My Sexual Experience with a Japanese Man

After an enormous response to my previous story and due to many requests to share another experience I’m sharing one of my exciting experiences. As I have told in my previous story itself that I’m someone who has not had too much sex say less than 30. Sex is something I enjoy a lot. It is a wonderful experience and when you have it once in a while the intensity is too much. I don’t think if I involve in sex more regularly I will be able to enjoy it like I do when I experience it once in a while.

Before beginning the story let me reply to the reviews of my previous story first. I got many reviews and I can classify it into three types of reply and I’ll reply to each one of the category.

The first category gave me extremely rave reviews and even motivated me to share again. They also advised me to be more detailing. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and support.

The second category is those who think that it’s a cooked up story. Guys, this is USA and for a girl like me to get a BBC is not a very big deal. I’m sure all those who gave me this review are black girls who can’t really get a BBC because they are into other races.

The third category people belong to those who think I’m a shameless slutty girl who is not shy to share my experience and thinks I should be more decent. My reply to them is that this is not facebook or twitter or instagram to share my decent experiences, this is Xhamster and my very purpose being on this site is sexual. So don’t waste time advising me. I’m never going be bothered about your concern. Sex is a wonderful feeling and there is no one who does not like sex. All the people who think I’m slut are commenting after reading my story only, If you think you are too decent then why did you read my story or even why are you in this site.

Now I will move onto the story.

Its two years past after I have joined California Dance Academy. I had not attained financial security back then, so I used to live again with my colleagues, two of them were there. One of them was a girl from Japan. She use to anchor events and shows arranged by Japanese businessmen and I use to go with her to many of them. I was I repeat I was (Past tense) not really impressed by Japanese guys back till then so was not much interested in looking at men in the events. The reason is I don’t like their eyes, they are short and have heard that they have small penis. After a party, my friend told there is a man from the party who saw me liked me so much and wanted to have sex with me. I don’t like Japanese guys so I said No in the first instance itself. But he kept on asking through her. At that point I’ve already had sex with 4 or 5 races but not a Japanese man yet, so I thought will try it just for the sake of trying out a different race but was not really excited at all. He said will meet in a house, since he was not a hotel man. Went in his car, this guy dint knew much English. He was way short than me probably 5’4, aged about 35 or so and very lean and doesn’t looked good at all. My excitement was down even more. He drove away from the highways and went some distance remote off the mainland. There were no inhabitants nearly and finally reached the house. The house was big but the problem was there was no inhabitants for almost 5 kms around that house. I was a bit scared initially but when I ensured no one was around in that house I felt safe because even if he try some mischief I can handle him and my one kick will make him fall to ground. Reached there at around 10 PM. Immediately he fixed me a drink and gave me a dress and told me to try that.
It was a Pink Blouse and a Green Pants both leather, also with a thread bra and panties. I wore it on and showed him. He also had changed by that time and was in a T-Shirt and Shorts. We were in the hall and seeing me he said “Lets do it”. I said okay and I made my way to the bedroom. He came behind me and had his hands around my stomach and turned me and said ‘Lets do it here’. Then I realize it was not Hotel and even if you go outside no one is going to see us. He held back of my neck with his left hand and my side stomach with his right hand and had a nice tongue kiss. Kissing went on for some time and I had enough and I moved my face and removed his Shirt. He then took me near the Sofa and had me sit on his Lap and leaned me back onto him. He was pressing my Boobs from back very nicely and at the same time licking and sucking my back of the hair, inside of ear. It was really nice and was too good. I was about to unhook by blouse but he said he will do it and he unhooked it using this mouth. Then he reversed me with Me facing him still in his Lap now it was even more exciting with sucking all over my neck and shoulder and at the same time pressing my boobs in bra. I did’nt knew it till now it could create this much stimulation and I was too much excited at the moment and was all wet. All the thoughts about Japanese men have changed all in a sudden and was in a mood of unexplainable excitement. The reasons for my excitement were multifold. First of all the location, it was a completely different experience for me, then the location of the house itself, away from people and only we two in an area of 5 Kms. Then it is just the beginning, now itself I’m this much wet and what’s going to come. He then had a lick at my armpits which also increased my mood. He untied my bra slowly had a lick on it and played with my boobs for a bit. He slowly moved his hands towards my ass and pressing it awesomely while sucking my tits. I slowly had a touch on his cock and it was so hard, which again made me excited. It’s the time I saw his strength, he carried me all the way to the Kitchen, removed my Pant slowly. He said ‘1 Min’ and hurried into the room. He came back with a Japanese Made Vibrator. I was sitting in the ledge and he tried it on my boobs, neck, shoulders and stomach. He then moved it to my pussy and pressed it so hard against it. I was in heaven and I enjoyed it completely. I came 3 or 4 times instantly and my panty was all wet. Seeing that he untied the panty and licked away the cum out of it. He then teased me a bit by licking all over me with his tip of the tongue, starting from neck, then tits, my back, the backbone, then my stomach all the way down to my thighs and when about to reach my pussy diverted to my legs and that gave me adrenaline all over my body. He then carried me all the way to the hall again and laid me in the sofa. He pressed the Vibrator strongly in my pussy and then switched it on. It was so nice and after sometime only I realized it had many modes and it was just the slow mode he went straight from there to the maximum mode and I was out of planet. He always multitasks, while doing this he used his left hand to caress me all over while sucking my tits with his mouth. For the third time in my life I squirted, not a huge shot though. After my Squirt he was turned on really and he stacked his tongue on my clit and gave me a hell of an eating for almost 30 mins. I came many time and he sensed it and whenever I did he put his finger inside took all the come and sucked his fingers. After an Orgasm he stopped and made me remove his shorts. His cock was medium sized about 6 inches but it was hell hard. It was hairy which I don’t like but seeing how hard it was I couldn’t resist sucking it. He was standing and I was sitting I sucked his cock for the best I could and since it was not big I took it fully. He pretty much enjoyed it which I could sense he was murmuring something in Japanese. He made me suck in different position like he laying down, in stairs with me bending. Finally took me to the bed and he wanted a tit fuck. I don’t enjoy the tit fuck, I don’t know why which he sensed and moved onto eating my clit again. I came twice and now he was ready for the penetration and I was excited. Started off in missionary and the fucked like a machine, his pace was unbelievable. I never knew Japanese men can be this much good in bed. I normally cannot control my emotions and sound and normally in hotel I put my hands in my mouth to control the sound. But out there ther is no one to hear so I made good moaning noises while he fucked me. After some time he leaned onto me and I hugged him tight. After sucking my tits a bit moved onto kissing me and he had all of my mouth inside his mouth. I was moaning into his mouth and he swallowed the saliva I produced. He important thing was that he didn’t slow up even while doing all these. Then without taking his cock out he converted that missionary to cowgirl. He might have been tired so I think I will give him some favor and I rode him well, the best I could do and he loved it. Since he was a multi tasker I thought he would be sucking my tits but I think he was too tired so he just laid down and enjoyed my ride. After some time he told me to switch to reverse cowgirl and I did it without taking it out just as he likes it and I rode him with my hand on his chest. Then he pushed me to lean frontwise and ride. I came many times because his cock was so hard like a rock. After that he took it out and ate the juice of my pussy. Made me suck his cock for a bit and did a doggy with him back in full swing. Omg it was in that position I was in moon and he hit my spot correctly. He continued that position for long since he though I enjoyed it. He kept his one hand in my mouth and one on my tits. Then again back to missionary and this time there was an add on with the vibrator on my clit. Again I came many time intensely. This time he allowed be to moan freely since his one hand was in the vibrator and another one was in my tits. After some time he switched off the vibrator leaned towards me and was passionately kissing me and increased his pace. He started making noises and I sensed he was about to pop. He increased the speed and finally came on my tits. Took a shower and he told me to use another room for sleeping. Slept nude with blankets. Next day woke up and he drove me back to my room.
I had the hangover of this encounter for almost a week. Imagine how your perception towards a race changes with just one night. After this encounter I learned many things:
1) Penis Size won’t matter at all. Its what they do take you to heaven.
2) Don’t get concerned about looks/age while on a blind date.
3) Japanese men are awesome in bed.
4) Vibrators are heaven riders.
5) Sex is better when tried in many locations.

Its takes time and effort to convert the thoughts into words and it takes just less than a minute to comment. Please do comment about how you feel about the experience / if ever you had similar experiences / what more else we may had tried. Your comments and advices keep me motivated to share more. I never had another Japananse man after that. So Japanese men who can respect my rules can contact me.

My Sexual Experience with a Japanese Man

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