Another business trip

Hi All,

This incident fro a cpl of year ago. Once again as you all know i like to crossdress when alone on my work trips.
So as it happens I was on a work trip in central india in the town of Indore and after reaching i checked into the hotel recommended by the client which was near to their office and in a central part of town. Well after checking in and after a good cold shower I called up my client to inform I had reached and fixed up the time fro meeting next morning. It was around 4pm and with nothing else to do i decided to walk around the market and get some nice lingerie for my self and try and have some fun.

Well i walked around a small shopping complex checking out the shops where i could get some lingerie for my self. I saw a small store selling sarees( traditional indian dress ) at dirt cheap rates. I thought to myself lets dress up as a traditional indian housewife this time. SO i bought a nice white one with some nice pink design and then i went to a shop where the lady customer had just walked out and there was only the shop owner alone inside. I went and asked for my size of bra with Cor D cups. He was a bit confused( this is India and not many guys shop for female lingerie her e). Well he showed me a few designs and i picked one with the biggest cups available and a nice lace panty with it. He was talking to me where i was from, was I here on work and stuff..and introduced himself as – Dev. I was not expecting a conversation as i was in a hurry to get back to my room and try on the new lingerie and the saree. Well i was giving short answers and i guess he did suspect something amiss with my answers. well i selected my bra, panty, stockings and i asked him how much.
Dev – Does your wife travel with you on work?
Me – No i am alone ( suddenly i realised i had given a wrong answer)
I just gave him the money.
Dev – So you want to take this as a gift , or….?
Me – Yes
Dev – Yes for gift or not
Me – I didn’t understand you?
Dev – Well if you are alone, Do you want to take it back as gift or do something else
Me – Plz ask clearly but that should not be your concern though!
Dev – I thought maybe a girlfriend here in town or something.
I was getting a bit pissed off at him pondering me, and i just kept silent and avoided answering
He handed me back my change.
Dev – hope your girlfriend likes them
Me- ( a bit pissed off ) Actually I like to wear these and i am going back in my room to wear them
I picked up the bags and while walking out he said- ‘ If you really going to wear these hope you dont need any help ?’

I just walked out …
Now i was nervous and shaking … after walking off i went to a road side shop and got my self a pack of smokes and lit one.
While smoking i realised what he said about if I needed any help. He was ready to make out with me or what ?

Well I was too excited to dress up in the saree to bother about that now. I just finished my smoke and on the way bought a pack of condoms and went in to my room and laid my stuff on the bed. I wanted to relax a few minutes before i changed into gurl mode. I was a bit tired from the traveling and the walk around during the shopping. I just lay down for a bit and i dozed off. I woke up an hour later and i just washed my face and ordered some whisky. I was too excited to wear my new dress and waiting for room service was like forever.
After a good 10 mins there was a knock on the door and in came the guy(let’s call him Raj) with my drink. He was in his late 20s and average build.
Me – I ordered 2 pegs but you got only 2 but there was offer of a free peg if i order 2
Raj – i will go and get more sir.
Me – No you get it after half hour ( thinking i will just try on my lingerie and change back to normal before he comes)
Raj – Ok sir

He went away.

As soon he closed the door i filled the glass with ice and had a sip and got nude. First came the panty then the stockings and then the bra. The bra cups i filled with spare soft cloth ( i always carry for boobie pads ) and i was feeling soo horny. i gulped down my first drink and while smoking i did a little dance in front of the full wall mirror in the room.Then i lubed my hole nicely before I made my second drink, put on the TV and selected a channel where hindi movie songs played so i could dress in saree and dance around. It took me 10 mins to d**** the saree on myself as it was my 1st time. Well i managed some how. i lit another smoke, had a long sip of whisky, turned up the tv volume and walked around the room like a lady and was dancing in front of the mirror and smoking and was like total slutty housewife.

I wqsa enjoying the sight of ‘Sheila'( my gurl name ) dancing in the mirror with the volume up that i didn’t hear the knock on the door and i guess after knocking a cpl of times he tried the handle and the door opened( in my excitement to dress up as Sheila i had not locked the door).
In walks a guy in his late 30s (name Ram ) with a big mustache and average body about 5ft8 to see a slut dancing in front of the mirror. He just closed to door with a light bang and i realised what happened. I was sooo nervous and scared. I tried to cover myself with my arms which was noo good as the saree is a full body dress.
Ram – Good evening sir, your drink sir,
Me _ I am so sorry , Plz wait i will change in 1 min
Ram- No problem sir , it is your choice
after a pause which seemed like an hour
Ram – plz sign bill sir
Me- Plz dont tell any one about all this. ( I went to the closet and got some money from my wallet and tipped him nicely)
Ram – no worry sir, I will not
If you need anything else plz call me at room service number.
Me – What time does your shift get over.( i was trying my luck and some thing told me this guy was game for fun)
Ram – I am here all night , i just came in for night shift. do you need any thing?
He came near me and adjusted my saree over my shoulder
That was it i knew this guy was game.
Me – Can you come in a bit later if you have time
Ram – If i have time?? for what sir?
Me – Maybe you can help me with a little extra service.
Ram – I am free now also ( he checked his watch )
I walked over to him and rubbed his tool over his pants. He was already hard.
Me – lock the door.
He locked it and didn’t need telling and he just dropped his pants and undies in a single motion and there was his tool all 6 inches of it shaved and hard and ready for action.

I walked over to him as sexily as i could and dropped down to my knees and kissed his tip. He let out a little moan.
I flicked my tongue over his head and he was moaning slowly. Then i took his rod in my mouth and sucked him nice and slow. He removed my saree off my shoulders and was feeling my back and fondling my boobs.

After 5 mins of sucking we both got up and he lay me on the bed. He pulled up my saree over my knees and lifted my legs up and fingered my hole. He pumped with 2 fingers and the lube was making squishy sounds. I was getting a hard on too. Then he asked if i have a condom which i gladly gave him and he had it rolled over his hard on in a minute.
I was on the edge of the bed with my saree pulled up and my legs up on his shoulders and he entered my hole in one stroke. Ohhhh what a feeling that was. He was doing slow long strokes going deeper n deeper till his balls hit my ass cheeks. He pumped my like this for a cpl of minutes and suddenly my phone rang..

It was my client and i had to answer as this client was one i could not afford not to miss calls. I motioned him to stop for a cpl of minutes. I got up and as the phone was on the other side of the bed i got on all fours and went over and answered the call. The client wanted to discuss a small technical issue and during the discussion suddenly Ram comes up behind me lifts my saree over my ass and i am in doggy position and i realise what he is up to . I signal him to wait 2 mins with my hand but the cheeky guy he just holds my hips and pushes his dick all the way into my ass.
I almost screamed but then i was listening to my client and saying yes/ no for answers and this guy was fucking me from behind. The call lasted just under 5 mins and i was focusing more on not making any funny sounds while on the phone and having my ass fucked at the same time.
Well i finished my call and while on the call and being fucked at the same time was a first for me and made me even more horny. I made him lie in the bed and got on top of him cow girl style. I rode him so hard he came in 2 mins.

Well we both lay on the bed for a cpl of mins. I got up got some tissue roll and cleaned my hole. HE got up and got dressed after washing his dick in the toilet.
I adjusted my saree and he helped me in adjusting it correctly.

He left without saying anything and i lit a smoke to calm down. A half hour later he called on the room phone and asked what i wanted for dinner.
Ram got me dinner, and dessert ( at midnight )
It was 2 times with Ram for my duration of stay at the hotel and once with Dev ( the shop keeper who sold me the lingerie)

But thats another episode folks…….

Hope you like my (s)experience.

Below is an image of what I was wearing when Ram walked into my room.

Another business trip

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