How I Got my Cherry Popped!

I had been cross dressing on and off for as long as I can remember, stopping for about 10 years during and after college. I started back up again after seeing an escort in the area, who one day asked me to dress in white thigh high stockings and pumps then fucked me in the ass with a strap-on dildo. Up to this point my cross dressing fetish remained private. But, after that day, I started to shop at lingerie stores buying thigh highs, body stockings, platform stripper heels, g-strings, etc. But, I still had not sucked a cock or been fucked in the ass except using a toy. Things were about to change.

It was a hot Saturday in July and I woke up super horny. I lay in bed and stroked my cock till I shot a huge load, but was still as horny as when I woke up. I had nothing to do, so I decided to watch some porn. I slipped on some lingerie and heels and started to watch a hot flick. This was definitely not helping so I decided to look online for an escort to help me with my problem. There was a lot of talent available, but for some reason my attention was drawn to this one ad. At first I did not realize that this was not a women but a transsexual. Her ad got me so fucking hot, “Black dominant t-girl top with 10 inch cock”. I decided to call. She sounded very feminine on the phone so I scheduled an appointment.

Once I got off the phone I douched and showered and stretched my ass with my 18 inch double dong. I got dressed wearing a black lace body stocking and hot pink g-string, slipped on a tight pair of jeans and a white shirt. I grabbed a bag and put in some lube, condoms, a few toys, and my hot neon pink and clear 6 inch platform stripper heels. I called them my fuck-me heels even though I had never been fucked while wearing them.

I arrived at her house and before going in tossed back 3 shots of tequila to eliminate my inhibitions. I knocked on the door and was greeted by this very tall black women wearing bra, panties, and a robe. She invited me in and asked if I wanted to use the bathroom. I excused myself, went to the bathroom where I undressed and put on my heels. She had some makeup on the vanity so I decided to put on some pink lip gloss to match my sexy heels and g-string. When I came out of the bathroom, she was standing naked in the hallway holding her cock. She complimented me on my heels. She motioned me toward her. She pulled me close to her and in her one hand she had a long blonde wig. She put it on me and told me she wanted to fuck a little blonde white slut like me. She then pushed on my shoulder and told me to get on my knees and suck her cock – there was not going to be any kissing or small talk. I tried to tell her that I had never sucked a cock before, but as I was trying to talk she shoved her cock in my mouth and moved her hands to the back of my head and started to pump her cock in and out of my mouth. I knew at this moment I was a black cock slut.

At first I could handle her cock which was still somewhat soft, but it did not take too long before her cock started to get hard and I started to gag on that huge piece of meat. The gagging did not stop her, she kept face fucking me and calling me her little white slut. After about 10 minutes of sucking her cock, she told me to get up and go to the bedroom. She was very dominant and quickly bent me over and ripped my g-string aside. She slid on a condom and squirted some lube on my ass. I felt the head of her monster cock touch my ass and she quickly slid it in. When she realized I could take her entire cock she called me a nasty white bitch. She started to pump her huge cock in and out of my ass, quickly developing a rhythm – slow at first, but soon was fucking me really hard and fast. I felt her big cum filled balls slapping against my skin. I soon lost all my inhibitions and started to get extremely vocal, “Fuck Me Baby!”. “Fuck me harder…Fuck my slutty lil white ass!”. She responded by fucking me even harder than before and started to slap my ass calling me a white trash slut. I was in heaven; what a way to lose my virginity!

I found out She has incredible stamina. She fucked me for over 45 minutes in every imaginable position. She told me she was about to cum and directed me to get back on my knees. She pulled off the condom and forced her rock hard cock in my mouth. She instantly started to pump her cock in and out of my mouth making me gag again. She yelled out she was ready to cum and pulled her cock out of my mouth and shot several huge cum loads all over my face. She stroked her cock squeezing out every last drop and told me to suck her cock clean, which I happily did. I then used my finger and tongue to slurp up as much cum from my face as possible.

I did not realize that She does not reciprocate so once I finished licking up her cum she told me that she wanted me to get dressed and leave and allow the remainder of her cum to dry on my face so I would remember my first cock!

I started to drive home and realized I was still all sexed up so I stopped by the Love Craft in Laurel still covered in cum, dressed in my body stocking and hot pink g-string. I got $10 of tokens and went into the back. I undressed and started to watch some hot t-girl porn (go figure) and within no time a cock popped through the hole. No longer a virgin, I figured I would go for it and got on my knees and started to suck this juicy white cock. I found out the nice thing about sucking cock through a glory hole is you get a hot load pretty quick, which I swallowed every drop. I proceeded to suck two more cocks draining every drop of cum I could get. I had become such a cock slut.

I then decided it was my turn when a finger beckoned for my cock. It did not take long for me to cum. I must have pumped 8 huge loads into his mouth. I heard him gag through the booth trying to swallow each burst of my cum. After he said thank you. Finally, I was ready to go home completely satisfied. On the drive home I realized that TS Kristal, the complete anal slut was born. Since that day I have been seeking out any cock to satisfy my sexual needs.

Slut in the rain

Was so horny and it was raining like hell. I was in a naughty mood just wanted to be used so I went to the truck stop. End result I was kneeling behind the rest room in a puddle as the rain pored off the roof drenching me as I sucked off 4 guys. They were under the over hang keeping dry, I was a sloppy drenched mess. My skirt covered in mud, stockings ripped, heels ruined. The last guy yanked me up spun me around pulled off my wet skirt and panties and fucked me when he was done he pushed me in the mud. The group that was watching were laughing and saying all sorts of things “fuck that slut, give it to her, fucking faggot” things like that. I looked up at the group Any others come get it. One guy spit on me a few kicked me saying they would never fuck a slut like me. I got up soaking dripping wet covered in mud and walked to my car only wearing a garter belt, ripped stockings, wet blouse the group really laughed when they saw my tiny cliltlit. Being so humiliated and degraded I started to leak by the time I got to the car I was flowing my orgasm.
I opened the door reached in to get a towel I keep there to dry off some. I got in drying my face and hair. The passenger door opened “need help honey” this older man said as he got in. My eyes open wide looking at him as he took the towel and wiped my face.. He lowered the towel to my groin and dried my little clitlit telling me how cute it was as his hand caressed it. “sorry for the way they treated you” he said. It’s ok I replied I am used to it. His cock was noticeably hard under his pants. I reached over and ran my hand over it. “that’s a good GuRl he moaned and unzipped his pants. His hand on the back of my wet head and slowly pulled me to it. Gladly i parted my lips and took it in my mouth. It did not take long before he erupted with a hard gush of thick cum flowing in my mouth. I wanted to show my appreciation for him being so kind to me I did not swallow. As his cock flowed pumping little squirts of cum in my mouth I let a little drip out so he could see. He squirted his last and I pulled off it. reached up and turned on the lights. a few strands of cum hanging from my lips I opened my mouth and swirled my tongue through it pushing a little more out. He was a few feet away looking at his load in my mouth as I played with it. I tilted my head back and in one gulp swallowed ever drop. Flicking my tongue out licking up the strands from my chin I smiled. “thank you” I said . His hand again on the back of my head pulling me to him our lips met for a kiss. Stay right here he said and he got out. I watched him run across the parking lot then back. He had my dripping wet skit. He wrung it out as best as he could and handed it to me.
“Here honey you cant drive home like that” he said. As i slipped it on. He asked for my number and I gladly gave it to him. He walked away as I drove off. An hour or so later my phone rang it was him wanting to know if I made it home safe/ We talked for a while him telling me all about himself just a lonely old man. I will meet him on Wednesday on his return trip I may even invite him to spend the night.
I got what i was looking for to be degraded and humiliated the bonus was meeting the old man and serving him with kindness.


I had a really bad week. Actually, bad would be an understatement, shitty would be more appropriate. Problems after problems had punctuated my Days. I managed to get a new job as an assistant executive at an accountant firm. For some reason, I was the only man working in this office, and since I was the new guy they were bullying me. I thought that I might just need to pass the week and it would stop.

I decided to change my mind by going to my favorite bar. It was a really popular one, it seems like the whole city was present in this multi floor boom box. Tall or short, fat, slim, ugly and pretty. I got in and already felt the stress leaving my body. I ordered some booze and hit the dance floor. Forgetting myself in the music.

After dancing for around 30 minutes, I decided to have a little rest. As I got to the bar, the barmaid gives me a drink and mentioned that some woman paid for it. I suddenly thought I was getting lucky tonight. Checking out the angels, I recognize my co-workers and my boss.

Is this a joke? They are nagging me even when I’m not at work!

Standing at 6ft and 2 inches, my boss is 1 inch taller than me. She has nice black long curly hair, matching eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses, curly hair, a pretty face, probably D chest, wide hips and long legs. I still haven’t seen her in heels, and she doesn’t have the model shape, but greatly still attractive to me. She definitely project confidence and success. Especially tonight with her makeup, her bright red lipstick, her sexy shirt and her ample leather skirt.

They get back on the dance floor and leave me alone. I relax watching them dance, surprisingly fantasizing over my boss. After a little while, they join me and we all chat a little. We hit the floor again and I surprise myself thinking that my co-workers are a great group. They slowly leave and the night ends with me following my boss to her car while she holds my hand.

We chat again while she drives, asking how I liked the job, the environment and my co-workers. I mention the bullying and she answers that they will probably stop after tonight. I find myself undressing her has we are talking. Finally arriving at her place, she tells me to get comfortable as she gets us some wine.

Chatting again, the alcohol pushes the subject to a dirty path, we play a truth or dare game and we suddenly start kissing.

What am I doing, why do I kiss my boss.

I get up, apologize and confuse myself. She grabs her shirt and pull at it undoing the pressure button, slowly, one after the other, making sure I get a nice view of her pink bra. This totally stuns me. She takes advantage of the situation, get up and press herself against me. My boss start caressing me and mention that she wants to take me.

Wait, MY BOSS just said she wanted to have sex with me!! Should I do this, why can’t I think straight? WHAT… IS… Happening?

She grabs my arm and take me to her bedroom. This room is nice, I feel relaxed as I walk in, there is a certain ambiance that says forget it. She presses herself against me again to kiss me. Her lips are soft and they taste like strawberry.

Wait, what?

I feel like there is something against my blog. She steps back and pull at my shirt, breaking every buttons that were so precariously sewn. As I feel that the time slow down, I can see every button fly and a definitive look of lust on my boss.

She starts kissing my chest and nimble my ears, then she whispers something in my ear. I am not sure of what she said.

Blast it, it’s happening, I am getting lucky tonight.

I decide to kiss her and start being active in the situation. She is pretty and attractive, why can’t I have an active sex relation with my boss. It would be so cool if I could tell my friends that I am banging my boss in her office. I could totally sugar it. I reach behind her back and undo her pink bra. Her boobs are great. They are so big that they are pulled by the gravity.

I start reaching down and feel them. So soft. See start moaning as I cling on her nipples, I can feel her breathing getting faster. She gets on her knees and open up my jeans saying;

‘What do we have here.’

She pulls down my pants and caress my 8 inch boner trough my white tight and soft boxer.

‘I like these.’ She says. And this one is not bad either.

I can feel the wetness in my underwear as she reaches over the band and slowly pull them down. Grabing on my cock, she brings it to her lips and lick it, ever so slowly. My boss, then take my cock in her mouth and suck on it avidly before pulling it out and lick it some more. She takes my balls in my mouth and turl them with her tongue. She slowly licks the full length of my shaft, pause at the head and ask myself if I am ready.

I don’t have the time to answer before she takes it again in her mouth, and go all the way in. My boss has her nose pressed against my pelvis, with my whole penis in her mouth! I am so telling this.

She pulls herself back and keep sucking on my cock some more, putting her hands on my cheeks as she keep going up and down on my shaft. I can hear her moan as she clearly enjoys this. When I mention that I am about to come, she stops reluctantly and stand up, press herself against me. We kiss again. Her nipples are so hard that she is tickling mine. She whispers in my ear that it’s my turn.

I eagerly get on my knees thinking that I will give her the best oral sex she ever had, especially after this blowjob. I unzip her skirt with the zipper above her nice ass and her skirt fall on the floor. She is wearing a matching lace pink panty. The thing is that there is a big surprise in them. Her penis is nicely pushing out, asking to be set free. Things pulsing thing must be bigger than mine.

I back up as I realize what she is.

‘What’s up my dear. Don’t you want to do the same thing to me?’

As she reaches down and free this pretty cock from the lace prison.

‘ Well, I just never suck on a dick before.’

She tells me that she’ll guide me and give me some tricks.

Ok, I am a little into Shemale. I did check it out on the net, mostly because I was curious, then it started being a fantasy. Thing is I never felt ready to try this. I mean taking a dick in my mouth is something totally different that looking at some sexy women pushing it in some half shown men.

‘I would rather not have to use the I am your boss card honey. Please do it, it’s so hard to find someone that is not afraid of me and runs as he feels it.’

I ask her to be really nice in everything we do tonight as I do nothing of this before. After she swear to be gentle, I turn my attention back to this challenge that life as threw at me. I grab it, yup, she is definitely bigger than me, at least one more inch, if not two.

I slowly put my tongue on it. It’s so hard and solid. I feel like I could break my skull on it. I can feel her breathing and shiver as I slowly put the head in my mouth, so warm. I alternate between suck the head and licking the shaft, even giving some attention to the balls.

‘Man, you are good, this is one of the best blowjob I got. Oh yeah, take it deeper baby.’

As I try something she just told me to, I am rewarded by a moan. I think I am enjoying this! She brings her hand on my head and caress my hair as I keep sucking on her. I put my hands on her ass and try to get deeper, choking on this enormous meat. She gives me another trick and push a sexy loud moan.

Damn, I like this. I feel so much in control.

She push my head on her member with her hand. As I gag on this bone and try to pull out, I realize that she has the control, she is so strong and just keep pushing her dick deeper in my throat. Now it’s my turn to have my nose on her skin. Keeping me there a few seconds, she yells and let me take it out. As I am on my knees with my hands still on her cheek, breathing deeply, looking at this big thing I had all the way into my throat a moment ago, still from my saliva. I am thinking that I didn’t mind if she force me to take it all the way in and that I would let her do it again.

Putting a couple fingers under my chin and pulling me up, she kisses my wet lips and apologize for being rude. She just can’t control herself something and she has to dominate her mate. I kiss her back and tell her I kind of like it.

‘Well, my dear, it’s time for more domination. Lay on your back. I want to see your pretty face when you feel it getting really deep in you.’

I do as she ask and get on the bed. She lubes her big member while looking at me with a nice sensual expression. She also gently applies some on my muscle and in my ass. I can feel her fingers massaging my prostate a little, trying to get deeper, ever so deeply. Then come the moment of no return. She put her dick at the entry of my best kept secret and start pushing.

This thing is huge! Bigger than anything else. I had problems taking it in my mouth, forget it, it won’t fit in here!

‘Relax my dear. It will hurt more if you are so tense. This was just the tip. I will keep pushing slowly.’

As she says this, I can feel her getting further. I try to take her advice and relax. Otherwise, this pain will get worse.

‘Man you’re tight my dear. I can tell I am going to enjoy this.’

As she is finally completely in me, she lay on me and whisper gently in my ear.

‘How does it feel to have all this wood in you.’

As I open my mouth to answer, she kisses me. I just can’t get over the fact of her soft lips and her strength everywhere else. She is so sensual yet so powerful. She lay on top of me for some seconds, kissing my face, nibbling on my ears and kissing me some more. I feel like I relax, I can sense that I am loosening up. She asks me if I am ready. Since the pain have received I say yes. She pulls out, I am empty inside, push back in. This is great, a mix of slight pain and pleasure and there is more sensation coming from my prostate.

As She feed me with half of her member, ever so slowly, sensualy and terderly. Our breathing gets faster, we are definitely enjoying this, I am caressing her body as she is giving it to me. She alternate her positions slightly so that she doesn’t tire too quickly, while keeping a good pace.

This concert continues for a good time. I can feel her breathing even faster, I can tell she will come soon, as I feel something coming down my crotch. She whispers for me to masturbate for her, which I do, as she kept fucking my ass. It doesn’t take long before we both come. My sperm is propulsed to my chest and even my face, this is the biggest load I ever felt leaving my body, it feels great. As I am coming, I can feel hey cock pulsing in me and unloading herself, my muscles are contracting around her, giving both of us more sensations. She keeps coming when I feel my orgasm completed, but it doesn’t take her long.

My boss withdraws from me, her huge member leaves an empty feeling in me. She suggests that we have a shower before going to bed, which we do

My second time same day (casual encounter)

The is a continuation of my last story. But on the same day.

So when I got home from sucking my first cock I laid in bed with the taste of cum still in my mouth and my panties soaked in precum. Realizing it was still only 10:45 and I was home alone I opened my phone and went back on craigslist. I had nothing to lose, might aswell give it a shot. As I stroked my cock going through the m4m post a post caught my attention. A man was looking for a young bottom, his cock pick persuaded me. I immediately replied with a photo of my dressed in my outfit I still had on, I knew my 5,1 skinny figure in a sports bra and volley ball spandex would catch his attention. I waited, in the meantime I went and changed my panties, I picked out a black lace thong with a cute pink ribbon in the front. As I grabbed it something caught my attention. A butt plug! My sister had a butt plug. I wanted to laugh, but I was more curious to try it out. It was a bubble butt plug. I thought while I wait for a reply I’ll play with this toy. I played down on my bed with a jar of petroleum jelly and the plug. I took off my spandex and Lubed my ass I inserted the frst bead, it was painful. Laying there letting it set before I pushed the second bead in, siding the second was easier, it started feeling good. I played with the first two pushing them in and out, my ass started to get use to it and i started enjoying it. I forced the third bed and the rest of it in and I was in bliss. The plug felt amazing fully in and so well shaped to be comfortable. As I was laying there the phone lit up with an Email. The man agreed to meet but he couldn’t host. I replied to him not seeing on his post he couldn’t host. I got nervous, I didnt want to be a flake, but I didnt want a stranger in my parents house while they were away. Remembering the feeling I had just a and hour ago my urges took over me and I replied with my address and told him to be here at 12. He immediately replied ok. I got excited and nervous at the same time. I jump up and went back to my sisters room to pick out an outfit, I had just over 30min to get ready.
Looking through my sisters cloths I picked out the black lace thong I already had, a pair of regular leggings and a thin lace bra. Barefoot and with my outfit I waited for him to arrive. I stroked my cock to the picture of his cock while i waited. A while later I heard the knocking I ran down to open the door. Not realizing I was shirtless I opened the door and his tall middle aged self looking down at me, he knew he was at the right place. With my mind in a blur I grabbed his hand inviting him in, he asked if anyone was home which I replied no. He sighed in relief. As we got to my room he got a look at me, I could tell he was pleased as he came in for a kiss. I had never kissed anyone, but it felt good. His tounge rubbing against mine was intense, my little dick started getting erect. He got closer and groped my ass, I nearly lost it as a big blast of precum leaked out. I was more horny than iver ever been. I went for his pants and unbuckled his jeans, his underwear and pants dropped and he kicked them to the side as he took off his shoes. Again I was in joy as a beautiful cock was in my hands he was semi erect it had to be a good 3inches thick and 6inches long. Smaller than my last man but for what I needed him for he was perfect. He removed his shirt as i kneeled down and started sucking on his cock. He immediately got hard as my lips made contact with his head. I went slow licking his head and shaft. I could actually enjoy this one. I took my time licking his shift and balls, rubbing my lips on my head and sucking his whole 6inches. When he was rock hard and wet with spit and precum. He took a hold of me and bent me over my bed. Pulling down my legging he spanked my bottom, I didnt really like that…yet. pulling my panties to the side he saw my plug. I forgot to remove it this whole time. He chuckled and one by one he removed it. Omg! That felt amazing!. He threw it on the floor and spit in my hole. Making contact with my ass and his cock I braced for what I’ve been waiting for. His head penetrating first then 1in..2…3, then quickly he forced all 6inches inside me, he moaned in pleasure he slid out and forced himself back a few more times, with precum leaking out of me and him jumping my ass he leaned down kissing my neck and moaned “omg your pussy feels so good”. At that moment I forgot I was a boy and convinced myself I was a girl. He pulled out of my pussy and laid on the bed without orders I removed my leggings and and got on top him. I pulled my panties to the side and slowly slid his cock back inside me. Cowgirling his cock i rod him without stop, feeling avatar inch of him rub inside my pussy his head rubbing against my rectum. My big booty slapping rubbing against his thighs. He stopped me and said he didnt want to cum yet. I slid off his cock slowly feeling his head pop out. He ordered me to get on all 4. I obeyed knowing I was going to finally experience doggy style. I got behind me and forced his cock in sliding in without resistance. My ass relaxed after after a few minutes of getting pounded my meat. My ass was numb but I was getting a build up of pleasure. It was building up from my pussy to my dicklet I started to moan with the most feminine voice I’ve ever made as a stream of cum came shooting out of my dicklet. It was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, my eyes twitched and my pussy tightened. The manfeeling me tighten up speed up and also shot a stream of his hot man cum inside me. We both collapsed next to each other spooning,his cock still inside me. I pulled his out turned around and made out with my man as I rubbed his cock for the last time before he had to leave. He said he had to go and we got dressed. I escorted him down to the door and we gave each other one last kiss. He left with a smile and said we should do this again. I told him if look out for his post. I walked back up to my room cum still leaking out of my ass picked up the butt plug and put it back inside and went to sleep with his cum inside me

Sorry for any bad grammar.

The dream that woke me up

Fantasy ( the dream ) woke up with a dripping ….

I heard a voice screaming my name… over and over until i saw a woman run towards me… i couldnt turn away i kept looking, the closer she got the more paralysed i felt. She took my hand and we ran towards a big building where i heard voices from woman who were giving others to people… like suck this… open wide… your ass is mine boy!!! It kinda scared me cause i knew what was going to happen if i kept following this woman… but some how i couldnt take my hand back my legs kept walking… we were inside the building guys were moaning screaming and woman were laughing and cumming…. couldnt help myself i started to get horny so horny that the woman noticed… she laught and her outfit changed… the first thing i saw was the strapon she had… even before i could react on what was happening she said get on your knees… i thougt i had to suck her strapon.. o boy what was i wrong with 1 motion she placed her strapon cock against my asshole and ramm it in.. at first it hurted it was to big… but the more she plowed my asshole the more i loved it.. she kept fucking me and fucking me…. it felt like i was cumming oooo i was cumming but i was not alout to cum… suddenly it was black didnt saw a thing anymore the only thing i felt was that she was still fucking my asshole with a strapon that grew every time i got more used to the strapon but something stept infront of me i felt something going against my hair… something was on my lip… it was wet and soft…my hands glided up.. it was so soft what was it… and then it happend… she pushed her cock in my mouth… i felt her balls against my chin.. her dick was down my troath and she kept it there… the light got turned on… and there she was a beautifull shemale with a fucking body and nice cock to suck on… she pulled out her cock and rubed it against my face.. and pushed her balls into my mouth… i licked them and sucked them until she couldnt take it anymore and pulled them out my mouth… i could hear her moan when i sucked on those soft balls of her… she loved it… but before i knew it she slammed her cock in my mouth and started fucking it… i couldnt breath at all but i cant explain.. i loved it!! She kept slamming her dick in my mouth until she came for first time in my dream… sooooo much cum it was hard to swallow all… no drip waisted and she walked away.. meanwhile there is still one fucking my asshole… i was still trying to get all the cum inside of me.. when she asked me if i liked what happend ? That i got spitroasted by a woman fucking my asshole and a shemale fucking my face… yes iloved it.. she stopped and rammed it up asshole so hard and said what yes… how do u call me… every word she said she pushed the strapon harder and even deeper inside of me until i said yes mistress… the sound in her voice turned to a much happier voice… 

Tell me if u want me to continue… plzz comment and tell me cause this was such a crazy dream that i would love to make this happen…. my bed was so wet when i woke up damnnnn plzz let me know

Btw sorry for the bad english its not my first languange


So check this, I’m Vee by now you should know me, since I always seem to be running my mouth about one thing or the other. What can I say, I like to hear myself talk. I’m 5’2 and about 180 but a nice lean ripped. I am a gym rat and I do take good care of myself. I was out doing my thing about, the hotels it was time for me to collect some overdue funds. I waited for that late night and I made my way into Mr. H. K Jo Yates, his some world renounce Doctor from Japan, China or Asia I always get those confused. He is a very well off and rich person has a VIP condo that never comes or stays. As I am making my way in, you don’t need to know how I got in or why am I here, all you need to know is I’m inside his place. Walking thru an ‘acquiring’ a few things that I need to have. ( I pledge my 5th amendment right, ya ain’t gonna get me to confess). I am dressed in all black leather pants, black tight shirt, and my hair is waved back gel down. I look like a very fem Italian mobster or hit woman of some type. You can tell I am not up to any good. As I walk around taking a nice long hard deep look and studying everything that in the oversize condo that looks like some sort of a plaza from a Hollywood mansion from some over rich, overexposed, over fame Hollywood celebrity. I will admit the doctor has really good taste. I am not looking for anything too big or oversize to take with me. I just want something small, but of valve that I can easily move about and exchange or sell for some quick cash and make double and maybe triple my income. This is about working security and just about any field is that once you know the in’s from the inside is very, very, very easy to break in from the outside. Is all about knowing the in and out once you have the knowledge and experience all else is about putting it to use and applying no matter in what that context is. Is like someone working at a bank would know exactly how to break into a bank. All it is, is about getting the right experience to obtain the knowledge all else is just putting into action. All that is on a need to know bases and you are not on a need to know so let’s keep going, shall we.

I am carefully and cautiously walking around the kitchen and my, my, my he has a very very nice kitchen. I make my way around check out his fridge and I help myself to a bottle of wine. “good stuff, like I said he has very exquisite taste. I start to walk around the condo and slowly make my way to the bedroom. Unless there is some type of study or office, most all the valuables of anyone, will be in the bedroom is all about finding where.

HOLY FUCK!!!” I suddenly make a jump back over and take cover behind a door that is leading to the doorway of the bedroom. I hide real quick. As I peek again, overlooking to the satin red bed a big oversize bed. 2 standing lamp on both side of the bed the lighting is dim but I can see perfectly a wonderful figure lying on the bed.

There is a nice tall slender Asian or Chinese something along those lines(think Venus Lux, I will forever use her bahahahah,she’s  beautiful is easy to use her for a mental picture). She’s lying on the bed in a pinkish rose see thru almost silk like night gown. She is on the bed and off to the side, right side of her there a a wall install plasma tv. She is taking some time to enjoy herself, while watching some porn.

OOOOOOOOO some real nice porn,” not sure which one, I am more attracted to the chick on the bed or the porn got to admit I do like porn (who doesn’t). As I am frozen in my feet just memorized by the Asian amazon beauty in front of me. I notice she flip her hair, back letting it fall over her right shoulder and back as she is caressing herself, WOW WHAT AN ASS OMG!!!!!!

I see her caress her cheek and rub herself in between her ass crack, as she is rubbing herself I can see the up and down motion of her left hand off to the side. She slightly turn to the side just enough that I can see her. Part of me wants to hasty run and leave out of here, as quickly as I can but well that is not an optional due to my form of entry. If I try to leave any other way I will blow my cover in some way or the other. A bit of a predicament, I seem to have gotten myself into. Will admit SHE IS FUCKING HOT. If I get to see her naked it be worth it. Just as I am slowly leaning off on the edge of the doorway she lays across.

OMG her body is perfect, smooth, her skin so soft and dedicated. Her long long black hair spread all over her red color stain pillows. She looks like an angel that is ready to commit some kind of lustful sin. She is rubbing herself with one hand. I can barely see the other one, only notice the stroking motion off, on the side. While she is caressing her ass with her right as she reaches over and gets a small dildo like type of strap and she tries to rub it in and out pressing upon her. She keeps this up for a few minutes to swap it out and change it for another one that she slides in barely the tip of the head this one is a little more bigger than the first one but not much and a bit slightly thicker. She keeps trying to insert it in and out of her. The whole time shes captivated by the porn on the tv. It’s a female on female porn the top is domming a very sub bottom. Got’s to be a hard lesbian strapon porn, from what I can see. I see some of the actresses but I can’t recall exactly who they are but I know I have seen them. Possibly they may even be in my favorite collections. I lean forward a little watching her, is not always I get to see a real live show. I needed to get a better view (ya know how I am about views) as I watch her she is rubbing the smaller head of the dildo in and out in and out of her nice pretty thick ass. She puts that one down and picks up another one and uses that one for a few minutes in the same way as the one before. She smacks herself a few time turning her cheek nice pinkish red color that glare against her creamy pastel white skin. She leans up a little turning over just so I can see her perfect handful size tits with nice pretty nipples as with one hand she reaches over pinching her nipples with the other she keeps trying to push the toy inside her just enough. She seems iriated, annoyed. Like when you’re trying to cum but you just can’t quite get it there (I’m sure we all been there at some point or another). As she turns over

HOLY HELL!!!!” Now I really am very very very thrill. She’s a full-blown very well hung TS. Her dick is fully extended. She is very very turned on. I watch her stroke herself over and over and over again, rough and very fast and faster her skin turning red, a bright red as shes filled with lust filling inside her. She keeps trying to cum but is unable to get that extra rise(heheheh) She is so caught up on the porn that she is totally unaware of my entry to the room (guess I wanted a close up). As I take a few steps over closer to the bed I noticed off to the side she had a few harness with a nice long 9 inches of length that stood right out and straight out over.
Without thinking I found myself reaching over to the harness like and taking off my pants and strapping it on me as I tie it over me on my hips. Taking off my top and reaching over towards her. I was so caught up on the moment I didn’t realize what I was doing or about to do as I lean closer and closer and closer to her. Suddenly, I found myself on top of her straddling her over her legs pinned undermines as I reach over putting my hand over her perfect lips. Her look on her face was surprised but not frightened. She jerks slightly, more out of surprise than anything else. With my right hand, I grab her hand and pinned it over her head while pinning the other off on the side of her body pressed upon mines.

“SSSSSHhhh I don’t want to hurt you, just kind of well, maybe I can join you? I say teasing her as I lean and gently kiss her on her neck. I felt her body tremble slightly maybe nervous but she didn’t resist or try to fight back in any way. Which in a way surprised me and at the same time it turned me on. I felt something strange on the palm of my hand, as I look at her eyes, her eyes seem to be filled with lust more than fear.

“if I let you go will you scream or try to fight me?
I ask her slowly loosen my grip on her mouth. She slightly nods.
“ok I’m going to let go, ok I don’t wanna hurt you, just wanna join you with your type of play” I reassure her,me trying to gain her trust but not sure if shes just playing along with me. I let her go realizing she was licking the palm of my hand. She licks her lips as she softly speaks with an Asian like accent soft-spoken voice.

“this is a private property how did you get in?” she asked,

That’s for me to know” plus I can ask u the same question” I reply back while caressing her body with my left hand.

She responds “I know the owner”…I inject “and so do I” this time my hand is rubbing down her breast feeling on her left nipple, as I start to slowly slide my right hand down her arms, that I loosen from my grip.

“go ahead and take whatever you like,” she said

“I don’t want anything right now I want you. I say while rubbing both my hands down her breast and pinching her nipple at the same time and caressing them while squeezing them.

“Oh honey, make sure you know how to play with that thing” she said as she drops her hand and reaches over for my strapon.

“Oh my, a rare breed,” I say while I am taken back slightly but still go along with it. ‘a bottom sub-TS”

Her direct reply “ a rare sight ‘an aggressive top lesbian’ she knows the type I am.
I chuckle
“honey please, have some power behind this thing’ she said almost in a demanding way as she leans over spreading her legs giving me direct access to her ass. I pop up giving her space for her to do it. As she turns I pop her cheek turning them a nice brighter shade of red. She lets out a nice scream stretching her hands over on top of head resting over the bed headstand. As I lean over her caressing her whole back and kissing her from her neck down the center of her back all the way down her as drag my tongue inside her ass rolling it over teasing her partially over her already a slightly open ass. As she feels the coldness of my tongue rolling inside her she rolls forward. I come up dragging my tongue up her back all the way up her neck biting her as I slowly rub the head of it inside her
I rub my tongue in between her cheek as I rub down her back pushing it down on her back putting pressure on it pinning her down on to the bed. She rolls and flips her long hair back playfully, and teases me with it ( I love hair play). As I press on her more and she feels my tongue going down her ass crack licking just before her ball hanging down she lets out a soft moan. I pop up and push forward into her as she rolls up and goes into a low doggy style position her nice beautiful Asian white ass up in the ass just how I like it. I spit on her nice asshole that’s already been pre-open just a little and I place the head of the dildo as I begin to push into it sliding it inside her. Her whole body trembles as I slide it inside her and I begin to shovel it inside her sliding it out and pushing it back. Her body pulsing from the deep penetration as she lets out a few screams filled by ecstasy. I lean back reaching over her and I lean over under her grabbing her massive dick that is perfectly curved to the top. Her head barely touching her belly button thin but very long I must admit. I take it with my right hand as I begin to stroke it pressing hard on it, while with my left hand I reach over grabbing her left nipple and squeezing her perfectly made tits and pinching her nipples. Every time push in I stroke her dick as each one of my thrustings is perfectly in sync with my stroking of her dick that’s already filled with loads of cum ready to explode as I stroke more and more and more, my dildo sliding in and out of her the penetration getting deeper and deeper as, my stroking is getting faster and faster. This hard penetration and fast stroking went on n on n on for what it seems like hours into I am breaking into a sweat and she is dripping with my sweat on top of her. Soon I feel a hot thickness load of cum shooting from her dick and spraying all over my hand and the bedspread. I must confess the pounding I gave her made me cum as my pussy was dripping wet and wetness was dripping all over my thigh and down. After a few nice hard loads of cum and exploding in perfect timing, we both drop down. I think from the overworked I put in those were some very very very hard thrusting I must have over exhausted myself that I fell into a deep sleep. I am not sure what time or day it was but I woke up to some radio like a transmission. I woke up to find a small breakfast table off to the side. I immediately popped up to my feet and put on the first set of clothing on sweatpants and I found my shirt and popped on my shoes.
Window” fuck I’m on a skyrise penthouse roof floor what the fuck am I spiderman?’ I’m crazy, not stupid and I don’t trust my freerunning to get me to the other side either, and how obvious would that be.
FUCK! plan be to sneak out the back door, Vee? really there is no back door,” i am talking to myself as, I am pacing around her room trying to think of a way to escape when suddenly I listen to what was being said
“are you sure you are alright Ms.Katts? a male voice speaks from the outside of the doorway that I was able to sneak a peak from the mirror dresser that was facing over to the living room side.
“Yes, officer I am, ,my apologies my cat set off my alarm, I didn’t answer sooner I was a bit preoccupied late night” everything is perfect thank you for the checkup I’ll make sure to give your company a good feedback, sorry for the false alarm.’ She explains
“no problem ma’am that’s what we are here for, if you need us, just call us” male officer said as they radio back and leave as she closes the door.
“wow, she didn’t turn me in’ guess after my performance she thinks of letting me go, maybe I get a free pass.
She walks back in dressed in an all red robe her hair slightly wet flipped over to her left shoulder.
“Vanessa, your finally up, I’m glad though you would sleep all day, didn’t want to wake you up,” she said with a slight accent I can’t pinpoint it but I have heard this voice before but is different softer more dedicate but is familiar to me….. WAIT how did she knew my name?
“I took the liberty to go thru your pocket and found your wallet and ID’ she said pouring herself a glass of some expensive wine I can smell the cherry flavor from where I am standing about a few steps away from her as she’s by the dresser looking at me thru the mirror.
“fuck, she has my information’ I give a hopeless looks as I drop right back down on the edge of the bed as she walks almost floating to a throne-like chair right in front of me and takes sip of the red like glass and licks her lips softly looking at me a few minutes of awkward silence goes by.
“Ms.Katt, correct?”
“yes that is correct” she responds sipping her wine leaving the perfect lip print on the glass looking at me deeply
“may I have my wallet back,” I ask
“Please,’ I remember to say it
“you may,” she said softly, throwing at me as it lands between my legs (hole in one, lols)
I look thru it, not sure why is not like she would take anything from it
“everything is there,” she said assuring me
“oh yeah force of habit,” I say putting It in my pocket and standing up
“so look at the time, I should get going’ I say trying to play cool
“SIT RIGHT BACK DOWN!” she orders her voice changes suddenly. I know this voice! Where do I know this voice from I try and think but can’t place it.
“EXCUSE ME?” I say suddenly, the fuck she thinks she is,
She reaches off to her left setting down the wine and picking up a remote control and presses a key suddenly the TV off on the side turns on to what appeals is a state of the art camera control security monitor system. Motion sensor it picks up even the slightest of all movements and trigger if anyone is inside the penthouse. She runs back the footage and well to make a long story short I AM CAUGHT REDHANDED!
“OH FUCK!!!” I whisper suddenly realizing what this means.
“Oh fuck is right, you are fucked in more ways than you can think,” she said tastefully
“Hold on, right now I am an intruder I’ll give you that but the owner of this penthouse knows me and I’m sure if I speak to him he wouldn’t even bother making chargers Mr.Yates is a very understanding person, and if I am intruder so are you” I say standing up trying to find a loophole of some kind, and trying to bluff my way out of it.
“Vanessa, I am not that understanding and even I have my limits and there is no Mr.Yates anymore only MsKatts,” she said her voice totally changing into a male voice
Mr, Mr. Yates?” it suddenly hit me she is he, or he is her.
“WOW!!” I mean…. Stunned who knew a guy like him could make sure a beautiful female like her, is like two different people but is the same person.
I drop back down on the bed shocked and stunned, daze and confuse. No wonder her voice was so familiar to me.
She places the control down, picks up her wine and sips while flipping her hair, it feels as if she’s teasing me. Trying to get a rise out of me.
Suddenly, she gets up and stands directly in front of me
Ms.Katts?” I look up at her, she disrobes, her perfect tits perky and her nipples hard, as I look at her, her perfectly hard on dick facing directly in front of me. I just look at her oddly not sure what she is doing but somehow I know exactly where she is going with this.
“ You are an amazing fuck as a top, I only wonder how much better are you as a bottom,” she said flipping her hair and coming closer to me
“go on, I know you like sucking on lollipops, think of it as your own personal pop” she said slowly reaching over to my head undoing my hair and slowly guiding my face to her.
See this is why crime doesn’t pay….. it just doesn’t!!!!

Another business trip

Hi All,

This incident fro a cpl of year ago. Once again as you all know i like to crossdress when alone on my work trips.
So as it happens I was on a work trip in central india in the town of Indore and after reaching i checked into the hotel recommended by the client which was near to their office and in a central part of town. Well after checking in and after a good cold shower I called up my client to inform I had reached and fixed up the time fro meeting next morning. It was around 4pm and with nothing else to do i decided to walk around the market and get some nice lingerie for my self and try and have some fun.

Well i walked around a small shopping complex checking out the shops where i could get some lingerie for my self. I saw a small store selling sarees( traditional indian dress ) at dirt cheap rates. I thought to myself lets dress up as a traditional indian housewife this time. SO i bought a nice white one with some nice pink design and then i went to a shop where the lady customer had just walked out and there was only the shop owner alone inside. I went and asked for my size of bra with Cor D cups. He was a bit confused( this is India and not many guys shop for female lingerie her e). Well he showed me a few designs and i picked one with the biggest cups available and a nice lace panty with it. He was talking to me where i was from, was I here on work and stuff..and introduced himself as – Dev. I was not expecting a conversation as i was in a hurry to get back to my room and try on the new lingerie and the saree. Well i was giving short answers and i guess he did suspect something amiss with my answers. well i selected my bra, panty, stockings and i asked him how much.
Dev – Does your wife travel with you on work?
Me – No i am alone ( suddenly i realised i had given a wrong answer)
I just gave him the money.
Dev – So you want to take this as a gift , or….?
Me – Yes
Dev – Yes for gift or not
Me – I didn’t understand you?
Dev – Well if you are alone, Do you want to take it back as gift or do something else
Me – Plz ask clearly but that should not be your concern though!
Dev – I thought maybe a girlfriend here in town or something.
I was getting a bit pissed off at him pondering me, and i just kept silent and avoided answering
He handed me back my change.
Dev – hope your girlfriend likes them
Me- ( a bit pissed off ) Actually I like to wear these and i am going back in my room to wear them
I picked up the bags and while walking out he said- ‘ If you really going to wear these hope you dont need any help ?’

I just walked out …
Now i was nervous and shaking … after walking off i went to a road side shop and got my self a pack of smokes and lit one.
While smoking i realised what he said about if I needed any help. He was ready to make out with me or what ?

Well I was too excited to dress up in the saree to bother about that now. I just finished my smoke and on the way bought a pack of condoms and went in to my room and laid my stuff on the bed. I wanted to relax a few minutes before i changed into gurl mode. I was a bit tired from the traveling and the walk around during the shopping. I just lay down for a bit and i dozed off. I woke up an hour later and i just washed my face and ordered some whisky. I was too excited to wear my new dress and waiting for room service was like forever.
After a good 10 mins there was a knock on the door and in came the guy(let’s call him Raj) with my drink. He was in his late 20s and average build.
Me – I ordered 2 pegs but you got only 2 but there was offer of a free peg if i order 2
Raj – i will go and get more sir.
Me – No you get it after half hour ( thinking i will just try on my lingerie and change back to normal before he comes)
Raj – Ok sir

He went away.

As soon he closed the door i filled the glass with ice and had a sip and got nude. First came the panty then the stockings and then the bra. The bra cups i filled with spare soft cloth ( i always carry for boobie pads ) and i was feeling soo horny. i gulped down my first drink and while smoking i did a little dance in front of the full wall mirror in the room.Then i lubed my hole nicely before I made my second drink, put on the TV and selected a channel where hindi movie songs played so i could dress in saree and dance around. It took me 10 mins to d**** the saree on myself as it was my 1st time. Well i managed some how. i lit another smoke, had a long sip of whisky, turned up the tv volume and walked around the room like a lady and was dancing in front of the mirror and smoking and was like total slutty housewife.

I wqsa enjoying the sight of ‘Sheila'( my gurl name ) dancing in the mirror with the volume up that i didn’t hear the knock on the door and i guess after knocking a cpl of times he tried the handle and the door opened( in my excitement to dress up as Sheila i had not locked the door).
In walks a guy in his late 30s (name Ram ) with a big mustache and average body about 5ft8 to see a slut dancing in front of the mirror. He just closed to door with a light bang and i realised what happened. I was sooo nervous and scared. I tried to cover myself with my arms which was noo good as the saree is a full body dress.
Ram – Good evening sir, your drink sir,
Me _ I am so sorry , Plz wait i will change in 1 min
Ram- No problem sir , it is your choice
after a pause which seemed like an hour
Ram – plz sign bill sir
Me- Plz dont tell any one about all this. ( I went to the closet and got some money from my wallet and tipped him nicely)
Ram – no worry sir, I will not
If you need anything else plz call me at room service number.
Me – What time does your shift get over.( i was trying my luck and some thing told me this guy was game for fun)
Ram – I am here all night , i just came in for night shift. do you need any thing?
He came near me and adjusted my saree over my shoulder
That was it i knew this guy was game.
Me – Can you come in a bit later if you have time
Ram – If i have time?? for what sir?
Me – Maybe you can help me with a little extra service.
Ram – I am free now also ( he checked his watch )
I walked over to him and rubbed his tool over his pants. He was already hard.
Me – lock the door.
He locked it and didn’t need telling and he just dropped his pants and undies in a single motion and there was his tool all 6 inches of it shaved and hard and ready for action.

I walked over to him as sexily as i could and dropped down to my knees and kissed his tip. He let out a little moan.
I flicked my tongue over his head and he was moaning slowly. Then i took his rod in my mouth and sucked him nice and slow. He removed my saree off my shoulders and was feeling my back and fondling my boobs.

After 5 mins of sucking we both got up and he lay me on the bed. He pulled up my saree over my knees and lifted my legs up and fingered my hole. He pumped with 2 fingers and the lube was making squishy sounds. I was getting a hard on too. Then he asked if i have a condom which i gladly gave him and he had it rolled over his hard on in a minute.
I was on the edge of the bed with my saree pulled up and my legs up on his shoulders and he entered my hole in one stroke. Ohhhh what a feeling that was. He was doing slow long strokes going deeper n deeper till his balls hit my ass cheeks. He pumped my like this for a cpl of minutes and suddenly my phone rang..

It was my client and i had to answer as this client was one i could not afford not to miss calls. I motioned him to stop for a cpl of minutes. I got up and as the phone was on the other side of the bed i got on all fours and went over and answered the call. The client wanted to discuss a small technical issue and during the discussion suddenly Ram comes up behind me lifts my saree over my ass and i am in doggy position and i realise what he is up to . I signal him to wait 2 mins with my hand but the cheeky guy he just holds my hips and pushes his dick all the way into my ass.
I almost screamed but then i was listening to my client and saying yes/ no for answers and this guy was fucking me from behind. The call lasted just under 5 mins and i was focusing more on not making any funny sounds while on the phone and having my ass fucked at the same time.
Well i finished my call and while on the call and being fucked at the same time was a first for me and made me even more horny. I made him lie in the bed and got on top of him cow girl style. I rode him so hard he came in 2 mins.

Well we both lay on the bed for a cpl of mins. I got up got some tissue roll and cleaned my hole. HE got up and got dressed after washing his dick in the toilet.
I adjusted my saree and he helped me in adjusting it correctly.

He left without saying anything and i lit a smoke to calm down. A half hour later he called on the room phone and asked what i wanted for dinner.
Ram got me dinner, and dessert ( at midnight )
It was 2 times with Ram for my duration of stay at the hotel and once with Dev ( the shop keeper who sold me the lingerie)

But thats another episode folks…….

Hope you like my (s)experience.

Below is an image of what I was wearing when Ram walked into my room.

Another business trip

The next day (casual encounter)

The following day after my intense hookups with the two men from craigslist. I wake up saturday morning from the best sleep I’ve had yet. With my booty still soaked in cum from last night and a slight soreness in my ass I got up and went to take a shower, removing my leggings, thong and bra. I saw I still had my plug in my ass pulling it out a gush of cum came with it. I chuckled remembering last night. After showering, i naturally went to my sisters room and dressed myself in black cotton and lace bikini panties, ankle socks, Botty denim shorts and a white long sleeve. I decided since I was home alone and didnt have to go anywhere I might as well be comfy. Ofcourse with dressing up the urge to be bent over and fucked came with it. After getting my first taste of cock and cum the addiction started. I wanted to make the most of this month alone so instead of waiting till dark I went fishing early scrolling through craigslist m4m. Plenty of men eager to thrust their cocks in holes. And since my little 3in wasn’t good for much else other than being rubbed like a clit, I was happy to provide my boipussy for their release. I was a little more picky this time, but I soon found a man I wanted. A 40 something married, looking for a sissy, isnt getting any at home from his selfish wife. Hes good looking, muscular, 6,2 and a 7in cut cock with a big head. I replied with my stats and a pic from last night In my leggings and bra. I was blessed with a plump booty that filled in those leggings giving me a curvy look so I knew he couldn’t resist. I cleaned the house and ate while I waited for a reply. 5pm came and finally a reply. I could tell he was excited he attached a close up pic of his cock, a gorgeous hard veiny 7incher. Precum leaked out of me as I griped my clit. I couldn’t wait and asked if he could come now, ofcourse he said he was with his family and said 10pm would be better. I sighed and said 10pm is perfect and sent him my address. I was already horny and had to wait, damn.
While I wait I went upstairs grabbed the butt plug and played boipussy while I waited, it didnt help much it only got me hornier so I stopped. Instead I went to get ready. I picked out a sexy Calvin Klein thong, black athletic botty shorts and a purple sports bra no shirt. I saw my sister had extensions, my medium length black hair was nice but if I had longer hair I’d look much more feminine and sexy. Sure enough I clipped them on and couldn’t help but have a large smile on. It looked so natural reaching my mid back. I finished with some lip gloss, blush, mascara and a little black eyeshadow. If I had tits you would think I was a girl. 10pm exactly and the knock comes at the door. My heart beat races even though I’ve already lost my virginity I’m still nervous, wtf. I take a deep breath and open the door. He looks down at me with a smile and just walks in. Hes wearing a a typical shirt tucked in, a belt, Jean’s and boots. He introduces himself as dad and says I look beautiful. I smile and tell him I’m sophi. I grab his hand and lead him up to my sisters room. Even though im not looking back i can tell hes looking at my plump ass. As we walk he dosent waste time and starts unbuckling his belt and pants and drops them on the floor, I sit him down, get on my knees and wet my lips. Hes already rock hard. The same veiny cock I saw in the picture is now in my face. I begin with kissing every inch of his shaft and sucking his head, I give him one long lick from the base of his shaft to the tip I salty burts of precum comes out. I lick it up and swallow no more than 4in before he hits the back of my throat. I close my lips and slowly slide back up duck kissing his tip. I Bob my head on his cock taking a little more in every suck. Finally my throat relaxes and I go down for his 7in but gag at 6. I lick his balls and give his cock a last kiss before he turns me around and tells me to bend over. Slowly he removes my shorts and gives my ass a hard slap, my clit twitches and I leak. He gets up removes his shirt and french kisses me groping my ass with both his hands. His hairy muscular body pressed against my soft smooth skin. After kissing I’m thrown on the bed, he takes out a bottle and lubes his cock stroking it. Out of eager excitement I say “hurry up daddy” I can tell he likes that so I tell him again “come fuck this pussy already daddy”. He gets ontop of me pulls my panties off, with my legs on his shoulders(missionary) his head makes contact with my hole. I can already feel him slowly penetrating opening my hole. First his head enters then slowly he smoothly slides 3inches inside. He thrusts a couple times before again sliding deeper inside. My clit is now soaked in my own precum still limp. Finally going deeper thrusts all 7in inside, all I hear is thighs slap against mine. I pull on the sheets in pleasure. Now that I’m stretched out he gets serious. All I hear is out thighs clapping as he thrusts and thrusts that big 7in cock inside my stretched my boipussy. I cant help it but moan. As my pussy loosen up all I can feel is him sliding in and out with ease. I can tell he loves my pussy and moans with pleasure. In response I moan “oh yes daddy fuck that pussy”. He begins to thrust harder and faster than before, shaking the bed hitting the wall. Im happy only me and daddy are home alone so we can make all the noise we want. He starts sweating and stops. His cock pops out. He lays down and orders me to ride him, I respond “yes daddy” and kneeling I grab his cock push the head inside and with ease it inserts. I can feel the difference from missionary. Grinding on his cock I begin to sweat, with every slap he gives me my pussy tightens. Moaning and moaning, I never want this end. Daddy’s cock is the best cock I’ve had. I can feel every inch of his cock sliding in and out, his big head rubbing my insides. I stop in exhaustion. I suck his cock some more, the taste of lube and precum fill my mouth. He gets up flips me over and again begins to fuck me missionary. I can sense hes close. I pull him down for a kiss and moan “omg yes daddy” as I orgasm, my little clit shooting its sissy cum on my stomach, my pussy tightens around his cock. He begins thrusting even harder slamming the bed to the wall. Daddy groans shooting his hot seed. I can feel every squirt of daddys warm cum filling me up. He pulls out and lays next to me saying “thank you baby I needed that” giving me a peck on the lips.. Ofcourse like every man he immediately gets up and and gets dressed. I plug myself up with my toy, i put on my panties and watch him get dressed. I escort him to the door, before leaving he gives me a hug and slaps my ass. I whisper “bye daddy come back soon” I watch him leave knowing his cock is pleased.

i love sucking married black guy

Its always so exciting to drive at night in my pink camisole and panty

looking for a cock to suck

i remember the first time I sucked a cock in my car
how crazy and horny i felt when he asked me if i was catching any pokemon

my fone in my hand , window down playing that stupid game

a huge bulge in his short bend over my window

looking at me wearing a cute pink boy short i just bought

”can i come inside”

i watch him sit down in the backseat
taking off his jeans showing off his hard big black cock

”im so horny come suck on my cock”

and i crawl on the floor , taking place between his legs mouth open getting feed his cock slowly and lovely

”you got out dress in pink tight short alot boy? we could be goods friend”

”mmmm yes thats it lick on my balls”

”you love sucking cocks ”

noding looking at him mouth around his fat bonner, so happy to finally taste a big cock

”oh you little slut, you suck so good ”

”im gonna nut in your mouth , i want you to swallow all of it”

”oh fuck yes just like that, suck the cock”

”work for that big fat load , you want my cum”

i was hoing crazy, i wanted him to explode all of it in me

i was eager to make him cum and started to moan and suck for it like a hungry slut

letting him pump his fat meat in my drooling pussy mouth

has he repeated i was a good girl

diving in my mouth forcing me to deepthroat and loose any gag reflex

”oh yeah , open up that throat, leave it to me, gimme that throat pussy”

”omg you fucking take it all”

”all of that big cock down your throat”

”like that yessssss, omg good girl , good fucking wore”

holding my head deep

”wait for it, im cuming girl”

”you swallow it all , like a good white slut”

”arggggggg ahhhhh take it slut, take it , yessssssss down in that fucking slut throat, ahhahha so cute , take it cute little slut ”

getting it all down in my belly

all of it, there was so much, i kept drinking and drinking jets after jets of warm black cock juice

”oh wow that was so good”

”you drank all of it”
”come here ”

and he lift my tshirt

rubbing on my belly

”it full of cum down there, you did a good job, you love having your belly fulkl of cum dont you”

”yes i do”
giggling as he slap my ass

turning me around

”thats a good girl, lets fill you up with more then”

my tight pink panty rippen up his cock making its way in my ass

”oh fuck , so tight, im gonna wreck that cunt boi”

feeling the wet fat cock going deep making me squeal in pain trying to go slow

but he kept his rythm, fucking deep in the cute pink pantied ass

”oh i love this, your my fuck slut now, im gonna fuck you evry fucking day like this”

ass up face down in my own car moaning and listening to him call me names

knowing too well i was looosing myself to him

and didnt care, looking back smilling at him

”you so cute, im gonna help you become a real gurl”

”wanna be my girl ?”

”yesss yesss i want it”

”tell me boi, tell me you are my girl”

his phone recording in his hands as i repeated over again what he asked

”uess yess im your girl”

”your white slut girl”

bouncing back on the cock

looking at him ,

”ohhh no dont film please”

”shut up slut, take it and repeat you are a girl”

”say it slut”

i still watch the vids sometimes

i jump on my dildo as i watch him make me say iam a girl , filming my tight ass getting his fat cock all in

it always the same. i go out after stretchinh up

dress sexy
driving slowly pass black guy

and meeting horny married guy happy to meet a slut

i love when iam ask to show off on my back seat

ass up looking at a stranger getting his bbc cock out

ready to try me

the sweat feeling of my panty pull down and a cock on my hole is too good

i just cant stop now

i love to ear em say they are married and never get suck as i work my mouth on the cock

its so satisfying to feel his hard cock throbbing , so happy to be worshipped

they all take my number and fuck me when they want

i love to receive text at night and meet one in his car

calling me sweat names as he undress me in my panty and sexy camisole

my hands on the cock waiting for orders

”can i suck your cock now daddy?”

My new neighbor f

I just move in to my new apartment after breaking up with my gf back in 2009. It was a nice 2 family home duplex I was told my neighbor was a family very quiet and low key I was like perfect for me. So as the months past I’v seen my neighbor maybe 6 time and was a very quick hi things I felt no bigger she will never borther me this will be great. It was about 3 am when I heard all this yelling someone crying names being call and shit breaking in my neighbors house.I got up threw on some jeans and went over to her door this guy was above her hitting my neighbor. I grab his arm and lay straight shot to his chin which drop him to his knees. He got back up and I told him you man enough to hit a girl hit me mother fucker and I was ready to throw down. He said she no girl and I said your no man he went to charge me and I gave him a 3 punch combo which drop him again. He got up said I’ll be back and I was like anytime bring a friend. I help my neighbor up she had to small cut one on her lip the other on the back of her head. She didn’t want me to call anyone cops hospital or a family member. I said sorry for entering her house but I don’t go for that she told me her name was Jessica and thank me I told her no problem she gave me a hug as she was crying I was rubbering her back for comfort. Told after 30 minutes I need to get back to bed and if you need anything call me or bang on the wall 3x. So next day I get home from work Jessica knocks on my door to tell me thank you I ask her in we each had a beer she start telling me what was the fight about I explained its non of my business but express I wanna explain so I crack her a beer with mine sat and and listen. She said that been her boyfriend for 8 months and he is mad cause he wanted to take me to gang bang so she did for him and he got mad cause guys were paying to much attention to her blow job skills. I was sitting there just like I don’t think you should be telling me this and she explained she was a transgender and open up tp me about everything. I have to admit she looks awesome Jessica I would have never known. We drank about 12 beers and she was like your a good man thank you she curled up to me on the couch telling she feels protective being in my arms. We that just made me feel so good I made her something to eat had a very glasses of wine and she went home. I was sitting there thinking about her for 3 hours the smell of her hair the softness of her skin the smile with a little cut on it and I started getting turn on. It was 2am I hear someone banging on her door guess who it is here I go again I open my door and said you again he said stay out of this I don’t think she not in her house she in me now mother fucker its was a lie he left guess he didn’t want round 3. Jessica open her door thank you again can I ask you for a favor I said sure can I sleep at your house please told ya if you don’t mind the couch she said its perfect. We went into my house she was wearing this pink silk outfit omg I was holding back .my woody I could see Jessica was still shaking told her would you feel safer in my bed she said yes .As I got in my bed she cuddle right into me and said thank you I told her it ok that guy is an ass and not to worry. I was falling asleep and I could feel Jessica rubbing her ass against my cock and it was growing. I never ever thought about being with a transgender but I cant explain there something there. I grab her her tits and started kissing her neck she was moaning and really grinding into me she turn her heads our lips touch and I was fully hard. She whispered in my ear I really want to be with you and her hand grab my cock now I have a good size cock 8 inches and I can’t tell she like the size of it. She slide my boxers off and I slide of her panties. Now I never thought about sucking a cock or how but I knew what I like and I was going for it fuck it. Jessica start blowing me omg she was loving it as much as I did She laid on top of me so we were in a 69 position I started rimming her pink little boi pussy and fingering it her hipps were going crazy then she lifted her ass exposing her cock to my mouth I grab the base open my mouth and she push in my mouth she was a  smaller then my cock I was working the tip moving all the way down to the base and she was doing the same thingI was choking on it cause I never suck a cock but she took mine like a champ. I was stiwhing between her boi pussy and ass getting her wet. She must of felt how wet and lube she was from me spiting her cum and on her pussy she got up sat on my cock and was working the sweet pussy ass down my shaftI started suck on her nipples and tits and had one of my hands on her throat she was moving her ass in a figure 8 then I realize I did not have a rubber on and I was like fucking im gonna cum in her I told Jessica I wanna cum in her she l said please give it me I want it. I roled her over legs over my shoulder she grab my ass as I push every inch of me deep in her she was moaning yelling fuck me I’m yours I want that seed deep in me you feel so fucking food I took no mercer I pound her hard she held my ass cause she could feel I was gonna cum and she want to make sure I didn’t pull out she keep saying I need it and all my good I soak her deep our lips lock with passion. After I got of the top of her I could see she was still hard and was jerking herself so I did what any good man will do I suck her cock so hard and was fingering her she grab my head and I got this warm saltly taste shooting in my mouth I just swallowed and she pump at least 5 times in my mouth she grab my face and start kissing me. . She spent the night and the next week also and we were a couple for 9 months before I moved back home still miss her