KJ a special show

PPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT hey Ms.KJ, come peek in my window. I know you been looking at me over your apartment window. I can’t see you, but I feel your presence there. Your stair is deep I can feel it even if over and pass the courtyard of the building complex. I say to myself peeking over the red velvet curtain over my window panel. Damn, I know she’s there! No, I have not gone totally mental I been staying in this apartment long enough to know everyone around me. About 2months ago this tall slender blond blue eye big tits mature woman. She moved into the apartment directly in front of mines across from overhead of the pool. Our glass windows both match each other. A few nights after she moved in, I, during me dancing naked around in my room (my favorite form of cardio). I’m 5’2, brown eye and long black hair on the top shaved off on the sides, white, with some perfect portion tattoo all over my body. I surprise a lot of people cause on a normal day I don’t look like I have any type of ink in any way. Into I take off my clothes off and BOOM ink everywhere. Looks can be deceiving very. As I was dancing about NAKED during the most perfect busting my ass twist I stop midway and notice this blonde lady looking straight at me. She was just standing there, over her window watching me deeply. If I wasn’t naked already I would l feel like she was stripping me naked with her eyes? A very deep intense penetration looks like a hawk staring down its prey before landing for the kill (sorry I can get very very detail with things). I just stood there and waved (what I’m in my apartment I’m not going to run to get dress why should I?) She just stood there looking at me and suddenly waved her curtains over closing her view. The thing is that I could still see her silhouette standing there she didn’t move she was still watching me. Well, bitch! I can do the same I run over by my curtain and pull it over blocking her from looking HA!! You could have waved back we could have had a window to window dance off or something. The hell I wouldn’t mind seeing her naked not one bit. A few days later as I was in the center mailroom picking up some mail I had waiting. I see her walk in she was dress in a long over black skirt down to her ankle some very high heel leather boots that tap with the perfect rhythm off the tile floor, all with a sleeved blouse showing off her good sculptor arms and nice tits. OH, MY MOTHER FUCKING GOD HER FUCKING TITS. Suddenly I felt a tingling feeling in between my legs just watching her walk right past me and over to the mail drop slot and slide some paper in there. She walks again pass me slightly looks at me even though she doesn’t try to notice me, she does. We are like a magnet we immediately notice one another. I notice that on her arm she has in red and black ink a medium tattoo of the letter KJ with a heart and flower. I smile at her trying to see if I could make conversation with her, but she winked at me and just walked right past me.
RUDE, watches me dance naked and doesn’t even say hello, ppffftt” hope she trips on them boots. The hell I follow behind a few feet watching her. She has one hell of a walk, an assertive type of walk. Later, that night I was once again in my room and I try to make a few contacts to a few of my girlfriends and blah blah blah some are with their distance family the other has a business meeting in the morning and my last option is an emotional roller-coaster with DRAMA I am not going there. SO that leaves me with PORN. Bring on the porn baby. Just as I was about to turn on my porn I went over to the dresser that just so happens to be next to my window and wouldn’t you know it who’s there looking at my window. BUSTED!!!!! KJ I see you. She makes no attempt to hide at first. I am standing by the window in a green robe reaching over for some of my “toys” and I see her looking. Hey if she wants to see something I will give her something to see. I slide my glass open and disrobe showing her my full nude body once again. I smile and wave at her. She occasionally turns off her backlight but doesn’t move she still there watching me. I reach over my remote control and raise the volume up of my two hardcore lesbian 1 on 1 porn. Where all you hear are women moaning and screaming. I begin to touch myself rubbing my pussy with each of the screams of the actresses(let’s give the ladies a hand, shall we). I keep rubbing myself running my fingers in and out of my pussy the whole time looking at her. With one hand I pinch my nipple and lower my chin down to lick my nipples with my tongue flickering over it. My other one at least 3 fingers are rolling in and out of me. I am going to confess I got turned on with the idea of her watching me. With each of the scream of the porn going off on my tv I kept fingering my pussy. The biggest finger fucking orgasm I have ever had on myself, I’m dripping wet. Suddenly, I heard a loud knock on my door “KEEP THAT DOWN PLEASE WE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP”
FUCKING neighbors I muted my tv quickly and make my way back inside to immediately jump in the shower. I must admit I never came that hard from playing with myself. I will admit it was exhilarating to know she was watching me. That feeling, that sensation provoke ideas.
I waited for a Friday night just like she’s been watching me I been discreetly noticing her too. I have spied and track down her routes, her check and time schuelud she is very routine for the most part. Usually, on Friday she usually comes home late by an hour or so. I don’t know if it’s because she takes a different route, or she stops and gets lunch with someone who knows but is almost like with no doubt she will be coming in late. So, I take my liberty to make my way into her apartment. (At this time, I will exercise my 5th right) I just got in there. You don’t need to know the details but once you have work security from the inside, you know all the weak points from the outside. She violates me by watching me. I violate her personal space. I like to know who is watching me. So, let’s fast forward I’m inside her apartment. WOW, the smell of perfume is amazing I can’t pinpoint her perfume but it is amazing also her whole apartment is an offset of black, silver, and white with an old art deco feel. Everything seems to be in its proper place yet the whole thing feels a little off. I can’t explain it, it almost feels too perfect. To be honest, I don’t care about any of this, to the bedroom, shall we? I make my way to the bedroom OOOOOOOOO nice, a big very big beautiful bed all black and red cover the sheets are all black with red lining her pillow red but it’s like a heavy dark passionate red. Looks a bit gothic. She has a few mirrors to each of the sides of her bedroom. OH, WOW she has four on each side of the wall. She must really like watching. After seeing that I pretty much have all the answers I needed so I make my way back out and exit her apartment. I help myself to some food on my way out. (Food bandit, I always take something and often time, its food, no one ever notices food missing is genius! I once again pledge my 5th). After my little adventure, I noticed her as she was walking into her building complex. I know she noticed me too even though once again she tries to pretend like she didn’t. For the rest of the night, I closed my window, but I was very aware of her every now and then looking over my window. She does have a penetrating type of stair-like I can almost feel it. I prep everything for Saturday. If she wants a show I am going to give her a show. Aside from watching I also love being watching. I do my best work when I have an audience (and even better when I’m behind the cameras).
Saturday night let’s say about 9 pm or so. I am waiting on my 1st date to come over she already called and let me know that she is downstairs and, on her way, up. I open my curtains full on giving her a wade full view. Now she was sitting by a table reading a book while she was topless the moment she saw me open my curtain she closed her but still looking. I caught her peeking over the side of the curtains. I can see those green-blue eyes sticking thru the see-thru cutins that she tries to hide behind off but fails miserably. I look directly at her and wave, as I open my glass window giving her a full-on view and even sound to my place. Enjoy the show MsKJ. I say as my doorbell rings.
Date one:
Enters one of my favorite lesbian dates Jenni, I met her a while back about 2 years ago. (There is a separate upcoming story on how I met her so be ready for it). Jenni is tall slender with a very nice tight body she uses to be a professional swimmer but since retired. She has long reddish brown hair, hazel eyes, and that beauty mark right above her left lips not too thick but it’s noticeable. Shes dressed in all black skirt and tight top with a white bow tied about her hips giving her the perfect shape silhouette. I am in my lucky green robe of course. She comes in and well she already knows what she is here for, so she starts taking off her jacket and her top places it on the couch. As I pull her skirt down, she disrobes me as we stand in the center of my room naked our bodies rubbing up on each other. Her perfect milky creamy body mixes perfectly with mines. We are kissing passionately, and I am caressing her massaging her tits and she is squeezing mines. Both our hands start going down she opens her pussy for me as her fingers start playing with mines. I am already wet as she touches me. We lean over the dark green leather couch that I have perfectly displayed in the view. There she lays down and I sit up on her and I start riding her face. That gorgeous beautiful face all up on my pussy being suffocating from the lips of my pussy opening and closing. My face is also buried deep inside her pussy. I unleash my wicked tongue inside her rolling it in a way that produces a tornado inside her as she soon begins to drip with wetness. Exploding inside my mouth as she rides my tongue moving her hips as I grind my hips on her face rolling over my hot burning wet pussy on her and shes sucking all my juices. We are so press up together you can’t tell where she begins and where is it that I end. Our mouth and pussy filled with juices exploding. My couch shaking back and forth violently from both of us riding each other faces. This back and forth between Jenni and I went on for a long long time we were both dripping in sweat, juices, and cum. Multiple times did I explode all over her. Some she took and swallowed like a good girl other times she nearly suffocated by the rushing of my juices come out of her. I get up and look over at the window smiling, as I lick my lips and fingers, Jenni while looking over towards KJ. I go towards the bathroom leaving the door open and clearing out the view, so it is easy to be seen from the window. I prepare to up the hot steaming shower. I make my way to Jenni who is overfilled with cum she too licking herself with the most satisfied look on her face. I reach over to her and pull her up as she falls in my arm and we make our way to the shower. Where we are kissing and play with each other for a few more moments shes softly caressing my wet nude steaming body as I caress her, and we give a long kiss. We dry each other passionate kissing each other every inch of our bodies. She kisses me down and I kiss her up we take turns as we turn around in each other’s arms. As we kiss one last long passionate kiss as she picks up her stuff,
Vanessa” Jenni speaks with that southern Bella accent of her “why do I let you use me the way you?’
I look at her and smile “because you like it and you always have fun” I say tease fully as I pop kiss her as she walks out my door. As soon as Jenni leaves out my door I make my way to my kitchen and drink up some raspberry tea and take a few cherries and dip them a little in dark chocolate. I walk past my fluid filled soak couch to noticed that Jenni forgot her jacket. I’ll make sure she gets it back if she doesn’t return for it sometime tomorrow. I make my way over to the window as I stand still semi-wet but completely nude. I eat the cherries in a very erotic kind of the way the whole time looking towards the window.
Date 2:
“Hey girlfriend, I’m here, I want the 9 inch and don’t go all romantic on me I don’t have the time or emotional standability for that,” he jokes around. Mark walks right in my flaming gay. He’s a young 25ish something tall slender looks like a male model and yes clearly you can tell he is very very very gay. Flambarunt gay I think is the term. He comes with the finger snapping and the extra zest. Let’s just say I get around. He walks right in drop his pants revealing his perfectly well firm ass of his. High up on the air he knows how I like it. I take the 9inch strapon to prefer special request. I lean over to him spank that ass, as he moans “FUCK” come on do it already, you been keeping me waiting for AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA as he was blah blah out his mouth I rub lube on the strap-on and jam it right inside him. I push up on top of him lowering his face down to the floor as I ride him like a jockey on a horse. My dick (ya knew it was coming) drilling up inside him grinding him fast. Making his whole body shake and tremble. His screaming and yelling all kinds of words and profanity. I keep pushing myself into him each time I stroke him, I spank that ass turning it all kinds of red. I pin his hands behind his neck and I shovel my dick in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out (you get the idea). Each time I make the thrusting harder and let it grind just a little in the “push inside” motion. Mark has a special soft spot for me. I was the 1st female to top him when he was in his discovering phrase. At the time he wanted to experience a dick without really doing anything with a guy. I welcomely offered to give it to him. The thing is that he loves the way I dominate him and make him into my bitch! He got used to me calling him whenever I want to do whatever it is that I want to do with him (on a need to know bases). Sadly, he always tells me he can’t sit down for a few days afterward. He always swears it will be the last time yet when I call him, he comes running. Like they say you can never really forget your first especially if they were good. (blow my nails and rub them on my jacket, or tits I rub them somewhere) Which from what he tells me I am and still I’m one of the best fucks he has had. As I pinned him to the floor I pull out and force his as back into me which he already knows what I like and as soon as I pull out he quickly backs that ass up into me both or bodies slamming into one another. I’m stroking into him as he is backing up into me. After a few more body slams and hard deep thrusting, he can’t hold it and his cum exploding all over his pants. FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK, why why-why you always mess my clothing up! He questions, as I slide out of him. Jerking the strap on smiling as I see him tripping and falling over himself. He becomes such a girl after he cums its kinda of comical. “Tsk tsk tsk I guess you must go home and change,” I said joking
“I guess I am, fuck your good’ that was a good load but this it! NO, more Van,” here he goes saying is the last time I repeat after him mocking him. Hey Mark? I call out to him “WHAT? He said turning around looking at me doing that head flip sideways that only gay males can do so perfectly, “my kiss Hun?” I ask as I lean over the edge of the door. He comes back and pop kisses me and storms off back home to meet up the boys later tonight something about some dance competition. He always has something going on. We have an odd type of friendship, but it works, and we do enjoy every minute of it.
Date 3
I hop in the shower for a few as I rub myself down, occasionally glancing over the window. I honestly don’t know if she’s there or not, but I just have a feeling she is watching everything I do. I hope she is enjoying the show, I’m sure she is. I hope out the shower putting on another robe as I make my way to the kitchen and prepared some more snacks this time some cantaloupe and watermelon (what I may have a fruit fetish too, I think lol) As I am off to the kitchen I stand over by the side of the couch and start eating my cantaloupes slices while taking a few sips of my tea.
Suddenly Vee you here?” that’s Nuc a friend of mines I connected at an art show gallery where one of my exes was showing an exhibition. I took a special interest in nude modeling (can’t you tell, strike a pose!) I was more of the painter it was short live. Let’s just say I can’t keep the paint on the canvas.
Hey Nuc, come in leave the door open. Nuc is slightly tall, taller than me (by this time you all know me at 5’2 you will know everyone is almost taller than me) He has a beer and some facial hair connecting to his side and he has long wavy blondish type of hair. He as a hippie kind of look to him. He is an “artist’ ya know how eccentric “artists” can be yeah, totally the opposite of Nuc. His more average and dull than the next guy. Except for one minor tiny little detail. For now, we will skip this, don’t worry it will pop up later. The thing about Nuc is that he is the kind of guy that is up for anything. When I say anything, I do mean anything. I have known him for about roughly 2 years give or take and he has yet to say no to me. Believe me, I have come up with some far out their request, even for my own standards. Nuc is the “let it go with the flow “kind of guy. He walks up taking off his jacket, his dress in a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans rip off on the legs. He’s not solid like my bodybuilder type, but he doesn’t look bad.
Take this Nuc to eat and drink you will need your energy.” I say to hand him a glass of tea and a few cut fruits “OOO that serious? oh my” he takes it and starts eating and drinking. “so, is she watching?” Nuc asks as I lean over the counter looking over the window. Possibly, if she is, I hope she’s enjoying the show. I filled in Nuc on exactly what it is that I am doing his kind of my partner in crime.
However, I have something special for you, I say to him while eating some pineapples slice,
OOOOO you do, do you?” he said jokingly around. Nuc has gotten to the habit that whenever I prep something he doesn’t even ask who, what, when, where or how nothing he just pops up and goes with whatever I have a plan. Not going to lie he has bailed me out of a few “interesting dilemmas’ my friend say I pimp him out sometimes. That may be a possibility, he makes it easy for me to do so. I have been planning something special for him just didn’t have the time. Nor the right willing participants. Nuc is a special kind of guy with a special type of taste, not that he is picky, but he does have a preference. Nuc is sitting on the stool on the table enjoying his fruits. As I am drinking my tea walking my way into my bedroom bringing out a big green suitcase luggage type. I pull the case out and open it revealing a variety of dildos and strapon of all kinds types and sizes. I pull out a 9-inch thick one nice and smooth and realistic. Nuc looks up at me “oh???” well hello?” I look at Nuc and wink.
“Vanessa??” soft accent type of voice calls out from the doorway.
“Hey Samantha, please, come in. Samantha is a tall, very voluptuous beautiful long long blond hair green hazel eyes nice tits and big ass white female. She’s a special kind of female. I believe her and Nuc will get along perfectly. She walks in taking off her overcoat revealing the perfect body. As she leans over to kiss me. As I caress her down her back.
“I see you’re ready,” she said jokingly stroking my strap I pulled out and I’m holding it in my hand
Nuc sitting, just enjoying the moment chewing in the longest piece of cantaloupe he ever had.
Nuc this is Samantha I introduce both. She goes over to Nuc, wow he is very cute she said teasing his ears and rubbing his chest. She teases Nuc as she flips her long blond hair around and whipping him over the side. She winks at him and walks over to me. Her high heels tapping in perfect beat on the floor like that of a bass percussion line. She walks over to me and puts her arms over me caressing my back and midsize gently pressing her hands right where she wants, feeling me up.
“Vee are you sure, about this? she said leaning her head on my left shoulder and looking over at Nuc while caressing my neck, with her other hand shes still caressing my lower back.
“Yes, I am, Nuc has a special something-something,” I say sipping the tea and looking over to Nuc who is nervously eating the fruit, but his attention is on us. Even though a little eccentric he is still a typical male, female on female draws their attention like a bee to honey.
Nuc, show her” I tell him by nodding my head. Nuc knows exactly what I am talking about.
“his like oooh ok, lady request” He pops up from the chair and steps off towards us, as he begins to undo his pants. I lean next to Samantha kissing her neck and rubbing her back while I look at her. I’m waiting to see her face. I love when Nuc does this, it’s an attention grabber for sure. He pulls his zipper down and reveals his dick. Not just any dick, no no no Nuc has a split dick is. He has about a 7inch dick hard and right off the center from the tip of his head to about midway he has a slit going down the long way causing his dick to look like is split up with extra skin under the bottom (there will be some pictures added to this story once I figure out how to do it)
Samantha looks thrilled and her eyes light up. She immediately reaches for Nuc’s dick that slightly become hard at her touch. “OH MY GOD this is pretty cool, “she jerks it off a little,
Kind of feels like is an extra side to it” she said, Nuc is just standing there with a half goofy smile on his face like saying “FUCK YEAH!! V YOUR ARE BADASS” I can almost read his mind. He could just be waiting for Samantha and me to get it on getting it on with crazy little lesbians’ fantasies running thru his mind.
“well, glad you like,” Nuc said in a joking manner still keeping it exposed.
I rub Samantha back kissing her softly. Caressing her, as we both look at each other giggling.
“Nucci your not the only one with a secret, I told you if I could ever hook you up, I got you, “
OH??” he looks confused, I kiss Samantha one more time as she turns around and from under her side I unzip her dress and letting it fall down, as soon as her dresses fall a nice long 9inches thick dick pops out and straight up. Nuc immediate turns all different colors and has a shocked look on his face.
OH WOW” WELL THIS IS A SURPRISE!!! “he said licking his lips immediately as his dick straighten out even more as he immediately gets hard. One of his kinks is he LOVES TS women. For 2 years I have known him he goes on and on and on and on about TS women. Is like his ultimate fantasy. (I warned ya he was “eccentric” what more do you want?)
Samantha leans over to me and starts kissing me she knows exactly how and where to kiss me. Samantha is a TS model I just happen to meet totally by accident. We got hot and heavy and well that’s a whole other story (Stay tuned!). She’s a switch so she can go top or bottom so it all workouts. She starts to kiss me caressing me softly playing with my nipples dragging her tongue down my stomach as I sit back on the couch. Caressing her hair while sipping on my tea. She’s running her tongue down my pussy spread my lips open. She reaches behind her and pulls Nuc behind her while spreading her ass giving him access to her nice beautiful ass. Nuc’s face just bright up and he comes close to her and rubs his split dick up and down her ass and slides it in stroking it in while. Shes stroking and licking my pussy her tongue spreads inside my pussy. She sucks on my clit rolling her tongue inside me. As Nuc starts to fuck her stroking her in and out of her as, his dick shooting cum all over his split oozing with his flowing cum. It doesn’t take him much, but he can go on for a long time even after he cums he can pick it right up. Samantha’s tits are all bouncing all over the place rubbing off on my legs as her face is deeply buried inside my pussy. As he strokes her and thrust inside her she strokes her tongue inside my pussy. Soon Nuc is pounding her as shes fingering me and her tongue running wild inside me. Nuc is reaching over her hips and stroking her for dear life. After an hour or so Samantha has amazing breath, she pulls up, I drop to my knees and sit up on the floor Nuc laid down and I laid crisscrossing over him where my pussy is up above his and Nuc is under Samantha’s knee as he takes her whole 9inch dick inside his mouth. She slowly strokes Nuc mouth with it giving it a few strokes like fucking his mouth. Nuc takes it all like the expert dick sucker he is. Samantha leans over and returns a favor for Nuc as she sucks his dick with her left hand she fingers me and rubs my pussy. She faces fucking Nuc, while finger fucking me and giving Nuc a blow job. Nuc half split dick cumming and exploding all over her mouth as she too explodes in his mouth as Nuc swallow it all taking a mouthful. She fucks Nuc’s mouth really good making him gag at times unable to keep up with her stroking. She sucks Nuc dick for few minutes taking a large mouth full and finger fucking me only to a few minute switch sucking my pussy taking a mouthful of my wetness inside ur mouth while jerking Nuc’s dick flickering her long nails in between Nuc’s split tease it as she rubs her tip of fingernail right in it as tinkling it. She sucks my pussy and licks it while switching back to Nuc’s dick and sucking his dick few strokes and swapping back to my pussy licking and sucking my pussy to swap out to his dick and she kept this oral fuck fest back and forth. She has both his dick and my pussy right above each other for the taking. After a full on oral fest and Nuc getting filled with her sweet thick cum in his mouth. I flip up and off to the side, standing up and reaching over to get my strap on. She keeps sucking his dick head throbbing on his. I sit a few minutes with the strap on stroking it in n out my pussy as I am watching these two orally 69 each other. I must admit watching this life in front of me is SO FUCKING THRILLING I am turned on just from that alone!!! I sit there a few stroking myself playing with the strap on letting it inside my pussy and placing it to where the long part sticks straight out about 9 in half (I let no one out to me I have that inch on both Bahahaha). So, she stands up pulling up and Nuc keels up as she helps him into the low doggy style position gets behind him kneels towards him spreading his ass just like he did her and she slides her dick inside his ass. Nuc lets out a few groans and moans “FUCK YES>>> YUM” he said exhaling and inhaling as he takes her dick inside him. Her hair flipping down on him her perfect tits rubbing up on his back as she draws closer straddling him arching her ass. I take her from the back and slide my strap-on inside her dick as she pushes deep inside her and I slide it inside her spreading her ass all over again. I slide my (come on say it with me) MY DICK inside her sliding it in and out of her letting the dick drill in as I repeat the motion she soon repeats the motion to NUc. Within a few minutes, Samantha and I both in sync our stroking and thrusting as Nuc takes both her and my thrusting feeling like two dicks in one. NUC is screaming his head off and hitting the floor screaming and overcome with ecstasy. Samantha is just feeding off me and taking every one of my thrustings in her and lashing it out to Nuc releasing it all on him. I smack her ass a few times, Samantha reaches under and strokes Nuc split dick and jerks it violently as Nuc explodes all over the floor. (DAMNT NUC YOUR CLEANING THAT!!!) Samantha after feeling Nuc explosion she too soon cum deep inside Nuc’s ass filling him with cum shooting back as I go wild penetrating her. Even if she wanted to stop she wouldn’t be able to into I stop my motion over her. Her ass nice and bright red. We kept this for a good hour coming multiple time my wetness dripping all over my legs. Suddenly just as we are enjoying the motion and rocking of every inch of our thrusting.
“Hey, Vee, did I forget it……. WHAT THE????” Suddenly Jenni walks into my apartment and is looked shocked as she sees all three of us. Nuc on the floor is a good bottom, Samantha fucking Nuc and me fucking Samantha. All threes of us covered in sweat and other fluids look at Jenni in an awkward moment of silence comes over like a sudden pause. Like when you’re watching your favorite porn and pause right in the best scenes of the porn. Pretty much.
Jenni, hi” I say brushing my sweat off, you have 3 choices one storm off and leave, 2 stays and watch and 1 join us? I said not sure which one of the 3 Jenni would do (take a wild guess?) Nuc jokingly in a horse kind of voice, all that screaming he has lost his voice
YES, YES JOIN US” Nuc barely said
Samatha “mmmmmmm sexy” you have amazing taste Van’ she said flipping her hair brushing it over Nuc’s back and partial face (hair play).
Jenni stands there for a few seconds, drops her things starts to strip naked and comes over and joins right in with us. We just made this 3 ways, an into a four-way…. WOOT WOOT.
Soon we pair up first Nuc and Samantha go at it taking turns while I and Jenni start fucking each other again all over again she looks at Nuc and Samantha and gets turned on fucking me harder as I let her take control of me and release some of her aggressive tension. We soon flip, and I take her as Nuc comes over shovels his dick in Jenni’s mouth as Samantha fucks Nuc open ass, his ass is open like a 7/11. I move out the way letting Nuc and Jenni go oral 69 on each other. I assume my position behind Samantha who willingly lets me take her ass all over again. Nuc is being the bottom of the year, taking both of us at any given time.
Later it was Nuc and me. I fucked his ass 10 times worse. I even went up to 10 inches just for him. Had him on all four as we both looking at Samantha and Jenni kissing and making out. Samantha kissing and making out with Jenni while slowly fucking her. She slides her dick inside Jenni’s pussy not soon after she cum inside Jenni’s pussy filling it up with cum all over her. Samantha was already overfilled from fucking Nuc and getting her dick suck multiple times. I am pounding Nuc’s ass while enjoy Jenni getting fucked by Samantha. Nuc is just there having the time of his life stroking his dick, drooling as cum still dripping to out his mouth. We are both turns on watching Samantha fucking Jenni and soon after Jenni rides Samantha dick. Samantha reaches over and sucks’ Nuc’s Dick while I am still fucking him even more. Jenni and I make deep eye contact. We arrange over again. Samantha goes back to Nuc and I take over Jenni fucking her without skipping a beat and just keep pounding none stop. I’m fucking Jenni’s ass while Nuc is licking her pussy and Samantha is fucking Nuc. Samantha reaches over to me as she and I kiss each other making out with one another pinning down each of our partners down pressing them into each other.
We all keep this swapping out back and forth. Nuc is a bottom for the most part and sucking all the dick he can suck (A LOT) and I am primarily being a top for the most part. This went for hours and hour every here and there we paired up while the other two seats down and watching drinking some tea and juice and eating (fuckers ate all my food). Once we recover we got back in there eventually we all fucked each other into tiredness relaxing for a few watching tvs into late hours of the night. Eventually, Jenni leaves as she had an appt midafternoon.
Vee, you have to let me know next time beforehand. I would have stayed the whole time, this was extremely fun” she kisses me, Samantha and Nuc on her way out. Shortly after that Nuc and Samantha both left. They wanted some private time among themselves. Nuc could barely stand less walk (that is a one soar ass) soon I was left alone. So, I went and jumped in the shower nice and hot relaxing my body and trying to recover from the overexertion I just put out. I think I will be taking some days off. Just as I was about to walk into my room
KNOCK KNOCK on my door
What the…….” Odd, the bet is Jenni she had a change of heart and is coming back, she is a little freaky
I make my way to the door just as I was about to open the door. The door swings open
KJ!!!!” ahhhhhhhh oooooooooooooooooooooooo I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT HER! I GLANCE over to my window fully open completely.
She storms in slamming the door. She is dressed in an all-black tight dress with high heels. She slams the door locking not saying a single word. Just looking at me. I am standing there a little shocked not sure what to do.
“Vanessa, you put on a very very very good show,” she said undoing her dress letting it fall to the floor. Her amazing nude body exposing in front of me looking like an amazon goddess before me felt like dropping to my knees and worshipping her.
She takes a few steps forward closer to me as she speaks:”” I WANT AN ENCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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