fingers offered it to his b**st like mouth. His bell end seemed to rise from the dust, foreskin pulling away. The sun caught it, glinting and the slit watery, then dripping! Jamile caught up with his girl’s infidelity now and walked over to them.
‘Erm hunny you OK,’ he said to her, she paying no attention to him as Chief’s baby’ arm dick stroked her inner thighs.
‘Fuck off and leave us, you dig,’ said a fierce Masala.
Sue eyes glazed with cock lust agreed and nodded for him to do just that, like Jamile was the fly being whisked from a piece of shit!
The big man’s angry dick slapped young Sue’s panty crotch and she snapped her legs together to hold him there, her panties now soaked with her juices and Masala’s eager pre-cum! She just kept feeding the brute, little rivers of semen running down her thighs, tickling her as it dried in the Suns’ heat, causing her to wriggle about.

Meanwhile a group of black lads were with Tracy, one had explained to Julie all gobby, that Trace had been knocked up with one of them and not Mark! Oops!
I think Julie had got his idea and hinted that she and 2 lads should go to the Summerhouse, that was with the 2 with hands on her ass! Off they went?
5 or 6 lads had the attention of Tracy now, one lad cheekily lifted her tight dress and held her bare ass cheeks, the other one kissed her lips. This crowd wandered off behind a tall thick conifer tree. Mick had done his duty now, so could leave the BBQ area. He saw I had gone inside for a fuck, but wanted to view the sex in our garden.
1st he spied on Tracy, easy to do as the area was open. She was in the middle of a group of tall blacks, some kissing her, some with her tits out sucking the nipples hard. One lad at the back shoved her forward, pulled her white pants over to one-side and wham! His weapon engaged her willing ass hole! Trace loved anal sex. Her big belly weighted her down, so she had to kneel on the grass; this suited the others as they could suck her titties now. She was now a milking Mummy, as they gorged her thick milk shake. Lad No1 still up her climbed on-board and rode her like a cowboy, his thick shaft sinking and rising in and out the well fucked ass hole. One lad had her by the ears as he fucked her throat.
‘ARRRRGGGHHH>>>SHEEEEET,’ the lad shot a wad of Africa into her deep shit hole. In less time than it took for her to shut the buggered hole lad No 2 was in her, Lad No 1 stood sweating and dripping from his dick, his pants about his ankles still.
‘BAAAAAHHH….FOOOOOK,’ sperm cannoned into her from Lad No 2.
Lad No 3, no invite needed took his place in the warm inviting hole. The entry made her ass fart, spunk bubbled up, then she sucked it back, poker No 3 mixed the gue, ready for 3 Bro,s sperm to party together in her guts.
‘OH, OH, OH NOOOOOOW’, this lad left it deep as if to spray his filth on new ground?
Lad No 4 did not fancy the shit hole, rammed her pussy with his nice wide dick, Trace cum with a loud moan as he did, blowing a load against her tightly shut uterus.
The rest of the lads in the group were stood with various shapes and sized pokers in hand ready to fuck her! Her fat ass still high in the air and her pregnant belly spilled out on the grass, her titties laying either side of her, occasionally spurting milk from her fat brown nipples as she orgasmed!

Mick noticed Sue and Masala had vanished? Oh No! He asked Jamile who stood pissed off, where she had gone to,?
‘There in your outside loo, Mr Smith,’ he moaned out!
‘Oh not to worry I am sure she will be fine, she must need to chat about things’ Mick lied to him!

Sure enough there they were. Or He could see Masala from behind, Sue sort of covered by his bulk, but he could hear her talking quietly to him and giggling. Mick hid in a quiet place and once his eyes got used to the dark, he could see Sue was blowing Masala’s enormous bell end. At 1st his hands on his hips, but then as she struggled to fit that fat knob into her teeny mouth, he got impatient and his hand was on the back of her head! Mick could hear her moans, but not see it!
He thought wait there is a broken small pane of glass in the side of the room. So he crept up and peered through it. Wow Sue was being force fed the cooking apple sized bell end. One huge Black Hand with gold rings on his fingers was easily cupping her brunette head. That poker went on forever, let’s say 15″. It was so hard and powerful, shit you could dig roads with it!
Sue’s dainty nose was squashed flat as the front of her face stretched and her jaw widened. Then pop, in went the bell end! Sue seemed to relax, even though going back would be just as hard now. Masala was all sweaty with the effort. He looked down on her releasing his hands from her head. He twitched his fat shaft and asked her if she loved it?
Of course he was operating her head up and down with his cock spasms.
‘Hey love, you’s done ma dick many taaames. Finks you can swallow him, big soldier in dat pretty white froat? Wats you fink,? he asked her.
Then her head again bobbed up and down as he flexed that fucker tool, her eyes a little in fear of the thought of what the big man was about to do to her.
‘Haha, I fort you wud say yeah man,’ he laughed out.
Again 2 fat fingers on the back of her head and he pushed his big powerful bull ass forward. For sure the bell end hit her throat, as she gipped, her eyes watery! He pushed more, pushing his fat fingers strong enough to counter the force. The fat black knob sliding into the teeny throat now. Mick was excited he said to see her take it, not easily, but no complaints either. The bell end bulging in her throat, Mick could see where the big man had got to. He was not yet happy though as the other hand circled his shaft easily, there was plenty to sink into her yet. He stopped and made both her hands hold the shaft. He rung her neck with the other hand and re positioned himself sinking slowly, like a ship sinking into the depths. Sue was snorting where she could via her wide nose, the only way she could breathe! He shoved and shoved hard, looking like any minute that thin white neck would snap, the only strength it had was the black dick reinforcing it! Had he lost the sense that she was just a small girl? No he could not give a shit. Nearly down to the hilt he started to stroke back and forth. Not long after throat fucking her then he let fly a huge wad of cream into Sue’s throat. He twitched she jumped off the loo as the force hit her. Masala cried out, some Afro stuff as the orgasm hit him. Sue milked his huge balls with her dainty fingers under those gold rings.
He sucked out the snake and fresh air hit Sue. She dribbled a little spunk off her teeth. Lines of rope like spunk fell from Masla’s slit! His stringy mess swung over to her leopard print bra and soaked in well, her tits loving the man oil.
He stiffened once more and stood her up now, turned her, so her pert bum was in the air. From this angle she did not look as if he had impregnated her 8 months since! She looked young and fresh, tight little white ass, slightly rosy cheeks, but mostly alabaster white skin. One thing about Sue for a little girl is she has a big pussy, with a long slit, from ass hole almost to her belly button, her pussy lips all soft and puffed up? Mick likes that, she bends over and between her legs she is all slit! In fact even Masala with his crazy huge dick slides straight up her! He positioned her legs together and his dick on self-seek found her hole. His bell end plunged in, making Sue jump at the speed of it as it hit her G-spot, she almost fainted, only held up by his powerful erection! He then tucked an arm under her waist and fucked away. What a perfect site. Sunshine on his big black ass, his ball sack swinging freely in the air, the gold bands glinting. His veiny shaft bulging, Sue’s cunt lips tight around his fat shaft. She pumped out white foam, which lubed up the dirty action. Masala ever the gent, pulled Sue’s head back from time to time, whispered something to her, which made her say, ’Oh yes please Sir, or yes I am ready’. The Chief then wrapping is fat fingers about her skinny neck, pulling her up to tongue her gob let out a deep growl, shoving deep and blowing a little Afro cream up his prize darling. His shaft now thickly lubed continued its pleasure making!
Sue moaned and groaned and put one of Masalas hands on his son, inside her. ‘Oh Mr Masala, Sir, you are so big, you make me cum and cuuuuum….ooooohhhhh..yeaaaaahhhh. That’s it do me deeper, sink it all in. let me have your Negro juices again. Look what you did to me you big bugger! Do you like your little Sue then? Do you like to fuck me? Is my cunt nice and tight for you?’ she taunted him!
‘Yeah Baby, ma black Anaconda Afro snake, he love that whaaat cunt, he do, bloooh, blaaaah, slurp, lick, lick, naah,’ Masala drooled and tongued her cutting off any sense of what he was saying, the pleasure of Sue’ cunt gripping all 15” of his embedded Dick
Sue had clamped onto his full metal hard shaft now! Masala stood and Sue went up in the air a little out of balance! He turned and sat hard down on the old toilet seat. Sue followed and the force impaled her deep to his balls. He slung her thin white legs either side of his huge thighs. She clearly in a little discomfort rubbed her clit and belly above her pubis. Masala pulled her back a little, frustrated that he was not where he needed to be up her?
Mick said he saw the most amazing site now, as the big fat black cock shoved its way outwards, bulging Sue’s pubis from within. The poking in and out looked like Sue was a latex sex doll, being abused! Any more of this and there would be a hole fucked through it! Sue rubbed his bulging bell end, Masala moaned, Sue orgasmed loudly again and again! Masala’s hands worked Sues hot ass up and down, his Dick rarely showing as her thinned cunt lips, stretched so tightly about his thickness. The big Chief dropped her ass then pulled up her bra, he pulled on her nipples, still fucking her. Sue took to his full ball sack, looking now for her sticky high protein reward.
Her tiny feet looked lost on his big thighs, her knees high and parted. The Nigga now was grinning, his row of white teeth showing at the back of the toilet, his neck bulged, sweat dropping onto Sue. Sue knew any second now the big shaft would have to blow its filthy contents up her once more. She squeezed for all she could on the huge ball sack, those Nigga bollocks, like 2 hard pro golf balls, swimming about inside the hot wrinkly black bag. Sue knew the consequences too well of indulging in the sheer delights of this weapon, look at her now! One big blow out from him 8 months ago proves that, her eggs well fucked and drilled with the big blacks seed!
‘Oh, Oh, Oh, no pleeeeese, Sir, AHHHHHHH, SSSSIIIRRR, MY poor Pussy, OH, YES THAT’S IT FILL ME GIVE ME MORE OF THE JUNGLE JUICE’, she demanded now.
Masala was pumping her legs up and down to curve her cunt tight onto his exploding shaft. Sue was squeezing those spunk filled balls, like 2 hard lemons.
He stood her up and rode her out from the rear, slapping her ass red raw, leaving a confusing array of red hand prints on her, confusing enough not to understand how they happened at a crime scene!
Sue’s teeny cunt was doing a great job, not a drop was being spilled on the dirty floor of the old toilet? Sue looked so lovely, her bra up above her young tight swollen titties, her skirt over her ass and the huge man impaling her from the rear, shoving her across the room, her face hard against the lime washed wall. He took another angle, closing her legs and working her hips back and forth on his still pumping poker. He snorted like a hard worked horse, letting out blasts of baby batter at his will? She twitched as each hot spurt hit her cervix, then orgasmed as he said ‘Yeah’ each time.
Mick saw Jamile some into site and pulled himself a little further into cover.
Jamile stared at the site of the bid Negro up his lovely Sue! The Negro, who now was naked, except sandals just grinned at him, knowing it was he who was filling Sue full of spunk and not him. Possession is everything! Sue with her contorted happy breeding white face, looked at him too, through the haze of all the orgasms! The big invader just pulled one of Sue’s ass cheeks to one side and showed the visitor his fat rod and balls fucking and battering her long slit.
‘Yeah Mizz, fart out a bit of ma juice will yah….hahaha’ he snorted.
‘Oh yes Sir,’ Sue replied straining her face and focusing on pushing a load of fat greasy cum past his tight fitted shaft. Masala held her open, still embedded and a big wad of heavy cum swam out of her. It slowly slid down the balls it had just arrived from, and then dripped to the floor heavily as the dust blew up when it hit.
Masala pulled her head back and tongued his spunk soaked prize. He pulled out still hard and she got down to lick his shaft clean, enjoying the salty taste. Sue’s cunt finally let go of its billions of immigrants, her ass cheeks all wet with the stuff and pussy lips smeared in Daddies cream.
She pulled back her tight bra, wriggled down her Latex printed skirt, kissed Masala and thanked him, her eyes all for the naked big man. He cradled her in his arms and squeezed her ass; she was up on her tip toes, out of her shoes as the tongued each other. Gravity got hold of the heavy Nigga cum and it oozed down her thighs, amazing it ran either side of her big open slit at 1st, very slowly too. Mick noticed then a thin flow, 1st down the left thigh, and then a globe of fatty yellow jelly followed, picking up speed as it went. Then the right thigh, but this time only fatty globes all strung together? As she swung about his neck, this stringy mess left her right ass cheek and looked like a stained yellow pearl knecklace, attached to her cunt lips and the other end her ass cheek! It just grew longer and longer, until it hit foot? Sticking to her shoe! Now the other stream was getting going, in little pumps, 1st semen, and then globes of batter. Her cunt widened and blew out again; her legs were all messed up. Finally her lips puckered up and frothed his fertile yellow seed into a smoothie!
‘Oh Sir I love you and your big banger!’ she admitted.


“We’d better organise something for Ted’s 75th next week, Jan.” said Mike. “After all, he’s your last remaining relative, so we should make it a bit special really.”
“Well strictly speaking, he’s not. He is my step dad’s brother.” Jan replied.
“Yeah, I know that,but you’ve called him uncle for the last thirty years, so….”
“I know, I know” Jan replied. “We should do something special, I suppose. Don’t know what, though.”
They both thought for a while, then Jan said “I know what the dirty old bugger would really like, if he was given the choice!”
“Oh, yeh….you!” Mike said. He grinned at her. “He’s always had the hots for you, hasn’t he”
“Yes, the dirty old bugger, ever since my tits first grew, I’ve had to avoid been on my own with him! Wandering eyes and wandering hands.”
“What, he’s been that bad?” Mike asked.
“Yes,I’ve told you before…ogling me, making remarks, “accidently” touching my boobs and slapping my bum as soon as we were on our own…ever since I was 13!”
“Well, you were quite well endowed by then, weren’t you?….I’ve seen the pictures!”
“It’s not funny, Mike. Well, it wasn’t then, I can assure you! And he still undresses me with his eyes every time we go to see him. That’s why I never go to see him on my own. The last time we were there, he followed me into the kitchen and stroked my arse. I gave his hand a good slap, but didn’t say anything to you, to avoid trouble”
“The randy old bugger! 75 and still horny! Well, you’ll be safe enough with me there! Let’s give it some thought and see what we can come up with. Not just taking him down the pub, I mean. Something a bit different.”
When he arrived home from work, Mike told Jan that he’d had an idea for Ted’s birthday. He had a big smirk on his face when he said it, so she said
“C’mon then, what is it? I know that look!”
“Well, there’ll be just me, you and him, and I’ll get there early, then you suddenly appear as ……his birthday strippergram!” Mike said, grinning.
“What? No bloody way!” Jan shouted.
“No, listen, calm down and listen. I’ll be there all the time. He’ll love it. He’s always wanted to see you with your kit off. This is the perfect opportunity, A complete one-off. What do you say, love? C’mon, be a sport! I’ll take my camera to capture the look on his face!” Mike pleaded.
“You’ll give him a birthday he’s always dreamed of!
She looked at him. “ You are a perv, do you know that? You want to take pictures of me stripping off for my uncle! I’m 46, not a twenty year old!”
Mike just stood there grinning.” You’re a right pair of dirty buggers together! What, do you mean like strip off completely for him? He might jump on me!” Jan said.
“Nah, he’d probably put his back out if he tried!” Mike laughed. “I think you’d be safe enough!”
”OK, you’re on.” Jan said at breakfast the next day “But I’m going to be in full control of what goes on…and you make damn sure you control him if he gets too excited!”
“Of course!” Mike said. “Can I pick your outfit?”
“Bugger off!” she shouted, as Mike walked into the kitchen.
He stuck his head round the door, and said, grinning “ If he does get too excited, you’ll have to grab his gear stick to control him!”
“Oh, yes, you’d love that wouldn’t you, watching me with my uncle’s cock in my hand! PERV!!
The following Tuesday, they arrived at Ted’s house, and Mike went in first as arranged.
Ted was sat watching the TV. “Where’s Jan?” he asked.
“She needed to go to the toilet. She’ll be down in a minute.” Mike replied.
Jan’s stomach was churning as she got changed in the bathroom into her outfit of black bra, thong, stockings and suspenders with a white semi transparent blouse and a short pleated kilt. She looked in the mirror and said “C’mon, Jan, it’s just a one-off. A quick strip to give the old bugger his birthday treat, then back up here to get changed.”
She went downstairs and stood outside the front room door, took a deep breath and began to sing “Happy Birthday” and walked in. Ted’s eyes nearly popped out when he saw her. Mike took a picture, then, as Jan finished singing, he started the music to “The Stripper” on his iphone, as they’d arranged. Jan began to dance. She shook her hips and stuck out her tits, and began unbuttoning her blouse. She was so nervous that she fumbled at the buttons. She couldn’t look at Ted, and was aware that Mike was pointing his iphone at her and Ted, videoing. The blouse came off, then the skirt, in a nervous rush. She reached behind to unhook her bra and stole a quick look at her uncle. He was mesmerised, completely absorbed in watching her, his niece, getting naked before him. His look wasn’t lustful, more like a c***d getting an unexpected present. Gone was the leering, lecherous old man she’d been wary of for years. He was transfixed, as gentle as a lamb.
Mike spoke, his words cutting through the sexually charged atmosphere. “Now then Ted, are you ready for this? How many times I times have I caught you slyly looking at Jan’s boobs, mentally undressing her. Your own niece, you dirty old bugger. You never, ever expected to see them, though, did you​?” He looked at Jan and winked.
“No.” he answered, without looking directly at Mike, obviously ashamed at being found out.
“Well, you don’t really deserve this. It’s a very special birthday treat.” He looked again at Jan, grinned, and said “Whenever you’re ready Jan! Take your bra off for him.”
She realised then that she was in complete control. She was no longer the long-suffering target for his lustful looks and furtive fumblings when no one was around. The tables were turned. It was her turn now. With Mike’s words emboldening her, her nervousness disappeared, and she slowly took the bra away and shook her big tits at him. He gasped, and she said “This is what you want, isn’t it? This is what you’ve waited years to see, isn’t it?” He gawped at her naked breasts, then looked at her and nodded, dumbly. “Cat got your tongue, Uncle Ted?” she said, teasingly. She leaned in to him and whispered “I bet you’d like to do this, wouldn’t you?” as she squeezed her breasts, her nipples now fully erect. She looked at Mike, amused by the expression on his face, then leaned forward, and brushed her nipples against Ted’s nose to taunt him, then took hold of her left breast and, using her right hand to pull his head forward, she offered the nipple to his mouth. He closed his warm lips around and sucked. She quickly pulled it out and stepped back. She slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her skimpy black knickers, and pulled them down just a little.”Do you want to see more?” She tauntingly pulled them down to the edge of her pubic area. “How about this for a birthday treat!” she whispered, then yanked them down to reveal her smooth shaven cunt. He was panting, quiet and slow, his breath catching. She was really enjoying herself now. Naked apart from suspender belt and stockings, she started running her hands slowly over her body. The music had stopped and the air was electric. She was aware of Mike watching her and Ted. She turned to him. He was almost as transfixed as Ted!
“Well, are you going to stand there gawping, or are you going to get us a birthday drink, Mike? And put something nice and slow and relaxing on your iphone.” She turned to her uncle “ And don’t you be having a heart attack on me, Uncle Ted. I’m just starting to enjoy myself! Get that shirt off, it’s hot in here!” she said.

Dreadlock Holiday – A Wife’s Revenge – Day 8

Day 8

I awoke and returned to thinking about my wife the virgin who I had married and was now the biggest slut in the resort. As each day passed the more I regretted having arranged this holiday; a holiday that was supposed to be a dream reconciliation between us but had instead turned into a complete nightmare for me.

I sat outside on the big sun lounger and looked out to sea and contemplated what another hot and humid day would bring. My thoughts didn’t go much further than guessing there would be more drinking with Sally acting the slut for any black guy who passed by.

Some 20 minutes later Sally stood at the door wearing as she has every morning so far, another new swim suit. This one was a small black bikini with the top half cups pushing her breasts upwards and the bottoms so tiny that they could only be described as a small little piece of black material covering her pussy with two black ribbons tied at the waist. She put her hands on her hios and adopted a pose, “How do I look?”

“Like a lady looking for some cock, any cock,” I replied. As always she just laughed at me in response.
She looked at me, “Can we go back to the nudist beach today Mark?”

She wasn’t really asking me, she was telling me, as normal. I just nodded, “If you want too.” What was the point in me saying anything else?

We got our things together and headed off up to reception to order a taxi. As we waited there was silence between us; we clearly had nothing to say to each other and the silence was killing was killing me.

I saw the taxi arrive outside as did the reception staff. Our names were called telling us our taxi was here and as we got near I saw it was the same driver as the other day. He smiled as he saw Sally heading his way and opened the car door letting her get in. As she slid in the backseat he looked down at her legs smiling to himself before closing the door.

He started the engine and asked, “Same beach as last time?”

Sally giggled replying, “You got it,” and as we set off just as the last time he adjusted his mirror so he could focus on Sally. She saw what he was doing so she played her part and sat back with her legs slightly parted so she could tease him.

He began making small talk and told us, “My name is Jamal.”

I looked at Sally as she told him our names followed by, “Nice to meet you again.” He drove a little slower this time, his eyes kept flicking from the road to Sally.

We arrived at the beach and Jamal jumped out helping Sally out of the taxi all the while his eyes fixed on her tanned legs. “See you around 4pm?” he asked

“Sounds good to me,” replied Sally giving him a wave as we headed off walking along the beach back to where we sat before. I guessed she was looking for that old bloke again.

We laid out our towels and all the while Sally kept looking round. I laid down as Sally rested back on her elbows, “Shit, he’s not here today,” she said under her breath but just loud enough for me to hear.

She sighed, “Oh well,” and then got up, unclipped her bikini top and placed it into the beach bag and then she sat back down. The sun was already high in the sky and I was pleased I had covered us with sun screen before we left the cabana as all the signs said it was going to be a very hot day and I didn’t want sunburn to be added to list of misery.
As on our previous visit there were a few people around and some were doing that walking-along-the-water-edge-thing. I noticed a guy with a pot belly, trimmed beard with a very hairy back and chest who kept walking up and down all the while looking at Sally as she lay there with her pert tits on clear display. (I wasn’t sure but he looked an awful lot like one of the guys who had been standing by the rocks masturbating while watching Sally as she fucked with Harry the other day; Interesting.) Whoever he was I wanted to see what he would do if I wasn’t around so I offered to get some drinks. “That would be nice; thank you Mark,” Sally replied.

I headed off wondering if he would try and make his move on her once I was out of sight. I kept looking back as I made my way to the beach bar and with my attention elsewhere it was with a shock that I bumped into someone as I neared the bar. It was the same beautiful lady who was here when we were here previously. I made my apologies and she just smiled.

I smiled back to her, asking, “How’s your holiday going?”

“Just fine thank you,” came her reply. I temporarily forgot why I had come up off the beach as we stopped and we began to talk, my eyes flicking up and down her sexy body.

I was reminded when her husband appeared coming back from the bar with drinks. He saw me and said, “Hi man, like what you see?”

I smiled, “Yes,” adding, “You’ve just reminded me why I’m here” gesturing toward the drinks in his hand. We shared a laugh and I continued on my way to the bar.

Mission accomplished, I headed back towards Sally. As I passed the beautiful lady she smiled again to me and I winked back to her and continued walking down the beach.

I passed Sally her drink and looking around saw the guy with the beer belly standing not far from us with hands on his hips looking out towards the sea. Sally sipped her drink, “That guy keeps walking up and down looking towards me.”
I laughed, “I guess he wants and has designs on you.”

“Well he can carrying on wanting. He reminds me of my Uncle Bert; lecherous old man he was,” she replied. Wow, Sally turning a guy down for the first time since being here.

Sally stood up, “Time to lose these bottoms…”’ she said, “ … and you too!” I shucked off my shorts and then watched as she slowly untied the ribbons and let the scrap of material slip down over her hips to fall down round her feet. She stepped out of them and put them into the beach bag and lingered bending over the bag whilst her tits hung down and her legs were slightly parted.

She stood up hands on her hips and looked up and down the beach. The potbellied bloke turned seeing her standing there, his eyes moving slowly up and down her body. I had the impression that she had just provided what he had been waiting for; her to remove her bikini bottoms.

He walked up towards us as Sally lay down on her towel; she pretended not to notice him as he stopped just yards from us hungrily eyeing her naked body up and down. His cock hung down between his legs and was covered with pubic hair. It wasn’t that big but looked to be fat and had a big girth. As he stood there I swear I could I could see it begin to stiffen. He noticed me looking and made a play of something in the distance catching his attention and so he resumed his walk making sure his path went by us.

Sally laughed, “Oh my God I wouldn’t be able to breathe if he laid on me. Look at that belly hanging over, I bet he hasn’t seen his cock in a long while.”

“I’ll take that as you don’t want him to try then,” I retorted.

“Well, if that’s all on offer today….” she stopped short of telling me yes I guessed.

Sally moved to her elbow turning on her side looked at me, “You know, it might be fun trying with him,” she said with a giggle.

“What!” I gasped.

“Why not?” she continued, “it would be a different type of guy to try; not like the normal ones I’ve had since being here,” giggling all the time as she spoke.

He was now some twenty feet away down the shore but as if on cue he turned and slowly headed back towards us. Sally spotted him and as he got nearer she stood up, smiled to him and said, “Come here often?”

The guy looked at her, lost for words, but his eyes moved over her body saying volumes. Sally moved closer towards him, their eyes now fixed on each other.

Sally asked him outright, “How old are you?”

He stammered, “58.”

“So you like younger women then do you?” she continued.

He smiled at her and bounced back to her, “Do you like older bigger guys then?”

She blushed, “I’m not sure; never been with a guy like you before.”

He took that as an invitation and made the first move and came over a laid on her towel looking up at her. She smiled at his blatant behaviour but not to be outdone she moved forward and placed her feet either side of his body. He looked up at her smooth shaven pussy and began tracing his fingers up and down her lower legs.

Sally looked down at him and he smiled and reaching up took her hands in his and gently pulled her down over him. She sank to her knees and he was perfectly positioned to start licking her smooth cleft and lips. As he licked she rocked her hips rubbing her pussy harder over his mouth. Once they had got into some kind of rhythm she moved her hands up to cup a breast in each and began to pinch and stretch her nipples. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. I watched the guy move his hands to grip her firm ass and pull her even closer to his mouth and busy tongue, “Oh yes, right there, probe into me,” she gasped.

The guy sucked on her clitoris as he parted the cheeks of her ass wider and Sally rocked harder over his mouth, “That’s it, eat my pussy,” she demanded.

I watched as she moved round so that they were in a 69 position. She pushed her pussy over his mouth once more and reached out to stroke. It instantly came to life, growing larger in her small hand. Sally lowered her head and pulled the foreskin back to expose a large purple head. She didn’t hesitate and took him into her mouth. I swear I heard her giggled as his pubic hair tickled her face but it didn’t prevent her from taking him deeper and to suck him harder.
The guy slapped her ass making her jump, “Ouch.”

“Suck my cock harder and deeper bitch,” he ordered. I was nervous at how this thing was shaping up but Sally had no such concerns and she sucked him deeper slurping as she did.

He moved her round once more this time placing her between his legs. She bent down to continue sucking him her head bobbing up and down, her soft hands caressing his balls. He rocked his hips as he started fucking her mouth a little harder.

Sally coughed and started gagging as his cock grew even larger in her mouth, “That’s it, suck my cock slut.” He was now talking to her like the slut he recognised her to be and was acting his part for her.

The guy looked so big compared to Sally’s small slim body as he pulled Sally up over him. His hands caressed her ass and I could see the red hand print on her cheek where he had slapped her. He turned and Sally slipped off his fat belly and almost fell onto the sand to end up on her back. He reached over and parted her legs with his chubby hands and soon his fingers found her pussy.

He fingered her gently, his fingers easing back and forth as he lent down to suck hard on her pink nipple; he rolled her clitoris hard as he tipped her head sideways kissing her neck lightly.

Sally sighed loudly lifting her ass off the towel as his fingers moved faster over her clitoris and then between along the lips of her pussy. She looked at him as he pushed his finger deeply into her and moaned out, “Oh yes … feels so good …. Finger fuck me harder…” He obliged and pushed his finger fully into her, holding it still before easing it back so slowly.

Sally rocked her hips as he continued her exquisite torture. He eased back again and then introduced a second finger into her then, after a while, a third; the lips of her pussy were being stretched so wide as he pushed them harder into her but Sally could only moan, “Oh god, I feel so stretched, finger fuck me you fat bastard.”

The guy eased himself off her and placed his hands either side of her head resting on them to hold his weight off her. Sally parted her legs and he knelt between and his fat cock found the opening of her waiting pussy.

She looked up at him, “Push it in Uncle, fuck me like you have always wanted to.”

“God, she’s back into fantasy land again,” I thought.

He eased back a little so just the tip just touching her pussy. Sally held his shoulders and as she lifted her hips a little higher to meet him he slowly pushed forward his cock entering her inch by inch going deeper. “Oh fuck, you’re bigger than I thought,” she cried. He didn’t seem to hear for he just eased back then slammed hard into her.

She grunted and straightened her arms so she could put her hands around his fat neck and begin to run her fingers through the hair on his back. She pulled him deeper into her and moved her hips slowly to wank his cock with her pussy.

He continued holding himself up keeping his weight off her as she hissed, “Fuck me Uncle, fuck me like you have wanted too since seeing me.”

“Shh Slut, I’m going to give this pussy a good seeing to,” he told her and started to thrust hard into her, his belly wobbled under him rubbing against her slim flat tummy, his legs holding hers wider apart as his fat ass rocked up and down.

The guy was pumping harder into her and Sally gasped in time with every thrust as his cock plunged into her. For a big guy he could sure fuck like the best of them and Sally squeezed his ass tighter pulling him so deep into her.

I lay on my towel alongside them and subconsciously began to softly rub my own cock which, unaccountably, was as hard as a rock. I looked around and as had happened before there seemed to be a small gathering of guys standing around the adjacent rocks. All of them were naked and some of them were doing as I was, slowly wanking as they took in the scene before us.

Sally moved her head from side to side, “Fuck me Uncle, fuck me, fill my pussy,”’ she cried out. He continued pumping and then unnoticed to her moved a hand under her butt. His hand caressed the crease between her cheeks and then he extended a finger to start playing with her puckered hole.

Sally opened her eyes wide, “No, not there, Uncle please, no,”’ she cried as he pushed a finger into her tight ass and started fingering her ass. He took no notice of her protest and unrelentingly thrust his cock into her.

The guy forced his lips over hers kissing her hard. I saw him push his tongue into her mouth and Sally just laid there letting him do whatever he wanted.

He released his lips from hers, “Good girl, how’s your ass feeling?”’ he asked.

In complete contrast to her protest of a few moments ago she answered dreamily, “It feels nice, keeping doing it, finger my ass; fuck my pussy Uncle.”

Sally gripped him tighter round his neck, “Oh fuck yesssssss, I’ve cum on your cock Uncle, you have made me cum,” she cried out as she shook under him her legs gripping him tight.

Some of the guys who were watching moved closer for a better look; two guys were stroking their cocks as they watched them fucking.

“Uncle” held her legs upright by her ankles as he knelt between her legs, his stretched them as wide as they would go and with his fat cock thrusting harder back and forth, people moved even closer to see his cock slipping back and forth into her sopping pussy. It was a live sex show unfolding before them.

Sally didn’t seem to acknowledge she had an audience and she screamed out once more as yet another climax thundered through her body, “Oh fuck Uncle, you have made me cum again over that lovely cock.”

They both had droplets of sweat running over them caused by their hard fucking and the hot humid weather. His belly was really wobbling now as he thrusted into her his head tipped back and he cried out, “That’s it girl, lay there and take my fuck and spunk like a dirty slut.” The crowd standing around us murmured their approval.

With one hard final thrust he fell over her and I could tell she was finding it hard to breathe as he cum hard inside her but she managed to gasp out, “Yes, Uncle, fill my pussy, flood my pussy.”

He gave a final grunt of ecstasy and carefully lifting his fat body off her, his cock pulled out of her with an audible plop and strings of his cum stretched from her cunt as he picked himself up.

Sally lay there on her towel panting with covered with a patchwork of sand, sweat and sperm. She looked up as the two wanking guys moved closer to stand over her. They pointed their cocks downwards and continued to stroke and until they both cum hard at almost the same time. They both spurted and covered her face and breast with their sticky white cum and all she did was laugh.

Sally parted her lips as they held their still dribbling cocks over her mouth. She put out her tongue to catch the last few drops as they dripped down and took them into her mouth. Letting us see what she had collected she then closed her mouth and very pointedly made a show of swallowing their cum. I was spell bound at the sight and was also aware that my own hand was covered in my own spunk. I had cum without even realising it.

The crowd moved away as did the fat guy. He looked back waving to Sally; she waved back with a smile on her cum-covered face. In fact as she lay there I could see she had cum everywhere, her face, on her tits and, most noticeable, her pussy leaking cum that had been deposited by the fat guy. We looked at each other and laughed.

We both walked down to the sea to wash ourselves off. We dried off and as we put our costumes back on I told her we had to go soon so we got our things together before heading back up the beach. As we made our way, two guys clapped as we walked by; another couple called out, “Great show.”

Jamal was waiting for us, “Nice day?” he asked.

“Lovely day,” Sally replied, “Just lovely.”

Jamal open the back door for Sally but she told him, “I’m sitting up front for a change.”

He smiled, “OK madam,” he replied with mock formality.

I got in the back and he slipped the gears and we set off.

Jamal eased off the little side road from the beach onto the main road. From my seat I could see that he kept flicking his eyes from the road to Sally’s legs then back to the road.

“Been busy Jamal?” she asked.

“No, not been too bad today,” he replied.

Sally eased back into the front seat and stretched her tanned legs out slightly parting them. Her wrap fell open and Jamal looked down to see the outline of the lips of her pussy against her bikini bottoms.

“Very nice,” he told her.

“You like?” Sally asked.

Jamal nodded, “Very much so.”

Sally slightly turned on her seat and moved her hand down over her slim flat tummy. The car wobbled as he found it hard keeping his eyes off her and on the road. She ran a finger over her bikini bottoms stroking herself against them, “I feel so horny,” she whispered.

Jamal looked in the mirror at me then checked the road to find there was no traffic was coming along. He looked right then left and turned down a very quiet side road. He drove a little further along the dusty road until we were well out of sight of the road or anybody walking down the road.

He pulled up and switched the engine off and turned towards her watching as she pulled the gusset of the bikini bottoms to one side. “This is what you’ve wanted to see, isn’t it?” she asked.

Jamal looked at her, “Mmm, smooth shaven white pussy, that sure is what I wanted to see madam.”

Sally moved closer and looking into his dark eyes she put her hand on his leg and slowly moved it up. Jamal held her gaze up to the moment when she found the string holding his shorts up. He opened his legs as she pulled the tie on one side undoing the string and slipped her hand inside the waistband and slowly pulled his shorts down.

As she did so she turned to look at me sitting in the back seat, “Oh wow, someone here has got excited,” she told me with a little giggle. I leaned forward so that I could see through the gap and watched her as she moved her hand stroking his cock inside his shorts.

He moved his arm round her shoulder as she tugged at his shorts. He lifted his ass upwards letting her pull his shorts down over his legs. She looked down, “Oh what a lovely looking black cock.”

“Madam likes a black one then?” he replied.

She stroked him some more, this time a little harder and then pulled his foreskin down letting us see the dark brown cock head. She opened her eyes wide as she lowered her head. Jamal lifted his ass a little higher as she started to run her tongue over the tip.

She started stroking him even harder gripping his cock tighter with her dainty little hand. She dribbled some spit to provide a bit of lube and at the same time she ran her teeth gently over the tip of his black cock making him sigh, “Oh yes, take it into your mouth.”

She looked up to him as she opened her mouth lowering her head taking the first few inches into her mouth.
He moved his hand, gently gripping her hair pushing her head downwards. She took him deeper, sucking him hard, and in response he started moving his hips slowly and started fucking her mouth. She was moaning, “Mmmm,” as she took him even deeper into her mouth right to the base of his cock.

“I’ve wanted this since the first time I saw you,”’ he told her.

Sally released him from her mouth, looked at him and said, “Good, I’ve wanted your cock since I first saw you.”

She moved over his cock once more and I sat and watched her head going up and down as she let him fuck her mouth. With one hand holding his cock she used the other to remove her bikini bottoms over her ass, kicking them off. Jamal was sure getting hard from the attention his cock was getting.

She kept sucking, really deep-throating him. After the number of black cocks she had sucked in the past week and taken in her mouth, she had become expert at it. Her mouth was a perfect machine, really working his cock and bringing him to the edge of cumming, “Oh fuck Sally, go easy. Slow up a little,” he told her.

Sally lifted off him and then moved back flipped the lever making her seat lay back almost flat. She parted her legs as Jamal lent down to kiss her nipples, his hand running down over her tummy until his finger found her pussy, “Wow, you’re so wet,” he said as his finger slipped into her.

Jamal fingered her a little roughly but Sally just laid back taking it; enjoying it, “Oh yes, harder.”

He obliged and his finger moved harder back and forth, “Yes, Jamal, just like that,” she told him.

He finger fucked for a few moments more and then Sally pushed his hand away saying, “Oh Jamel, fuck me please, give me that fucking black cock.”

He sat up and got out to walk round the car, his large black cock swinging obscenely until he got to her door. He opened it and taking her hand helped her from the car.

He led her round and lifted her onto the bonnet and parting her legs moved between them. Sally looked at him, “Come on fuck me, give me that black cock.”

Not wishing to miss anything I scrambled out from the car and stood to see Jamal positioning the tip of cock between her open pussy lips.

The fat knob slipped into her and Sally took a deep breath, “Yeah, do it.”

With a hard thrust forward he pushed his black cock hard fast and deeply into her to the base of his black cock. Sally screamed, “Oh fuck yes, give it to me, take me, fuck your slut.”

He held still, his cock deeply inside her, and reached up lifting her bikini top over her tits. He lent down to suck her pink nipple and then began thrusting his black cock back and forth. It was now him just fucking her wanting to cum inside her.

Sally stretched her legs round his waist as he slammed his cock into her cunt and she looked down at his large shiny black cock pumping into her. They were now just fucking each other hard; black cock fucking white pussy.

I had my cock out and I wanked as I watched as they fucked thinking neither will last long at this rate. I was right for no sooner had I had the thought that Sally screamed out at the top of her voice, “Yes, fuck my married pussy, oh fuck yes, I’m cumming on your black cock.” Jamal grunted in response still slamming his cock into her and getting close to cumming inside her.

Sally gripped him tighter with her legs her whole body was shaking, her breast were rocking up and down at the speed of his fuck, he was now just fucking her like she was his whore, and she was loving it and as was he.

“Oh Jamel, fuck that spunk into my pussy, flood my womb,” she screamed out, her voice was echoing round the road, “Make me your whore.”

I steadied myself against the car my legs trembling as I looked on enviously at another man enjoying my wife’s body. My stroking was in time with his thrusting and I felt my orgasm building as he told her, “I’m going to cum.”

His cock plunged deep and their bodies slapped each time he hit home, “Oh Jamal your fucking me so hard,” a remark clearly intended for me to hear as she turned her head to smirk at me as she said it.

“Oh fuck yessss,” he groaned, “I’m cumming in you.”

I was in a daze as my own spunk spurted and dribbled out of my cock as I continued to wank alongside them, I didn’t notice that I had covered my feet with my own emissions.

Sally lay back against the bonnet of the car and I could see him jerk and spasm as he unloaded his cum filled balls into her. He bent down and kissed her not moving just holding his cock deep inside her. Moments later he pulled out and droplets of cum dripped from the tip of his cock as he turned to lean back against the car.

Sally slid from the bonnet and kneeling in front of him she took hold and stroked his cock, running her tongue up and down the length, cleaning it for him. He clearly enjoyed her attentions as she licked and sucked him clean. I didn’t know where to look, at her mouth giving him this special treatment or at her pussy which, as she squatted in front of him, was oozing and dripping globs of white cum onto the ground below.

When she was satisfied that she had done all she could do she rose unsteadily to her feet. Without so much as a glance towards me they got themselves together and got back into the car. I had only just got myself into my seat when Jamal started the car and reversed back onto the main road. Finally Sally acknowledged my presence and looked back at me smiling, “Oh Mark he fucked me so good, my pussy is so full of cum. Did you like watching a real man fuck your wife good? I think you did, you naughty boy.”.

I ignored making eye-contact and just nodded looking out the window as we drove along the road. From the corner of my eye I saw her ease her bikini bottoms to one side and with her other hand run her finger along the lips of her pussy and slip a finger into her cunt to finger herself slowly and gently. I couldn’t help myself and turned to see her lift a cum-covered finger to her mouth; licking it clean she told us both, “Mmmm, tastes so good.”

We arrived on our resort pulling up outside the main entrance. We left the taxi and Sally looked at Jamal and said, “Thank you so much, I really loved it.” To me she said, “Pay him.”

Jamal replied, “Good, pleased you are happy.” I don’t think he included me in that wish.

We walked back to our cabana and as I followed her I could see even from behind that she had a very damp patch in her bikini bottoms. Once we got inside she removed her bikini completely and went and lay on the bed with her legs parted making sure I could see Jamel’s cum leaking from her pussy.

“Fancy licking me clean?” she asked.

“No way, you dirty slut, no fucking way,” I replied with as much spite as I could muster.

“Oh well, what a pity because that’s the only time I will offer you my pussy on the holiday,” she said with a smile.


My Trip With Lauren, Part 3

Dinner was great. Lauren even makes eating look sexy. We chatted all through our time at the monument about the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. It was really enjoyable experiencing Bangkok again, but in the company of beautiful young woman who was getting the whole experience for the first time. As we walked back to the soapy massage parlor I realized again just how sexy Lauren was, and I found myself being a little jealous of the Thai girl who was about to experience sliding their naked body over hers.

We arrived at the parlor, and again I tried to explain to Lauren what was about to happen. She again said she knew what happened inside of these places from the internet. As we went inside we were greeted by the mama-san and I explained to her that this was Lauren’s first time and wanted a girl experienced with giving another girl a soapy massage.

“Mị̀mī pạỵh̄ā”, no problem, said the mama-san, and led us up to a young and very beautiful girl with big C-cup breasts. “Khuṇ pị kạb ṭhex”, you go with her, the mama-san told Lauren. Then she looked at me and said, “Rxy Yîm ca dūlæ ṭhex xỳāng dī, Smile will take good care of her.

I looked at Lauren who was looking at Smile with interest and said, “Lauren, this is Smile. She will take you into a room for your massage.”

Lauren looked up at me and said, “She’s really beautiful. I didn’t expect the girls in here to be so beautiful and sexy. The photos I saw were mostly regular looking girls and a bit over weight.”

“Those girls are what they call ‘fish-bowl’. They are the ones over there.” I said and pointed to the area to our left where about 12 girls were seated or standing behind a glass barrier. “I asked the mama-san to give you a girl experienced in a girl-on-girl massage.”

“Come.” Smile said with a smile and a fairly good pronunciation in English, and took Lauren’s hand and led her into the back.

I turned to the mama-san and said, “Yîm phūd p̣hās̄ʹā xạngkvs̄ʹ dị̂ h̄rụ̄x mị̀?” Smile speaks English?

“Chı̀. Txn nī̂ khuṇ t̂xngkār khır?” Yes. Now who do you want?

I glanced briefly over at the fish-bowl, then turned to the right and said, “C̄hạn t̂xngkār ca dū model k̄hxng khuṇ.” I would like to see your models, as I started moving over to the bar area.

“Næ̀nxn.” Of course. The mama-san replied as she followed me over to a table and called out, “Mā!” Come!

One by one the most beautiful and sexiest girls started to come by my table. Some saying “Hello”, and others saying “S̄wạs̄dī”. Knowing enough of the Thai language I was not really caring about the English speaking girls as much as I was their bodies. I am attracted to girls who are true spinners; small, thin or athletic, but small breasts and a nice ass. I also prefer long hair because I have always enjoyed running my fingers through long, dark, and silky Asian hair.

One girl finally came up to the table and said in broken English, “Hello handsome, I will make you feel in heaven.”

I took a good look and saw perfection. “Hello beautiful!” I said back and her smile sold me.

I paid the mama-san for both Smile and my girl, who’s name turned out to be Charli, and was then led into the back and into a private room with a shower, tub, an inflatable mattress, and lastly a bed.

Charli shut the door and turned, the smile was still there and mine must have been huge because she gave a little giggle and stood up on her toes to give me a kiss as her hands ran over my chest and then down to my waist where she began to unfasten my belt. After opening my belt and undoing the button on my shorts I felt and heard the zipper going down. All the while Charli was looking into my eyes, that sexy smile still on her lips that I could still taste.

After the zipper was down I reached for her shirt and began pulling it up and over her head. Her small breasts were being pushed up with a bra that easily came off next with a front clip. My hands ran over her breasts and I teased her hardening nipples. Charlie then returned the motion and slowly undid each button on my shirt and slid it off my shoulders. Then slowly she lowered herself, her breasts brushing against my stomach. She held onto the bottom of my short’s legs and they went down as she did. My hardening cock feeling her small breasts through my underwear as she made it to her knees.

Looking back up at me she reached up and pulled at the waist band of my shorts and began to slowly pull them off. As my cock was freed and sprang out Charli gave the shaft a light lick just at the bottom of my cock head then finished taking off my sandals, shorts and underwear as I lifted each foot for her.

Now totally naked I watched as she started her climb back up my body. Her hands lightly brushing my legs until her face was back up level to my now throbbing cock. She tilted her head from side to side as if wondering if she could take the whole of it into her mouth. Her left hand cupped my balls as her right hand grasped the shaft and she put the head into her mouth. I watched as my cock began to disappear into her warm wet mouth. Her lips brushing the sides of the shaft as more of my cock was devoured and slowly inch-by-inch I felt the head slide in and finally hit the back of her throat. He tongue coming out to lick my balls her in hand.

She slowly brought my cock out of her mouth sucking hard and finally heard the “pop” as the head came out. She looked up at me as she stroked my cock and said, “More later, shower now,” and she stood up and turned toward the shower. As she began walking to the shower her shorts were coming down and very quickly I was watching her perfect ass walk into the shower. Charli turned on the water and when it was warm enough she got in and turned to me, raised her hand, and gave me a slow ‘come here’ finger motion.

My Trip With Lauren, Part 3
How could I say no to that? How could any man ever say no to this woman? I went into the shower as Charli reached for the soap container and my soapy massage began…

I only slightly wondered how Lauren was getting along with Smile.

***Continued in Part 4***