How I Got my Cherry Popped!

I had been cross dressing on and off for as long as I can remember, stopping for about 10 years during and after college. I started back up again after seeing an escort in the area, who one day asked me to dress in white thigh high stockings and pumps then fucked me in the ass with a strap-on dildo. Up to this point my cross dressing fetish remained private. But, after that day, I started to shop at lingerie stores buying thigh highs, body stockings, platform stripper heels, g-strings, etc. But, I still had not sucked a cock or been fucked in the ass except using a toy. Things were about to change.

It was a hot Saturday in July and I woke up super horny. I lay in bed and stroked my cock till I shot a huge load, but was still as horny as when I woke up. I had nothing to do, so I decided to watch some porn. I slipped on some lingerie and heels and started to watch a hot flick. This was definitely not helping so I decided to look online for an escort to help me with my problem. There was a lot of talent available, but for some reason my attention was drawn to this one ad. At first I did not realize that this was not a women but a transsexual. Her ad got me so fucking hot, “Black dominant t-girl top with 10 inch cock”. I decided to call. She sounded very feminine on the phone so I scheduled an appointment.

Once I got off the phone I douched and showered and stretched my ass with my 18 inch double dong. I got dressed wearing a black lace body stocking and hot pink g-string, slipped on a tight pair of jeans and a white shirt. I grabbed a bag and put in some lube, condoms, a few toys, and my hot neon pink and clear 6 inch platform stripper heels. I called them my fuck-me heels even though I had never been fucked while wearing them.

I arrived at her house and before going in tossed back 3 shots of tequila to eliminate my inhibitions. I knocked on the door and was greeted by this very tall black women wearing bra, panties, and a robe. She invited me in and asked if I wanted to use the bathroom. I excused myself, went to the bathroom where I undressed and put on my heels. She had some makeup on the vanity so I decided to put on some pink lip gloss to match my sexy heels and g-string. When I came out of the bathroom, she was standing naked in the hallway holding her cock. She complimented me on my heels. She motioned me toward her. She pulled me close to her and in her one hand she had a long blonde wig. She put it on me and told me she wanted to fuck a little blonde white slut like me. She then pushed on my shoulder and told me to get on my knees and suck her cock – there was not going to be any kissing or small talk. I tried to tell her that I had never sucked a cock before, but as I was trying to talk she shoved her cock in my mouth and moved her hands to the back of my head and started to pump her cock in and out of my mouth. I knew at this moment I was a black cock slut.

At first I could handle her cock which was still somewhat soft, but it did not take too long before her cock started to get hard and I started to gag on that huge piece of meat. The gagging did not stop her, she kept face fucking me and calling me her little white slut. After about 10 minutes of sucking her cock, she told me to get up and go to the bedroom. She was very dominant and quickly bent me over and ripped my g-string aside. She slid on a condom and squirted some lube on my ass. I felt the head of her monster cock touch my ass and she quickly slid it in. When she realized I could take her entire cock she called me a nasty white bitch. She started to pump her huge cock in and out of my ass, quickly developing a rhythm – slow at first, but soon was fucking me really hard and fast. I felt her big cum filled balls slapping against my skin. I soon lost all my inhibitions and started to get extremely vocal, “Fuck Me Baby!”. “Fuck me harder…Fuck my slutty lil white ass!”. She responded by fucking me even harder than before and started to slap my ass calling me a white trash slut. I was in heaven; what a way to lose my virginity!

I found out She has incredible stamina. She fucked me for over 45 minutes in every imaginable position. She told me she was about to cum and directed me to get back on my knees. She pulled off the condom and forced her rock hard cock in my mouth. She instantly started to pump her cock in and out of my mouth making me gag again. She yelled out she was ready to cum and pulled her cock out of my mouth and shot several huge cum loads all over my face. She stroked her cock squeezing out every last drop and told me to suck her cock clean, which I happily did. I then used my finger and tongue to slurp up as much cum from my face as possible.

I did not realize that She does not reciprocate so once I finished licking up her cum she told me that she wanted me to get dressed and leave and allow the remainder of her cum to dry on my face so I would remember my first cock!

I started to drive home and realized I was still all sexed up so I stopped by the Love Craft in Laurel still covered in cum, dressed in my body stocking and hot pink g-string. I got $10 of tokens and went into the back. I undressed and started to watch some hot t-girl porn (go figure) and within no time a cock popped through the hole. No longer a virgin, I figured I would go for it and got on my knees and started to suck this juicy white cock. I found out the nice thing about sucking cock through a glory hole is you get a hot load pretty quick, which I swallowed every drop. I proceeded to suck two more cocks draining every drop of cum I could get. I had become such a cock slut.

I then decided it was my turn when a finger beckoned for my cock. It did not take long for me to cum. I must have pumped 8 huge loads into his mouth. I heard him gag through the booth trying to swallow each burst of my cum. After he said thank you. Finally, I was ready to go home completely satisfied. On the drive home I realized that TS Kristal, the complete anal slut was born. Since that day I have been seeking out any cock to satisfy my sexual needs.

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