“We’d better organise something for Ted’s 75th next week, Jan.” said Mike. “After all, he’s your last remaining relative, so we should make it a bit special really.”
“Well strictly speaking, he’s not. He is my step dad’s brother.” Jan replied.
“Yeah, I know that,but you’ve called him uncle for the last thirty years, so….”
“I know, I know” Jan replied. “We should do something special, I suppose. Don’t know what, though.”
They both thought for a while, then Jan said “I know what the dirty old bugger would really like, if he was given the choice!”
“Oh, yeh….you!” Mike said. He grinned at her. “He’s always had the hots for you, hasn’t he”
“Yes, the dirty old bugger, ever since my tits first grew, I’ve had to avoid been on my own with him! Wandering eyes and wandering hands.”
“What, he’s been that bad?” Mike asked.
“Yes,I’ve told you before…ogling me, making remarks, “accidently” touching my boobs and slapping my bum as soon as we were on our own…ever since I was 13!”
“Well, you were quite well endowed by then, weren’t you?….I’ve seen the pictures!”
“It’s not funny, Mike. Well, it wasn’t then, I can assure you! And he still undresses me with his eyes every time we go to see him. That’s why I never go to see him on my own. The last time we were there, he followed me into the kitchen and stroked my arse. I gave his hand a good slap, but didn’t say anything to you, to avoid trouble”
“The randy old bugger! 75 and still horny! Well, you’ll be safe enough with me there! Let’s give it some thought and see what we can come up with. Not just taking him down the pub, I mean. Something a bit different.”
When he arrived home from work, Mike told Jan that he’d had an idea for Ted’s birthday. He had a big smirk on his face when he said it, so she said
“C’mon then, what is it? I know that look!”
“Well, there’ll be just me, you and him, and I’ll get there early, then you suddenly appear as …..as…his birthday strippergram!” Mike said, grinning.
“What? No bloody way!” Jan shouted.
“No, listen, calm down and listen. I’ll be there all the time. He’ll love it. He’s always wanted to see you with your kit off. This is the perfect opportunity, A complete one-off. What do you say, love? C’mon, be a sport! I’ll take my camera to capture the look on his face!” Mike pleaded.
“You’ll give him a birthday he’s always dreamed of!
She looked at him. “ You are a perv, do you know that? You want to take pictures of me stripping off for my uncle! I’m 46, not a twenty year old!”
Mike just stood there grinning.” You’re a right pair of dirty buggers together! What, do you mean like strip off completely for him? He might jump on me!” Jan said.
“Nah, he’d probably put his back out if he tried!” Mike laughed. “I think you’d be safe enough!”
”OK, you’re on.” Jan said at breakfast the next day “But I’m going to be in full control of what goes on…and you make damn sure you control him if he gets too excited!”
“Of course!” Mike said. “Can I pick your outfit?”
“Bugger off!” she shouted, as Mike walked into the kitchen.
He stuck his head round the door, and said, grinning “ If he does get too excited, you’ll have to grab his gear stick to control him!”
“Oh, yes, you’d love that wouldn’t you, watching me with my uncle’s cock in my hand! PERV!!
The following Tuesday, they arrived at Ted’s house, and Mike went in first as arranged.
Ted was sat watching the TV. “Where’s Jan?” he asked.
“She needed to go to the toilet. She’ll be down in a minute.” Mike replied.
Jan’s stomach was churning as she got changed in the bathroom into her outfit of black bra, thong, stockings and suspenders with a white semi transparent blouse and a short pleated kilt. She looked in the mirror and said “C’mon, Jan, it’s just a one-off. A quick strip to give the old bugger his birthday treat, then back up here to get changed.”
She went downstairs and stood outside the front room door, took a deep breath and began to sing “Happy Birthday” and walked in. Ted’s eyes nearly popped out when he saw her. Mike took a picture, then, as Jan finished singing, he started the music to “The Stripper” on his iphone, as they’d arranged. Jan began to dance. She shook her hips and stuck out her tits, and began unbuttoning her blouse. She was so nervous that she fumbled at the buttons. She couldn’t look at Ted, and was aware that Mike was pointing his iphone at her and Ted, videoing. The blouse came off, then the skirt, in a nervous rush. She reached behind to unhook her bra and stole a quick look at her uncle. He was mesmerised, completely absorbed in watching her, his niece, getting naked before him. His look wasn’t lustful, more like a c***d getting an unexpected present. Gone was the leering, lecherous old man she’d been wary of for years. He was transfixed, as gentle as a lamb.
Mike spoke, his words cutting through the sexually charged atmosphere. “Now then Ted, are you ready for this? How many times I times have I caught you slyly looking at Jan’s boobs, mentally undressing her. Your own niece, you dirty old bugger. You never, ever expected to see them, though, did you​?” He looked at Jan and winked.
“No.” he answered, without looking directly at Mike, obviously ashamed at being found out.
“Well, you don’t really deserve this. It’s a very special birthday treat.” He looked again at Jan, grinned, and said “Whenever you’re ready Jan! Take your bra off for him.”
She realised then that she was in complete control. She was no longer the long-suffering target for his lustful looks and furtive fumblings when no one was around. The tables were turned. It was her turn now. With Mike’s words emboldening her, her nervousness disappeared, and she slowly took the bra away and shook her big tits at him. He gasped, and she said “This is what you want, isn’t it? This is what you’ve waited years to see, isn’t it?” He gawped at her naked breasts, then looked at her and nodded, dumbly. “Cat got your tongue, Uncle Ted?” she said, teasingly. She leaned in to him and whispered “I bet you’d like to do this, wouldn’t you?” as she squeezed her breasts, her nipples now fully erect. She looked at Mike, amused by the expression on his face, then leaned forward, and brushed her nipples against Ted’s nose to taunt him, then took hold of her left breast and, using her right hand to pull his head forward, she offered the nipple to his mouth. He closed his warm lips around and sucked. She quickly pulled it out and stepped back. She slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her skimpy black knickers, and pulled them down just a little.”Do you want to see more?” She tauntingly pulled them down to the edge of her pubic area. “How about this for a birthday treat!” she whispered, then yanked them down to reveal her smooth shaven cunt. He was panting, quiet and slow, his breath catching. She was really enjoying herself now. Naked apart from suspender belt and stockings, she started running her hands slowly over her body. The music had stopped and the air was electric. She was aware of Mike watching her and Ted. She turned to him. He was almost as transfixed as Ted!
“Well, are you going to stand there gawping, or are you going to get us a birthday drink, Mike? And put something nice and slow and relaxing on your iphone.” She turned to her uncle “ And don’t you be having a heart attack on me, Uncle Ted. I’m just starting to enjoy myself! Get that shirt off, it’s hot in here!” she said.

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