i love sucking married black guy

Its always so exciting to drive at night in my pink camisole and panty

looking for a cock to suck

i remember the first time I sucked a cock in my car
how crazy and horny i felt when he asked me if i was catching any pokemon

my fone in my hand , window down playing that stupid game

a huge bulge in his short bend over my window

looking at me wearing a cute pink boy short i just bought

”can i come inside”

i watch him sit down in the backseat
taking off his jeans showing off his hard big black cock

”im so horny come suck on my cock”

and i crawl on the floor , taking place between his legs mouth open getting feed his cock slowly and lovely

”you got out dress in pink tight short alot boy? we could be goods friend”

”mmmm yes thats it lick on my balls”

”you love sucking cocks ”

noding looking at him mouth around his fat bonner, so happy to finally taste a big cock

”oh you little slut, you suck so good ”

”im gonna nut in your mouth , i want you to swallow all of it”

”oh fuck yes just like that, suck the cock”

”work for that big fat load , you want my cum”

i was hoing crazy, i wanted him to explode all of it in me

i was eager to make him cum and started to moan and suck for it like a hungry slut

letting him pump his fat meat in my drooling pussy mouth

has he repeated i was a good girl

diving in my mouth forcing me to deepthroat and loose any gag reflex

”oh yeah , open up that throat, leave it to me, gimme that throat pussy”

”omg you fucking take it all”

”all of that big cock down your throat”

”like that yessssss, omg good girl , good fucking wore”

holding my head deep

”wait for it, im cuming girl”

”you swallow it all , like a good white slut”

”arggggggg ahhhhh take it slut, take it , yessssssss down in that fucking slut throat, ahhahha so cute , take it cute little slut ”

getting it all down in my belly

all of it, there was so much, i kept drinking and drinking jets after jets of warm black cock juice

”oh wow that was so good”

”you drank all of it”
”come here ”

and he lift my tshirt

rubbing on my belly

”it full of cum down there, you did a good job, you love having your belly fulkl of cum dont you”

”yes i do”
giggling as he slap my ass

turning me around

”thats a good girl, lets fill you up with more then”

my tight pink panty rippen up his cock making its way in my ass

”oh fuck , so tight, im gonna wreck that cunt boi”

feeling the wet fat cock going deep making me squeal in pain trying to go slow

but he kept his rythm, fucking deep in the cute pink pantied ass

”oh i love this, your my fuck slut now, im gonna fuck you evry fucking day like this”

ass up face down in my own car moaning and listening to him call me names

knowing too well i was looosing myself to him

and didnt care, looking back smilling at him

”you so cute, im gonna help you become a real gurl”

”wanna be my girl ?”

”yesss yesss i want it”

”tell me boi, tell me you are my girl”

his phone recording in his hands as i repeated over again what he asked

”uess yess im your girl”

”your white slut girl”

bouncing back on the cock

looking at him ,

”ohhh no dont film please”

”shut up slut, take it and repeat you are a girl”

”say it slut”

i still watch the vids sometimes

i jump on my dildo as i watch him make me say iam a girl , filming my tight ass getting his fat cock all in

it always the same. i go out after stretchinh up

dress sexy
driving slowly pass black guy

and meeting horny married guy happy to meet a slut

i love when iam ask to show off on my back seat

ass up looking at a stranger getting his bbc cock out

ready to try me

the sweat feeling of my panty pull down and a cock on my hole is too good

i just cant stop now

i love to ear em say they are married and never get suck as i work my mouth on the cock

its so satisfying to feel his hard cock throbbing , so happy to be worshipped

they all take my number and fuck me when they want

i love to receive text at night and meet one in his car

calling me sweat names as he undress me in my panty and sexy camisole

my hands on the cock waiting for orders

”can i suck your cock now daddy?”

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