Brians Revenge

Come on, be honest, what gay guy when offered a monster cock would refuse it. I find I love getting fucked so much that when I was at the gym a few nights ago, one of the guys there, built like a brick shed and hung like a horse asked would I like to play wth him for an hour, I SAID YES……

Boy he was big, as in body building, and a 10″ cut cock as well.. When I got home I was sore, and Brian said as I got changed to go in the shower “What the fucking hell have you been doing your ass hole is like a tunnel and you are black and blue, you have been letting guys fuck you again havn’t you????”

I could not deny it and he simply said “Sorry Andy, that’s the end I have had enough, you do not seem to understand what loyalty in a relationship is, things have got to change”

I love him to bits, but also love cock, he refused to sleep with me and I slept alone, he was in the spare room, when I woke in the morning, the house seemed very quiet, I went into the spare room and he had gone with all his clothes and the few items he had brought with him, he left a note. “Dear Andy, I will really, really miss you, I loved you faithfully, but you let me down, lets see how you feel in the morning”.

I rang in work sick, and stayed in bed crying all day. Later that evening I got up and showered and had a snack and took a paracetamol to try to ease my pounding head and went back to bed. I re read his letter, and then realized there was writing on the back also. Brian had written on the reverse another note. “By the way, I also phoned your office later this afternoon and told them that you had been in a car crash and would probably be off work some 10 weeks or so and were currently in hospital in Scotland” (Some 300 from where I lived). Now why the fuck would he do that I wondered, and fell asleep.

When I woke up it was just getting light, and I thought I better get up as the clock said 0700 hours MONDAY??? I went to bed on Monday night.

It was then I remembered the letter from Brian, why stay off 10 weeks?? I went to get out of bed and found I was so achy and stiff lay back for a moment. It was then I scratched an itch in my balls and found THAT THEY WERE NO LONGER THERE OR MY COCK” I felt as though I had a cricket bat rammed inside me, I felt around my crotch, and there, where my cock and balls had been, there was a hard cylindrical object, I slid out of bed and found I was naked, my body was as it should be, hairy chest and legs, as I play rugby I am pretty fit, so I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at my crotch, to my horror there was what looked like a large black dildo sticking out of it. What the fuck has happened to me, I touched the end of it and electric shocks ran up my inside, I gently held it and turned it and it moved, I tried to pull out and to my surprise it slid out and was actually a black rubber cock about 10″ long and fucking thick as well. I looked down, FUCK ME, I HAVE BEEN CUNTED.

There was a gash between my legs and red plump lips, I had to try it, I slipped three fingers inside, it was amazing, warm, moist and very inviting. I stood up and looked down at my bed, it was disgusting, where I lay was a pool of sticky white goo, which looked rather like stale cum and smelt like it!!! I stood up and to my shame white stuff dripped from my, what I now knew, was my pussy. I spotted a letter on dressing table. “Hi Andy when you read this, you will have discovered that I d**gged you, and a friend of mine, kindly reeked my vengeance on you for the way you treated me, by surgically converting your manhood into a vagina, Your body remains unchanged, EXCEPT when you get fucked and you climax you will still cum, which will lube your pussy and make sex better,, you will have to sit and piss through it as well, and remember that every time you see a guy well hung you could well drip cum and stain your suits in work. For that purpose you will find a supply of tampons in the bathroom cupboard to prevent it. I think you will find that wearing boxers is no longer viable as the seam will cut into your gash. Likewise no of your jock will fit you as you have nothing to support the pouch front and it will simply get wet and stain your trousers. Again I have left you some really smart Lycra and lace panties XXXL. To save you wearing socks, try wearing either the hold up stocking or tights I have also left, they might get you loads of fucking cock that you love, enjoy the rest of your life, you Bastard”

The phone rang and it was one of my work colleagues, “Hi Andy, you able to walk OK, now the plaster is off your leg, Brian did phone in and say he thought you would be back this morning, now that he is traveling out to the far east to live, see you about 10am, will pick you up”

Shit it was the only gay guy in my office, Phil, and I have lost 10 weeks of my life…. Only have 30 mins to get ready. I showered, shaved and donned a pair of black lycra panties and quickly pulled on a pair of lace topped hold up stockings, then my suit trousers, shirt and tie., Christ I am getting wet already, Off came the clothes and panties I rammed a tampon up my pussy and felt it swell and fill up my hole, mmmm fetl rather nice too. Got dressed as the door bell rang. Went out with my laptop and jumped in the car. Phil slapped my leg and said “Welcome back to work, I have really missed you, as you know not many gay guys in our place, I will drop you off tonight, meet you are 5pm at the main entrance”

Fucking hell, going for a piss is awful, have to use the cubicles now, pull out the tampon and dump it, good job I remembered a couple of spares.

5pm could not come quick enough for me, met Phil, he kept looking at me strangely, anyway got in the car and he said
“Andy please do not think I am being rude, but you seem so different today, have you lost weight? your trousers are hanging loosely and you always showed a hefty bulge in your pants as well..” “Tell you when we get Home” I replied and started to cry.

We got out of the car and Phil came in with me, he made tea and came into the lounge “Tell me what the fuck is going on”

I told him, I could see he looked doubtful and stood up, I dropped my suit trousers and he just gagged when he saw my black hold up stockings and panties, BULGE LESS !!!!

I showed him Brian’s letters. I could see Phils crotch getting bigger and bigger and I started to wonder if he would offer me a fuck, what am I thinking about? I want COCK and now.

Phil looked at me “Andy you know I have always liked you and often wanted to have a play around, but kept quiet because of Brian, well he has gone” He stood up and dropped his suit trousers and shorts and an amazing 10″ cut and shaved cock sprang out, massive balls as well.

“Wow” I said, “You kept that well hidden” Phil laughed “Ready to try it?” He watched as I removed the tampon and came over to me, we stood against the wall, and he closed up and started to kiss me, madly, I could feel myself get juiced up,, We kissed like there was no tomorrow and then I felt a hard cock head touching my pussy, this is super I don’t have to turn around or bend over any more, Phil said “I am going to push inside you” and push he did. I could feel his rock hard boner moving up and it was a tight fit, boy he was BIG…. He started to fuck me gently then harder, and then I felt him cum, I could feel jets of cum inside me, and then he pulled out. He bent down and started to lick my pussy licking up his cum and mine…. He smeared some over his fingers which I licked clean. He simply asked “Can I move in with you now and we can have this all the time and well as with other guys?”

“Yes” I whispered “I think Brian has done us both a great favor, I can be your bitch now”

end of PART 1.

My roommate made me his black cock loving bitch

Hi my name is Ben i an a virgin and never had sex before. In my spare time i like to wear girl clothes and mascubate to porn. I had got a new roommate recently, he is this tall black guy and his name is Ryan. So one evening wile Ryan was out on a date with some girl i thought i had enough time to dress up and have a little me time. While i wore a pair of pink panties black leggings and a blue shirt i sat in my room and watched some interracial porn. As i was watching porn the door to my room swings open and Ryan was standing there buzzed and looking at me laying on my bed with interracial porn running on my computer. He walked into my room and came right up to me and said “Ben sit up for a sec.” that is when I noticed he was buzzed and he said “look I didn’t get any tonight so i need you to please me.” He unzipped his pants and they fell to the ground i could see his semi hard cock bulging from his underwear. He pulled his underwear down to reveal his big black cock, it was a few inches from my face and i could feel the heat coming off it and smell the mix of piss and cum on his cock. He grabbed my head and pulled me closer and i panic and not to make him mad I opened my mouth as he shoved his cock in me. I began to suck on his cock and felt it getting harder in my mouth, his cock filled my mouth and i felt my lips stretching open to take in all his cock. He pushed his cock deeper into my mouth and filled up my throat, it began to get hard to breath with his big black cock. He let up and pulled his cock out, it was covered in my saliva and all I could taste in my mouth now was the scent of his cock. He grabbed my head again and pulled me back to his cock. This time he got his whole cock in my mouth to where my nose was pressing against his pelvis and his big black balls were right under my chin. My little white cock was hard as a rock in my pink panties now leaking precum. He continued to face fuck me for about hour and my mouth and throat were getting very sore. He pulled his cock to the my lips and he groaned and released his sperm into my mouth. It had a salty and sour taste and was very musky, and very thick. He quickly filled my mouth and i was forced to swallow some of his cum. I could feel the cum going down my throat soothing it and i began to swallow more of his cum. He finally finished cumming and released my head and i swallowed the last of his cum in my mouth. Like in the porn videos i looked up at him and opened my mouth showing him I swallowed his sperm. He laughed and said “damm i never seen had a girl swallow my cum before you must of loved it.” He grabbed his clothes and left my room. I sat there in shock of what just happened a guy used my mouth to please himself and i felt used but I kinda liked it. I laid back down on my bed and noticed i came in my panties while I was sucking off ryan. I fell asleep and dreamed about ryan cock penetrating my butt and drinking more of his cum.
The next morning i woke up and got dressed in my regurlar clothes. I walked into the kitchen to see Ryan sitting at the table eating breakfast. I was nervous thinking he might have done that while being drunk and not remember me suck his cock. I sat down at the table across from him he looked up and said “don’t worry i take care of my bitches.” Implying he knew what had happened. He spoke up again and said “I could some services right now just get under the table, im not wearing any pants.” My face went bright red, he knew what went on last night and now he wants more. I thought maybe this is not so bad I mean i kinda enjoyed giving him a blowjob last night maybe I’ll like it again. I dropped to my knees on the floor and crawled over to him. He spread his legs and his cock dangled down between his legs and i could still smell his cum off his dick. My brain went blank and i with a second notice, i grabbed his cock and began jerking off his cock and sucked in his soft cock into my mouth. After a few mins he was hard as a rock in my mouth and sucked and jerked his cock off at the same time. After a good long few mins i could hear him groaning and i felt his cock pulsing in my mouth. He then began to cum in my mouth once again. As he filled my mouth with cum I swallowed it down. Once he stopped cumming he pulled his penis back and got up left. I sat there on the ground with cum in my mouth and leaking down my lips swallowing more of his cum down. I thought what just happened one sec i was sitting at the table now im under it what Ryan’s cum in my mouth again. I got up and left for work forgetting to brush my teeth. I had the taste of Ryans cum in my mouth all day at work.
When i got home ryan was waiting for me sitting on the couch half naked watching tv. He turned to me and said “go get dress i need my cock sucked again bitch.” I left the room and put on a pair of blue panties and blue yoga pants and a red shirt. I walked out to him and he said “sit down next to me bitch” I obeyed him and sat down next to him and l looked down to see his semi erect penis. Ryan grabbed my head and pushed me down onto his cock. I felt his cock enter my mouth and began sucking. He stroked my head as i was sucking his cock he said “that is a good bitch doing what you do best, sucking my black cock. You know after this I’ll treat you to something nice.” I got Ryan’s cock fully erected and he pulled me off his cock and said “now turn around on the couch bitch I’m gonna give you a nice treat.” I obeyed him again and i got up turned around and laid on the couch face down and Ryan got up and got behind me. He pulled my legs to the arm rest and bent me over the arm rest. I could feel his warm hand moving across my butt. He pulled my yoga pants and panties down just below my butt exposing it. I felt something hot and wet slap across my butt then laid between my butt cheeks. I looked back to see Ryan’s black cock laying on my fat white butt. He lined his penis up with my butthole and i felt it penatrate. It was intense pain went through my body as his black cock stretch open my butthole. I felt his cock slowly enter my ass inch by inch. After a few mins i felt Ryan’s body pressed up against my butt and he had his big black cock balls deep in my ass. He pulled his cock out and i felt a shock of pleasure go through my body. Then the thrust back in and began to fuck me slowly. I could feel my little white cock getting hard and leaking precum. He continued to fuck me going faster and getting rougher with each thrust. He slap my butt cheeks and yell “that’s it bitch take my black cock, take it you little sissy.” After a hour of him fucking my ass he stopped and gave a hard thrust into my butt and held it there I felt his cock pulsating between my sore butt cheeks. He yelled “that’s it yeah bitch im cumming” he slowly pulled his now semi erect cock out of my ass making it feel empty with him there. I pulled my panties and yoga pants back up and felt the cum in the front from me and i felt his cum leaking out of my butt. He sat down on the couch and i sat down next to him. He pulled my head back over to his cock and said “clean it” i sucked on his soft cock for a bit clean off his cum. He got up and said “bitch i got to go to bed night” he left the room and i sat there thinking to myself, I just let him fuck my ass taking my anal virginity I could fee his cum in my ass and I felt used and i liked it. I got up and went to bed

after that when ever Ryan came home from work i was to serve him and if he went on a date but didn’t fuck he come home and fuck my sissy ass until he was pleased. I began to love being used by him being his sissy bitch there to please him whenever he needed it. After he moved on i got lonely and began to look for more black masters to serve after awhile i became Lamar’s sissy bitch serving him everyday

First Cock

Found this kicking round my archives….bit of everything on my profile 😉

“….so that’s the year-end completed and the company tax return has been submitted, should have no problems now, all ready for next year”.

Distracted by the phone call, Simon browsed his profile on xHamster on one computer, while looking at the screen of his other, longing to unpause “Breaking Bad”. Simon didn’t mind doing work on the side, and he wanted to be more socialable, hence why he had agreed to be the accountant for his mate, but he always wanted this to be on his terms, and midway through an episode of Breaking Bad during a rare day of holiday wasn’t the right time.

The upload of a particularly hot Lady Natalie Black video was about 50% complete. Simon had made it his mission to throw himself into his fantasy as a sissy, and wanted to share as many videos online as possible and make as many friends to try and find someone to make a connection with.

“We’ll need to arrange a meeting to discuss my accounts for the current year, and make sure my tax isn’t going to be too high”
“Yes, well er…” Simon just noticed that he had a new message, must have previously thought it was a friend request. Clicking the little icon, his private messages popped up, and the message simply read:
“well then sissy bitch, come and suck my cock now you fucking worthless mincing sissy slut”

“Er….yes of course. Well we’re seeing each other at that thing in a few weeks, so we can discuss it then.”

Simon had completely lost track of his phone call. He could hear his mate speaking, he just couldn’t focus. The bottom seemed to have dropped out of his world, and he was in a completely new reality. He couldn’t think of anything else. Yes or No. Did he want this? Well it was his fantasy.

Flash back

Only last night Simon had dressed in his bra, thong, and tights. He had placed clothes pegs on each nipple. These on there own had a nasty bite, but the pain was intensified as the pegs where crushed my his B cup push-up bra, forcing the pegs to tighten, pull and twist his nipples. Simon knelt down by the side of his bed, he had already placed his laptop on the sheets, with a sissy ass fucking instructional video, which he had found earlier that night, keyed up an waiting to go.

He was unbelievably horny, his sissy clit was straining against the metal chasity cage which was pressed tightly into his pelvis by his pink lacy thong, and 2-pairs of pantyhose. Why 2 pairs…..well if you’ve never worn pantyhose, 2 has a much more erotic feeling….and it also made Simon’s legs look sexier…well in his opinion anyway! Next to the laptop, Simon had placed a pair of stockings together with a carrot which he had earlier wrapped in duck tape to make a large dildo (Guess Mythbusters haven’t thought of that as a use for Duck Tape!!)

Simon was dying to start the video, but something was missing……he decided he had to video it. Reaching for his mobile, he played about with positions, checking that all the action would be captured. After finding the right spot. He grabbed his phone and placed it next to his laptop, then put one of the stockings over his head down to his nose.

Picking, up his mobile, Simon press record, and looked directly into the light of the flash.
“I am Simon Clegg. I am a sissy slut. I need to be fucked in the ass, and suck cocks in order to satisfy my sexual urges. I am not a man, look at me!” With that Simon started to move his phone as he spoke. ” Would a man dress in a lacy pink bra with matching thong? Would a man, place clothes peggs on his nipples in order to gain sexual gratification? Would a man seek sexual gratification, but lock his cock into a metal chastity cage to prevent it getting hard?” With that Simon had pulled his panties and tights away from his groin, pointed his phone at his sissy clit straining at it’s prison. “Would a man put stockings over his head? And would a man place balled up stockings in his mouth as a gag? Of course a man wouldn’t, but I, Simon Clegg, am a horny sissy faggot, and as such need this for sexual gratification. Here in front of me, I have a video which will instruct me how to fuck my sissy cunt, which I’m going to do with this homemade dildo, and I’m going to video it as I want to watch my depravity later. But before I gag myself and follow the instructions on this video. I’m going to stick my fingers in my sissy cunt, and wipe it’s juices under my nose, so that all I can smell as I fuck my sissy cunt, is my own sissy cunt.”

With that, Simon, reach around, stuck 2 fingers into his ass, and as he did it, he let out a lustful groan. Wiggling his fingures a little he pulled them out, wiped them under his nose, rammed the balled up stocking in his mouth, and pull the other stocking down below his chin.

Placing his phone back in the spot which would capture all the action, Simon pressed play on the video. It wasn’t long before the Mistress in the video had him ramming his dildo hard into his sissy cunt. The video was instructing him to wank, but he couldn’t due to the cage, but Simon was getting wild with lust. The dildo was hitting his prostate with every thrust. But he needed to be more restricted, more helpless to the dildo he was ramming into his sissy cunt.

It was no good, he needed to use both hands. With this, Simon moved his left arm, which was supporting the top half of his body, round to the base of the dildo. As he did this he fell onto the bed, twisting his head so he could see the video. A shot of elecity shot though his boday, as the pain in his nipples doubled due to his body weight crushed the pegs tighter. He rammed the dildo hard against his prostate and started to feel the cum drip out of his sissy clit. He was managing to milk himself, he hadn’t had an orgasm, but cum was running out of his clit with every thrust.

He could feel an orgasm building, but in his sissy cunt, was he having an anal orgasm? Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure plused through his body. He was groaning and screaming into the stocking gag. He didn’t want to stop, the cum was still flowing from his clit. All he could think of was cock. Cock in his ass and in his mouth. The video was drawing to a close, there was only a minute left and the Mistress was counting down to orgasm, ordering Simon to drink his cum. When she got to 1, Simon let go of his dildo, reach up to the stocking over his head, and pulled it up from his chin, pulled the stocking out of his mouth, and thrust his mouth over the p*o of cum and sucked it all into his mouth and gulped it down. As the screen turned black, Simon, fell sideways, exhausted and spent, the dildo hanging out of his cunt.

Back to reality
There was simply no other answer, Simon replied, and simply typed “Ok, where are you now?”

His Master was close, 10 minutes drive. Simon knew this as he had nearly submitted to Sir 6-months ago, but Sir had chickened out, and then when He had summoned up the courage, Simon had chickened out. The pm from his Master wasn’t completely out of the blue either, Simon had pm’d him the day before, begging to suck his cock. Trying to tease and entice Master into accepting Simon as his sissy.

Simon, snapped back to reality and realised that he was still on the phone, so quickly typed, that he would finish his phone call, get changed, and drive over. Master simply replied “OK”,

Simon went back to his phone call, and quickly ended it. He rushed down stairs. Pulled on a clean pair of stockings, pink lacy suspender belt, and attached the suspenders. Next he put on his matching thong and bra, tucking his chastity cage into the front and adjusting the panties so they felt right. He remembered that sissies should put suspenders on first, so their panties can be removed easily. Simon then pulled on his jeans and jumper, and ran back to his computer.

Simon pm’d Master saying that he was ready, and could he have the exact address. Master came back, he was chickening out again!
“Sorry sissy, too risky here”
“Sir, don’t you want my virgin mouth round your cock. I’ll swallow your cum. I’m begging to swallow your cum Master”
The minutes ticked by before a reply came. Master replied. “Yes sissy I want to cum in your mouth. Give me your address and I’ll come to you”
“Will you guarantee me 100% discretion?”
“Yes, sissy, and this is expected from you”
With that Simon gave Master his address.
“10 minutes slut”

With that, Simon quickly ran downstairs to his bedroom, and quickly tidied it, closed the curtains, and then closed the doors to the other bedrooms.

As Simon waited, he realised there was no going back. A Master was going to be knocking on his door in less than 10 minutes, and he would have no choice but to do exactly what he was instructed. Simon remembered the stories he had read about Masters and sissies online, and in most of them, the sissy would answer the door dressed only in lingerie.

Simon quickly ran upstairs and disgarded his male clothe, and then return to waiting behind the front door. As he waited, Simon wondered what would happen if the next knock wasn’t his Master. He was just going to let the person in, dressed as a sissy, with his chastised clit leaking precum. Every time Simon thought this, his clit twitched and a little, and more precum would flow out.

All of a sudden, there was a knock. Simon, reached for the key, open the door, and peeped round the side of the door, and let Master in.

“What a pathetic little sissy you are. Look at you cunt. Get you ass upstairs now. “

Simon started up the stairs as Master spanked his ass. Simon walked to his bedroom, and stood with head bowed as Master walked in.

Master was older than sissy, taller, and came over very dominant.

“what a pathetic whore you are, bend over the bed slut”

As Simon bent over, Master started to spank Simon’s ass. He then reached between Simon’s legs and gave his balls a slap, then started to spank Simon’s caged clit. Simon opened his legs giving Master greater access. He did this instictively, Master didn’t order his.

All of a sudden, Master stopped and stepped to the side of Simon. Simon could hear Master underdoing his belt and dropping his trousers. “Look at me sissy”. Simon, stood up and turn to face Master, but all he looked at was Master’s cock.

“Have you every sucked a cock slut”
“No master”
“Well get on your knees slut. Make me hard”
Simon for a split second hesitated, then knelt down and took his Master’cock right into the back of his throat. Simon started to bob up and down on Master’s cock, he could feel waves of submission sweap over him, he was in his bedroom, dressed in lingerie, sucking the cock of a complete strange.

Master grabbed the back of his head and forced Simon to deep throat and gag on his cock. Master started to skull fuck Simon hard, making him gag with every other thrust. “Do you like daddy’s cock slut?”
Simon tried to say “Yes Sir”, but of course with a mouth full of cock, that was impossible.

All Simon could think of was all the videos he had watched online showing sluts give blow-jobs. Simon started to flick his tongue against the underside of the cock, Simon would love that, so Master must. He kept telling himself to make sure his teeth didn’t touch Master’s cock. (A friend use to make fun of a girl he pulled once, and the fact her blowjobs were like a cheese grater as she scrapped her teeth on his cock!).

Simon bobbed as best he could, he could taste the precum in his mouth, Master started to groan. “Make me cum bitch. Swallow my cum you slut. Oh god yes, that’s it. “

Simon started to suck harder, bob faster, and flick his tongue over and around Master’s cock. There was no going back now. He was a faggot cock sucker. A complete stranger was about shoot his cum into his mouth. Would he be able to swallow it all?

Master let out a long groan, and Simon sucked for all he was worth. Spurt after spurt of cum shot straight down his troat. He was a cock sucking faggot. Never again would he have to imagine what it would be like to kneel at a dominant Master’s feet dressed in lingerie and suck his cock, and swallow his cum, he had done it.

Simon kept sucking Masters cock until he was sure he had every last drop of cum. As he pulled away, he saw that Master’s cock was getting soft, but there wasn’t a drop of cum left at the tip. Simon looked up at Master, opened his mouth to show there was no cum left and licked his lips. There was no pretending, he was a cock hungry sissy slut.

“Did you enjoy that slut? Did you enjoy daddy’s cock?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Good, well i don’t want you removing that chastity cage and wanking over this later. You understand.”
“Yes Sir”
“I’ll use your bathroom now slut, then you can show me out.”
Simon stood in his bedroom. Head down, feeling the power of the man pissing into his toilet washing over him. He could taste cum in his mouth, and feel it running into his stomach. He had a Master. He WAS a cock sucking sissy. It was no longer a fantasy, it was reality.

Master came out of the bathroom, and walked straight downstairs. Simon minced down the stairs behind him. As they got to the front door, and Simon unlocked it, Master turned to him and said “Thank you, until next time”

With that he was gone, leaving Simon with a belly full of cum at the crossroads in his life.

Jay, Part 2 (The Honeyboi)

After that night at Herbert’s, Jay and I became a couple; I just went home with him that night, and basically never left. My mom was cool with it, even though she didn’t like me hanging out with Jay in the beginning. She had been around, and she knew Jay was a “chicken hawk,” as she called him. At that time she was in denial about my sexual identity – even though her lover – Monica had been calling me a sissy as long as she’d known me.

I mean, mom knew there was some kind of problem with me because, unlike most of the guys I had grown up with, I had not morphed into a young man after the onset of puberty. Where they all – to one degree or another – had become men – muscle, hair on their bodies, deeper voices, manly jaws – my development had been more in line with that of the girls in my school. I still had the small face with a heart shaped chin, almost no body hair, instead of muscle development, my body became softer, more curvy, and my voice still sounded a lot like it always had. But the worst thing was, I developed a pair of breasts. After a couple of years, on advice of the school nurse, she took me to an endocrinologist. After examining me and running tests, she told mom that my body was overproducing the female hormone estrogen. They discussed hormone replacement therapy for me, but the doctor advised that we take a wait and see approach. She said that sometimes this happens in young guys, but that it straightens itself out after a few years. She also asked me if I was gay, saying it was ok and nothing to be ashamed of. I remember my face getting hot as I turned beet red from embarrassment, because it was almost as if she somehow knew I had been secretly cross dressing at home.

Jay kept bugging me to tell my mom that we were a couple. He didn’t want there to be any complications, and he knew my mom was gay too. Mom was a dancer in San Francisco, and she spent most of her time there, coming home on weekends, which for her was Mondays and Tuesdays. She had met Monica at the club. She was a black woman with a shaved head and lots of tats. After getting with Monica, who had a very loud and aggressive personality, mom began shaving her head too, and soon had a lot of body tats. Anyway, one day soon after we began living together, Jay insisted we confront my mom with our situation. When she heard she took a deep breath and hugged me close. “I knew it,” she said, before turning to Jay. “Don’t you ever hurt him,” she told Jay, who promised that he would not. If mom had known what my life would be like with Jay she would have never let me pack my things and go. I was old enough to quit school, which I didn’t like anyway. Jay told me school wasn’t for me, that he’d be taking care of me from now on.

Initially our relationship was like a lot of new couples. We were in a “honeymoon” stage – overly affectionate, loving, and like most new couples, our sex life was HOT! We had sex several times a day – we were always horny. I remember I used to hold Jay’s penis while he urinated. I had always mostly sat to pee, I guess because I had no male influence growing up, but Jay thought it was cute. But very quickly the dynamic changed, and Jay became pretty strict with me, ordering me around, yelling at me when I fucked up, even grabbing me and shaking me during arguments. Then he began slapping me. I just figured that, in our relationship, someone had to be the husband, and someone else the wife. And there was no doubt who was who in our situation. I mean, Jay was always apologetic after a fight, especially if he had given me a black eye or a fat lip, and the makeup sex was really hot. In some ways it excited me when he got angry and hit me, because it made me feel secure in the sense that I knew he loved me. I had seen the same dynamic in my mother’s relationship with Monica – who was definitely the “man” in that.

One night Jay took me to the city to a club called Port Authority. I was young, and I looked even younger, but the staff knew Jay, and my going in was never a problem. In fact I saw a lot of very young guys in there – always twinks – like me. They’d be in there with their “Daddies – usually ultra masculine guys wearing leather vests and pants. Jay dressed like that too, but he told me to just wear a pair of really short jeans cutoffs, sandals and a tank top. On my first visit there I was shocked when I went to use the bathroom. I was dimly lit, and at first I didn’t see the twink. Then I noticed him – a white twink with a shaved head, and tats. I was so surprised when I saw that he was chained to the toilet bowl by a pair of leg cuffs – one cuff around his ankle, and the other around a large pipe. He smiled at me lewdly, and I was so weirded out that I hurriedly pissed and went back to the bar. On the way home I asked Jay what the deal was with the twink in the bathroom. He told me that the twink was what was known as a “Honeyboi.” Jay said that honeybois belonged to some daddy who volunteered them for toilet service, which basically meant that they were there to suck cock, drink piss, even get fucked, by any Bull who wanted to do them.

As time passed, I couldn’t get the idea of the honeybois, being told by their men to perform this service. I mean, I was young, but I was a male, and queer as you get. Twinks like me understand pretty quickly that they are under the domination of their men. Most twinks are very young, skinny, and submissive – all which applied to me – and my relationship with Jay. Every time we had sex, I’d bring up the honeyboi thing, and one night Jay asked me to “work the toilet” at the Port Authority. He told me that a lot of guys had been asking him when he was gonna turn me out. Jay knew that the idea of it was making me hot, and that I had been hinting around about being a honeyboi.

On the ride to the city I was both excited and nervous about what I had gotten myself into. If I had any doubts or regrets, it was too late now. Jay had called and set me up for the weekend shift – Friday night through Sunday night. What I didn’t realize was that once I was put into lockdown – chained naked to the toilet – I would stay that way all weekend. Also, because I was Jay’s twink, he was only there to transfer custody of me to the club, after that he would be leaving and wouldn’t return until 3 a.m. Monday morning!

After Jay left, Ed, one of the managers took me to the bathroom. He had been always very nice to me in the past, and had even been joking with me and Jay earlier. But now he acted mean. He was very strict as he gripped my upper arm and led me to the bathroom. “take your shit off,” he said shortly. I hurriedly undressed but kept my tennis shoes on. “don’t fuck around,” he raised his voice. “I said take your shit OFF! EVERYTHING -shoes too!” When I was completely nude, he took the leg cuffs and chained me to the pipe. Remember, NO complaints. I hear any complaints and I will slap you silly – got it?” I nodded dumbly, lowering my head.

For the next three nights I got to experience a mixture of both Heaven and Hell on earth. I was treated as a complete sub-human. I sucked so much cock my jaws were sore. I drank literally gallons of cum and urine, and my anus was raw and swollen from all the men who had fucked me. Ed had given me a dirty rag from the bar to wipe myself if there was too much cum in my ass. I worked a 12 hour shift for 3 nights straight, and after the club closed, they hosed me down and gave me an old mattress to sleep on – my face inches away from the base of the toilet bowl. That was my “turn out” as a whore. After that there was no more little innocent faggot, fantasizing about being her man’s little “wife;” I was a whore now, and Jay knew exactly that this is what would happen.

Careful what you Post! Gay

I had finally decided to do it… Anonymous Motel sex.

I posted an ad on a few gay sources. After a month’s the day came I was ready to get fucked.

I made a reservation at a motel a few town’s away and set it up to 9pm at night and update the post with the location time and room number.

I had ready myself , by shaved my ass and balls and was on the bed with my ass prelubed with another large 32oz pump bottle in the air and my blindfold on when the first guy stepped in the room. My heart was pounding, my asshole is tingling, and my cock is rock hard. I heard him undo his pants. I felt a hand rub my ass is in the thumb rubbing my ass hole. I made sure to have plenty of lube on hand, then felt it his thumb slid right in and he did some finger fucking me for a few minutes. A minute after he removed his thumb I felt his cock slide ..squeeze onto my asshole. Not the first cock in my ass but to date, the most exciting. He began slowly and gently and after only a few minutes had built up enough power that the bed was shaking under me. 15 minutes of hard ass fucking is what this strange man did to me before he shot a massive load of cum deep into my ass. He spent about two minutes in my ass as I felt him slowly soften. He got dressed and immediately after pulling out of my ass. As I lay on my stomach thinking that was great I got fucked in the the ass. I heard the door open and close WTF as I was still blindfolded, maybe he can back for more?

I could clearly hear someone in the room. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I realized it was two men. One immediately started fucking my ass while the other climbed on the bed pull up my head and shove his huge cock down my throat. Both seem to be in a hurry and didn’t really give a shit about my comfort level…not that it was a big issue to begin with. In about 10 minutes the cock in my mouth unloaded down my throat moments later the one in my ass. Both quickly got dressed and left the room.

I stay there, face down on the bed for about another 20 minutes before I heard the door open again WTF back for more?

I could hear someone moving around the room and what sounded like a camera being set-up. I really didn’t care… I had no identifying marks and still had my blindfold on so there was nothing to identify me in the room. And then I felt a hand on my ass and a cock shoved deep into my ass. He would pause as he was fucking my ass as I could hear more camera sounds. After about 20 minutes of fucking and pausing and fucking and pausing, I felt him pull out and shoot cum all over my back. Many more camera sounds and then he left the room.

A few minutes later the door opened again and I could tell there was more than one person. I distinctly heard a woman’s voice and at least two men. A cock was shoved into my ass. I then I felt a hand reach around and begin stroking my cock. I felt my head being listed in a cock shoved into my mouth. My hand was then lifted and put onto another cock. As I was sucking one stroking another and being fucked by a third I assumed it was the female stroking my cock. She released my cock after a few minutes and then I felt her slide underneath and begins sucking my cock. The five of us got into a rhythm and I begin throat fucking her as I was sucking and being fucked. The excitement must have been too much for me and the two cocks in me neither of us lasted more than 10 minutes. As I swallowed one load and got another up my ass I’d blasted my load down her throat. The cock I was stroking quickly moved around and shoved into my mouth. The cock in my ass was removed the woman crawl out from under me I heard talking and then I felt a cold hard dildo being shoved up my ass.

I heard a male voice explain,” yeah baby fuck his ass!”

As I was being railed by fat strap-on in my ass and the cock in my mouth continue to fuck my throat. I could hear the men quietly cheering as a woman begin fucking my ass harder and harder with the big fake dick. She had just the right angle on me and my dick began to harden again. I felt someone slide underneath me and take my cock in their mouth… I also felt whiskers. My ass she forced my cock deeper into his mouth… So is she was pounding my ass she was causing me to throw fuck this man. This continues for another 20 minutes before I finally came in his mouth and she finally tired. The cock was still fucking my throat… I was amazed someone to last this long. The woman told her dildo out of my ass and it was immediately replaced with one of the other men’s cocks. Another 10 minutes of sucking and fucking and both men unloaded into me. Both cocks withdrew from me and in less than a minute the third cock was shoved into my ass. I’ve been felt the bed move my head was lifted and placed unceremoniously on to a hot juicy pussy. I immediately began laughing and sucking her pussy while my ass was again being fucked. She began coming almost immediately and in the 20 minutes that my ass was being fucked she must have came at least 15 times.

“This guy loves pussy as much as he loves cock!” I heard a winded female voice say.

I lost track over the next few hours how many cocks and come in my ass, down my throat, and onto my back.

The next few hour would be the most interesting of the whole day.

While being fucked in the ass, I heard the door open and close a couple times. After he came he was immediately replaced with another cock. Wow that cock was fucking me I heard the door open and close a couple more times. I don’t know how many hours it was but there must have been at least 20 cocks cum in my ass or on my back.

I had seen porn ad’s reading stories about trains being pulled…and I just had a massive train pulled on me.
Then I remember my ad that I posted when I updated the time and place it updated on all the gay sites so anyone horny gay guy in the area my ass was open for cock.

My ass was the most sore it has ever been in my life. I could feel the cum covering my back, running down both of my thighs, down my balls and cock, and a non stop flow of it coming out of my ass.

There were still men in the room when I asked if we could give my ass a break. I was coached down off the bed causing a big glob of come to gush from my ass on to the motel carpet. I was put on to my knees and cocks were shoved into my face. 25 more Cocks in my mouth fucking my mouth and/or throat for the next what seemed like an hour. Men would come in come down my throat or on my face and then leave in that hour there must have been another 10 to 15 cocks.

There was a pause in the traffic of men, so I decided to get a little cleaned up. Removing the blindfold and stepping into the shower I washed my body then I could feel glob after glob of cum drop out of my ass or run down my thighs.

Two men will waiting in the room bare ass naked when I came out from my shower. I didn’t even get a chance to put the blindfold back on before 1 grab my head pulled my face onto his cock and the others shove his cock of my credibly sore and tender ass. All I could do was whimper as these two men rotisserie fucked me standing in the middle of the motel room. Almost simultaneously after 10 minutes the two men came inside me.

Another man entered as the two man that just came in me left. I took a moment and got a few big swallows of water before I turned around while on my knees and saw this massive black cock in my face. I had seen pictures and read stories of cocks this big but never thought they actually existed.

I could barely managed to get the head of his cock in my mouth as I stroke the shaft with one hand and fondled his huge balls with the other I could feel his cock swelling in my mouth even more. As I struggled do what I could to please this giant cock I heard the door open again. I saw out the corner of my eye in man and woman into the room and shut the door behind them. The big black man pulled his cock head from my mouth pick me up and laid me back onto the bed. He’s in grab the bottle of lube and Lubed his cock and my ass and impaled this massive meat member deep into my ass causing me to grown wildly. The man and woman stood there watching me get fucked by this massive cock.

The woman began to strip. Totally naked she crawled on top of me and position her pussy over my cock. The feeling of this hot wet pussy sliding down onto my hard cock. The feelings of her hot juicy pussy sliding onto my cock was a stark contrast to the sharp pain the massive black cock was causing my assholes. Then saw the man that came in with a woman naked climb onto the bed and shove his cock into my mouth. As my ass was being destroyed this amazing pussy was riding my cock feverishly. At the same time this strange man was throat fucking my face like I was nothing more than a fucked on. More than once I had to stop him from fucking my throat so I could breathe enough to continue. The massive cock in my ass must have shot at least three massive loads of cum deep into my ass before I finally shot my load up this woman’s pussy.

The massive cock was still in my ass and my spent cock deep in her pussy as they sat there watching this man fuck my throat violently. Does orgasm was so huge I nearly passed out from asphyxiation before he finally removed his cock from my throat.

I lay there completely exhausted destroyed and spent as the three of them got dressed and left.

I’m managed to get up and get to the door, hang me out of order sign on the door knob, and make it back to the bed before I passed out.

I woke up on the floor hours later lying in the puddle of cum that had flowed from my ass previously. What woke me was the maid knocking on the door and entering the room to clean it.

I managed to get up off the floor and sat on the bed as she entered the room and shut the door behind her.

“I didn’t know if you were going to last the night.” the maid said. “I guess my strap-on wasn’t the hardest thing you endured through your day.”

I looked up at her and grinned. Then I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I knew this room was going to be a disaster, that’s why I saved it for last.” She said with a smile.

By the time I was done showering and have gotten dressed the maid was finishing cleaning the carpet where at least a quart of cum had gushed from my ass.

I thanked to the maid for participating in my day.

“It was fun.” She told me. “I hope Im working the next time You do this!”

I gave a laugh, “I might do it again after I find out if I still have an asshole left.”

I caught a Train part one

I decided to go visit my aunt who lived across the country, she always said that I could come out anytime and stay awhile. So guess who’s hopped a train heading east. I could of took a airplane or even drove out but I wanted a scenic adventure, and the train was just the ticket and a adventure I would get.
I hopped the train just on this side of morning, had my baggage and everything I needed. I was ready, set and go. I got a sleeper so I could get the views of this trip without a crowd around me and sleep since coach isn’t the best for. So as I was walking back towards the end of the train looking for the bar car to which I knew it was around here somewhere I went through coach and ran into people stowing away their baggage for the trip ahead. All of a sudden a bag fell from the luggage rack and almost hit me, it landed in front of me. A man of youth of my age turned around to me and said he was sorry for his bag. I bent down and picked it up and gave it too him and said, don’t worry about it.” He smiled at me and said thanks. I kinda was takin by him and his looks…his eyes glaring into mine as we lingered there. So he grabbed the bag a put it back up on the rack…he turned back to me and smiled and sat in his seat so I could continue on my quest. Later he told me as I passed him he was checking me out.
Anyway I found the bar car and the dining car and got to my relaxation and adventure. The food was good and we were off. I spent most of my first hours watching the world go by in my sleeper once again money well spent. Around about 9:00 I decided to hit the bar car to see what was going on since it was dark out I wouldn’t get any scenery viewing. I opened the door and there was the man who I ran into this morning sitting at one of the tables using his computer. I decided to go over and say hello. I got his attention as I asked if anyone else was sitting there. He said,” No but you could.” So I took his invite and smile and sat down. He shut his computer down as I introduced myself to him with my name and a handshake. He took my hand into his fingers and introduce himself as well.
His name was Taylor… a short dark haired 5 foot 6 tall gentleman heading east. Steady he was with no ring on his finger and a body that women would hunger for. I was still taken by his words that came out of his mouth. In someway I felt different around him. I couldn’t put my eye on it but it was something. Perhaps he felt it too especially when have been talking to each other now over a hour. Taylor asked if I wanted a drink and I had to deny his generosity due to the fact that I wasn’t a drinker, but then he said nether was he. We smiled at each other and laughed. So as time passed and my time to hit the bed was at hand I politely excused myself from his gaze. He said,” good luck getting sleep on these seats..” I said,” yeah that’s why I got a sleeper.” He smiled and said,” Mr. lucky you are huh.” I smiled back a yes. I don’t what made me say this but I told him that he could come up tomorrow and stay in there with me at least til I go to bed. He said,” that would be great!” So we partied ways for the night but it wasn’t going to be all night.
It was around 1:00am when I woke up…I laid there thinking about Taylor and why was I having these feelings. Then I looked down and there was my cock hard and almost bursting out of my underwear. I was turned on by Taylor! All of a sudden my mind exploded with sexual thoughts and it became clear what I had to do.
I got dressed and heading to the coach car. I didn’t get to far when I met Taylor coming my way. His eyes found mine and I stopped instantly. Taylor came to me and no word was spoken. He wanted the same thing I now did I knew it. We held hands as our eyes spelled out are hunger. Our fingers intertwined and our heat meshed together. Finally Taylor made the move on me. He pushed me back against the wall and kissed me…my eyes wide open as his lips pressed against mine. He pulled back to see if I was offended by his advance but I winked at him and he ran his lips back into mine. My eyes closed this time feeling his soft lips smashed against mine. I had a moment to stop him but when his hands fell down to my crotch and began rubbing my cock with in my pants I threw that moment out the window. Then as Taylor unbuttoned and unzipped my pants our tongues found each other…I fell into him from that moment on. Our lips and tongues deeply kissed, our passions exploded. Then as our bodies embraced and his mouth clamped onto my neck and began sucking his hands slid down my pants and fondled my cock. His lips partied my neck and whispered in my ear,” You are already hard for me aren’t you.” I nodded my head as he felt me up. I looked down and saw my hard cock just hanging out with Taylor’s hand stroking it. I said,” we should go back to my sleeper.”
Then he said as he looked me in my eyes,” Or maybe I should get you to cum right here!” So after his pumping of my cock he agreed and led me by my cock to my sleeper.
We opened the door to my sleeper just as Taylor pulled me into him again. I said,” were going to fuck aren’t we.” Taylor said,” Yes we are!”

I Caught a Train part two

We kissed again as Taylor closed and locked the sleeper door. As we did Taylor began undressing shirt came off and was tossed as well as my pants. I was naked and my hard cock standing at attention when Taylor laid me down on the bed. He jumped up on me and began undressing. I watched as his body became naked…he was hot looking! He stood up over me and unleashed his cock from his underwear. It was incredible… his balls were firm and tight while his shaft was thick and medium sized. A small bead of precum was shining away. Then with a quick moment his naked body was laying on me…our hard cocks intimately rubbing together making slow love. I couldn’t believe how this felt! With his face above mine we kissed…slowly then deeply as my adventure was about to become orgasmic. Our moans became relevant as Taylor began grinding against mine…slow and then faster. I could see he loved our cocks smashing against each other as well as I did. I’ll bet our precum was touching too. Then he slid down my chest kissing and licking…he kissed and sucked my nipples as he continued down to my body to my cum factory. I moaned as I hungerly pushed his head down to my cock. He looked up at me and said,” You want it don’t you!” I moaned a yes. To that he teased me and got up and took his cock into his hands and began to lightly smack it against mine. Taylor then grabbed my shaft and held it up and took his cock and began rubbing his head on mine. Frotting I believe he was doing to me and I loved it. His hands gave my cock new feelings that I never knew and soon a new but old feeling I was about to impale me.
He took me into his mouth immediately…my cock being sucked by his mouth. I watched as his lips ingulfed my entire shaft. It was unbelievable what I was feeling now. I have had women go down on me but this was hot and different and I was enjoying every suck up and down his mouth was doing. Taylor slid it out of his mouth only to French kiss my head several times and then deep me again. I was in heaven…the sensation his mouth was giving me sent my cock into small jerks another words my cock wanted to cum and cum hard for Taylor. My eyes closed and my hands held his head down as my cock began to twitch…his mouth began to feel that too. So he slid it out of his hungered mouth and said,” Not yet, cause it’s your turn to take me.” With that he arose and came above my face and lowered his cock to my mouth. I said,” I’m not sure I can do this.” Taylor said,” take your time and eventually you have my entire shaft in your mouth and my cum there as well.” He said.” first take your tongue and swirl it around my head of my cock.” So I did and it was ok. Then he said,” now open your mouth up and take it in like a lollypop and now suck on it.” I did just that but then I let in to far and I started to gag a bit. He said as I was sucking him,” You’ll get use to it the more you suck cock.” I said in my mind,” If you are into this sort of thing.” Taylor said,” I love pussy just as much as the other guy but that doesn’t mean I can’t please another man.” So with that I continue to suck and lick his cock…in fact the gagging did stop and I did deep throat him once. I also sucked on his firm balls for a bit. My hands began to fondle my cock as Taylor’s cock was making out with my mouth. Taylor saw me jerking my stick and said,” I think we need to make you cum don’t we.” I nodded a please to him perhaps a almost beg. So he went back into the frotting position and pounded our cocks together fast and body spasmed quickly and my cock jerked and off my cock went. My cum shot out like a cannon sending streams of white gobs all over Taylor’s hands and fingers. Taylor then held my cock up straight and stroked himself to his orgasm, his cum streams covered my entire shaft and balls. It was a amazing feeling when you feel cum drench your cock…even though when a woman does it’s nice but when another man does it it’s incredible! So we both came down from our explosions and he had to hurry to get back to his seat. We cleaned up and kissed passionately and held one another by our asses. Just as he left he said to me,” just wait to I sink my cock into your ass…if you think that was amazing wait til I do that to you!” So the sleeper door closed and thoughts of his cock in my ass sent me to sleep. What’s next on my adventure.

Ten Year Reunion Continues..Part 3

I woke up in their bed and I could hear Candy and Rusty tinkering around in the kitchen. I stroked my morning wood and the first thought that passed through my mind was “I want to be fucked.” I wasn’t just thinking about Candy but I was thinking I wanted Rusty’s cock. I got up and pulled my shorts on and made sure my hardon came out through the front. I limberly followed the noise and walked to the kitchen.
Candy was behind the stove wearing nothing but an apron. Rusty looked up from pouring coffee and grinned. “Well looks awake!” exclaimed Candy “and look what he brought us!”
I went up to Candy and kissed her, she reached down with one hand to my cock and continued with her spatula in the other. I whispered my intent in her ear. She smiled and said “Ooooh yummy, like Tony the Tiger says “G-r-r-r-eat!” Rusty looked over at us with suspicion . As I closed in closer to him I could feel my cock getting harder. Rusty wasn’t wearing anything and I seductively walked up and pressed myself to his back and pushed my cock up against his ass. I reached around and grabbed his cock, and licked his neck and nibbled his ear. “What’s this?!?” he said with a grin and pushed back to me. I started to grind my cock into him and felt his cock rapidly growing as I jerked it off. He turned toward me and pulled me in. We started to grind our cocks together and he grabbed my ass with both hands. I told him that I wanted him to fuck me and started to kiss my way down to his cock. As I got on my knees I pulled the head of his cock to my mouth and started to roll my tongue around it’s head. I held it straight up and started to lick his frenulum. Rolling my tongue up through and then bobbing down on his cock pulling it into my mouth. I was making him moan which obviously meant my strategy was working. I heard Candy come over and she rubbed her hand on my bobbing head. She held out a lube and I stopped for a moment for a squirt. I lathered his throbbing hard-on and gave it a few hard jerks to make sure it was well and ready. Then I laid back on my elbows and drew my knees up. Candy slithered away presumably to get a more comfortable seat for the show. Rusty grabbed my knees as he came down on his and pushed my left leg back. I started stroking my cock as he directed his cock into my ass. With little adjustment it slid right in with a moan. He pushed my other leg up for some leverage and started to fuck. It was incredible…I moaning softly and couldn’t stop. Each time he pulled back, the rush cascaded across my body. I closed my eyes and jerked myself off harder. I was moaning to a near whimper. Rusty started breathing harder and moaning too. I put my hands on his shoulders as he slid my knees over his arms and titled me further back. I closed my eyes. He sped up his stroke and I was trembling. Candy came over to us and passionately kissed her husband. She purred “MMMM…you like fucking this boy?” Rusty grinned with a blissful glaze over his eyes. She leaned over and kissed me as deeply and asked “You like my husband’s cock fucking you?” She kept asking and I assured her I not only that I liked but I loved his cock. I started to squirm. Candy began to rub my belly and Rusty pulled my hips up higher. A stream of clear pre-cum swirled out of my cock and lubed up my hand as I stroked my cock to his rhythm. I was seriously being fucked. I was out of breath. Candy grabbed my cock from my hands and swallowed it. As her tongue swirled around it, I erupted in her mouth. She swallowed a bit and held the rest so it drooled from her mouth. Rusty kept chugging away as he kissed her cum filled mouth. Then he blasted his load into my ass. I shouted as I felt it fill me up. He pulled his cum-covered cock from me and I reached up for it and started stroking it. As I did I pulled myself up to suck on Candy’s nipple. I worked my way up and we both kissed. I tasting a bit of myself in her mouth and then Rusty leaned in and kissed me. We turned back to Candy and the three of us started locking tongues with her. She pushed us toward each tit and told us that she knew exactly how we were spending the rest of our day…..TO BE CONTINUED!

Tricky Sissy

In order for this story to make sense, you need to know two things about me: 1) I like men, women, shemales, manly men, sissy men, tall women/men, short women/men, older men/women, younger men/women. In fact, there’s not much that I’m not drawn to. Essentially, if you have warm holes, then I’m probably interested. 2) You would never know that I like sucking dick, getting fucked in the ass and swallowing cum just by looking at me and talking to me. I’m a pretty “straight” guy. However, you get that dick in me and I go to town. I don’t mean to brag, but I am very good at sucking dick. I have no gag reflex and therefore can throat any cock. I love sucking dick. I love everything about it. I love having cock in my mouth. I love the feel of the rigidity of it on my tongue and in the back of my throat. I love the feeling of cum spurting or dribbling into my mouth. I love the warmth of it and the thickness of it. I love the sounds that men make when I’m blowing them. I love the fact that I can pleasure a man tremendously with my mouth. I really get into it and that’s when the gay in me comes out, so to speak.

Shortly after college, I started dating this girl, let’s call her Stacy. You need to know one thing about Stacy: she had a fat ass; it was a thing of beauty. For some reason, I never got around to telling Stacy about my sexual encounters with men and eventually, too much time had passed without me telling her, so it was my de facto secret. One night, we’re kind of drunk and we’re talking about sexual fantasies. She demurs a bit and tell me, “I’d really like to see you suck dick.” Just as one part of my brain was about to blurt out, “I’d love to have you watch me suck dick,” another part of my brain had an idea and got out, “Ehhh, I don’t know about that.” Over the next couple of weeks, we had a lot of conversations about her desire to watch me suck dick. I decided to play the role of “Guy who’s not really into it, but might be persuaded if the price is right.” After much discussion, we came up with a deal: she would get to watch me suck dick and I would get to fuck her in the ass. I’m going to be honest here: I really like fucking women in the ass. I don’t know what it is, but I like it much more than fucking men in the ass (and I really like fucking men in the ass). Actually, I know what it is: it’s the taboo. I’ve been with a couple of women who like being fucked in the ass, and it’s just not the same. I like fucking women in the ass who really don’t want to be fucked in the ass. Stacy really didn’t want to be fucked in the ass, so naturally, I had to fuck her in the ass. This was the plan my brain came up with the drunken night when she first brought up the fantasy of watching me suck dick. I could tell her that I love sucking dick and then she could watch me suck dick for her or, I could pretend I’m not into it and hold out for a deal to fuck her in the ass in exchange, and the plan worked.

A few days later, she came over my house and told me that she found somebody who would let me blow him. He was a guy from her work and he was into dudes; we’ll call this guy Jeff. We made arrangements for Jeff to come over that Friday night. There wasn’t a lot of fanfare. He came over Friday night, we all chatted and drank a few beers and then apropos of nothing, Stacy blurted out, “I really want to watch you suck his dick.” Jeff and I looked at each other, shrugged and he took off his clothes. I asked Stacy how she envisioned this going down. She said that I would be on my knees and Jeff would be standing with one hand on my shoulder and one hand on my head. This was the hard part: I had to pretend like I’d never sucked a dick before and that I wasn’t really into it. So, I sort of scooted down onto my knees and awkwardly kneed walked over to Jeff (it was only a couple of feet). His cock was long, kind of thin, but really veiny with a decently sized mushroom head. I put my hand on his dick and tentatively put it in my wide open mouth. I then closed my mouth around his cock. It felt so good in my mouth. I’d been dating Stacy for almost a year and in that time, I hadn’t sucked any dicks and now I had a lovely dick in my mouth. I started to impale my face on his long cock before I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to be good at this, so I picked an arbitrary point where my gag reflex should be and pretended to gag. A nice hearty “Hnngggh!” and made the heaving gesture. Out of the corner of my eye, I see movement and look over to see my girlfriend getting naked. I asked her, “What are you doing?” She said, “This is so fucking hot. I’m going to masturbate while I watch. Now suck his dick some more.” So I turned back, put his dick back in my mouth and did an awkward head bobbing motion for a little while. I was trying to figure out how to make Jeff cum without making it obvious that I’ve done this before when Stacy started giving me pointers. “Put your hand on his dick in front of your mouth and move your hand when you move your head.” “Put your other hand on his balls.” “Stick your tongue out a bit and lick his cock backwards.” “Don’t just move your head back and forth; nod your head a little as you go back and forth.” “Yeah, there you go. Now you’re getting it. See how deep you can go.” After a few minutes, I felt like she had given me enough pointers where I could do a half decent job without revealing my cocksucking prowess. I then had a thought: a straight guy would now be worried about the cum. So I stopped and asked Stacy, “What do you want me to do with the cum?” Much to my surprise, she said, “Swallow it, bitch!” Again, playing the part, I protested and she said, “If you’re going to fuck me in the ass, you’re going to swallow some cum.” I decided to act resigned to my fate and I got back to sucking Jeff’s dick. After a few more minutes, Jeff said, “I’m going to cum,” and Stacy said, “Don’t tell him. Just cum in his mouth.” Wow, I had no idea she had this side to her. Of course, she had no idea that I was secretly enjoying this and that my cock was rock hard and leaking tons of precum into my underwear. Thirty seconds went by and then Jeff started moaning and pumping cum into my mouth. It was a huge load and I reflexively started throating him and chugging his cum right down. I heard Stacy say, “Holy shit,” and then she started moaning as she came. I opened my eyes and looked up and Jeff was looking down at me with a look of complete and utter surprise. I said, “I have to rinse my mouth out” and walked into the bathroom. I turned on the faucet, but there was no way I was washing this beautiful taste out of my mouth. I laid down on the floor and jerked a thick load into my mouth. I kept tugging my dick as I swallowed my cum and about 20 seconds later, I came in my mouth again. I got up, turned off the faucet and walked out. Jeff had left already and Stacy said, “That was amazing. When can we do that again?” I said, “We can talk about it after I fuck your ass.”

The next night, I fucked Stacy’s ass. It was wonderful; she hated it. We started with her on her back and her legs spread in the air. Her ass was thick and her asshole was lovely. I thoroughly lubed up my dick and as it slid into her ass, she took in a sharp intake of air and said, “Easy. Easy.” I took it easy for a little bit, but then I started fucking her ass. She was making all kinds of pained sounds and it took all of my concentration to keep myself from cumming. I then closed her legs and rolled her to her side and really started pounding her ass. After a minute she said she needed to change positions. So I told her to get on all fours. I fucking reamed her asshole. I got up on my feet and really gave it to her. I don’t have the biggest cock, but I’ve been fucked in the ass by guys with comparably sized dicks and it does feel filling, for lack of a better word. She moaned, and squealed and made all kinds of sounds to indicate her discomfort; it just made my cock harder and my urge to cum greater. Finally I couldn’t hold back anymore and said, “I’m going to cum.” She said, “Not in my ass!” I replied, “If I’m going to swallow cum, you’re going to take a load of it in your ass.” Ten seconds later, I unleashed a torrent of cum up her ass. I thrusted so deeply and hard that she yelled out in pain. Her yells made me want to cum again, so I took my still rock solid dick out her ass and started jerking off until I shot another huge load on her back. She turned around and started saying, “Jesus, what’s wrong with you?” when a jet of cum hit her in the face. We both couldn’t help but laugh.

The next day, she told me that she wanted to watch me suck dick again, but wanted to know if she could do something else in return. I said, “No way. Last night was great. If I’m going to suck dick, you’re getting fucked in the ass.” So that was our agreement. Just about every Friday, she brought a guy to my house and I blew him. Eventually, I didn’t have to pretend that I was bad at sucking dick and that’s when I was really able to enjoy myself, but I never let Stacy know that I was enjoying myself. I always pretended to wash my mouth out afterwards while I blasted my load into my mouth, even though most times I’d cum in my pants while sucking them off. The next night, I’d fuck the hell out of her ass. She never did get used to it, thankfully. After about 2 years, Stacy and I had a bad break up. As she was walking out of my house after yelling at each other for an hour, she turned around and said, “You suck dick like a faggot. You moan and get all gay and act like a sissy and I could see your cum in your pants. Fucking faggot.” I replied, “No shit. Do you know how many guys I fucked and sucked before I met you? Dozens. I fucking love cock. I just did all of that so I could fuck you in the ass. I loved sucking dick Friday night and fucking your ass Saturday night. Now get the fuck out.” The look on her face was great. What was even better was that I had all of those guys’ phone numbers. After Stacy and I broke up, I ran though the whole list an uncountable number of times. To be extra spiteful, I’d take pictures of me fucking these guys and text them to Stacy with a note like, “Thanks for introducing us,” or something equally dickish.

The Layoff part one

We all go through it at some point in our life to where you find yourself on a subway heading home early with a box in your hands with all of your things from work in it. last week was the time for me. My employer booted me out and sent me packing but I wasn’t worried cause here came the unemployment check. Anyway on my way home that day I met a black man who was right across from me who was dealing with the same thing I was. I said to him,” they got you too huh.” He said,” Yep! I made him smile when I said,” Looks like a paid vacation coming up for us then.” So I introduced myself too him and he in return did the same, T.J was his name. Anyway He said,” What sucks is that this was my 3 rd job this month and I have to tell my boyfriend about today.” I said,” I’m sorry!” He said,” Don’t be…I’ll find another in a couple of days or a week.” I said,” Yeah your probably right.” Right there my spirit kinda got a better feeling and outlook on things and just as my stop came up I shook his hand and said,” Thanks!” He said.” For what.” I said,” For giving me something to look forward to,” He said,” Your welcome I guess.” So I got off and waved goodbye to T.J hoping for the best for him.
A week later I was on the subway and ran into him again. I asked him how his life was going and he said not good. It seemed that his boyfriend dumped him and he was having trouble finding work. A week from hell he described it. I said,” I’m going to this job interview why don’t you come along…I heard their hiring right and left over there.” He said.” are you sure?” I said,” Yeah why not…its a return favor for that outlook you gave me.” So we both got off the next stop and went for the interview. A hour later we both had jobs and he thanked me for today by asking me if he could buy me a drink but I said that I’ll buy him one instead. He smiled and said,” I know a place just around the next stops where we can get one.” I said,” Ok..” We got off the next stop and proceeded towards the canteen.”
Ten minutes later we arrived at this quaint little establishment and sat down for a drink. I said,” I haven’t seen this establishment before.” T.J said,” Well yeah…this is a gay bar.” We both laughed as our drinks came. So night came and we were feeling good about ourselves and having a good time. T.J rose up and asked me for a dance. I said that I wasn’t a good one at that. He didn’t he grabbed my arm and led me to the dance floor. As the soft music played he pulled me towards him and held me. His hands wrapped around me as we attempted to dance. Our bodies moved together as T.J lead me. He was a good dancer! So around the fourth song we danced together…his hands fell onto my hips as mine did to his. I asked him,” So with this new job are you gonna get back with your boyfriend?” T.J replied as we held one another,” No…I don’t want him anymore!” Then he said,” I want someone else.” He looked into my eyes and I knew who he wanted. He reached down and grabbed my ass and squeezed it I was stunned a bit but when he suddenly kissed me and held me I wasn’t going to fight him. In no time we were kissing deeply, our tongues collided hungerly. I could feel his cock getting hard since we were basically grinding against one another. But then I was hard too. So T.J whispered in my ear that he knew a place for us to go to continue this. I paid the tab and T.J grabbed my hand and we ran to the subway station. We got onto the platform and he said, ” the 213 coming in will go to deka avenue and we will get off there, there is a old subway car there we can go to.” So we hopped on with our hands intertwined and soon our lips and tongue was as well. Luckily there was no one riding cause they would of seen two guys making out. Anyway as T.J had his hands in my pants stroking my cock and I was in his doing the same the train came to deka avenue. We hurried and got out and went to search for the car. We found it and went inside. I said to T.J,” what if someone comes by?” He said, nobody will…me and my former boyfriend would come down here for some quick love making and we never got caught.” So I was assured and relieved as I saw T.J start removing his clothes…his dark skin upon the barely lit car was hot! He said,” Come on now, I want that cock of yours.” So I followed suit until we were both naked and sporting cocks that needed relief. We came together hugging, kissing and rubbing our cocks together. The sensation was incredible as they were! I said in T.J’s ear,” Don’t stop please!” He said in mine,” Oh you love my black cock pounding yours!” I said in a moan,” Yes…” We spent several minutes smashing our cocks together…and even some ball to ball action as well. Just then T.J dropped to his knees and launched his mouth on my cock, his lips wrapped around my head and my shaft and took me in. I almost shot my load right then and there!
His mouth drove me insane…sliding up and down my cock shaft sent me into ecstasy. I grabbed his head as he took me fully into his mouth…I wanted to cum so badly but popped my cock out of his mouth and said,” Not yet baby…I’ll get your cum soon.” He then got up from his knees and played with his hard cock and said,” Now its your turn, my cock wants to see inside your hot mouth.” With that I dropped to my knees and for the second time in my life I began sucking and licking another man’s cock. It was easier then I thought as my lips wrapped around this dark, hard and swollen member. I couldn’t take him all in but I did take in enough. So as he held my head steady and his cock going up and down my throat I needed his cum too. He suggested a 69 so we both can have each other. So he put our jackets and clothes in a pile and then laid down upon them…I laid upon him in the opposite way and we both took off. Cocks, balls were immediately engulfed in our mouths and now T.J would began getting me ready for his black cock in my ass.