Boots for C, Part 2

We took the extremely brief drive across the lot to the main mall and found a place to park, commenting on the boots she’d tried on and a few other pairs we saw on the way. Again, once parked, I opened her door for her and was treated to another glimpse of her beneath her skirt. This time was more blatant and while no words were exchanged this time either, I did get a definite “look” from her acknowledging that it was intentional. We stopped to share a cigarette before entering the mall (frankly, I needed one after her trying on the boots!) and got more than a few looks from passersby – two smartly dressed people outside a dept store mid-morning must not be a common sight. I kept stealing glances at her shoes and almost considered bagging the boots idea and just going for a foot/shoe job in those, but our mission was not to be denied. We walked in and almost immediately were in the women’s shoes department.

Here the styles were definitely more plentiful, with many over the knee boots feature. However, a lot of the styles were a little “young” for her, and I had made it clear that I wanted to get her something that she could wear outside the bedroom as well. There was one pair by Ralph Lauren (the Amari) that we both liked a lot. The leather was rich and supple, and zipper had a leather cover over it. The heel was slender and spiked, and the toe very pointed. There was a small strap and ring on the back of the upper, perhaps equestrian inspired, and a gold medallion on the zipper pull. She commented that they had a little “bling” which she’d mentioned during our discussions as something she wished for. We found the saleslady and she retrieved a few pairs for her, and Cyd proceeded to remove her shoes. I watched as she pulled them from the box and began the process of putting them on. I quickly noticed that there was a mirror opposite her seat running the length of the wall along the floor, and my eyes went back and forth from the boots to between her occasionally opened thighs. I wonder to this day if the saleslady took any notice at the bulge I was trying to conceal, the silk boxers I’d chosen for the occasion were no match for my arousal. Once on she strutted around the dept a bit, looking at them in the mirror. They were lovely although just a little loose fitting on her slender calves. We agreed that we both liked them a lot but decided we should check a few other stores first. So, she removed them, put her oh so sexy shoes back on, and off we went out into the mall.

The next stop was Aldo. While they didn’t have much in real leather she did opt to try on a rather naughty pair of otk boots with rather high heels and strap details around the shafts. This time the salesgirl, probably in her 20’s and quite attractive, helped her on with them. Knowing that was she was naked beneath her skirt was driving me crazy and not to disappoint, she made sure to extend her leg as she pulled them tight and gave the girl quite a look, which she did. And then seemed even more eager to help with the next one, but perhaps that was just me thinking wishfully. She continued to tie and adjust the straps such that they fit her legs very snugly, her sexy nails looking so hot as she worked. When she stood up the boots disappeared under her skirt, so she hiked it up until she could see the tops and checked them out for a while, posing her legs in the mirror in multiple positions. She seemed to clearly like them a lot and I was tempted, but the fact that they weren’t leather tempered my enthusiasm a bit. Again, we agreed they weren’t “perfect” and so (with the salesgirl’s help) she removed them and replaced her sexy shoes yet again. I wondered for a moment (and later found out rightly) if she wore the ankle straps, which required more effort to take off and put on, just to draw out the tease factor of the whole experience. For someone not overly versed in fetishes and fetish play she was doing a great job of pushing all the buttons.

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