Afternoon coffee with cake

Thursday afternoon. I came back from work and found my wife at home. She had made a wonderful lemon cake and the moment she saw me she started making coffee. The table was set in no time and was happy to relax sipping from my aromatic coffee and having small bites from the delicious lemon cake.
‘I have to finish my project and will need your assistance to prepare the final file for the presentation.’ She said.
‘Okay. Call me when you’re ready.’ Was my answer then I turned on the TV and started scrolling the channels.
She left the room. I looked at my favorite programs but found nothing but ending movies and information for upcoming snooker match after about half an hour. Literally nothing to watch! That’s why I hate television and prefer other Medias like internet for example. Anyway I took another sip from my strong black coffee. Oh my wife is doing it great! Took another piece of the cake and returned to remote control. Porn! Why not watching some porn I thought and switched to the channel. The movie was with a busty woman. She had amazing rounded and firm breasts. Probably the next miracle of aesthetic surgery but I liked them. Anyway the scene was hot and I felt my penis growing hard inside my blue jeans. I wasn’t wearing underwear like most of the days so my cock was absolutely free to move in my pants. The video was at its end so the guy aimed at the rounded breasts and came “pouring” his sperm over the woman’s fit body like he was watering his lawn.
By instinct I began to rub my erect cock through the jeans. Me and my wife we are practicing orgasm control and so my ejaculations are limited. Not only this but I am also doing teasing sessions with massive amount of edging and sometimes ending them with ruined orgasm. I’m sharing this to explain that I was actually very well teased and my cock was sensitive and quite quick in getting hard.
Meanwhile the second scene of the porn movie started and another busty lady began to move her curvy body on the TV screen showing pink lingerie and palatable forms. Soon the bra went off and I started to rub my cock with considerable pressure.
‘I am going to take a shower and… What are you doing?’ my wife was standing at the door wearing only a black bra and G-string and was staring at me.
‘I… well I couldn’t find anything to watch so I switched at the porn channels.’
‘Really? And you also are freely touching your cock aren’t you?’
‘No, honey, I am not. I promise… See I am with my jeans on and…’
My wife passed in front of me and pointed at my bulge.
‘And what is this?’ she asked.
‘Well my penis got hard but I swear I didn’t touch it!’
‘I saw you rubbing it like a pussy! And I also am seeing a remarkable wet spot from your precum.’
Damn! The wet spot. I bowled my head and then I saw it. It really was big and visible.
‘Show me how you rub it!’ she ordered. ‘Yea like this… Good boy! Go on look at your precious porn who I know how much you love and don’t stop beating your meat. When I came back from shower I will deal with you!’
She turned and left the room.
‘You look beautiful, honey!’ I said while watching her moving towards the door.
‘Aw thank you, dear!’ she replied pulling her bra up at the same time allowing me a glimpse at her dark brown nipple.
‘And you have gorgeous breasts!’ I added.
‘I know.’
I switched the channel. The picture was of a young woman sucking a cock while the man was fingering her hairy pussy. My own penis shuddered in my jeans. The scene was hot because actually it was an edging action. The girl made his cock edge and then squeezed it to help him hold his orgasm. After that she slapped the man’s penis and she did it with a force. I squirmed in the armchair. My hand was already between my legs and once again rubbing my hard cock. Now I was able to also feel the wet spot on my crotch. I settled my penis to the side closer to leg and started to ‘pinch’ it using my thumb, index and middle fingers. On the screen the girl was now completely naked. She was riding the man’s cock turning back on him and facing us, the viewers.
I edged!
My wife entered the room. She was only with her white and violet towel covering her breasts and down to just barely hide her pussy. Her skin was dotted with water drops. She passed and stopped facing me and hiding the TV screen. The towel felt on the floor. Her body is remarkable! She has B-cup size breasts with large dark areolas on the nipples that at this point were erect already. Her belly is flat with small deep navel. Her pubic is trimmed to a triangle of small hair. She was dripping!
‘Get up and move!’ she ordered me, ‘I will sit now on the armchair.’
I obeyed and she sat comfortably.
‘Lick me.’ Simple task said with even voice.
My wife spread legs. Her pussy lips opened showing me her wetness and inviting me to visit them with my tongue. I felt on my knees. She didn’t say me to remove any of my clothes so I remained fully clothed. I took a deep breath feeling her scent. I kissed her pussy and the clit. She shivered in the armchair. My tongue went out passing through the pussy lips and gathering the warm juices that were oozing from there. My wife moaned. She was very horny and anxious to feel one hard licking from me. She grabbed my head and pressed me with force to herself. No further signs were needed; I immediately started to lick her with passion combining my tongue movements with some strong sucks that were pulling her pussy lips deep in my mouth. From time to time I climbed my lips to the clit to give it some kisses and sick as well.
My wife was squirming in the armchair, pushing my head, and squashing her breasts. I looked up to peek at her nipples. Oh how I love them! They were really hard at the moment pointing up and she was pinching them with fingers. Behind my back there was another movie going and it was a solo scene of a masturbating young brunette. I was only able to hear her moaning and my wife was telling about what was happening on the TV. My cock was about to burst right in my jeans. I was feeling them tighter as they actually were. My wet spot had to be even larger by now. There was no time for me to touch my hard cock as my hands were placed on my wife’s thighs all the time.
She squirmed strongly and reached an amazing orgasm. She came directly in my mouth when I was sucking her pussy with endeavor. She pressed my head to herself until the pulsations of her pussy passed away.
Few minutes later I felt her hands moving away and she let me stand up. She looked at my painfully hard cock trapped inside the jeans and said smiling.
‘Thank you for the orgasm! Now please go see my project and optimize it for web and email presentation while I finish my coffee with a piece of the lemon cake and watch some TV.’
‘Yes, honey, okay.’ I knew that once again I would be denied and she won’t allow me to cum. I left the room heading to the desk where the document was waiting for my assistance. I had difficulties walking with such an erection but in the same time I was so extremely happy.

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