my dark fantasy

I have a dream about being accosted taken and throw into a panel van . held down and tied up a dirty soiled jock still wet from cum and piss . rubbed over my face and forced in my mouth, duct taped, gaged, as a hood is pulled over my head .left blinded and conpleatly helpless . As I can feel the van pulling away as doors slam shut . People laugh and say “well time to get back with this bitch , she’s going to be a busy slut tonight”feet kicking me and hands grabbing and pushing me. every bump and turn jostles and rolls me around . Suddenly the van slammed to a stop . The laughing starts back up . The van quickly slams into reverse as the doors open and hands manhandle me as I’m pulled out and thrown down face first on something soft and wet.

I feel something cold and sharp against my skin as I hear the ripping of my shirt and then up both pants legs . Cold air runs up my skin . I feel someone grabbing at my cut short and pulling it till it is ripped off . Then the same is don’t to my jeans . They notice the pink satin lace thing panties and bra I’m wears .
” look at this sissy she will work out just fine”
My head is pulled up as something is pulled and laches around my neck . I’m pulled up to my feet where the hood is removed so I see the cold con rest floor and walls of the garage I’m being kept in . I make out 6 guys in the room and a bench dog cage/kennel and stocks along with other such object in the room . Before the zip ties are cut from my wrist and ankles leather restraints are locked on me . My panties are pulled down and my Vick and balls are forced into a metal chastity cage. My panties are pulled up tight as I’m dragged over to the dog cage a blind fold put on and thrown into the cage . A leash is locked to my leash ” ok she’s ours first doors won’t open for a few hours so break her in . For the next few hours I’m gang banged breeders and covered in piss spit and cum till I’m a sloppy gapping mess . Then thrown back into the cage while the front doors are unlocked and for the rest of the night or what seems like the night I’m used by everyone that comes in. I hear them talking about turning on the cameras and hear then talking while taking pictures of me as I’m having anything and everything used on and in me . I even have a few guys talking about using me to be fucked my k9s and training me to suck horse cocks. After everything is finally finished and I’m leaking cum and piss from my throat and pussy hole . I’m untied but still colored and dragged over to a cabinet where inside are an assortment of skirts tops corsets bras panties stockings and heels.
Ok bitch time to get ready and find out that your nothing but a prostitue .
They pull out a slutty outfit pink tight short mini skirl a pink tight half top . Pink satin corset with matching g string pink thigh high sticking pink garter and powered pink polka dot stiletto heels . After I’m finished dressing I’m pushed into a chair ankles and wrist locked and I notice the lady sitting next to me she starts painting my nails a bright pink and then proceeded to transform my soiled and soaked face till I’m made up like a pretty sissy whore . Finally I have a wig placed on my head the whole time they are taking pictures and there are cameras recording and streaming the transformation. I’m taught to walk and sway my hips like a whore . I’m walked around by the leash and every time I’m told to kneel . I’m tugged down and opening my ruby red lips as I suck dick . Before I’m taken and put out on the street to be whored out in back alleys cars parks warehouses apt and restrooms . Spanked slapped prodded and groped roughly . I’m told tonight I’m going to be sold for $5.00 to anyone . I will do anything they tell me to and I’m not finished until I make 200.00 . If by morning I’m short of my goal . I’m going to find out that servicing johns isn’t the only way to have there whore make them money” next will be photographed , filmed and streaming in front of a live audience being humiliated and degraded taking k9 knots rough hard and brutally till dripping cum from a wide open gapping pussy hole . While the laughter and comments of this nasty dirty whore is all I know.
” Now bitch it’s time to finish your transformation , time to be conpletly turned out and live for nothing more then our whore to pimp out . The final test I’m forced into . I’m taken and thrown in somebody’s trunk of their car . I’m driven somewhere secluded when I’m pulled out and walked into a barn in the country . Stripped down to panties and told to crawl over to the stall where a donkey was kept . “Now start sucking thatdonkey’s cock bitch . Your going to get showered in ever drop of cum and if you move your going to service the other horses in the other stalls . ” so as I’m sucking that huge donkey dick . I’m being pissed on by them and photographed recorded till cum slashed in my face my mouth over every inch of my body and I hear them laughing ” you moved ” so I’m forced to go from one stalk to the next to the next and finally the last on sucking and bathing in load after load of hot horse cum . Then dragged and locked to a post in the corner of the barn to wait till I’m washed up dressed slutty made up like a sissy and pimped off to work as there whore .

Whored out world wide
On a street corner at nigh

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