My second time same day (casual encounter)

The is a continuation of my last story. But on the same day.

So when I got home from sucking my first cock I laid in bed with the taste of cum still in my mouth and my panties soaked in precum. Realizing it was still only 10:45 and I was home alone I opened my phone and went back on craigslist. I had nothing to lose, might aswell give it a shot. As I stroked my cock going through the m4m post a post caught my attention. A man was looking for a young bottom, his cock pick persuaded me. I immediately replied with a photo of my dressed in my outfit I still had on, I knew my 5,1 skinny figure in a sports bra and volley ball spandex would catch his attention. I waited, in the meantime I went and changed my panties, I picked out a black lace thong with a cute pink ribbon in the front. As I grabbed it something caught my attention. A butt plug! My sister had a butt plug. I wanted to laugh, but I was more curious to try it out. It was a bubble butt plug. I thought while I wait for a reply I’ll play with this toy. I played down on my bed with a jar of petroleum jelly and the plug. I took off my spandex and Lubed my ass I inserted the frst bead, it was painful. Laying there letting it set before I pushed the second bead in, siding the second was easier, it started feeling good. I played with the first two pushing them in and out, my ass started to get use to it and i started enjoying it. I forced the third bed and the rest of it in and I was in bliss. The plug felt amazing fully in and so well shaped to be comfortable. As I was laying there the phone lit up with an Email. The man agreed to meet but he couldn’t host. I replied to him not seeing on his post he couldn’t host. I got nervous, I didnt want to be a flake, but I didnt want a stranger in my parents house while they were away. Remembering the feeling I had just a and hour ago my urges took over me and I replied with my address and told him to be here at 12. He immediately replied ok. I got excited and nervous at the same time. I jump up and went back to my sisters room to pick out an outfit, I had just over 30min to get ready.
Looking through my sisters cloths I picked out the black lace thong I already had, a pair of regular leggings and a thin lace bra. Barefoot and with my outfit I waited for him to arrive. I stroked my cock to the picture of his cock while i waited. A while later I heard the knocking I ran down to open the door. Not realizing I was shirtless I opened the door and his tall middle aged self looking down at me, he knew he was at the right place. With my mind in a blur I grabbed his hand inviting him in, he asked if anyone was home which I replied no. He sighed in relief. As we got to my room he got a look at me, I could tell he was pleased as he came in for a kiss. I had never kissed anyone, but it felt good. His tounge rubbing against mine was intense, my little dick started getting erect. He got closer and groped my ass, I nearly lost it as a big blast of precum leaked out. I was more horny than iver ever been. I went for his pants and unbuckled his jeans, his underwear and pants dropped and he kicked them to the side as he took off his shoes. Again I was in joy as a beautiful cock was in my hands he was semi erect it had to be a good 3inches thick and 6inches long. Smaller than my last man but for what I needed him for he was perfect. He removed his shirt as i kneeled down and started sucking on his cock. He immediately got hard as my lips made contact with his head. I went slow licking his head and shaft. I could actually enjoy this one. I took my time licking his shift and balls, rubbing my lips on my head and sucking his whole 6inches. When he was rock hard and wet with spit and precum. He took a hold of me and bent me over my bed. Pulling down my legging he spanked my bottom, I didnt really like that…yet. pulling my panties to the side he saw my plug. I forgot to remove it this whole time. He chuckled and one by one he removed it. Omg! That felt amazing!. He threw it on the floor and spit in my hole. Making contact with my ass and his cock I braced for what I’ve been waiting for. His head penetrating first then 1in..2…3, then quickly he forced all 6inches inside me, he moaned in pleasure he slid out and forced himself back a few more times, with precum leaking out of me and him jumping my ass he leaned down kissing my neck and moaned “omg your pussy feels so good”. At that moment I forgot I was a boy and convinced myself I was a girl. He pulled out of my pussy and laid on the bed without orders I removed my leggings and and got on top him. I pulled my panties to the side and slowly slid his cock back inside me. Cowgirling his cock i rod him without stop, feeling avatar inch of him rub inside my pussy his head rubbing against my rectum. My big booty slapping rubbing against his thighs. He stopped me and said he didnt want to cum yet. I slid off his cock slowly feeling his head pop out. He ordered me to get on all 4. I obeyed knowing I was going to finally experience doggy style. I got behind me and forced his cock in sliding in without resistance. My ass relaxed after after a few minutes of getting pounded my meat. My ass was numb but I was getting a build up of pleasure. It was building up from my pussy to my dicklet I started to moan with the most feminine voice I’ve ever made as a stream of cum came shooting out of my dicklet. It was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, my eyes twitched and my pussy tightened. The manfeeling me tighten up speed up and also shot a stream of his hot man cum inside me. We both collapsed next to each other spooning,his cock still inside me. I pulled his out turned around and made out with my man as I rubbed his cock for the last time before he had to leave. He said he had to go and we got dressed. I escorted him down to the door and we gave each other one last kiss. He left with a smile and said we should do this again. I told him if look out for his post. I walked back up to my room cum still leaking out of my ass picked up the butt plug and put it back inside and went to sleep with his cum inside me

Sorry for any bad grammar.

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