A Little Bit Of Cock Will Hurt No One

Tom and I were best friends. We grew up together. We met in church. It was in one of them strict fundamentalist Baptist churches that taught you pre-marital sex was bad and discouraged close contact from the opposite sex. It was ok that you dated, but as long as you remained about six inches from each other and there wasn’t even the slightest bit of ‘Hanky Panky’ going on. As we got into our teenage years, all this sort of thing did, was make your hormones rage ten times over and deprive you of ‘Normal dating rituals’. As you can imagine, especially being teenage boys, we would rebel, while trying to hide acting out on our sexual oppressions.

When Tom and I reached our later teenage years, even though we were both virgins, we dated a few women. It wasn’t that we couldn’t get beyond first base with some of the women we dated, it was the women were too afraid too. If you were caught, you were chastised and humiliated. Most of the women just avoided all that through abstinence. There were some however, both guys and girls who took risks. Most were caught, few were not.

Tom and I, when we were younger were still living at home and by the age of 17 both had obtained our drivers licenses. We were the same age and come from similar backgrounds, with a few minor exceptions. Tom lived with his mother and brother (His father had passed when he was a baby) in a middle class section of a town not too far from me. I lived with my mother, father and sister in a middle class, one horse town, in a raised ranch my father had built from the ground up.

Quite often back then, up until we were about the age of 20 years old, Tom and I spent a lot of time together visiting each other at our houses. On multiple occasions this led to sleepovers, mostly out of convenience. Whether it was because we were young and driverless or because it was just easier to spend the night. Both of us didn’t even really consider drinking or doing d**gs back then, even when we were in our later teenage years due to the religious type of atmosphere we were subject to.

We shared a tight friendship. Tighter than any close brothers really. We knew everything about each other, got in trouble a lot and just spent a copious amount of time together. I don’t think that there was ever any doubt that Tom and I were strictly heterosexual males, often lusting at lots of women, trying to score with some and doing our best to get our hands on any kind of pornographic material that was available to us.

It wasn’t like it is now. Back then, you couldn’t just flip open a phone or go on a website and view porn. We both would get lucky and find (By chance) some porno mag somewhere or someone would secretly let us borrow a VHS tape. When we were really desperate, we would watch the scrambled premium porn channels on TV, hoping that the lines on the TV would open up just enough to get a glimpse of the action.

There were times when we were engaging in viewing the scrambled porn on TV, and both of us would softly stroke our erections in our pants or under our shorts. We both knew we were doing it, but at first we didn’t acknowledge it to each other. I remember hearing the sound of skin on skin as I would take brief glimpses of him with his hands down his boxers. We also would do this, out of view, under the covers, as we talked mainly about sex, before drifting off to sleep. Usually, one of us would excuse ourselves to the bathroom to clean up our ejaculatory after we climaxed, but at first we never said anything to each other about it.

When we would spend the night over each other’s house, the sleeping arrangements mostly consisted of, sleeping downstairs in the family room, on separate ends of a sectional (At his place) our on two separate couches at my place. On the odd occasion, where it was too cold to sleep downstairs because nobody lit the wood burning stove, we would share a one person single bed and sleep on opposite ends.
As time passed, we both began to acknowledge to each other that we were jacking off under the blankets and had no ‘Weird’ feelings about it so we just would do it, usually with the lights still off at first. We made sure that we had tissues or paper towels nearby to clean up after we came. Then things began to escalate. We got so horny, that little by little we would push each other to ‘The next level’.

‘The next level’ consisted of sleeping completely naked on top of the covers (Mostly as a dare, because it was risky to do when both of us could have easily been caught by the rest of our family members residing in the house) and then masturbating in front of each other with the lights on. I don’t think we so much watched each other masturbate, it was more having to do with the dare factor of not getting caught. Thankfully,we never did.

Then one night, Tom started a conversation that at first, was kind of awkward to me:

“Hey Mike, I got something to ask you”.
“I don’t want to come across as being all weird with you, but I’m horny as fuck, I was wondering if you wanted to take things to the next level?”
“What do you mean?”
“Would you think it weird if we gave each other blow jobs?”
“Oh, I don’t know about that. That’s kind of gay isn’t it?”
“No, not really. Think about it like this, we wouldn’t be doing it because we like each other, we would do it to just get off. No kissing or cuddling or anything like that. Nothing gay between us. It would be our little secret, nobody else has to find out.”
“Um, Yeah I guess so”.

I must admit it felt very awkward to be propositioned like that by my best male friend. At first, I didn’t know what to think really. I mean, I don’t like the cock. I never had cock envy. Hell, I never even looked at any guy in a sort of sexual way. But I was horny as fuck too! Perhaps, if we did get each other off just for that sake, there would be no harm in it. After all, we’ve been friends since we were k**s. I trust him. I certainly wouldn’t even consider the proposition if it had been with someone else I knew.

I volunteered for him to suck me first. Both of us were naked, it was a hot summer night in his mother’s downstairs family room. I laid on the couch above the covers, my cock was hard as a rock, and resting against my abdomen. I looked at him as he spread my legs and positioned himself between them. I could see his cock pointing straight ahead.

The feeling was very strange. This was the first time anyone other than myself, touched my cock for sexual reasons. I watched him take my cock in his hand and lift it up. It was sweaty from the hot sultry summer heat. He began moving his sweaty hand up and down my shaft a few times. He noticed that I already had pre-cum coming from the tip of the head. He took a finger and spread it all over the tip. He used it as a lube and continued to stroke the base of my cock head where it meets the shaft.

A short while after, I saw him lean his head forward and I could feel his tongue move up my shaft starting from the base. He took a few short slides before lowering his entire mouth on my cock. I felt his tongue flicker my shaft, then he focused his tongue on my tip. A few more licks up and down my shaft and I took it out of his mouth, grabbed it by the base, quickly turned around and shat my load all over the sheets. Yeah, it didn’t take long for me and I wanted to try to avoid cumming in his mouth as opposed to spewing all over him.

It was my turn next. I sat in between his legs and looked at his slimy, sweaty cock. We’ve known each other for years, seen each other naked a hundred times, but I never really studied his cock before. I noticed it was about as long as mine (7 inches) but a little thinner. I had a wider girth around the head than he had and my rod was a bit thicker too. It seemed veinier than mine and he was cut a little finer. I can’t believe that I was about to put my best friends cock in my mouth!

I picked it up and started to slowly jerk him off. Like he did to me, I spread his pre-cum all around the base of his head the best I could. I cupped his balls with my other hand for a while. I put the head of his cock in my mouth and began to work it with my tongue. He let out a soft moan. I was expecting that he would climax as quickly as I did and being careful to pay attention to signs, such as the rapid tightening that happens before ejaculating, I was already getting ready to avoid any contact with his cum.
Tom did not cum as fast as I did. In fact, he made me work his cock like a porn star. I slobbered all over it, bobbed my head up and down his shaft as fast as I could while jerking him off at the same time. I must admit, I was enjoying working my friends cock. It wasn’t that I liked his cock or his body. It was the visual I had in my mind of whenever watching porn and seeing women work a guy really hard. Tom wasn’t coming easy and I had to work it extra longer.

Finally after a good 15 minutes (No joke!) I felt his cock tighten in my mouth and just as I took it out, he spewed his load in my hands. It was disgusting. I don’t even like spewing my own load in my hands, never mind anyone else’s! When he came, he moaned loudly and his hips bucked. But he really didn’t give me any pre-warning so I could let him spew away from me.

In the sleepovers that followed, blow jobs were a routine thing. As time went on, it would take me longer to climax (Practice makes perfect!). In a weird way, the two of us kind of would look forward to getting head. Not because we looked forward to giving each other head, but because we were going to get off.

After time had passed, I think we became comfortable enough with each other to experiment sexually, in other ways. For example, I suggested that we oil up each others dicks. One would lay on their back and the other on top. We would rub our shafts together (Like we were fucking) until one of both of us came. The only problem with that was that the cleanup was messy. We tried a few variations of 69 but that proved to be awkward and uncomfortable.

I never fully got comfortable handling his cum, but I got a little more used to it. There were a few times where he would explode in my mouth because I got no warning. I spit that shit right out! I wasn’t swallowing. No way! He didn’t seem to mind taking in mine. There were times not only would he swallow but he would lick it off my stomach.

Although he proposed it, we never fucked each other in the ass. I was dead against it for a few reasons. First off that would be like, the very definition of gay, which I was not gay. Secondly, I can’t fathom even the idea of having anything sliding up and down inside my asshole. Don’t get me wrong, I fuck my girlfriend in the ass all the time because she loves it, but to stick my cock up a guy’s asshole, even if it got me off, just makes me sick to think about it.

Our experimentations with each other took place for a year or two. One day we decided to stop doing them because we were getting pussy on a regular basis and we just no longer wanted to do it anymore. Something about having a woman in our lives that made the concept of doing what we did seem no longer appealing to both of us. There was never any romance between the two of us. We didn’t like each other in that way. We weren’t sexually or physically attracted to each other. We were best friends who knew how to give each other sexual release because we could. End of story.

Old is horny

Hi my name’s John, I’m 22 now, describe myself tall slim, some people say very femine, my story is about when I was 17, my parents asked me to help old friends of theirs, fix their cottage up. I stay with them a few days and get paid well. Now Bill was about 72, he was tall like me but fatter. His wife Sue was small lady I think a year younger, grey hair saggy tits but cute ass I noticed that. We worked hard cleaning the mess ( and believe me it was a mess ) it was very warm and we all wore shorts and loose tops, and were exhausted by end of day. My shoulders were hurting me ( bad when old couple look fitter than me ). Bill said she will give you massage she is great at that, I said it’s ok, nonsense Bill said she doesn’t bite laughing. I removed my tee shirt and sat between her legs, Bill was right her hands felt great so relaxing. The next day we worked hard again and after a shower I came down stairs to relax, just wearing jogging bottoms, do you want massage again, yes please sounding very eager. Bill laughed and said he likes your touch Sue. This time she had loose skirt on, I sat between her legs enjoying her hands rub my neck and shoulders, though she did rub my bare chest as well. I felt her tits on back of head as she tried to reach further down. Bill just watched never taken his eyes off us. At one point she adjusted her legs enough for me to see up her skirt. Omg she had no pants on, I caught glimpse of her hairy pussy. Fuck I was excited. Sue says is that better oh yes I said, but my inner thigh sore a bit, she paused I could rub that. I need to go upstairs I’ve no pants on. Bill chirped in its ok we seen it all before. I looked at him stood up and turned to sue she pulled my jogging bottoms off, wow I was naked. She started to rub my legs touching me near my balls, it felt bad but good. Bill said its not fair he naked and we’re not. I said jokingly get naked, Sue stood up removed her top releasing her saggy tits, but they looked nice, then stepped out of skirt. Wow I thought she looks hot. She sat down on chair and began stroking my cock, it soon grew hard about 6 inches. Bill shouted suck him, no sooner than he spoke and my cock was in her mouth, omg it felt good. I was pushing her head into my cock when I felt Bill groping my ass, instead of complaining I turned my head round and kissed him ( never kissed a guy before or touched a guy ), I kissed him passionately, wow in meantime she was licking my balls, I was in heaven. Sue let go and opened her legs wide begging for attention. I got on my knees and started sucking her tits while my fingers run through her hairy muff, I found her pussy lips and slid 2 fingers inside her. Fucking her slowly, in meantime Bill was lying between my legs sucking my cock, my body was on fire I started eating her pussy, between the groans of Sue, the taste of her cunt and my cock been sucked by Bill I was in heaven. Please fuck me she screamed I want your young cock. Bill guided me inside her and I fucked her hard, she was screaming oh yes don’t stop. I felt my throbbing cock near ready 2 cum, then without any more I shot my load inside her. She leaned forward and kissed me good boy, sweat running down our bodies, wow I never felt this great before. I felt Bill’s tongue in my ass licking it, wow what a feeling, I looked at Sue my cum running out of her pussy, I leaned down and started licking my cum off her, she smiled. Now Bill was trying to get his cock inside me, I was tight and it hurt. After a couple of goes he now has 3 inches in my hole and slowly fucked my ass. 3 became 4, 4 became 5 to all 7 inches at least in my ass fucking me harder. What made it so hot Sue, she was shouting fuck him fuck him. He must have been inside me for ages to I felt him cum in my ass. We all lay together smiling, got washed. My ass sore returned to living room, Sue was still naked, Bill in his shorts. When bedtime came I was taken into their room, just me and her, she said come on big boy and fucked again at least twice during night. I’m sure Bill was listening next door. About 7 in morning I woke up, Sue lying naked beside me, looking satisfied, I got up and went next door naked and climbed in beside Bill, kissed him and cuddled up, I gently stroked his cock, he leaned round kissed me, we slept for awhile then I felt his hands caress my butt hole, he whispered you ok. I replied yes then felt his cock slide inside me, I felt little pain as he fucked me to he cum inside again. We all worked hard that day and at night we had threesome, this time I got to fuck Sue and Bill. What a great….