Pleasing The Black Lawn Man

Got a new lawn man in the spring, Had been searching for one and seen a guy one day with his truck a few streets over so I stopped and asked him if he taking on any more in the area, he said yes and would pass over later and look at it .I told him it was a small yard and he said ok….

He stopped by an hour or so later and gave me a good price .I invited him in and he come inside ….Would you care for a drink I asked him yeah some water is fine and asked if he could use the bathroom sure it right down the hall there I said…..

His name was Albert just call me Al he said…..He was about 6 ft 2 dark skinned med build with short black hair he was 42 he said …So how long you been doing lawn work I asked him OH Bout 10 years now he said and worked for himself…..Cool I said hope to see you next weekend then I said he scheduled me for saturday evenings..Ok will see you then he said Leave a check or cash under the side doormat he said in case I was not at home when he comes every week.. I noticed he was fixing the front of his pants with his hand in the driveway and he seemed to have a nice big softie bulge in there…….HHHHhhhmmmmm I said to my self and started to get turned on a lil by him…….

So the following saturday he came about 3 pm did the yard and we had some small talk and that was it………..He came again a few more times and then another time when I was home a few weeks later he pulled up and I seen him go to the back side of the house I went to the window and cracked the blind up and he was unzipping his pants right in front of me he looked around and seen no one and out popped his cock it was like a big soft black snake hanging there, He started to piss just dangling it there and I was watching getting all hot at the sight of it…He stopped shook it with one hand and zipped up and went back out to his truck. I was like damn that was fucking sweet looking I had to do something I wanted to see it again….I heard him start up his lawn stuff and he was doing the front…..

I went to the bedroom and got a black thong and put on with a white t shirt and went out back on the patio and made like I was messing with the plants and doing some clean up stuff…..He then came in the back side gate and started doing the back yard…..I stood up and bent over one of the plants as he came thru exposing my backside to him , I turned around and waved to him and he looked pushing his mower and looking at me….I kept doing what I was doing and noticed he was looking at me with glances…I was still piddling around in the thong and shirt the entire time he did the back and he finally finished and came back thru the gate shutting it….Wanted to make sure your gate was shut good with you out here in your swim suit he said…….Oh no It’s not a swim suit I told him It’s a thong I use to lay out and get some sun in I said…..Oh you was laying out huh ….Yeah for a lil while earlier I said as I lied to him……

Well you look all hot and stuff Al I said …you got some more lawns to do today…..Nah I ‘am done fo todays he replied……He was looking at me in the thong and shirt ……You want to come on inside and cool off and I will get your check I told him …Ok might do that he said as he followed me inside…I got my checkbook and bent over the counter as he was looking at my ass in the thong I was kinda excited knowing he was looking also….You gots a water he asked….In the fridge I said help yourself I told him and there’s beer if you want one also….He opened the fridge and said mights have a beer instead…….I finished writing his check as he sipped his beer ,you want to take a shower and sit down awhile I asked him…..Well I don’t know uh what you all about ? he asked What do you mean Al I said….
Well you up in here with yo lil ass all outs and stuff and In the back yard make me think you wants something..he said. Kinda smiling at me……..Well I did see you wee wee out the window on the side before you started the grass I said…..
Oh you was lookin huh…Well yeah but I did not mind at all I told him…..So what you wants to see me in yo shower ? he smiled again ……No not at all just thought I would offer it to you smiling at him…. So I take it you into men then huh ? he asked……..So I came out and told him ….well yeah I said……So whats you like doing with men he asked ? Well I would have to show you if you were up for it I said….You like to give heads huh ? he asked……Well yeah I do and after seeing you outside peeing it turned me on….Thats all good with me he said ,I thought you mights be a sissy with what you got on he replied…….Well you did have a nice looking cock from what I seen I told him….So you wants to suk me in the shower thats all good he replied . I could tell by now that Al had gone down this road before and he had me hot and starting to leak precum…..Gonna go lock up my truck and stuff and come back in, now you all discreets and stuffs huh he asked….Sure it’s between me and you….OK he said.

I went to the bathroom and got some towels ready . He came back in the side door took off his shoes and came into the bathroom …Nice big shower you got he said… he started to remove his shirt and pants ….I could not wait to see his full cock…..He was down to his undies as he turned around and his big soft bulge was packing the front of them ……Damn I said that looks like a snake coiled up in there as I went over to rub his crotch come on get it he said…..Come get some of big Al he said…..Big Al i said laughing a lil….as I rubbed his crotch he was getting bigger and bigger till he pulled down his undies and his big prick hit me in the face…….Damn I said you really are Big Al …I tolds ya its big he said….I stood up and got my hand on it as he reached in to get the shower going…

Once the shower was going he got in and I followed him in naked also…..Reaching for some soap I rubbed his big black cock as he rubbed his arms and chest with soap also. His cock was long and curved upward with a dark head it was about 9 fully erect and about 4 in round he was long but not too fat and had a nice tight set of balls on him .I got down and put him in my mouth and started to work on his prick it was nice in my mouth as I worked one of my hands around it also and started sucking him more and more rubbing his balls with my other hand…The water in the shower was running down off the front of him and had to stop at times I told him to turn around so the water was at his back…I was back on my knees on front of him and had him back in my mouth and both of my hands on his asscheeks……AHHH YEAH SUCK THAT DIK…….he said .Having his black shaft in my mouth was such a turn on….

After about 12 mins or so the water was cooling down and we were about out of hot water I told him….Ok we can get out he said….So he exited the shower and I turned off the water and we were drying off….You gots a bedroom we can go to….Sure Big Al I said…Right down the hall this way I led him…..How you like that dick he asked…..Love it I said….I turned on the lamp on side the bed and he got up in the middle of it as I got between his legs he was a lil soft again as I got his black snake up and going again ….Jerk it and suck them balls he said…..spending some time on his ball sack he arched his ass up more and I followed his seam right to his asshole with my tongue…..OOOhhh Yeah lick dat ass he said….

I told him to get over with his ass in the air doggy while I rimmed his asshole and jerked on his cock from behind he liked that and was moaning in pleasure…Oh yeah yeah there ya go suck it lick he said……He stopped after awhile of this and said…Let me fuck yo mouth …. I leaned my head off the side of the bed aways as he stood up and pointed his long prick at my mouth….Oh put that big black cock in my mouth I said….Oh Yeah suck it bitch he said..He was now fucking my mouth with short strokes…I reached back and gripped his asscheeks as he was ramming my mouth and had me gagging a lil bit at times…..Take all that dick he said right in yo mouth…… eyes were watering and he went in and out fucking my mouth good…I was slurping all out my mouth and making his dick wet…My own prick was wet from the excitement…..You bout ready fo this cum he asked……stopping for a second taking his prick out my mouth I said yeah whenever you want baby….Ok suck it gonna come in a minute…..Inserting his hard black prick back in my mouth my lips were working him as he went in and out he was going deeper and his cock got really hard and my hands were back on his asscheeks anticipating his sperm delivery at any moment…..He was moans of pleasure as he was in and out my mouth……Oh yeah keep sucking here it comes just keep sucking he said bout to bust all in yo mouth….AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH shit he said as I felt his thick dose of dick juice fill my mouth ….Oh keep suckin it he said….as more filled my throat as went down….AAAAHHHHHshit dat was a good nut there he said… Getting up and turning over I got his prick back in my mouth and sucked him till he went limp ….AH shit dat was good…Well I know what you abouts now he said….Well I hope you enjoyed it Big Al I said…as he went to the bathroom wiping off his prick with the towel…..

Back in the bathroom i sat on the toilet and took a piss as he got dressed…Don’t forget your check on the counter i told him….Oh Yeah ok I won’t he said……So what else you do I noticed you got a nice ass he said….I’am into anal too at times I told him ….Oh yeah might have to try some of that on ya one day he said… You got a tight ass ? he asked
I got off the toilet and bent over and spread my cheeks wanna feel it I said…..He took one of his fingers and rimmed around my asshole poking it in a lil……Yep that ass is tight gonna have to try it out next times he said…

So after he left I was still hot so I got one of my black rubber dongs and went into the bedroom and got off thinking about Big Al’s Black cock up my butthole next time….I cleaned up and went outside later on and one of the neighbors was outside and said hey I seen your lawn guy was here today your lawn looks so good he sure took a long time on it today ……I replied back yeah he sure worked it over good…….

Girl’s Gym Gyno 2: Alessandra 2 (pix)

Alessandra feels fond of her freshly found friend, the elderly erotically experienced gyno, whom she frequently visits.
Alessandra opens up to him. First foremost in sexual spirit. She would love to meet a tasty teen great girl like herself.
Alessandra admits with a big blush she does pleasure herself often, imagining to make love to a lesbian like she feels.
Alessandra says she is still a virgin, as she does not dare to insert her own fingers inside her soft silken pretty pussy.

Alessandra can not hide her arousal and excitement. Not only in her face. She hardly needs a bra with her little titties.
Alessandra notices how his eyes slowly shift focus from her face down her neck, stopping at her hardened nipples.
Alessandra feels how he simply sees through her, undressing her, not only underneath her clothes, but right inside.
Alessandra almost starts to tremble, when he finally addresses her with his soft deep dark slowly hypnotising voice.

Alessandra, it is time for your intimate inspection. We will check your bare bodily beauties. Step out of your shoes.
Alessandra, stand right in front of me. Begin by unbuttoning your blouse, baby. Do not hide your pride in those two!
Alessandra, turn around and bend over a bit. Yes, do spread your legs a bit more. Now lift your skirt all the way up.
Alessandra, pull your slip down, please. At least to halfway your knees. Right so. Let me have look from close by.

Alessandra feels how his breath blows warm winds at her blonde bush down there, hears how he inhales deeply.
Alessandra fears for what might come next, as she realises she can not really resist his wishes to off all to him.
Alessandra wonders whether he would want to her to show how she seduces herself so often in her hot fantasies.
Alessandra can not help hoping something sexy is in the air for her, as she is so terribly excited under his command.

Alessandra, place your hands at your bums and pull them apart. Good girl. Your sphincter is so tight. Are you afraid?
Alessandra, do you ever touch yourself there? No need to ask. Clearly your are a ‘clitorienne’, as they say in French.
Alessandra, do I need to tell you how wet your tight teen twat is? That I can easily read your mind and warm wishes?
Alessandra you do have my permission to show me how you can even very quickly make yourself come for my eyes!

Alessandra happily obeys and first pinches her hard nipples with the thumb and index nails of her left hand in rythm.
Alessandra has her erotically experienced right hand ferocioisly fondle her fanny, longing love lips, towards the top.
Alessandra can not break away from his eyes, staring into hers. Her hands rubbing her love lips between their faces.
Alessandra can not stop anymore in her raunchy race uphill her mighty Mount Venus, tickling her thick clit top speed.

Alessandra feels the contractions coming, movements from deep inside her, way beyond her wish to control them.
Alessandra can not help being much more erotically excited than during her many daily solo-sex sessions at home.
Alessandra surfs the waves rolling towards his large eyes, breaking on the beach of his inviting intimate inspection.
Alessandra sees how his face gets wet from her squirts of pussy juice in an orgasm, which seems never to stop.

Alessandra feels how he holds her firmly upright, after she almost collapses from coming so hard and long for him.
Alessandra does not mind he takes her skirt off. Feels relieved and all open. Glad she finally shares her sexuality.
Alessandra finds herself back at his couch. Shy and sexually satisfied. She does mind now to pose for his picture.
Alessandra is relaxed and feels at home with him. Proud to show off her pussy, puffy from ferocious fine fingering:

Alessandra loves the erotic experience of showing off her private parts and daily disclosing dirty sexual secrets.
Alessandra visits her great gino and intimate instructor as often as she can afford his caring courses of coming.
Alessandra hotly hopes he helps her in finding the female friend for erotic experiments in lesbian love and lust.
Alessandra puts her trust in him, as the intensity of her orgasms is an convincing argument to await some more.

Alessandra dreams our dear readers will vote ‘thumb up’. Leave some encouraging comments on our enterprise.
Alessandra hotly hopes that this sexy series will last long enough to explain her sweet slow sexual self-discovery.
Alessandra is interested in intimate suggestions, perhaps propositions to meet in real the tasty teen she longs for.
Alessandra tries to tell the thruth through the powerful pen of her patient private psychologist, Professor Peter.

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