Baby all cum soon Party!

It was a while since I spoke to you to catch up with my naughty real life diary for you.
So Fat slag Tracy is close on dropping her black brat!
Teeny Sue is showing her swelling belly(8 months on), proudly!
I am well on my way with a bit of waddling walking as my Negro son gets bigger in me!

Our lovers are still fucking us all eagerly, they are-
A group of blacks for Tracy, PS she does not know the father of her brat, as she fucked loads of BBC studs, one or more managed to finish himself off in her cunt!
Sue knows it is Afro Chief, King Masala, knocked her up,although her boyfriend black Jamile thinks it is his?
Mine is with my big powerful Jazz, loving his big 13″ poker! My hubby usless!

OK, Tracy is now married to Mark a fat worn out balding white business man, runs a cafe in town, she blew him off, faked a few orgasms riding his little pecker and he proposed to her!! She though once being fancied by an oversized butt loving Negro stud was hooked on black dicks and because they said they liked her ass, they meant literally that too, in her ass! Trace loves to orgasm on a fat long rod up her bum.

Sue 1st was introduced to black cock when she went with her teeny boyfriend Jamile, after being bored with her 1st white one; he just wanted to wank off his skinny white cock. Once Sue had got used to the deep poker Jamile gave her she was on the prowl for a more intense experience! Then one eve after ordering a taxi to take her home from our place, after babysitting my 1st black c***d, Junior, she was picked up by King Masala, running his own taxi business and loving small skinny teeny white girls! She did not have enough for her fare, so he made her an offer as they drove to her place? Yes she sucked his giant dick as they drove, her head forced onto him by his mighty black hand, Sue spluttering and gagging on his monster bell end, until he shot one of his famous huge loads of African jelly down her young throat, his strong seed happy to be swimming in the sluts belly!

For me, much more simple, Jazz one in a row of big fit studs who I need to do me often, as Mick my worn out little dicked hubby can’t make it! Jazz my latest 6 6 stud, gets to see me as often as we need it, that is very often.

I decided to have a ‘Baby coming soon party’ at ours, in-fact in our huge garden at the rear of our home. I told Mick to get the garden sorted with our gardener Tom and be ready for the next weekend. The invited went out to our close friends and we thought best to invite neighbours too, since we would be playing loud Afro reggae music, and dancing.

On the day, a really hot Saturday, 1st to arrive were Tracy and Mark. Tracy was looking summery and slutty too. She had a one piece dress on, thin Lycra, big flower print. The hem just below her big fat ass cheeks, her white cellulite covered bare legs rubbing together at the fat thighs, some crotch of her white nickers showing at the front. The rest of the dress, far too tight, one of those that comes in one size for a skinny bird, straps and a patch of flowery material stretched to the limit over her huge pair of melon sized tits, her pregnant nips poking through!. The middle of the dress was cut out, not sure if by her or by design? Anyway her 8 month Negro son occupied that space, poking out massively, further than his Mum’s milkers. Her white belly so stretched it shone in the Sun, as if polished. Mark not yet knowing what was to slide out of her dirty cunt. He stood proudly as if to say look at what a man I am!

A few neighbours arrived and chatted with me, saying congrats on my number 2 on its way. I was wearing what Jazz wanted me to. A white Lycra clinging short skirt, bare white legs, strappy white high wedgy sandals and a green sheer semi see through top, no sleeves and loose fitting. He liked it as my big titties, not held in a bra can swing about, the bottom of the tits just visible! My belly nice and swollen with Jazz’s love c***d on show. Most of the neighbourhood knew about my son Junior and could see Mick was not the father. Julie from next door asked was this Mick’s? I said no and pointed to Jazz stood chatting over the other side the garden.
‘Whooo, love you are a busy Lady, nice choice though, hehehe,’ she laughed and winked. ‘You must introduce me?’

I saw young Sue climb out of a taxi and the driver too as he parked up? Oh yes I got it now, silly me! It was King Masala with her, surprise…hahaha. But where was her boyfriend Jamile?
‘Hey Sue, where is your boyfriend today?’ I quizzed her.
‘Oh hello Mrs Smith, thank you for the invite. Erm he is on his way soon,’ she said blushing!
She was wearing a leopard print micro mini, and a leopard print bra, which fitted her young tight ski-slope tits perfectly well. Her midriff bare and heavily swollen!
Masala as usual wearing his tribal chief clothes, a kind of kilt affair, bare arms and today bones hanging from his pierced ears? Indeed a towering huge frame of a man. I would say about 6 7 and thick set. He dwarfed poor little Sue, even in her white strappy heeled shoes! He wore a pair of old dusty sandals, no socks, just huge size 14 feet!
Sue looked up at Masala and he blew her a knowing kiss, no messing his hand cupping her tight ass!

I saw Jazz make a quick call and within minutes a group of tall fit black lads arrived all shaking hands and reaching next for the beers. As the lads circulated a few got chatting with Tracy, as Mark was with Mick out of sight, I think in the house?
They bobbed about looking Tracy over and feeling her big belly, they joked about it with her. I should imagine that this was the group hitting on her, behind Mark’s back?
I heard one say,’ Woo oooh, Bro’s, who’s the Daddy? Hahaha?’
I chorus they all said, ‘Don’t look at me Bro’s…hahaha!’
Trace just laughed with them, swigging on a beer one brought over for her!

Julie came over and asked if she could be introduced formerly to my black guests. Of course I told her come on, follow me love. We wandered over the lawn, Julie helping me up a few steps before, my belly knocking me off balance a bit!

‘Hi guys, this is my friend Julie, can you say who you all are yourselves?’ I asked.

‘Hey yeah Maam,’ said the tallest Negro, pointing to each of the 8 lads. I left her there giggling with them. One young lad wasting no time with his big strong arm around her slim married waist! She was wearing a more appropriate suburban dress, light blue, knee length and matching blue heels, very expensive looking and a pearl necklace.
I heard one guys joke with her. ‘Did your hubby give you that pearl necklace love?’ Again they all laughed and she blushed. As one said,’ Yeah, he must cause it sure is white!’
The tall fit lad squeezing her squeezed a bit tighter now and his black fingers tweaked the underside of het tit. and she looked up to him in love!

Jazz found me and gave me a big kiss on my lips for all to see as more neighbours arrived! Mick came back out with Mark and spoke to me about doing the BBQ. ‘Yeah,’ I said start it now is cool, Jazz with his arm about me swigging a beer ignoring him.
‘OK, Love, will do,’ said Mick.
Jazz looked and smelt great. He was wearing some sexy tight red shorts and a Tank top red vest. His manhood down the right leg of the shorts, nicely bulging, for all to see the big outline. I spent many a lovely time riding that big black poker, proud to serve all 13″ of it. He stood behind me kissing my neck and feeling my bump with his big black hands, I reached my hand around to stroke the hot length. He moaned as I did and I knew what he needed now! I took his hand and pulled him into the house!

Mick takes over now really with the story, as I was busy with Jazz.
Mick said everyone was getting on and things were getting hot as the drink flowed and sun hotted up!
Jamile had arrived, Sue’s young boyfriend, he had kissed her and held her hand. King Masala was still about. He sat in a big wooden chair, looking all the Afro Chief He was eating a big piece of meat off a skewer, his huge white teeth tearing it apart. Sitting with his powerful legs open, his unshackled manhood hanging almost to the ground! Huge ball sack, clad in tight golden rings. The Chief of the tribe is proud to display his wares to all, to prove his potency!
He waged a finger to young petite Sue a 5 foot 2 girly, she came dutifully over to him and he told her to serve him more food. She came to Mick and asked for more meat, no salad. Mick joked and said,’ yes he loves his meat like you love!’ She blushed.
She walked over to him and stood in front of him. Even as she stood there she was not as tall as him seated. Mick said he loved the site outdoors, her thin white legs, either side of that dangerous black snake hanging there waiting for its prize, swinging in the shadows!
‘Feed your King,’ he boomed. Then grabbed her waist with both hands, easily overlapping them, his thumbs rubbing under her swelling approvingly. She stroked the food off the plate and with her dainty fingers offered it to his b**st like mouth. His bell end seemed to rise from the dust, foreskin pulling away. The sun caught it, glinting and the slit watery, then dripping! Jamile caught up with his girl’s infidelity now and walked over to them.
‘Erm hunny you OK,’ he said to her, she paying no attention to him as Chief’s baby’ arm dick stroked her inner thighs.
‘Fuck off and leave us, you dig,’ said a fierce Masala.
Sue eyes glazed with cock lust agreed and nodded for him to do just that, like Jamile was the fly being whisked from a piece of shit!
The big man’s angry dick slapped young Sue’s panty crotch and she snapped her legs together to hold him there, her panties now soaked with her juices and Masala’s eager pre-cum! She just kept feeding the brute, little rivers of semen running down her thighs, tickling her as it dried in the Suns’ heat, causing her to wriggle about.

Meanwhile a group of black lads were with Tracy, one had explained to Julie all gobby, that Trace had been knocked up with one of them and not Mark! Oops!
I think Julie had got his idea and hinted that she and 2 lads should go to the Summerhouse, that was with the 2 with hands on her ass! Off they went?
5 or 6 lads had the attention of Tracy now, one lad cheekily lifted her tight dress and held her bare ass cheeks, the other one kissed her lips. This crowd wandered off behind a tall thick conifer tree. Mick had done his duty now, so could leave the BBQ area. He saw I had gone inside for a fuck, but wanted to view the sex in our garden.
1st he spied on Tracy, easy to do as the area was open. She was in the middle of a group of tall blacks, some kissing her, some with her tits out sucking the nipples hard. One lad at the back shoved her forward, pulled her white pants over to one-side and wham! His weapon engaged her willing ass hole! Trace loved anal sex. Her big belly weighted her down, so she had to kneel on the grass; this suited the others as they could suck her titties now. She was now a milking Mummy, as they gorged her thick milk shake. Lad No1 still up her climbed on-board and rode her like a cowboy, his thick shaft sinking and rising in and out the well fucked ass hole. One lad had her by the ears as he fucked her throat.
‘ARRRRGGGHHH>>>SHEEEEET,’ the lad shot a wad of Africa into her deep shit hole. In less time than it took for her to shut the buggered hole lad No 2 was in her, Lad No 1 stood sweating and dripping from his dick, his pants about his ankles still.
‘BAAAAAHHH….FOOOOOK,’ sperm cannoned into her from Lad No 2.
Lad No 3, no invite needed took his place in the warm inviting hole. The entry made her ass fart, spunk bubbled up, then she sucked it back, poker No 3 mixed the gue, ready for 3 Bro,s sperm to party together in her guts.
‘OH, OH, OH NOOOOOOW’, this lad left it deep as if to spray his filth on new ground?
Lad No 4 did not fancy the shit hole, rammed her pussy with his nice wide dick, Trace cum with a loud moan as he did, blowing a load against her tightly shut uterus.
The rest of the lads in the group were stood with various shapes and sized pokers in hand ready to fuck her! Her fat ass still high in the air and her pregnant belly spilled out on the grass, her titties laying either side of her, occasionally spurting milk from her fat brown nipples as she orgasmed!

Mick noticed Sue and Masala had vanished? Oh No! He asked Jamile who stood pissed off, where she had gone to,?
‘There in your outside loo, Mr Smith,’ he moaned out!
‘Oh not to worry I am sure she will be fine, she must need to chat about things’ Mick lied to him!

Sure enough there they were. Or He could see Masala from behind, Sue sort of covered by his bulk, but he could hear her talking quietly to him and giggling. Mick hid in a quiet place and once his eyes got used to the dark, he could see Sue was blowing Masala’s enormous bell end. At 1st his hands on his hips, but then as she struggled to fit that fat knob into her teeny mouth, he got impatient and his hand was on the back of her head! Mick could hear her moans, but not see it!
He thought wait there is a broken small pane of glass in the side of the room. So he crept up and peered through it. Wow Sue was being force fed the cooking apple sized bell end. One huge Black Hand with gold rings on his fingers was easily cupping her brunette head. That poker went on forever, let’s say 15″. It was so hard and powerful, shit you could dig roads with it!
Sue’s dainty nose was squashed flat as the front of her face stretched and her jaw widened. Then pop, in went the bell end! Sue seemed to relax, even though going back would be just as hard now. Masala was all sweaty with the effort. He looked down on her releasing his hands from her head. He twitched his fat shaft and asked her if she loved it?
Of course he was operating her head up and down with his cock spasms.
‘Hey love, you’s done ma dick many taaames. Finks you can swallow him, big soldier in dat pretty white froat? Wats you fink,? he asked her.
Then her head again bobbed up and down as he flexed that fucker tool, her eyes a little in fear of the thought of what the big man was about to do to her.
‘Haha, I fort you wud say yeah man,’ he laughed out.
Again 2 fat fingers on the back of her head and he pushed his big powerful bull ass forward. For sure the bell end hit her throat, as she gipped, her eyes watery! He pushed more, pushing his fat fingers strong enough to counter the force. The fat black knob sliding into the teeny throat now. Mick was excited he said to see her take it, not easily, but no complaints either. The bell end bulging in her throat, Mick could see where the big man had got to. He was not yet happy though as the other hand circled his shaft easily, there was plenty to sink into her yet. He stopped and made both her hands hold the shaft. He rung her neck with the other hand and re positioned himself sinking slowly, like a ship sinking into the depths. Sue was snorting where she could via her wide nose, the only way she could breathe! He shoved and shoved hard, looking like any minute that thin white neck would snap, the only strength it had was the black dick reinforcing it! Had he lost the sense that she was just a small girl? No he could not give a shit. Nearly down to the hilt he started to stroke back and forth. Not long after throat fucking her then he let fly a huge wad of cream into Sue’s throat. He twitched she jumped off the loo as the force hit her. Masala cried out, some Afro stuff as the orgasm hit him. Sue milked his huge balls with her dainty fingers under those gold rings.
He sucked out the snake and fresh air hit Sue. She dribbled a little spunk off her teeth. Lines of rope like spunk fell from Masla’s slit! His stringy mess swung over to her leopard print bra and soaked in well, her tits loving the man oil.
He stiffened once more and stood her up now, turned her, so her pert bum was in the air. From this angle she did not look as if he had impregnated her 8 months since! She looked young and fresh, tight little white ass, slightly rosy cheeks, but mostly alabaster white skin. One thing about Sue for a little girl is she has a big pussy, with a long slit, from ass hole almost to her belly button, her pussy lips all soft and puffed up? Mick likes that, she bends over and between her legs she is all slit! In fact even Masala with his crazy huge dick slides straight up her! He positioned her legs together and his dick on self-seek found her hole. His bell end plunged in, making Sue jump at the speed of it as it hit her G-spot, she almost fainted, only held up by his powerful erection! He then tucked an arm under her waist and fucked away. What a perfect site. Sunshine on his big black ass, his ball sack swinging freely in the air, the gold bands glinting. His veiny shaft bulging, Sue’s cunt lips tight around his fat shaft. She pumped out white foam, which lubed up the dirty action. Masala ever the gent, pulled Sue’s head back from time to time, whispered something to her, which made her say, ’Oh yes please Sir, or yes I am ready’. The Chief then wrapping is fat fingers about her skinny neck, pulling her up to tongue her gob let out a deep growl, shoving deep and blowing a little Afro cream up his prize darling. His shaft now thickly lubed continued its pleasure making!
Sue moaned and groaned and put one of Masalas hands on his son, inside her. ‘Oh Mr Masala, Sir, you are so big, you make me cum and cuuuuum….ooooohhhhh..yeaaaaahhhh. That’s it do me deeper, sink it all in. let me have your Negro juices again. Look what you did to me you big bugger! Do you like your little Sue then? Do you like to fuck me? Is my cunt nice and tight for you?’ she taunted him!
‘Yeah Baby, ma black Anaconda Afro snake, he love that whaaat cunt, he do, bloooh, blaaaah, slurp, lick, lick, naah,’ Masala drooled and tongued her cutting off any sense of what he was saying, the pleasure of Sue’ cunt gripping all 15” of his embedded Dick
Sue had clamped onto his full metal hard shaft now! Masala stood and Sue went up in the air a little out of balance! He turned and sat hard down on the old toilet seat. Sue followed and the force impaled her deep to his balls. He slung her thin white legs either side of his huge thighs. She clearly in a little discomfort rubbed her clit and belly above her pubis. Masala pulled her back a little, frustrated that he was not where he needed to be up her?
Mick said he saw the most amazing site now, as the big fat black cock shoved its way outwards, bulging Sue’s pubis from within. The poking in and out looked like Sue was a latex sex doll, being abused! Any more of this and there would be a hole fucked through it! Sue rubbed his bulging bell end, Masala moaned, Sue orgasmed loudly again and again! Masala’s hands worked Sues hot ass up and down, his Dick rarely showing as her thinned cunt lips, stretched so tightly about his thickness. The big Chief dropped her ass then pulled up her bra, he pulled on her nipples, still fucking her. Sue took to his full ball sack, looking now for her sticky high protein reward.
Her tiny feet looked lost on his big thighs, her knees high and parted. The Nigga now was grinning, his row of white teeth showing at the back of the toilet, his neck bulged, sweat dropping onto Sue. Sue knew any second now the big shaft would have to blow its filthy contents up her once more. She squeezed for all she could on the huge ball sack, those Nigga bollocks, like 2 hard pro golf balls, swimming about inside the hot wrinkly black bag. Sue knew the consequences too well of indulging in the sheer delights of this weapon, look at her now! One big blow out from him 8 months ago proves that, her eggs well fucked and drilled with the big blacks seed!
‘Oh, Oh, Oh, no pleeeeese, Sir, AHHHHHHH, SSSSIIIRRR, MY poor Pussy, OH, YES THAT’S IT FILL ME GIVE ME MORE OF THE JUNGLE JUICE’, she demanded now.
Masala was pumping her legs up and down to curve her cunt tight onto his exploding shaft. Sue was squeezing those spunk filled balls, like 2 hard lemons.
He stood her up and rode her out from the rear, slapping her ass red raw, leaving a confusing array of red hand prints on her, confusing enough not to understand how they happened at a crime scene!
Sue’s teeny cunt was doing a great job, not a drop was being spilled on the dirty floor of the old toilet? Sue looked so lovely, her bra up above her young tight swollen titties, her skirt over her ass and the huge man impaling her from the rear, shoving her across the room, her face hard against the lime washed wall. He took another angle, closing her legs and working her hips back and forth on his still pumping poker. He snorted like a hard worked horse, letting out blasts of baby batter at his will? She twitched as each hot spurt hit her cervix, then orgasmed as he said ‘Yeah’ each time.
Mick saw Jamile some into site and pulled himself a little further into cover.
Jamile stared at the site of the bid Negro up his lovely Sue! The Negro, who now was naked, except sandals just grinned at him, knowing it was he who was filling Sue full of spunk and not him. Possession is everything! Sue with her contorted happy breeding white face, looked at him too, through the haze of all the orgasms! The big invader just pulled one of Sue’s ass cheeks to one side and showed the visitor his fat rod and balls fucking and battering her long slit.
‘Yeah Mizz, fart out a bit of ma juice will yah….hahaha’ he snorted.
‘Oh yes Sir,’ Sue replied straining her face and focusing on pushing a load of fat greasy cum past his tight fitted shaft. Masala held her open, still embedded and a big wad of heavy cum swam out of her. It slowly slid down the balls it had just arrived from, and then dripped to the floor heavily as the dust blew up when it hit.
Masala pulled her head back and tongued his spunk soaked prize. He pulled out still hard and she got down to lick his shaft clean, enjoying the salty taste. Sue’s cunt finally let go of its billions of immigrants, her ass cheeks all wet with the stuff and pussy lips smeared in Daddies cream.
She pulled back her tight bra, wriggled down her Latex printed skirt, kissed Masala and thanked him, her eyes all for the naked big man. He cradled her in his arms and squeezed her ass; she was up on her tip toes, out of her shoes as the tongued each other. Gravity got hold of the heavy Nigga cum and it oozed down her thighs, amazing it ran either side of her big open slit at 1st, very slowly too. Mick noticed then a thin flow, 1st down the left thigh, and then a globe of fatty yellow jelly followed, picking up speed as it went. Then the right thigh, but this time only fatty globes all strung together? As she swung about his neck, this stringy mess left her right ass cheek and looked like a stained yellow pearl knecklace, attached to her cunt lips and the other end her ass cheek! It just grew longer and longer, until it hit foot? Sticking to her shoe! Now the other stream was getting going, in little pumps, 1st semen, and then globes of batter. Her cunt widened and blew out again; her legs were all messed up. Finally her lips puckered up and frothed his fertile yellow seed into a smoothie!
‘Oh Sir I love you and your big banger!’ she admitted.

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