So check this, I’m Vee by now you should know me, since I always seem to be running my mouth about one thing or the other. What can I say, I like to hear myself talk. I’m 5’2 and about 180 but a nice lean ripped. I am a gym rat and I do take good care of myself. I was out doing my thing about, the hotels it was time for me to collect some overdue funds. I waited for that late night and I made my way into Mr. H. K Jo Yates, his some world renounce Doctor from Japan, China or Asia I always get those confused. He is a very well off and rich person has a VIP condo that never comes or stays. As I am making my way in, you don’t need to know how I got in or why am I here, all you need to know is I’m inside his place. Walking thru an ‘acquiring’ a few things that I need to have. ( I pledge my 5th amendment right, ya ain’t gonna get me to confess). I am dressed in all black leather pants, black tight shirt, and my hair is waved back gel down. I look like a very fem Italian mobster or hit woman of some type. You can tell I am not up to any good. As I walk around taking a nice long hard deep look and studying everything that in the oversize condo that looks like some sort of a plaza from a Hollywood mansion from some over rich, overexposed, over fame Hollywood celebrity. I will admit the doctor has really good taste. I am not looking for anything too big or oversize to take with me. I just want something small, but of valve that I can easily move about and exchange or sell for some quick cash and make double and maybe triple my income. This is about working security and just about any field is that once you know the in’s from the inside is very, very, very easy to break in from the outside. Is all about knowing the in and out once you have the knowledge and experience all else is about putting it to use and applying no matter in what that context is. Is like someone working at a bank would know exactly how to break into a bank. All it is, is about getting the right experience to obtain the knowledge all else is just putting into action. All that is on a need to know bases and you are not on a need to know so let’s keep going, shall we.

I am carefully and cautiously walking around the kitchen and my, my, my he has a very very nice kitchen. I make my way around check out his fridge and I help myself to a bottle of wine. “good stuff, like I said he has very exquisite taste. I start to walk around the condo and slowly make my way to the bedroom. Unless there is some type of study or office, most all the valuables of anyone, will be in the bedroom is all about finding where.

HOLY FUCK!!!” I suddenly make a jump back over and take cover behind a door that is leading to the doorway of the bedroom. I hide real quick. As I peek again, overlooking to the satin red bed a big oversize bed. 2 standing lamp on both side of the bed the lighting is dim but I can see perfectly a wonderful figure lying on the bed.

There is a nice tall slender Asian or Chinese something along those lines(think Venus Lux, I will forever use her bahahahah,she’s  beautiful is easy to use her for a mental picture). She’s lying on the bed in a pinkish rose see thru almost silk like night gown. She is on the bed and off to the side, right side of her there a a wall install plasma tv. She is taking some time to enjoy herself, while watching some porn.

OOOOOOOOO some real nice porn,” not sure which one, I am more attracted to the chick on the bed or the porn got to admit I do like porn (who doesn’t). As I am frozen in my feet just memorized by the Asian amazon beauty in front of me. I notice she flip her hair, back letting it fall over her right shoulder and back as she is caressing herself, WOW WHAT AN ASS OMG!!!!!!

I see her caress her cheek and rub herself in between her ass crack, as she is rubbing herself I can see the up and down motion of her left hand off to the side. She slightly turn to the side just enough that I can see her. Part of me wants to hasty run and leave out of here, as quickly as I can but well that is not an optional due to my form of entry. If I try to leave any other way I will blow my cover in some way or the other. A bit of a predicament, I seem to have gotten myself into. Will admit SHE IS FUCKING HOT. If I get to see her naked it be worth it. Just as I am slowly leaning off on the edge of the doorway she lays across.

OMG her body is perfect, smooth, her skin so soft and dedicated. Her long long black hair spread all over her red color stain pillows. She looks like an angel that is ready to commit some kind of lustful sin. She is rubbing herself with one hand. I can barely see the other one, only notice the stroking motion off, on the side. While she is caressing her ass with her right as she reaches over and gets a small dildo like type of strap and she tries to rub it in and out pressing upon her. She keeps this up for a few minutes to swap it out and change it for another one that she slides in barely the tip of the head this one is a little more bigger than the first one but not much and a bit slightly thicker. She keeps trying to insert it in and out of her. The whole time shes captivated by the porn on the tv. It’s a female on female porn the top is domming a very sub bottom. Got’s to be a hard lesbian strapon porn, from what I can see. I see some of the actresses but I can’t recall exactly who they are but I know I have seen them. Possibly they may even be in my favorite collections. I lean forward a little watching her, is not always I get to see a real live show. I needed to get a better view (ya know how I am about views) as I watch her she is rubbing the smaller head of the dildo in and out in and out of her nice pretty thick ass. She puts that one down and picks up another one and uses that one for a few minutes in the same way as the one before. She smacks herself a few time turning her cheek nice pinkish red color that glare against her creamy pastel white skin. She leans up a little turning over just so I can see her perfect handful size tits with nice pretty nipples as with one hand she reaches over pinching her nipples with the other she keeps trying to push the toy inside her just enough. She seems iriated, annoyed. Like when you’re trying to cum but you just can’t quite get it there (I’m sure we all been there at some point or another). As she turns over

HOLY HELL!!!!” Now I really am very very very thrill. She’s a full-blown very well hung TS. Her dick is fully extended. She is very very turned on. I watch her stroke herself over and over and over again, rough and very fast and faster her skin turning red, a bright red as shes filled with lust filling inside her. She keeps trying to cum but is unable to get that extra rise(heheheh) She is so caught up on the porn that she is totally unaware of my entry to the room (guess I wanted a close up). As I take a few steps over closer to the bed I noticed off to the side she had a few harness with a nice long 9 inches of length that stood right out and straight out over.
Without thinking I found myself reaching over to the harness like and taking off my pants and strapping it on me as I tie it over me on my hips. Taking off my top and reaching over towards her. I was so caught up on the moment I didn’t realize what I was doing or about to do as I lean closer and closer and closer to her. Suddenly, I found myself on top of her straddling her over her legs pinned undermines as I reach over putting my hand over her perfect lips. Her look on her face was surprised but not frightened. She jerks slightly, more out of surprise than anything else. With my right hand, I grab her hand and pinned it over her head while pinning the other off on the side of her body pressed upon mines.

“SSSSSHhhh I don’t want to hurt you, just kind of well, maybe I can join you? I say teasing her as I lean and gently kiss her on her neck. I felt her body tremble slightly maybe nervous but she didn’t resist or try to fight back in any way. Which in a way surprised me and at the same time it turned me on. I felt something strange on the palm of my hand, as I look at her eyes, her eyes seem to be filled with lust more than fear.

“if I let you go will you scream or try to fight me?
I ask her slowly loosen my grip on her mouth. She slightly nods.
“ok I’m going to let go, ok I don’t wanna hurt you, just wanna join you with your type of play” I reassure her,me trying to gain her trust but not sure if shes just playing along with me. I let her go realizing she was licking the palm of my hand. She licks her lips as she softly speaks with an Asian like accent soft-spoken voice.

“this is a private property how did you get in?” she asked,

That’s for me to know” plus I can ask u the same question” I reply back while caressing her body with my left hand.

She responds “I know the owner”…I inject “and so do I” this time my hand is rubbing down her breast feeling on her left nipple, as I start to slowly slide my right hand down her arms, that I loosen from my grip.

“go ahead and take whatever you like,” she said

“I don’t want anything right now I want you. I say while rubbing both my hands down her breast and pinching her nipple at the same time and caressing them while squeezing them.

“Oh honey, make sure you know how to play with that thing” she said as she drops her hand and reaches over for my strapon.

“Oh my, a rare breed,” I say while I am taken back slightly but still go along with it. ‘a bottom sub-TS”

Her direct reply “ a rare sight ‘an aggressive top lesbian’ she knows the type I am.
I chuckle
“honey please, have some power behind this thing’ she said almost in a demanding way as she leans over spreading her legs giving me direct access to her ass. I pop up giving her space for her to do it. As she turns I pop her cheek turning them a nice brighter shade of red. She lets out a nice scream stretching her hands over on top of head resting over the bed headstand. As I lean over her caressing her whole back and kissing her from her neck down the center of her back all the way down her as drag my tongue inside her ass rolling it over teasing her partially over her already a slightly open ass. As she feels the coldness of my tongue rolling inside her she rolls forward. I come up dragging my tongue up her back all the way up her neck biting her as I slowly rub the head of it inside her
I rub my tongue in between her cheek as I rub down her back pushing it down on her back putting pressure on it pinning her down on to the bed. She rolls and flips her long hair back playfully, and teases me with it ( I love hair play). As I press on her more and she feels my tongue going down her ass crack licking just before her ball hanging down she lets out a soft moan. I pop up and push forward into her as she rolls up and goes into a low doggy style position her nice beautiful Asian white ass up in the ass just how I like it. I spit on her nice asshole that’s already been pre-open just a little and I place the head of the dildo as I begin to push into it sliding it inside her. Her whole body trembles as I slide it inside her and I begin to shovel it inside her sliding it out and pushing it back. Her body pulsing from the deep penetration as she lets out a few screams filled by ecstasy. I lean back reaching over her and I lean over under her grabbing her massive dick that is perfectly curved to the top. Her head barely touching her belly button thin but very long I must admit. I take it with my right hand as I begin to stroke it pressing hard on it, while with my left hand I reach over grabbing her left nipple and squeezing her perfectly made tits and pinching her nipples. Every time push in I stroke her dick as each one of my thrustings is perfectly in sync with my stroking of her dick that’s already filled with loads of cum ready to explode as I stroke more and more and more, my dildo sliding in and out of her the penetration getting deeper and deeper as, my stroking is getting faster and faster. This hard penetration and fast stroking went on n on n on for what it seems like hours into I am breaking into a sweat and she is dripping with my sweat on top of her. Soon I feel a hot thickness load of cum shooting from her dick and spraying all over my hand and the bedspread. I must confess the pounding I gave her made me cum as my pussy was dripping wet and wetness was dripping all over my thigh and down. After a few nice hard loads of cum and exploding in perfect timing, we both drop down. I think from the overworked I put in those were some very very very hard thrusting I must have over exhausted myself that I fell into a deep sleep. I am not sure what time or day it was but I woke up to some radio like a transmission. I woke up to find a small breakfast table off to the side. I immediately popped up to my feet and put on the first set of clothing on sweatpants and I found my shirt and popped on my shoes.
Window” fuck I’m on a skyrise penthouse roof floor what the fuck am I spiderman?’ I’m crazy, not stupid and I don’t trust my freerunning to get me to the other side either, and how obvious would that be.
FUCK! plan be to sneak out the back door, Vee? really there is no back door,” i am talking to myself as, I am pacing around her room trying to think of a way to escape when suddenly I listen to what was being said
“are you sure you are alright Ms.Katts? a male voice speaks from the outside of the doorway that I was able to sneak a peak from the mirror dresser that was facing over to the living room side.
“Yes, officer I am, ,my apologies my cat set off my alarm, I didn’t answer sooner I was a bit preoccupied late night” everything is perfect thank you for the checkup I’ll make sure to give your company a good feedback, sorry for the false alarm.’ She explains
“no problem ma’am that’s what we are here for, if you need us, just call us” male officer said as they radio back and leave as she closes the door.
“wow, she didn’t turn me in’ guess after my performance she thinks of letting me go, maybe I get a free pass.
She walks back in dressed in an all red robe her hair slightly wet flipped over to her left shoulder.
“Vanessa, your finally up, I’m glad though you would sleep all day, didn’t want to wake you up,” she said with a slight accent I can’t pinpoint it but I have heard this voice before but is different softer more dedicate but is familiar to me….. WAIT how did she knew my name?
“I took the liberty to go thru your pocket and found your wallet and ID’ she said pouring herself a glass of some expensive wine I can smell the cherry flavor from where I am standing about a few steps away from her as she’s by the dresser looking at me thru the mirror.
“fuck, she has my information’ I give a hopeless looks as I drop right back down on the edge of the bed as she walks almost floating to a throne-like chair right in front of me and takes sip of the red like glass and licks her lips softly looking at me a few minutes of awkward silence goes by.
“Ms.Katt, correct?”
“yes that is correct” she responds sipping her wine leaving the perfect lip print on the glass looking at me deeply
“may I have my wallet back,” I ask
“Please,’ I remember to say it
“you may,” she said softly, throwing at me as it lands between my legs (hole in one, lols)
I look thru it, not sure why is not like she would take anything from it
“everything is there,” she said assuring me
“oh yeah force of habit,” I say putting It in my pocket and standing up
“so look at the time, I should get going’ I say trying to play cool
“SIT RIGHT BACK DOWN!” she orders her voice changes suddenly. I know this voice! Where do I know this voice from I try and think but can’t place it.
“EXCUSE ME?” I say suddenly, the fuck she thinks she is,
She reaches off to her left setting down the wine and picking up a remote control and presses a key suddenly the TV off on the side turns on to what appeals is a state of the art camera control security monitor system. Motion sensor it picks up even the slightest of all movements and trigger if anyone is inside the penthouse. She runs back the footage and well to make a long story short I AM CAUGHT REDHANDED!
“OH FUCK!!!” I whisper suddenly realizing what this means.
“Oh fuck is right, you are fucked in more ways than you can think,” she said tastefully
“Hold on, right now I am an intruder I’ll give you that but the owner of this penthouse knows me and I’m sure if I speak to him he wouldn’t even bother making chargers Mr.Yates is a very understanding person, and if I am intruder so are you” I say standing up trying to find a loophole of some kind, and trying to bluff my way out of it.
“Vanessa, I am not that understanding and even I have my limits and there is no Mr.Yates anymore only MsKatts,” she said her voice totally changing into a male voice
Mr, Mr. Yates?” it suddenly hit me she is he, or he is her.
“WOW!!” I mean…. Stunned who knew a guy like him could make sure a beautiful female like her, is like two different people but is the same person.
I drop back down on the bed shocked and stunned, daze and confuse. No wonder her voice was so familiar to me.
She places the control down, picks up her wine and sips while flipping her hair, it feels as if she’s teasing me. Trying to get a rise out of me.
Suddenly, she gets up and stands directly in front of me
Ms.Katts?” I look up at her, she disrobes, her perfect tits perky and her nipples hard, as I look at her, her perfectly hard on dick facing directly in front of me. I just look at her oddly not sure what she is doing but somehow I know exactly where she is going with this.
“ You are an amazing fuck as a top, I only wonder how much better are you as a bottom,” she said flipping her hair and coming closer to me
“go on, I know you like sucking on lollipops, think of it as your own personal pop” she said slowly reaching over to my head undoing my hair and slowly guiding my face to her.
See this is why crime doesn’t pay….. it just doesn’t!!!!

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